Criminal Minds

Hi !  Renxkyoko Iglesias here .


I have  been binge-watching Criminal Minds these last few weeks, and plan to watch all 11 seasons of the show. I’m now on Season 3 , Ep.15.  Each season  has at least 23 episodes. In other words , I have already watched 61  episodes.


Criminal Minds is a police procedural crime drama that focuses on profiling the ” unsub ” or the unidentified subject, the person who commits the crime, rather than the crime itself.  There are always 7  ” behavioral analysts at any one time  that work  at  FBI’s  BAU or Behavioral Analysis Unit based in Quantico..  Check out Wikipedia for the general synopsis.

To those who watch CM……. have you ever wondered why there’s a special jet that fly these profilers to any place in the US  ( even to Mexico )  anytime their assistance is requested ?  Are they the only people working as profilers in the whole USA ?

My professor in Advanced Forensics  says yes.  He even suggests that  anyone planning to  take up Forensics Psychology as a profession  might want to change his/her major, because , guess what, the federal  government has only one or two positions available  for forensic psychologist. States don’t employ forensic psychologists, nor, for that matter, profilers.  That’s why  there’s one episode  where the 7 FBI behavioral analysts from Quantico  get a call from LAPD to assist them in tracking a serial killer. And this is LA we’re talking about, folks. So, it is true,  California  does not have its own profilers.

I have a crush on Dr. Spencer Reid,  the geek/nerd /genius in the team.  He’s  thin, always has that disheveled look,  shy,  awkward…… my kind of guy. ^^”    Spencer Reid

Oh,  and please, please, please, wish me luck.  I submitted my resume  2 weeks ago for the position of Criminalist 1, an entry level position that is now available in our city’s  law enforcement HQ.  Actually, I applied last year yet, but there was no opening.  I was told  though I’d be notified  when there’s a position available, and  got a notification last month, thank you very much. .  I’m sure there are dozens and dozens of applicants that appplied, but I hope, they are all like me, with no experience ( after all , it’s only for Criminalist 1 or  another name, Forensic Science analyst ),  and I hope they will consider me  because I have 2 degrees  that are relevant to the profession,  Cell and Molecular Biology and Forensics Biology.   I’m going to pray to all the saints in heaven because this is my dream job. * ponders * But what if I didn’t get the job….  does it mean, the holy saints rejected my prayers ?  TT_TT

This is all for now.  Thank you for reading.

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  1. Good luck.

    As for the show, I stopped watching when they got more into the victim’s side of things. By that, I mean creating tension by showing the victim suffer or about to suffer . . . and then get killed. Never mind they save the “next” victim. I don’t need to see the gruesome murders involving physical and mental torture. I already know they are bad (many real-world crimes are worse).

    I also like that character, but no crush. Except, at one point that had him carry a gun and he looked like someone who would not be any good at it (the way he handled weapons clearly showed someone uncomfortable with them – don’t know if that was the actor himself projecting his unfamiliarity or if the character was meant to convey poor weapons skills – either way, after many hours of training and practice, handling a gun should almost be second nature).

    Anyway, the show got too dark for me. I already know the world is dark; I don’t need reminders.

    But, glad you enjoy them and hope you get what you want for your career.


    • Sometimes, I fast forward when the victim is about to get killed.. And there’s a pattern…. the last supposed victim will be saved and will survive.

      I think it’s part of Dr. Reid’s character… sloppy. awkward, he’s not good with guns.

      I’m only on Season 3… I don’t know if I can finish it.


  2. I saw a few episodes of Criminal Minds. The one I remember is when the woman went to see the execution of a convicted murderer. I’m really bad remember character names in television series. Sorry.

    The best to you on getting the job of your dreams.


  3. Never seen the show but I am familiar the title, I will give it a look see if it gives me an insight into the world you want to be part of.

    Good luck on the job front, I think you have a good shot at it after all your learning,


    • Thanks Ste J. By the way, I finished watching all episodes of Midsommer Night Murdes, all 16 seasons of it. It’s British and I love it . Your crime stories are different, more laid back, less violence. I didn’t see any guns. \(^^)/


      • Haha, yes apart from the odd hunting rifle we tend not to go in for guns. Well not so much in the traditional style of mystery. We did tend to go for the slow build up and have those hidden secrets behind the veneer of a respectable village.

        I do wonder why the press hasn’t descended on Midsomer as the murder capital of the world lol.


        • Hahaha ! I thought of that, too ! ! I mean, it’s such a small ” village ” ( very charming and idyllic ) that I cannot imagine bizarre murders happening there. There’s this grandma who bikes to the house of the person she’s going to kill, kills him….. then casually bikes back , and goes to a small store to buy baguette, meets a friend on the way home… ” Good morning, Mrs. Devon…. great weather today . “


  4. Posted by Cassidy Frazee on July 24, 2016 at 10:19 am

    If you get the job we have to see you in a lab coat looking all sciencey and stuff. 🙂


  5. stopped watching it, become too graphic for me


  6. Posted by Bebekoh on July 24, 2016 at 12:16 pm

    There’s a similar series about profilers, but it wasn’t on air long. I forgot the title. I’ve watched a few episodes of criminal minds, not really got my attention. I however, prefer CSI – all of it. Nice!


  7. If you get that job you’ll have so many more stories to tell us!


  8. Good luck!


  9. I love CSI and I wish you the absolute best of luck on the position! That is an awesome field.


  10. The Bicolana with me is immovable too every time that TV series is on.


  11. Dr. Reed makes the show. He is smart, cool, capable and sooo adorable.


  12. I used to watch that show but it got too dark for me.


    • I guess it’s getting darker…. I’m only on the 3rd season… and there’s going to be a 12th one. One thing, the murders are getting so bizarre that the local police cannot handle it. I’m still enjoying the show, so far. I hope the plotlines don’t get too convoluted and out of this world.. That’s where I drop the show.


  13. Good luck with the job hope you will be successful in landing it


  14. Posted by Rebecca Dawn on July 29, 2016 at 12:09 am

    good luck, Ren!!! I hope you get in!
    I love Criminal Minds!
    Its so creepy. I like guessing who the UNSUB is before they do.
    although i got tired of “baby girl” exchange between Garcia and Morgan. It was cute at first but it was too much


    • Oh my gosh ! Re Morgan and Garcia……. not only too much….. it’s become creepy.


      • Posted by Rebecca Dawn on July 29, 2016 at 9:27 pm

        You think so too?! Oh I thought I was the only one!! Some people gave me heck for thinking Morgan’s baby girling Garcia was too much.


        • Also, I think Garcia’s talent in computers is over the top…. I mean, she gets results in 1 second. Is that even realistic ? But it’s fun to see her getting results that quick….. it’s fantasy… and who doesn’t like fantasy ? LOL


          • Posted by Rebecca Dawn on July 30, 2016 at 12:24 am

            I think they should have delved more into her past as a hacker. It would have been good.
            She could have gone rogue for a couple episodes.
            Her skill is very good.


  15. I’m a little (well a lot) behind on my blog reading, so I don’t know if you heard back about the job yet. If you haven’t heard back, I wish you the best of luck! It will be so great to make a living doing something you love.


  16. good luck Ren. continue…


  17. Posted by oldpoet56 on August 28, 2016 at 7:52 pm

    Very good program, but it can get a bit depressing though. I usually can’t ever watch more than two shows at a sitting because of that issue. But still it is an excellently done program.


  18. My wife and I LOVE Criminal Minds and interesting I’m just writing a chapter of a course on Forensic Psychology which is all about profilers. It’s very interesting!


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