My Philippine vacation, Part 4

Hello !  Renxkyoko Iglesias  here.

This is my first post in 2015, and I guess, the one and only post for the month.  I hope I can post more often this year. So, you ask, what’s preventing you from writing, Ren ? You’re not that busy, are you ?  Actually, I am.  I  work full time since I’m on vacation , and I’ve been doing stuff  that I’ve been wanting to do, but couldn’t find the time to do it,  because,  you know, life gets in the way .  Anyway,  my best friend  said, Get out of that nunnery black hole,  Ren !  And  get laid !  Huh ? Uhm, okay. Understood.  So, last week, I binge watched  the anime  Attack on Titan, all  28 episodes of it, and  2 seasons of Doomsday Preppers ( love this ! ). I also watched  Inside North Korea. That’s one heck of a fascinating documentary.  The North Koreans’ behavior  was so bizarre it made the hair in my arms stand on end while watching it.  Well, that’s what brain-washing does to people.  I liken them to the Fundamentalists, of any religion.  What  ? You saw the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary in your ham sandwich ? Nope, I’m not going there. I’m a practicing  Roman Catholic. XD

Speaking of which….. Pope Francis just visited the Philippines last week.  The Philippines is the third largest Catholic country in the world.  Well, 90% Catholic in a population of 90 million.  Just a trivia for you.  And,  because  this post is about my fun vacation in the Philippines.

Remember these photos ?



That’s the before and after photos of our vacation house at Boracay Island, Philippines.
Oh, but we don’t live there. We live in Manila, the capital city… well, Paranaque, specifically.  So from there, we took  a  6 –  hour- ferry ride to Boracay. Could have flown, instead, but it was too expensive. The ferry ride was like 900 pesos ( USD  20 ), and plane fare was Php 4,000.  I won’t bore you with money matters or lack thereof.  But for PhP 900, we got this.


The one and only meal we had was terrible. Actually, it tasted good, but it looked so unappetizing,  and pitiful. 1/2 cup steamed rice and  3 beef cubes drowning in dark sauce. Good thing our aunt warned us about this. So we made sandwiches, brought some Cheeze-it and Oreos. We left the port at  8 PM  , and arrived  in Aklan  at 4 AM.  Since big ferries cannot dock in Boracay , we had to ride on  a small contraption they call banca.  Anyway, while on the ferry,  the passengers were entertained  by 2 pretty singers and a Minus One.  the singers were good, but they were too loud.


The banca…. it was a 10 minute ride from one island to another.


My cousin  , my friend/neighbor,  and I,  sleepless, tired, but none the worse for wear.  We look like refugees.


That crude contraption is there to balance the banca, and do you see that small  thingy tied to the bamboo pole ? I assume that’s our lifeboat, just in case.  x_x


There were no furniture in the house, no bed, nothing… just a small electric cooker,   a few stools, and a makeshift table.

Oh, there’s an eletric fan, and an airbed. But I slept on the mat.


.The house has 4 floors, ( the 4th is a rooftop garden, with a nice view, ), 7 bedrooms, 4 toilets and bath.  Well, I’m going into details because we’re renting out  the house to tourists.  XD  We’ve been told there are beds already, and a few furniture, and a refrigerator. ( My Mom left some money for a fridge before we left )  So, to my readers from the Philippines, if you plan on going to Boracay, email me.  ( shameless  advertising) )



A bedroom with a nice view, airconditioned, with its own toilet and bath.




.A small kitchenette, first floor. The first floor is ” private quarters “… for our family  and has a separate entrance.

We didn’t waste any time, and headed out straight to where the action is.. the beach.  Actually, we rode a tricycle to go there. Our house is about  a 5 minute walk to the beach, but we’re at a “quiet” part of the island.  ( which we preferred , by the way…. but we wanted to see the touristy area. )

A tricycle


.Actually,  it was more like this.  he he


.We were packed like a can of sardines. Fun, fun, fun.  My  US – born cousin really loved it.

The last photo is just a glimpse  of  yours truly  at the beach….  a long shot …. well, I don’t want to show my flabs, , pardon me.   ~_~


This is it for now. … more  Boracay photos on my next post.

Thank you for reading. PEACE !






70 responses to this post.

