A little rant, okay ? Just blowing off my anger

Hello !   Renxkyoko Iglesias  is here again.

I ‘ve been sick and  bedridden the past 3 days , and have done  nothing but watch TV and  read  a few blogs, and you’d think I’d have time to post something,  but  I felt so weak I  didn’t even   have the energy to think , until today  when news on  the carnage in Paris happened.  This is one topic I can’t let  pass  without saying anything  .

ISIS ……..  I know I am not a war hawk … I  just want  world peace…… but now, I’m taking a hard look  at Pres. Obama’s  Middle East policy.   To be honest,  I want Pres. Obama to be more firm now , not to sound too politically correct, , and just call a spade a spade.  He placates so much  people don’t  know whether he’s coming or going.

  • 5 hours after *
  • I realize it’s not good to say things when a person is angry.  Can a person take back hurtful words  apologize , then expect  everything will be forgotten ? No.  That’s why I had to revise this post  more than a dozen times,  ending up saying nothing.  I need to sleep this off  .


I follow a blogger  who loves to talk about COINCIDENCES.   Coincidenceeeeeeee ! !  Anyways, I posted  a picture of moi  in Paris on my last post, and I also said my Paris tour post  wasn’t finished yet, and promised to get it done soon. And then , this horrible incident happened. Coincidenceeeeeeee !


I ‘m still trying to figure out how to move complete files from Pictures to One Drive.  Right now, I can only move one picture , one at a time, out of thousands.

Anyway, I wish I could write down what I’m thinking at this very moment.  But if I did, I’m sure I’d regret it. My 2 close and dear friends at work are Muslims and they are the nicest people on earth.  I go to work tomorrow….. and I’m sure  J will be crying to me again. ”  Ren,  these terrorists are making my life  so stressful and scary. ”  She came from Afghanistan, and came here to the US to  marry her first cousin.  She didn’t want  to because she had a boyfriend  , but  marrying her cousin ( her father’s nephew) was the only way to get out  of a miserable future.  Her father’s being targeted by the Taliban because he works for the Americans, as a clerk.  Her story is very colorful  and interesting , and worth talking about in the future.  Like, one time , her husband  told her  they’d go shopping for clothes.  So , she dressed up and when she came out of the room, her  husband  staggered back ,  startled  to see her wearing a burqa, all covered from head to foot. .

  • sigh *
  •  I don’t even know how this  nasty war  started. Bush and his cohorts  lied to the Americans .  There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq,  and there were no Iraqis  who committed the heinous 9/11.  There were no Afghans , either. Classic irony.    I admit     Saddam Hussein, and the Talibans were nasty people. But  they were their country’s  problems, not the Americans’.  We simply cannot impose our way of life on the Talibans.  We wear mini skirts  and bikinis, they wear burqas.  That’s the way they like it. * shrugs shoulders *   Let them be.

I wonder if  the US policy will change.  News coming out of France  are dire. ”  Time to raze Raqqa . ” (  capital of ISIS ? … as if they have a country )  The mood right now is the French don’t care anymore about collateral damage.  French President Hollande has declared an all out war against  ISIS.  The more tragic consequence of this is the serious and dangerous wedge that’s been created between  non- Muslims and  Muslim population . More innocent people wll be killed.  I don’t see the end in this vicious circle.

This is why I detest  religious Fundamentalists , of any religion.  I just watched a video of this ” Christian ” pastor named Steven Swanson who visciously ranted  about ROUNDING UP ALL THE HOMOSEXUALS  AND KILLING THEM. The virulent rant was uttered at an event organized for  Republican presidential aspirants Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Bobby Jindal.  If your a Christian who feels the same way as Pastor Steven Swanson, vote for any of these 3 candidates.

Aaaargh.  I’m getting angry again.  I better stop here before I say something  that will offend my dear , lovely readers.  Peace ! !  Peace !  Peace !

Have a lovely day.

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    Ms. Renxkyoko Iglesias…please tell me which of these beautiful ladies is you…red skirt with glasses???


