Hello, there ! ! * waves*  Renxkyoko Iglesias here.

” Life is like a box of chocolates. You don’t know what you’re gonna get.”   Well, my blog is a box of chocolates.  You don’t know what you’re gonna read.  Like today, I am  supposed to write about part 3 of my fun vacation in the Philippines,  but have decided to  write  about some other things that are going on in my life on my mind right at this very moment.

First off…… October is a treat for me.  The cable is teeming with vampires, ghosts and monsters,  and zombies , and I’m loving it. I watch these shows while studying or reading your blogs and they do keep  me  up and about   until the wee hours of the morning.  That reminds me…..  I guest posted in October of   last year, on jmount’s blog, and if you have time to read it, click   HERE  . It ‘s a true personal paranormal experience and it’s up to you to decide whether it’s cr*p or not. Today is the birthday of the person in the story. Forever 24. I still miss him.

And speaking of studying…..  I have already graduated . As you very well know, I major in Molecular Microbiology, and minor in Chemistry.  I have decided though to participate in the university’s  Commencement Exercises in Spring, 2015  because I ‘ve come  back to school  to  take  some   Advanced classes in Microbiology, and  Forensic Science.  I think I’ve found my mojo.

Our teacher in Forensic Science came from  Austria, and unfortunately, he has a very long German name, and his first name is Adolf.  Do you know that in California, he’s  called Criminalist, instead of Forensic Scientist?  Sometimes, his name and title don’t fit on the dotted line, so what we see instead is Adolf……. Criminal….  XD, and  everytime he goes to court to testify, and sees a bored , sleepy jury, he  states  his name in a loud boomimg voice that he’s  ADOLF  plus his long German last name.  It wakes up the jury, without fail  🙂   * Oh, my brother in law’s family came from Austria too, and yeah, he has a long last name. Hmmmm.  My sister hasn’t changed her last name yet. Says it’s troublesome. Anyway, I digress.*

So, what do we do in Forensics class  Well, right now, our small class is divided into groups of 3.  The  class project we’re into now is  to look for DNA from residual  * cough* semen *cough* in a rape case , where the victim takes a bath after the act. I’m the only female in the group, so to minimize the variables ( no male DNA other than the male source’s DNA.) I. act. as. the. victim. In other words, I pour the semen on my body and take a shower. Then wait for the shower room  to dry, take a swab for DNA, shower again, repeat 4 x.  Of course I demanded  to know whose semen would touch my skin.  ( It’s supposed to be an anonymous  donor ) What if he has a disease , or something . Yup, he had to reveal himself… a classmate. XD Awkward.  I really  have to keep a straight face when I discuss stuff with my male classmates. But then, a  classmate from another class ruined it for me. He was like, ”  That would  be so awkward !  A known source ! I’m not gonna jack off , even for you, Ren. ”  What the heck ! Idiot !  I’m not asking you ! We already have a volunteer !

Okay. I have to publish this now. I’m starting to freak out.



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  1. this is deeply impressive, creative, details and content of you blog well introduced!


  2. Congratulations on being a new graduate. Your description of the lab experiment made me smile. Keep blogging Ren, I miss reading your posts.


  3. Congratulations on graduating! Happy to hear that you’ve found your “mojo” too. May you have all the success your heart desires.


  4. Congratulations! New graduate has her mojo workin’


  5. Posted by shrutianime on October 24, 2014 at 10:32 am

    It’s great how class is so..interesting! XD Have nice time, it’s always nice to know what you want to do. :3


  6. Congratulations to the next Abby Sciuto! 🙂 Now all you need are some tattoos and a spiked dog collar. *kidding*


    • XD I want to be like her, without the tatoos and spiked collar. ( oh, and no coffin for a bed… ugh ) I’ve been thinking , since my first forensics class, that I want to be like the head of CSI ( original show) . In the show, the head is a Microbiologist.


  7. interesting classroom experiment 🙂


  8. Congrats on graduating! That teacher sounds like he’d be fun to learn from.


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  10. i can’t believe what i just read… (@_@)


    • LOL RP ! ! I gave a warning, didn’t I ? You never know what you’re gonna read. Anyway, that’s why I had to write about it. It’s something students don’t usually encounter in a school setting. But I’m studying crime. So, it’s gross.


      • you’re amazing, i would never EVER, even in my wildest imagination, let someone’s reproductive bodily fluid come ANYWHERE near me but you, you… never mind


        • One’s gotta do what one’s gotta do. In that kind of job, ( forensics) people deal with all sorts of grossness. You can just imagine what medical students do. Relatives even describe what cadavers smell like, and feel like when they do dissection. (Oil oozes out) Someone’s gotta do this stuff for the rest of humanity.


  11. Congrats on graduating and have fun with those labs 😉


  12. What you have to do in the name of research eh. I was cringing for you. I suppose there was no other way around it, but it couldn’t be more awkward. Regardless of your topic, you always tell it with such engagement that I can’t help smiling. Really pleased you are pleased with the way your career is shaping up 🙂


    • Ha ha More like for grades.

