If we cannot change the heart, legislate.

Hello, hello ! !   Renxkyoko Iglesias  reporting for blogging duty . * salutes *

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It’s been 37 days since my last post , ” Graduation “. You’d think I’d have plenty to talk about since then…..

To be honest , I have so much  stuff swirling on my mind  that I don’t even know where to begin.  But I have to start somehow……

First off, the  police fatal shootings  of 2 African – Americans…..  I don’t know what to say.  What else can I say ?  At this very moment, I’m more afraid of the police than a terrorist.  Again, for the umpteenth time, my Mom phoned my brother and told him that if he gets pulled over by the cops, he has to freeze, don’t talk, don’t move, even if the  cops  ask for his license.  Let them  look for it.  Sorry but I’m furious.  These incidents wouldn’t happen to a white person.  These cops and wanna – be  cops should have their heads examined  first for any potential   psychological malfunctions.   Based on  Washington Post’s tally,  Mr. Philando  Castile was the  136 black man killed by the police   this year, 2016. This is so shameful. We Americans have no right to talk about human rights  to other countries if this is the way  civilians  are treated  by the very people  who have sworn to protect them .

Now ,  about the Dallas incident……   4 cops have been killed  by a  lone sniper . It’s revenge killing, that’s what it is.   It’s tragic that it has come to this. .  There’s a wedge between the police and  the community, and the Dallas Police Chief  has, in fact,  said  ” he feels the police do not get support from the community. ” One does not need a PhD in Sociology to explain why this is happening.  As I said, I , myself,  am more afraid of a cop killing me  for some minor traffic  infraction  than an ISIS terrorist  killing me while I’m out shopping.

  • pondering *

My  majors are Cell/Molecular Biology and  FORENSICS Biology.  I just submitted a job application  to guess where.  My father’s  work is directly connected  to  law enforcement/ justice department, and my best friend is a cop.   It’s a whopping  trifecta…. a holy mother of irony. . How crazy is that.

This is all for now.  Thank you for reading.




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  1. Good luck Ren 😂😂😂


  2. Posted by Cassidy Frazee on July 8, 2016 at 4:16 pm

    Pretty soon you’ll have to start dressing like Abby from NCIS. How do you look in black? 😉


  3. I live 2.5 hrs drive south of Dallas, so last night’s incident really hit home.
    It is definitely a scary and sad time right now. -_- Wish everyone would just show more compassion, kindness, and love before resorting to violence. SO many confrontations can resolved non-violently.


  4. Yeah it’s getting out of control, after the first incident I figured other incidents would follow but not this fast :S


  5. I agree that police brutality against ethnics is an issue, demonizing all police does not help the situation. Read this blog post that gives some excellent advice: https://donofalltrades.com/2016/07/06/see-beyond-the-police-for-change/

    And good luck with the job! And lol @ what Cassidy said. You could be the manga loving version of Abbey!


    • Nobody should demonize, and generalize…… this is so tragic. I hope this changes the mentality and attitude of the citizens. Otherwise, this would just turn into a vicious circle, with no end in sight.

      Manga loving Abbey, lol….. I’ll keep my hobby a secret, that’s for sure. ~_~


  6. Welcome back Ren, I’ve missed reading your delightful posts.


    • Thanks, Ma’m Arlene.

      The circumstances behind this post are sad and tragic, though. I hope it doesn’t happen in the Philippines. How ‘s the country doing with Duterte as president ?


      • Read the papers, according to the morning news there are about more than 300 SUSPECTED drug users/pushers killed since he won last May 9. PI has become a killing field and it makes me sad.


  7. Great post. The shootings of African Americans is well, it’s unspeakable, and I tended to feel hopeless about it, but there are things that can and must be done. I always love hearing from you. Good luck with the job application.


  8. Dear Ren, welcome back my friend with a good news. Best of Luck and stay happy and smily always.
    Also u detailed very sad incident, that is more thn terriorism.


  9. Ya it’s messed up but I’ve been going threw these situations with the police an watching my closes friends get murdered by them sence I was twelve years old. Its sad but I’m so use to it that it doesn’t even matter no more. Its just an everyday thing. I’m just glad that they are television it know so now people can see that it’s not a game how they are killing and horrasin us dayly. By the way I’m from Baltimore city and this is just all to common. And congrats miss I hope everything goes great in you journey. And it is ironic that your going to be in law in forcement. Lol..


  10. It’s a horrid mixed up world we’re living in that’s for sure. Good luck with the job applications! 😀


  11. Re: “am more afraid of a cop killing me for some minor traffic infraction”

    If you get pulled over, and they say “get your hands up”, then get your hands up.

    Every one one of those innocent people killed by police would not comply with the initial requests to stand down,.

    It does not matter if it is a low-level offense (littering, etc.) — you have to comply.It does not matter if you are in the right.

    Ask your policeperson friend about that.


    • Exactly what people are supposed to do, or not to do. But already, 2 incidents caught on video had 2 drivers following instructions, and yet they got shot. One died, and the other survived.

      You know what, the one that survived thought he was pulled over because he was a black man driving a late model BMW. Maybe that was rare, and therefore he must be suspicious, drug dealer perhaps.


      • I can’t say I have investigated the last two situations you infer, so I can’t comment on them.

        Talk to your policeman friend about the protocols used.

        It is tough not trusting the police. I have been profiled because I had long hair back in the 70s. I grew up in a corrupt industrial city in the American Rustbelt. The police could not be trusted due to corruption, as the Mafia controlled so much of local government and had close ties to police. Friends of mine would get out of traffic tickets because they were connected, or get get someone to take care of it. A lot of policing took place outside of the law, which probably could not happen today.


  12. I do completely share you sense of sadness and outrage. Every time we think the world, or part of it, is becoming more civilised things like this happen. Bravo to you for talking about t.


  13. I hope you get the job my friend. This cycle of violence is frightening, it puts everybody on edge and unless defused will lead to more bloodshed. It is truly shocking the amount of deaths as you state.

    Western countries may want to police the world but if we can’t set an example in our own countries then we really don’t have the right to preach to others.


  14. Good luck with the job, sounds so cool 🙂


  15. It’s a shit job right now. I hope you’ll share your good news with us soon.


  16. I am sad but have been for a long time – I had to teach my sons about keeping their hands out of their pockets when we were in the stores and that lesson started when they were 5 – my youngest is now 20! We are treated differently no matter what because of the color of our skin…


  17. Posted by The Otaku Judge on July 22, 2016 at 8:57 pm

    Good luck with the job hunting.

    From what I have seen on the news things are getting very ugly. Hopefully the madness will cease. The police recruit nutters and sometimes make horrible mistakes, but sniping them will only make them more trigger happy in the long run.


    • The police will be constantly in fear of their surroundings. There really should be psychological exams for those who want to work with law enforcement. We don’t want trigger-happy police officers who are licensed to pull that trigger at the smallest sign of what they perceive as danger, such as taking out an ID or driver’s license. My friend told me that when a police officer knocked on their door ( and she’s white ) , her 6 year old son cried and asked her, ” Mommy, are they going to hurt us ? ” And when a memo from abroad warning travelers to the US to be careful around cops here , then, Houston, we have a problem.


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