  3. Everyone needs to let off steam sometimes Ren – but you were right to cut the post off to rest and cool down. Unfortunately, there are too many zealots of every religion – and even non-religious people – to let the world have peace for long. Get well soon 👍😃🐵


  4. The world we live in is indeed a mess- and a man made mess at that.

    The war in Afghanistan was the only justified war since the Taliban were harboring Bin-Laden and refused to turn him over to the US, and you know at that point there was no way the US would take no for an answer.

    Iraq was a horrible failure of our politicians and a win for corporate interests that profited from that action at the cost many American/Iraqi/international lives with a resulting situation that appears to be far worse than the false threat that prompted the action in the first place.

    The goal of the terrorists is to induce the west to broadly label all Muslims as threats and increase polarization. Judging from our own polarized politics and rhetoric of many pres candidates, they are meeting with some success.

    Ultimately, these attacks mean a loss of freedom for us all since increased security and surveillance measures will likely result that chop away at out own individual liberties in the name of security. This increases the power of the government over the masses, which can also be a very dangerous thing over time.

    Sigh…..no easy answers or solutions…


  5. Right on! KILL! KILL! KILL!

    . . . er, wait . . . I mean, PEACE! PEACE! PEACE!

    Yeah, I think I’ll refrain from posting anything, and by the time the next bombing/massacre happens it’ll be too late to comment on this one.


    • I’m always Johnny -come – lately. Not this time.

      Ah, kill, kill, kill. I guess it has started. Looks like the French is bombing Raqqa to smithereens. I wonder if the non combatants ( children,) managed to get out in time. The truth of the matter is, bombing sorties by the US have been going on months prior to this . Very few know this.


      • Innocent people always die in wars. It has always been that way and it will always be that way. ISIS has to be destroyed or ISIS will destroy us all. There is no peace on earth and I doubt there ever will be because from the beginning of time there has been war and war and more war. It took a lot of innocent deaths to end the Second World War and it will take lots of innocent deaths to end this one too. It is unfortunate but it is inescapable. I hate it and wish it could be some other way but even if you try to avoid the civilians with the raids, the enemy will use them as shields and they will die anyway. That’s the kind of animals that are being dealt with here. They have no regard for life … not for their own or for others. Worse, they have been taught this hatred from the time of their infancy in many cases.


        • Sir John, I understand what you’re saying, and to be honest, that’s what I think, too. W e cannot win this war if we’re too mindful of collateral damage, meaning innocent lives. The world has to be reminded that this is the harsh reality of war. God have mercy on our souls.


    • I just commented about that on Facebook. Many people overlay their avatars with the French flag in a sign of support.

      I don’t because while I mourn the dead in Paris, I know that the bombing sorties will also take innocent lives in collateral damage. Once you join a group or movement or cause, you are supporting all that is done not just part of it.

      I don’t know enough to truly support or be against any retaliatory action. I do know enough to mourn the dead.


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  7. All of this is anger provoking and depressing as well. This attack in Paris may be a game changer. I’ve been saying that the world should just give ISIS what they want, their Apocalypse.Once ISIS realizes that God is not on their side, then I want political solutions for the middle east countries that are in their best interests as well as ensuring peace and stability for their neighbors. IF they want sharia law like our friend and ally, Saudi Arabia, that is their business.The only exception to this, would be that girls should have unlimited access to an education and then (FMG) must be banned, by law.I would prefer no stoning.

    I do not fault Muslims in general for their zealots. After all we do not blame all Christians for Timothy McVeigh who was raised Catholic; or the folks who are burning US Black churches who will probably claim to be of faith. We have our own crazies who could be defined as terrorists.As a matter of fact they have killed many more Americans than all the foreign born terrorists have done. .


    • Posted by Rocco B on November 15, 2015 at 11:23 pm

      Sadly, whilst the peeps in Paris suffered heavily. And my thoughts go out to them, what was sadly pushed aside, is that Lebanon was also hit by these raging nutters. It barely got a mention. Which is quite sad.