      Yes, I think I like that kind of job. It’s extremely interesing. Everyone loves a good thriller.So if I get lucky, and I get my dream job, I’ll be living it.


  13. Posted by theipc on October 24, 2014 at 1:46 pm


    That last paragraph…….. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  14. Posted by Bigsmen on October 24, 2014 at 10:41 pm

    Ive missed my college days. I was first year college when i decided to leave my happy-go-lucky days and enter a regimented life.


  15. Posted by supernova1c on October 25, 2014 at 8:42 am

    Peace Ren. Ha ha, yes, sometimes science may be rather embarrassing eh? You did very well Ren, good Job 😀
    James 🙂


    • Embarassing , very much so…but I do try to keep a straight face. I’ve been doing that for years now. Reproductive Biology, etc. Words and topics I don’t normally talk about, are discussed openly. It was a bit flabbergasting at first… in fact, I’m still embarassed, but I can’t show it.


  16. Awkward, well yes to say the least.


  17. Congrats Ren. Great post. Best wishes for your future projects.


  18. I congratulate you on your graduation renxkyoko and marvel at the episode relating your dedication to the Advanced class. Your sense of humour will be a big asset in your new career! Best wishes for the future – Mike.


  19. Yeah many austrian and other german speaking europeans, especially eastern europeans have so long last name so it call for a kindly nick name… 😀

    Talking about languages – I’m a dane who spent several years of my childhood in Germany which make me speak the language quite well – while I had learned english through my visits with friends in the northern english city of Liverpool – in high school I had a very conservative teacher, it could be heard on my accent when I speak english – it wasn’t the Oxford English – the teacher was a bit snobbish or very old fashion so she corrected me constantly because it irritated her – for the exam I pulled a subject referred to anglo-german relations – I was “caught by a devil” and braided long passages in which I spoke english with a german accent – very proper but with an accent – the teacher got mad but the censor was very excited so I got a very good rating – but my teacher she forgave me never… 😀

    Glad you have find a path which you find interesing… 😉


    • Maybe it’s appropriate to correct the grammar in an English class… or maybe the accent, but for all other courses, I think it’s rude.

      It’s good that over here stateside,, accent is not very important. Americans are used to hearing different accents from all over the world.


  20. I can’t believe you are doing that! How yucky is that?! Rather you than me I think 😉


    • Well, I have to do it. And yup, it’s yucky ! ! 😦 At least it’s not saliva or phlegm. XD


      • I’m not sure it’s any better an option! I can’t believe they can get away with having you do that!


        • I volunteered to do it ken… and it wasn’t such a big deal…. it’s done, and we’re now doing PCR ( genetic fingerprinting )…. what’s harder is the identification itself…. we had to stay at school up to 3 AM, waiting for results. I went to school at 10 PM to take over the work from my classmate, and came home at 3:30 AM. I think that’s harder.


  21. You go, girl! The world is so much happier for having more women in science. Well done. Spring is just a nip and a nod away. 🙂


    • There are only 3 of us females in our class, the rest are wanna be cops, all men, all Criminal Justice majors.

      Yes, I don’t want to join the graduation ceremony, then go to school again. I want the ceremony to be the last time I step foot on the torture chamber, haha. Kidding.


  22. Hi Ren 😀 I shall wait for the video Debby does Forensics to come out ! This sounds like a set up to me especially with Austrian Adolf involved. Make a good novel though ! 😉 ❤ <<< My DNA is on that kiss 😀


  23. Posted by ~REBECCA DAWN~ on October 28, 2014 at 2:15 am

    Congratulations Ren!!
    Ack more school?!
    Lol just kidding, you get to learn fun stuff


  24. . . . uh. . . “like”? . . . I mean, they don’t have a button for “not doing that; nope”.


    • I did it, disperser. It wasn’t that bad. ( although I did scream silently) But I did the deed for a few seconds, then boom, it went down the drain. I hope I get an A for that, darn it.


  25. Congratulations on graduating. The things you do for your forensics class, eh! I always enjoy your thought provoking posts. Adolf…Criminal…that made me laugh.


    • And that’s our teacher’s story. He’s making fun of his own name, 😦

      I hope that’s the only one that we deal with, hands on. No pun intended. XD For the rest, we have to use gloves. Oh, my. 😦


  26. Definitely a yuck factor in this, but nicely written 🙂 Congratulations on graduating!


    • 🙂 That’s why I had to warn you, guys. Uh, It’s done, by the way. It wasn’t so bad. I screamed silently as I poured that thing , and I had to do it quickly, of course. It didn’t stay on my skin for 5 sconds, I swear.


  27. First of all – CONGRATULATIONS and secondly, YUCK!!!


  28. Congratulations, graduate! Wow! I’m excited for mine too. 🙂
    And…you were so brave about that…that… You-know-what. Hahaha! *winks*


  29. Congratulations, you, my favorite person. Love your ride.


  30. hello, Ren… hahaha, hohoho. am really laughing over this one, kapatid. my, you’re one scientific gal and a dutiful student. don’t know if many would go through what you went through – ikaw na! 😉 kaway-kaway…


    • Oy, Ate, comusta na ! !

