Answer to puzzle and other stuff

Hello ! Renxkyoko  Iglesias  here .

Something’s wrong with me.  It’s just 3  days since my last post, and before that, 2 days.  And here I am again !


The reason I’m posting again is ….. well, I want to give the  answer to the puzzle  that I posted  last time.  I don’t want to keep some people hanging. Heh.  ^^

So, anyway, here’s  the answer.  Where’s the iPhone ?


It took a lot of time to draw it, y’know.  My masterpiece.  Check out the original photo.  It’s easy to see coz it’s waving at you.

Cheryl  Wright  has sent me a set of questions ( Liebster Award ) and I’ve decided to answer them here. Thanks, Cheryl !

What inspired the name of your blog ?

Renxkyoko’s  Space…… Ren and Kyoko are the names of the main protagonists of what used to be my favorite manga, Skip Beat.

How long does it usually take you to write a blog post ?

Depends…….  if there are photos, it takes a few hours. Otherwise, 2 to 3 hours, with long breaks in between.

Can you write anytime or do you need to be in the mood.

I need to be in the mood.

What Social Media platforms do you use to promote your blog post ?

Just one……. WordPress

What punctuation mark best describes you ?

[  ………  ]   dot, dot, dot, dot

Do you have more than one blog ?  List below.

YES ! ! My manga/anime/video games blog,  HERE   ! !

Do you see the glass half full or half empty ?

Half – full

If there were no Internet, would you still be writing ?

No,  I’d be reading instead…… not just manga….. you’d be surprised at what books I read. I’m a freakin’ walking encyclopedia, so much so that I can give correct Jeopardy  answers  90% of the time.  ( I’m bad at questions about old, old American TV shows. I don’t even watch the current ones. )  I read books on Archaelogy,  History, and currently reading Calculus for Idiots.

When was the last time you wrote a handwritten letter ?

Last Christmas, I sent out  real Christmas cards to relatives and friends, with short handwritten notes.

Have you ever met in person a blogger that you are following ?

Uhm……..   When I was on vacation in the Philippines in 2010,  I wanted to meet this Filipino blogger……… he declined.   It was clear I was totally rejected,  ~_~  .     Oh, well, his loss.  T.T

Okay , this is all for now.   And check out my  manga/anime blog HERE.





44 responses to this post.

  1. haha ok, just saw it now LOL


  2. With that logic I could have named my blog sonnyxcher , or simonxgarfunkel, but it wouldn’t have the lovely ring that yours’ has. BTW I will be able to sleep now that I know where the phone lied. laid? whatever, goodnight, dear. ; )


    • Tom and Jerry, Bragelina, who else…… Skip Beat is a cute , sweet , funny romance story , but it’s gone on so long , like 10 years…. ( although the timeline is just a little over a year ). Problem is , readers are now comfortable calling me Ren or Renx…. I can’t change it anymore.


  3. I saw that on Facebook and I couldn’t locate the phone until I saw it zoomed in 🙂


  4. I can’t believe you were rejected by a blogger. (Who was it?… you don’t want to call him out?… ok) anyways, I’m loving 3 posts in a week. Now that you’re finished with school, you can become a daily blogger.
    Thanks for the phone answer. I was never going to find that on my own. Not enough patience.


  5. Such a pretty lass, why would the Filipino blogger not want to meet you. I probably would have a coffee or two with you 😉😉


  6. “How long does it usually take you to write a blog post, Renxkyoko.?”
    Sometimes a month or two..?
    Sorry I’m only teasing 😀 😀 😀

    Thanks for showing where, couldn’t see the phone until now.
    Happily I had my own so it wasn’t a problem… 😀

    Have a hard time understanding that some don’t say Yes to join a couple of hours in your company – assured that a walk through a city with a story to tell – no doubt it would be a pleasure and great fun… :-).


  7. Haha…love the illustration/drawing. Now, where’s your other post? I want to see where it is exactly located 🙂


  8. You Ms. Ren have good humour. Well played, well played.


  9. Heh! you know my answer for the bottom part 😉


  10. Very detailed drawing by the way 😄😋


  11. So, if you were to change your name to something from your current favorite anime/manga, what would it be?


    • Hmmmm…… you know I can’t think of the ideal pair, the one that didn’t cause me any aggravation. Right off the bat, I’d say the main pair of Hiiro no Kakera and Chivalry of A Failed Knight. Engaged to Unidentified…… even in manga, I can’t think of any ideal pair . There’s always something in it that really pisses me off at some point.


  12. Meeting bloggers is great, sorry you didn’t get to meet yours but there are loads who would love to meet you, if I am ever your way on I will be in touch. So far I have met two American bloggers and I always look for cheap airline tickets to the home cities of bloggers before anything else when planning a holiday.


  13. Well done on the award and naturally I think it is very well deserved. Glad you read a lot, It is a great thing to do in my opinion. I’ve met a couple of bloggers from the States and two from the UK and its always fun because you already know them so well before you see them in person and it sort of cements the friendship 🙂


  14. Posted by The Otaku Judge on July 17, 2016 at 7:37 pm

    Even with the aid of your beautiful hand drawn picture I cannot see the iPhone in that photo. Then again I am partially color blind and I really struggle to see those 3D images (the ones were you have to stare at the dots.)


  15. Catching up on Twitter. Found your puzzle was published by Mashable.


  16. Thank for the map and congratulations on your Liebster Award!


  17. Posted by Rebecca Dawn on July 29, 2016 at 12:17 am

    congrats! I always find answering blog award questions so hard! I saw that puzzle on my FB feed and I found the phone in 30 seconds. I don’t have a problem with that kind of puzzles its the 3d paintings that were so popular in the early 2000s. oh my god, ​I was so horrible at finding the picture! 🙂


  18. still struggling to see it even after that! I’m also a glass half-full person 😀 Oh! – and if you’re ever in the UK I would love to meet you as a fellow blogger! I am slowly working through my list of blogging friends I’ve met either through Skype or in real life. So far, none of them have been psychos ha ha!!


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