      • I did mention them Rocco B, but it disappeared after so many revisions. Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt have already denounced ISIS for their acts of terrorism. And you’re right. If I didn’t happen to hear the news that one time about what happened in Lebanon, I could have missed it and not known that something like this happened in Lebanon and Iraq the day before Paris.


    • That;s true, Gronda Morin.T hat’s why I mentioned this horrible pastor. Non- Muslims are not liliy white.,( Nazis ), And you’re right. This attack maybe a game changer for all those who are still in doubt ISIS is incapable of going overseas to wreak havoc and create mayhem. ISIS has issued statement Germany, the US, and Iran are next.


      • ISIS hit a Russian plane; killed 40 people in Beirut, Lebanon and then Paris. They are inviting a response. President Obama and others do not have to play by ISIS rules. Today, some idiot politician said that we should be taking the lead in bombing ISIS in Syria, not France. Excuse me, it was France who just lost 129 people and if they want the honors, let them have it.

        We need boots on the ground. The US have had little success with training the Iraqi military and the Syrian rebels. The Iraqi soldiers who vastly outnumbered ISIS fled the battle scene on 2 major occasions, leaving behind their Humvees, weaponry and supplies for ISIS to collect. The Syrian rebels took the US money but then most left. In a short time there were 5 left willing to fight with US.

        We have worked well with the Kurds but we need to sufficiently arm them which we have not done. It has been Israel that recently helped them with arms.The US needs to focus on defeating ISIL/ ISIS and not on toppling a secular President Assad. At this point, we do not even have a governing body to replace Assad. We don’t need to leave another power vacuum.

        It is my opinion that we need to completely defeat and humiliate ISIS/ ISIL but on our timetable and rules.


        • That’s true. We need more boots on the ground. How many is the problem. The US needs to lead, but also needs to forma strong coalition of the willing , or for France to invoke NATO. The last one may play into the hands of ISIS’ strategy of making this war as one between Islam and the Crusaders. This is also why I cannot comprehend why ISIS is also killing fellow Muslims.


    • It is hardly ever individuals who are at fault when evil ideologies appear and work their tragic results on other human beings. It is always the ideology and rarely ever the people involved. Some ideologies have pages and pages of teachings that say it is a very honorable thing in the eyes of God to kill other people by any and all means at hand… by every possible kind of deceit and treachery … with every available weapon …. at any convenient time … in any convenient place …and if people are taught these things from the time of their infancy is it any wonder that some of them act on it when they come of age? No, it is rarely ever the people… it is always the ideology from which the evil stems and the destruction and death ensue.


    • Gronda Morin, I’m afraid this is a game changer for me.


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  9. PS.. YOU AND YOUR PHOTO OF PARIS ARE GREAT.It is such a beautiful city.


  10. I know how you feel. The dilemma is do we kill the poisonous snake that continues to bite, or do we expect for it to stop biting? Can we take it alive and confine it, or is the only choice to kill it?


    • Kill it, Xena. ( I have snake phobia, y’know. * smile * ) Hillary said ” it cannot be contained, it has to be defeated. ” ISIS is now threatening the US, Germany and Iran. They just terrorized Lebanon and Iraq the day before Paris ( killing so many civilans), but this news was barely mentioned here in the US. I wonder what ISIS expect to happen. Are they on a collective suicide mission ? Do they actually think the whole world will stand by idly and let them do whatever they want ? It’s not as if they’re only killing non-Muslims….. they’re killing more of their fellow Muslims.


    • To answer your question about the “Poisonous Snake” may I invite you to make a study of Germany and the Third Reich (National Socialism) that flourished in the 1930s and 40s. It seems that most of the civilized world decided at the time it was better to deal severely with the snake that had reached it’s many heads and tentacles into a great portion of Europe at the time and I don’t think anybody who lived in that era had the slightest thought that the venom and the destruction could be negotiated with or contained. Thus the Third Reich met a most unfortunate end at the hands of the Allied Forces.


