I need help here, folks.

Any ideas?

I had a Free Plan 2 months ago, but  ran out of storage space. So I bought their Premium Plan of $99 a year.  I stayed with  megaworthit.com.

So, I wanted  to post  music videos  from YouTube. I did what I was supposed to do….. copy the YouTube address  of the particular video that I liked,  clicked Add Media  here, then I was sent to my Media Library where I can either choose pics and videos from my library or upload  something new from somewhere.  I  clicked Add New, then clicked Add via URL,  I pasted the YouTube address, then Bam, the message  ” THIS FILE CANNOT BE UPLOADED BECAUSE THE FILE TYPE CANNOT BE SUPPORTED.”

I’ve been getting this message since months ago, and I thought maybe it couldn’t be supported because  I was out of storage space.

I tried other videos….. same result.

I tried using  the link  here…. didn’t work, either.

I used to post a lot of music videos before,  and I remember there was even a feature ” Post from YouTube “.  It was so easy and convenient.

My  latest entry is done, without the videos.  ‘Course I can’t post it yet.

Any ideas ?  I already emailed WP for support. I haven’t heard from them.

Thank you.


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  1. Have you tried just copying the ‘Embed Code’ it is what i do and i still in the 15% of media space with over two years of film trailers put on each post.


  2. Have you tried simply pasting the URL without going through the add-media process? —CC


  3. hi Renx 🙂 don’t know if this helps, but I usually copy and paste the music video from YouTube to the new post I want it to be, and so far, it works. I didn’t have to go through my Media Library. Have a lovely weekend ❤


  4. More specifically, when on YouTube, click Share there, grab the short-cut embed code and paste that into your post. Should work, unless your site template has somehow changed to disallow that, though that is unlikely.


  5. Posted by Cassidy Frazee on March 19, 2016 at 12:59 pm

    I would try getting the link from the YouTube Share and pasting it right into the document.


  6. Check what media can be uploaded Ren, it may be mpg and mov – both of which are OK as far as I know.
    Failing that, contact a Happiness Engineer 🙂


  7. If all else fails you you can also use this….. Then it will post the videos on your page. It’s what I use to get the videos that we would like to show on our website.


  8. I’m very interested in this, but I’m not certain of the question.

    I have some short videos I created myself and loaded them to my WordPress storage and no problems with including them in a weekly post. However, when it comes to YouTube music videos, I just add the YouTube link to my post. People click on that link and go to the YouTube site to watch the video.

    So are we taking about moving the YouTube video to our own WordPress storage? I sense I may be violating someone’s copyright, if I do that. Am I?

    Or are we simply posting a link to the YouTube video?

    I would appreciate any clarification.



  9. Unless you own the videos, or unless you get permission from the owner, the only thing you can do is share them (via a link – they will embed into the post, and people will be able to play them there).

    If they are your own videos (or music, or photos, or writing) then you can upload them, save them, and pretty much do whatever you want with them.


    • (Sigh) Yes you are correct. She can share her link, but then a post might be taken down after a while, making her writing about it obselete.

      Unfortunately with the licensing laws the way they are, the region blocking, etc. it is easy to see why copyright laws are violated.YouTube Red is like US Prohibition in the roaring 20s. The dumb law forces otherwise law-abiding people to be criminals. And you know, if you are in for a penny, then you might as well be in for a million dollars.


  10. Oh my! What a dilemma. I never save Youtube videos to the media folder. In reading the comments here, I agree. Get the short link of the video by clicking “share” and then post that link into your article. When you publish, the video shows.


  11. This is a bit complex for me, and firstly I thought it was a scam until I realised it was about wordpress. I’m sure there is a solution but I’m not the person to be able to offer it 😦


  12. In either the old WordPress editor and the new editor, go to “Text” or “HTML” editor, respectively, and just copy-paste the YouTube link. That should embed it inside your blog post. 🙂


  13. I think it has something to do with copyright permission from the person who posted the video in YouTube…


  14. Posted by ~REBECCA DAWN~ on April 3, 2016 at 8:25 pm

    You ran out of storage? Wow! I still have lots and I put quite a few pics and vids on my blog.
    Yes just copy and paste. That’s how I do it.
    The media storage is mostly for your personal videos from your computer that you want to share with your readers.


  15. Posted by ahmedjabaifitness on August 6, 2016 at 10:47 pm

    Was going to give my advice but it seems like everyone else beat me to it lol


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