  1. Very nice house.


  2. Looks like the Indiana Jone’ish trip was well worth it to arrive at your beautiful home! 🙂 btw, how did you make it so that your photos are not clickable for a larger shot? :O


    • I did that ? Relieved . Yay ! Flabs unseen ! Oh, and why do you need to enlarge that, pray ? o_O


      • ~Whistles innocently~ oh look there’s palm trees! *points*


      • On a serious note though, Given the trek to get there, how safe are you from Typhoons and stuff? seems to be a regular occurrence.


        • We got soaked to the bones, like everyday. June to December is rainy season over there. It wasn’t exactly the tourist season when we were there. . Summer vacation in the Philippines is from March to May. That’s the time the island is packed with tourists and local vacationers


          • Oh the beautiful house of course is what I meant O:)

            So the home, This is a place you’ll visit during the months of summer for a family getaway rite? 🙂


            • Yes, of course. We have another one … it’s at a mountain resort called Mountain Province. Baguio is the place. I think I posted about it after our vacation in 2010. We didn’t go last year. It’s hanging 0n a cliff, and the view is beautiful. We didn’t have time to go there last year. It’s easier to go there coz it’s overland, a mere 4 hours .

            • Wow!! you guys sure do live it to the fullest with homes and vacations 🙂 🙂

  3. You have a lovely vacation house there. Glad you enjoyed your Philippine vacation!


  4. the picture in the wordpress reader for your post is using the WIP house so my thought is that there is no progress yet for your house since the last time. lol.

    despite how nice your house is, can’t help but notice the ‘banig’. So pinoy. hahaha.


    • When the first photo was taken, it was in Nov. 2013, the month Yolanda happened. Construction was stopped, for 3 months. believe it or not, all the workers were from tacloban, including the architect. :/ The second photo was taken in June, 2014… 90 % done… a few finishing touches, here and there.

      ha ha ha Your eyes focused on the mat. I wish we had bought one for here in the US. Maybe next time.


  5. Vacation home? Heck, I want to live there. It’s gorgeous. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself. You deserve it.


    • Ha ha I wish I could afford to live a life of leisure. In fact, I did a lot of daydreaming over there, while at the beach, drinking coconut juice right off the fruit, listening to the sound of ocean waves…….


  6. nice house. but that N.Korea inclusion in this post tho, surely you are hunted by them now LOL


    • I just had to say something about them… he he he… Coz I’m safe from them…. it’s another matter if I said something about a mexican drug dealer… it actually happened. And there was this Muslim blogger…. Ugh… I know exactly what you mean.


  7. The Philippines look so sunny and relaxing … maybe one of these days, the Orples and I will get to see it in person. Until then, thanks for sharing your adventures, Ren. 🙂


    • Unfortunately, it was the rainy season when we were there. It rained almost everyday. We couldn’t do anything about our schedule. Our summer vacation here in the US is rainy season over there.


  8. I want to see that North Korean documentary, too. it sounds interesting. hmm i haven’t seen AoT yet, though there’s quite a buzz about it here in the office. what i binged watched was the Magi series because Aladdin is soooo kawaii! 😀

    I hope you had extreme fun at Boracay. 😀 i miss that place, lots of things to do aside from bumming at the beach… 😀


    • Is there Netflix in the Philippines ? It’s a separate subscription independent of cable. It’s got movies , documentaries, TV shows, etc. , and yes, animes.

      I had so much fun despite the rains. Ugh.


  9. If “life gets in the way” then life is good. Enjoy


  10. I’d give my left arm to have a house like that. Not my right, though. I need that for work. haha


  11. Don’t feel bad about not posting as often as you’d like, because life does indeed intrude. Love the pics, it lets me live vicariously, especially since we just had a blizzard here in the Northeast. Enjoy yourself (and thanks for all the likes on my site.)