      • ISIS is the poisonous snake that keeps biting . Its head should be cut off. To merely contain it is not enough. But here’s the thing…. Americans should be told what it would entail to defeat ideology. It ‘s easier to defeat people., but ideology is another matter. Americans should be told how much a long protacted battle would cost in terms of lives, treasure, And Americans should be ready to support it with money and lives. Unlike what Bush did, the government should not raid Social Security, and pensions,…. Americans should be ready to accept increase in taxes because that’s how a war is supported.

        Oh, to be continued. I’m leaving now for work, Sir John.


  11. They want us to hate them. They want us to round on all innocent Muslims and escalate the violence. Then they win.


    • But they’re killing more of their fellow Muslims. So, I don’t know what their real motivation is. They killed so many innocent fellow Muslims in Lebanon just the day before, and in Traq too. Sadly, it was barely mentioned on the news.


      • they see moderate Muslims as their enemies too. they are as happy to kill them as they are to kill ‘infidels’, and when they provoke people into turning round and victimising innocent Muslims in other countries, they know that will help to radicalise more converts. It’s a win-win situation for them.
        And you’re right in that the carnage in Lebanon was barely mentioned in Western newspapers (or the heroic man who tackled the suicide bomber there), but newspapers report what they think will sell newspapers, and the editors seem to think that their readers wouldn’t be interested. So I suppose that it’s up to us convince them otherwise.


        • Not only moderate Muslims, but Shias too, their actual mortal enemies. Hezbollah ( Lebanon ), Iran, Syria are considered heretics by the Sunnis. It’s really getting weird,but this is history in the making, The dynamics are changing right before our eyes,, what with so much rearrangement of alliances.

          killing fellow Muslims will not radicalize more converts, I think. This kind of strategy doesn’t make sense,.


          • What you say is quite right. I think it is too easy, however, to view each ISIS atrocity simply as another outrage different from the previous one only in that it happens somewhere else. They often have very different purposes.
            1) They capture large numbers of soldiers and then execute them very publicly, with the intention of sowing fear in the ranks of the opposing armies.
            2) They brutally kill captured ‘hostages’ and transmit the images all over the world both to instil fear and hatred into foreign populations, and to goad them into retaliatory action which they know many Moslems will view as an attack on Islam, and so act as a recruiting call for them.
            3) They carry out acts such as the Paris killings also to sow fear, but to especially goad the kind of retaliatory action that sees innocent Moslem neighbours beaten up in the street, or mosques or shops set on fire. This again acts as a recruiting call, since they are well aware that many second and third generation immigrants in the west, especially, have been poorly treated in their own country and are easily radicalised.
            4)Lastly, they attack targets in places such as Lebanon, simply because, as you point out, they consider the Shias to be heretics.
            I’m sorry this is such a long answer, but I couldn’t really shorten it.


            • * scraping the bottom of the barrel *

              I’m wondering when and where this all started. ( I have to discount colonizations of countries in Africa and the Middle East by the British and French. )

              It can’t be in Afghanistan when the Russians tried colonizing it. The Talibans ( including Bin Ladin ) with he help of the CIA managed to drive a powerful country off their land. I have a feeling this gave Bin Ladin the idea that powerful countries could be defeated thru sheer tenacity and determination. Then came the first Iraq war under Bush The Elder. Although the Americans came in to help Kuwaitis drive out Saddam Hussein off their land, Bush The Elder did stop at the water’s edge and let Saddam go. So that couldn’t be the reason, either. But the Americans did stay on in Saudi Arabia to maintain some kind of military presence in the Middle East. I had read that Bin Ladin deeply resented US military presence at the heart and center of Islam. This was when he started to organize Al Qaeda. He knew though he couldn’t confront the Americans in traditional warfare. And, the US is too far away. Solution…. terrorism. Take the war on US soil thru subterfuge and by Muslims who do not expect to survive.. Bomb American facilities like embassies, etc. Then , 9/11 happened, I’m speculating that was the culmination of Bin Ladin’s dreams , because nothing spectacular followed after this. Bin Ladin too was running out of money. His rich Arab patrons couldn’t anymore channel money to him . The US would know who they were. It’ wasn’t in their interest to further aggravate the US. It then came to a point when Bin Ladin’s people had to account for everything, including the sale of a refrigerator and an old Toyota truck. He’s become senile , an old man spending his time watching videos of himself on VCR.

              Then Bush invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, put a Shia in power who in turn marginalized the Sunnis, esp. the Sunni generals and soldiers. The rest is history.

              And I still don’t understand why killing their fellow Muslims will help their cause. Politics is addition.

            • Not a bad analysis, I suspect. The further complication of the story, though, is that ISIS are essentially fundamentalists, who take every word in the Koran as literal and true, just as some Christian fanatics do with the Bible. Having established their ‘Caliphate’ in Iraq/Syria, they want to build a society that is literally Medieval – in other words, exactly the same as the society that Muhammed created. They also believe that the day of judgement is coming soon and, again like some of the more dangerous Christian fundamentaliats, that they can precipitate it through their actions. Their ‘pure’ version of Islam, as based on the original teachings, is the only acceptable version to them, and they see the majority of modern Moslems as heretics.
              Religion, eh?

            • My thoughts exactly. I just didn’t want to talk about it….. although , when I talked about Christian Fundamentalists who take the Bible literally, I was saying , I’m looking at you, as well, Islamist Fundamentalists.

              Even the Vatican had to say don’t take Genesis literally. One day of creation could mean 100 million years.

              And I’ve been thinking maybe they can give them some land and establish their own kind of civilization, their Medieval Caliphate, and those who want that kind of life, should go there. And for a while , Muslims living abroad should be allowed to leave , as well. I don’t even know why the US is preventing American Muslims from leaving. Let them, then cancel their passports and don’t allow them to come back anymore. Problem solved.

            • Unfortunately, that still wouldn’t work. They believe that the Caliphate has a duty to conquer more lands and that they are in a permanent situation of jihad. I certainly don’t know what the answer is.

            • Mr. Canning, I hate to say this, but we really need to stop ISIL . My heart has stopped bleeding . If it needs more boots on the ground, so be it.

            • I’m afraid we do. They are not going to stop of their own accord.

            • By the way, this is my own speculation. Amatuerish, I know.

    • We could all submit if we wish to do so. We could just stop resisting and submit. Isn’t that more or less what they want us to do anyway?


      • That probably wouldn’t be a very good idea.


        • But it sounds to me like that is what some of the apologists for the ideology would want us to do. How do YOU read it?


          • I’m not entirely sure what you’re referring to as the ideology. If you mean that of ISIS, then I’ve noted what I understand of it at length (probably far too much) above. They just want to expand and kill. If you mean some in the west who appear to have some sort of sympathy for them, or don’t believe that we should ever use force, even to defend ourselves of others, then they just don’t understand the magnitude of the problem.


            • There are a whole lot of folks who are comfortable with their heads in the sand on this issue unfortunately and by “The Ideology” I am speaking of the basic set of doctrinal teachings that could be thought to be the kind of teachings that might inspire some folks to do some very egregious things for some very nefarious purposes … an ideology that is filled with pages and pages of teachings telling its sadherents to kill unbelievers wherever they may be found and other such horrid passages.

              I am not going to name anything or anybody because I do not wish to be branded by the haters.

            • This is WW3 of the 21st century. It isn’t a traditional warfare. .The terrorists have now set their sights on soft targets, those whom they know cannot fight back, like diners eating at a café, or watching a concert. By the way, this is an old strategy. The Philippines , where I came from, is on long still on- going civil war with Muslims who are concentrated in the southernmost part of the Philippines, the region closest to Borneo, a Muslim country. The Philippines is over 80 % Catholic, and Muslims are a mere 3% of the population…. but the rebels target civilans at marketplaces, buses full of passengers, etc. The world does not know this but the on-going civil war in the Philippines is the longest in the world. ( Pres. Obama is in the Philippines to attend APEC . China and Russia , too )

  12. Posted by Josh Wrenn on November 15, 2015 at 11:27 pm

    Well said. I think the Bush policies opened the door to this and Obama has done nothing to shut it. Even making it worse by arming some of the people against Assad who became ISIS or were defeated by ISIS and had their weapons taken. Very bad, I wish we could just focus our resources on the issues we have to deal with, and keep our noses out of other country’s.