  12. How wonderful to visit with you! 🙂


  13. Posted by ~REBECCA DAWN~ on January 29, 2015 at 9:26 am

    Your house looks so nice!
    The kitchenette reminded me of this one house i helped clean. It belong to a Texan.
    My goodness it had two kitchens as well.
    “Two kitchens?” why?” I asked. I was totally baffled by this huge house.
    There were two families living there! The Texan’s and his assistants!
    There were two of everything (except bathrooms! More bathrooms) i was blown away! 😲


    • Most Philippine househokds have 2 kitchens… one is the ” clean ” kitchen, the other one is the ” dirty” kitchen. ( Believe it or not, that is actually what it’s called… dirty kitchen. It’;s not really dirty. It’s the one that’s used everyday… hence, greasy, smoky, etc. There’s another one located ” outside, the actual location of most dirty kitchens. I don’t know if I had taken a photo of that one.


  14. Posted by diwangtanglaw on January 29, 2015 at 9:54 am

    *daydream* Sana isang araw marating ko rin ang Bora… ^_^


  15. Your vacation house is bam! 🙂 Love it!! Glad you had a great holiday. Post whenever you can, don’t feel any pressures, life happens. Have a great weekend!


    • Thanks Seyi Sandra ! I really hope I can post more often. I only had 14 in 2014 ! ( I hope I’ll have 15 in 2015, ha ha. Anyway, CHEERS, and I hope to see you here again.


  16. Very nice vacation house!! What’s the name of the ferry your rode to? Haven’t been to Boracay because it’s expensive! 😦


  17. Posted by callmefrozen on January 30, 2015 at 5:46 am

    I’m so inggit, I’ve never been to Boracay. 😉


    • The Philippines is surrounded by beautiful beaches. They are as good as Boracay’s , believe me. XD If you’re from Luzon, going to the Visayas is quite tiring. ( Unless you fly out there, ha ha ) Are you living in the Philippines ?


  18. The house is beautiful! It’s been really interesting to follow the building of the house through your blog. As a matter of fact I hope to visit Boracay this year or next year. Would love to rent the house though I think it might be a bit too big for just me, ha ha:)
    North Korea seems like such a scary place but somehow, I get the feeling that people seem to diminish how cruel the regime actually is, and instead they just make fun of it. I can’t help thinking that if a non-Asian country had treated its inhabitants in the same way, the international society would have intervened more drastically, but because it’s an Asian country it’s more like “Look at the Asians. How cute! Lets make a comedy about it instead”..


  19. I don’t blame you, with all the fun and lack of furniture, when did you have time to write!!! Happy New Year my friend.


  20. Awesome pad Ren – love it 😀


  21. Flabs are fab ! More fab flabs my friend 😉 ❤


  22. I love the travelling, perhaps it is the writer in me but the worse the transport and food is, the more fun it is to write about and lets face it everybody enjoys reading about somebody else suffering.

    Love the house, it sounds like an idyllic place to have a holiday and so naturally I am extremely jealous.


  23. I love your vacation posts because you are always so exuberant, something I love about you, that regardless of the season, and the cold weather in England right now, I always ended feeling refreshed and happier. Post more often please. Your friends in Northern Europe need cheering up at this time of the year


  24. Looks like you have been busy indeed. Travelling is simply fun – whether sleeping in bunks on a boat or having a good time in a vacation house. Beautiful house, by the way.


  25. Nice pic’s, always remember to enjoy yourself to the fullest! Have a wonderful week ahead my sister!


  26. Nice vacation and nice house.


  27. Wow, that house looks amazing!! Very nice! I always love your pictures.


  28. The house looks fab! I sooo want to go to the Philippines! :-/


  29. This place looks great 😀


  30. Posted by Jean-Paul on April 5, 2015 at 12:22 pm

    very interesting post ♥


  31. Posted by Pinoy Abroad on April 15, 2015 at 7:05 am

    Wow..Boracay! Masarap at maganda ba dyan? 😦


  32. Posted by Mr. Militant Negro on April 29, 2015 at 1:57 pm

    Reblogged this on The Militant Negro™.


  33. Posted by Jackie Saulmon Ramirez on April 29, 2015 at 2:14 pm

    Ren, that was awesome! And the three of you look amazing. Never mind the “flab,” embrace it as part of the whole you! The accommodations look beautiful and fun. Not having all the clutter around is a good thing. 🙂


  34. Wow you have a lovely vacation house. You should totally advertise it. Try Airbnb


  35. […] we went there in 2014, there wasn’t even a bed we could sleep in. Interior of the house at        I’m not shamelessly plugging it in, mind you.  To my Filipino readers who have been […]


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