    • We’re deep in sh*t as the French. Fortunately, we’re not the only targets now. They have threatened Iran and Germany. They bombed Lebanon the day before Paris. They brought down a Russian commercial plane. There’s an on-going rearrangement of alliances. I’m sure historians will make a heyday of these weird events.. A motley crew of characters against a fierce , determined homogenous entity.


      • It has all happened before in different places and with different faces. (World War I and II, Korea, Vietnam, The Russian Revolution, The American Civil War — to name a few.)


  13. Nothing I could say right now would come out right, Except that I am with you on your vent and in utter shock too 😦


  14. Great rant, Ren.


    • Thanks, Nicci. I did make an effort to tone it down.


      • It was great, I enjoyed watching you struggle with it and tone it down. You always make me think and I enjoy your passionate and intelligent thoughts.

        Love the picture of you and your family in Paris. It’s such a wonderful place, isn’t it?


        • Ah, gay Paree ! Yes, it’s a wonderful pace.

          * sigh * I really struggled. Although I don’t really check up on my stats, but everytime I do, I see quite a number of readers from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia, and so many Muslim countries. Farah, a Muslim blogger, from Indonesia is a dear internet friend. I’m sure these conflicting feelings will pass.


  15. Posted by The Otaku Judge on November 16, 2015 at 10:33 am

    America just loves to create enemies and threats to world peace by deposing governments on false grounds. Saddam was indeed a nasty piece of work, but at least he wasn’t a danger to the world at large. Seeing what the savages have done to the region kind of makes you understand why leaders in those areas need to be ruthless to maintain any semblance of order.


    • It saddens me to admit there’s some truth in that. Assad an Saddam were in fact secular.Tthe only problem here power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. There’s no escaping from that.


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  17. Hope you are feel better soon my friend. I was flying back from Berlin the day after it happened and it was horrible finding out about everything and then going to the train station to be confronted by flashing lights. Thankfully there was nothing to worry about but still…

    I think that rather than bring a wedge between muslins and non muslims, this could be the opportunity for us all to stand together against the misguided extremists. If a small minority and the dangerous ones, especially in Western countries then the silent majority need to speak out and inform on the dangerous ones. If we all worked together then we could make it very difficult for the scum that think cowardly acts gain them sort of divine reward.


    • Misguided extremists …… more like psychopats and madmen going berserk.

      I feel that the ” silent Muslims” should now speak out and inform the authorities if something suspicious comes up. Otherwise, there’s no end to this .

      These are interesting times. History is unfolding right before our eyes.

      Take care over there, Ste J. I hope you still remember what I wrote on my email.


      • Yes it has been on my mind on and off and plenty recently, their are so many contrasting opinions that one wonders when and where things will give.

        The silent majorities have always been passive throughout history, I think now is the time that a group changes that trend and be remembered by history for doing the right thing.


        • Actually, there’s no other solution but to defeat these psychos. How ? Let the governments figure it out. * shakes head * you do have a huge, huge problem over there. 4 million refugees ! !


          • They are starting to arrive now and coming in over the next four or so years. The problem for most folk is we need to know that people coming in having been vetted and are not a security risk. The mainland is getting it a lot worse than we are, although some countries are now refusing all Syrian refugees as a security measure, it will be interesting to see what happens in the future.


            • Everytime I see pictures of refugees, especially the children, I feel so guilty just thinking maybe they shouldn’t come to the US.

              If ISIS is going to fight in a purely traditional and symmetrical war, they won’t win. But just containg them won’t work. They will just scatter themselves all over the world and terrorize people, a la France. I think that’s even worse. The next suicide bomber could be the son of our nice Muslim neighbors.

            • Now that Russia and China have also declared war on Daesh then I think they will be smashed in terms of territory they hold but yes the danger is the melting away and infecting the populace. as you say the silent majority need to start reporting these people to the police and a zero tolerance on preaching of terrorism in the name of any religion should be met with the strongest resistance. It’s horrible to be paranoid over one’s neighbours but how can you tell, especially when you look at Belgium and the like. Saudi Arabia always seems to be on hand to offer mosques in other countries…and we seem to accept it. Time to be forward thinking, say no develop fuels other than fuel, take away our need for oil and they are a country effectively sidelined.

            • Fortunately for the US, we have oil, and they say we don’t need to import oil. Countries that don’t have oil should develop alternative sources of energy. Her at home, we are using solar energy for the water heater. ( very expensive , though. I don’t know how much it woud cost to be completely off the grid. I heard it was in the hundred thousand dollars. Who can afford that ? Just our water heater alone cost us about $ 6,000.

              The problem is Europe. You guys are completely dependent on Middle East oil.

              By the way, the next oil they say is water. Saudi Arabia doesn’t have fresh water. They use desalinated water . Calfornia is thinking of investing in desalination of water , too.

            • Though she’s a bit worried about Kerry. I think it’s because Kerry’s not really a ” killer “/ I’m not saying Annie is, but you know what I mean.

            • LOL ! !

              I did it again. I made a mistake. Wrong response .

  18. just dropping by to say hi.


  19. A blog post of current events from me would probably be full of anger & bad words. This is why I haven’t written a post on what my thoughts are about happened in France or what is happening in other places of our temporary home on earth. Just so sad. :/
    May those who are no longer with us forever rest in peace.

    BTW – nice pic 🙂


    • ISIS is so evil, killing people in the name of their God. Massacres, beheadings, rape…. what else can they do in the name of God . It’s mind-blowing.


  20. Hey Ren.. how are you feeling now? Hope you’re already up and well. 🙂 The news are really terrible and is backfiring to our Muslim friends. Sad. 😦


  21. I love the way you think and write and agree with all your thoughts and emotions here. I too have close Muslim friends and they are the nicest gentlest people I know. They are literally cringing and hating the way their faith and culture are being damaged by the acts of these bitter hating terrorists. Its all so sad. I don’t know how it will all end, but its going to take courage, directness and a whole heap of wisdom to get this mess sorted, and we seem to be a bit light on those commodities at present 😦


    • I’m happy you like the way I think and write. I write as I think, so , what you read is what you get., exactly what I have in mind , except this time, I really needed to be careful with what I put out here.


  22. Posted by ~REBECCA DAWN~ on November 25, 2015 at 2:48 am

    I agree with you Ren about the President taking a firmer action on his policy against the Middle East as well as his policies inhouse. His hem hawing is giving alot of people mixed messages.
    As for ISIS, using religion to motivate people to kill others is a waste of time.
    What are they promising them? They will go to paradise with 40 virgins waiting for them? No, they will just die a pointless death.
    There are no virgins for them, there is no paradise, just a bunch of empty promises from crazy people!
    If people need motivation or a purpose to join, how about a less violent one? they need to find a way to end this stupidity.
    The sad part is, that it is taking a hacktivist group to fight and take down ISIS.


    • You mean he hackers who call themselves Anonymous ? I’m not sure about that. Their messages are coded..

      Although I want Pres. Obama to take a firmer stand, I don’t want the US to put boots on the ground without other countries doing the same thing. France says they won’t…. just bombing sorties. But the US has been doing that for over a year now.
      , and they do have a few thousands boots on the ground.

      The ISIS are a bunch of psychopaths.


      • Posted by ~REBECCA DAWN~ on November 25, 2015 at 12:09 pm

        Yes the group anonymous.
        my thoughts were unless a country invades yours, you don’t have any business invading theirs. Let them fight their battles out like children, and let the victor win.

        I’m diabolically evil sitting on the fence


  23. Posted by Leeyo on November 25, 2015 at 4:31 am

    I really get you. Ok lang naman kung magalit ka, tao ka din. Ako nga, di ko na alam kung anong paniniwalaan eh. Kasi ang daming “conspiracy theories” ang nagkalat. Tapos ang daming second-hand information. Then, madami ding sinungaling.


    • Huh ? Are there conspiracy theories ? I thought everything was pretty straightforward.

      Ang gulo. Parang rigodon, may re-alignement of alliances, pero very flimsy yung kamphan. Katulad ngayon, Turkey brought down a Russian fighter jet. Akala ko ba, they’re together fighting ISIS.

      Of course I’m conflicted . I have several Muslim friends, and they are actually funny and nice.


      • Posted by Leeyo on November 25, 2015 at 3:25 pm

        I know!! Kahit ako conflicted. But anyways, tuloy mo lang kung anong alam mong mabuti. Nakakainis lang talaga ang media, idamay mo na ang social media. Mostly social media.

        All i’m saying is, I understand you. Your rant and all.


  24. Posted by lorrain1 on November 30, 2015 at 4:30 pm

    I guess you know my uncle, the Reverend Jesuit Father Pierre Tritz, which took 101 years on September 19. I stayed two weeks in the Philippines in 1985. Invited by Dr. Dante Almirez … Good memories …
    See you


    • I’m sure my father knew of him. He studied at a school run by Jesuits. Have you heard of Ateneo de Manila at Loyola ? Although our parish here in the US is far from home, we go to Mass there because it’s a Jesuit parish , St. Ignatius de Loyola .


  25. Posted by swisside on December 3, 2015 at 5:57 pm

    Can you give me your e-mail? I want to talk.


  26. I agree with your opinion about religious fundamentalists of any kind. They are pure evil.


  27. Posted by Jean-Paul on December 10, 2015 at 12:32 pm

    very interesting post 🙂


  28. Hargraves Blues

    No obstacles in the physical realm can stop the
    Flow of fix or ruin. One bicyclist, content to move
    In limited space, dodges traffic, kicks her stand
    And heads in to read. She gets paid to read, not many do.

    No life is long enough to support all the relationships
    We build: kids to cats, Moms to cleaning, teacher-student,
    Boss to worker. One walker strides down Rosemary Street,
    Pulls his hat over his ears, holds palms open, seeking change.

    No gesture, however insignificant, goes unseen
    In a town full of women. Drivers bounce from one plan
    To another, running reds. Phone calls, calendar notes and
    Breakfast fill seconds between lane changes, defying death.

    No effort, regardless of intention, can sew a revolution
    Without mass appeal. Two men shrug, walking into shade.
    Nothing for them to do but drink and smoke and go to sleep.
    The truth is here to see but no one’s looking anymore.

    No wind, even from Saskatchewan, can clean us now.
    Some loudmouth stumbles in offering to teach, but
    None will have it. A rider, bussing there and back for free,
    Takes comfort when a man stands to offer her a seat.

    No sandwich, ever so scrumptious, lingers past initial taste.
    Sun shines on a bouncing orb. Four for four, he’s another
    Wizard with his hands. He does not get paid to shoot a ball.
    His hand-to-eye skills have no value in this part of the world.


  29. Posted by Stephen Paul on January 15, 2016 at 5:03 am


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  30. Thanks so much for following http://fonzandcancer.wordpress.com I really do appreciate it – Fonz


  31. It has been some time since you posted this. As I read through the responses, this quote from a book I am presently reading came to mind. See below.
    Your blog is well written, insightful, intellectually honest.
    Look forward to reading future posts, glad our paths crossed.

    There is no way to peace along the way of safety.
    For peace must be dared, it is itself the great venture and can never be safe. Peace is the opposite of security. To demand guarantees is to want to protect oneself.
    Peace means giving oneself completely to God’s commandment, wanting no security, but in faith and obedience laying the destiny of the nation’s in the hand of Almighty God, not trying to direct it for selfish purposes.
    Battles are won, not with weapons, but with God.
    They are won when the way leads to the cross.
    Dietrich Bonhoeffer
    August 28 1934


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