      I have to do it. Wala akong magawa. Oh, yeah, students will go through that. At saka, it’s no biggie, Ate. I prefer THAT to BLOOD. Blood is gory. XD


  31. Posted by Lluvia on November 6, 2014 at 8:13 am

    Oh. I remember a time when I was watching Investigation Discovery and a case like this appeared. The culprit was a cop, and I was shocked because of this, but, I kept watching the case, and the most shocking thing appeared: he was in the police station when the victims went to report what have happened to them. 😦

    I would have never thought to what extent and in what ways forensics have to study a crime scene. Maybe, if the forensics didn’t do that, if they weren’t so committed to their jobs, maybe, they couldn’t help to catch the culprits and therefore, help the victims to heal.

    Because of this, I think you are really inspiring and brave.
    But, what did make you make that decision? In the comments, I read there are 3 females, including you, in the course. Did the other females volunteer to do *that* too? Were they in the same group?

    P.S. I had read some of your comments in tatsukida blog in Skip Beat’s and Kedamono Kareshi’s (or was in the poll?) entries (the one about siblings, DNA and recesive and dominant genes called my attention. I have always wondered how genes work. In Batoto, there was a discussion about this. Although I don’t read that manga, I was attracted to the subject of the discussion: genes; even though I couldn’t understand everything, given that was all written in English, which is not my native language. This is the post:; and later I was reading manga and their respective comments in Mangalator and saw a comment of yours again, it seems in KK, and later some in the manga about the girl with the curse. We read the same manga it seems haha and think similarly, so, I wanted to ask you in the comments section recommendations about manga with a smart/clever/witty/strong female lead, but, I thought that it would be out of place, given that everyone comments about a determined manga, and, I, asking for recommendations would be strange or awkward. I had thought about leaving you a comment here asking for recommendations, but I thought that maybe it would be annoying or bothersome, so I didn’t, buuut, when I read this post I felt that I had to comment you about it. How committed to their job people (can) change the world.

    P.S.2. Sorry for the grammar mistakes.


    • Wow ! Thank you . I loive this kind of comment.

      There are indeed only 3 females, and they belong to different groups, and working on different lab experiments. My group is working on that one, 🙂

      What I’m majoring in is Mol. Microbiology, and one of the courses we study is Genetics. I read the link you gave here, and over there, it seems they are discussing the blond , blue eyes of the heroine in a manga, when she’s actually just half- japanese amd half- Caucasian. ? the basic rule is that a blond haired, blue eyed person and a black-haired, dark brown eyed Asian will not produce a blond . blue eyed child. However, genes do mutate, and there’s a possibilty that somewhere down the Asian’s lineage, there’s a blood relative who was blond and blue eyed. The recessive blue eyes in her genes suddenly become dominant when combined with another recessive trait of the partner, the blue eyes. By the way, blue eyes is actually a recessive gene.

      I do remember joining a discussion on genetics on at least 2 different mangas. Maybe it’s not on KK but on True Love ? I remeber that because True Love ‘s protagonists maybe commiting incest, and although I notice that it’s a common plotline by Japanese authors. I always couldn’t help but say that it’s a bad idea, scientifically, and not due to moral and societal values.

      No, it won’t be annoying . I would love to have you here and we can discuss anything under the sun, even if it’s off-topic. Anything for manga. ❤

      Recommendations…. hmmmm. strong heroine…. Skip Beat immediately comes to mind. However, I've semi-dropped it because of the slow pace . I 've been reading it since HS, and it looks like the end will come when I'm already a grandma. There are several mangas with strong heroiines, but then they are strong only at the start of the story…. then wimp out once they fall in love. Rere Hello is one. Tsubasa to Hotaru. Actually, there are many…. except I've forgotten the titles ! I'm very bad at remembering Japanese titles. " The One" has a strong heroine.

      Like you, I like the heroines to be strong, and smart and funny., and if they are " abused" , especially by the male lead, I want them to walk away, dump the guy, or fight back.

      Oh, wait,,, these are Korean mahnwas….Saesang, Bring it On, Confessing Truthfully ( so cute ! ), and there's one where the girl is really smart and straightforward, and strong. ( I fotgot the title, but Raffmanga has it. I requested for the raws )

      Do you have a WordPress account ?


      • Posted by Lluvia on November 7, 2014 at 1:45 pm

        Oh. I had written a extense post and without realizing it, I closed the taaab! Noooo! Well, here I go again. I’ll start to write again. :/ 😛


        Hiiii agaiin!

        About different groups working in different lab experiments, at some point will all the groups have to work in all the experiments? If not, how will they know how to do certain procedures and how these work?

        Before you volunteered, what had the guys in your group thought about how to do the experiment? Hire someone to do *that* or something like that?

        Regarding the genes, someone posted in Batoto, that according to that calculator, “if one parent has blue eyes (who also has parents with blue eyes) and the other brown eyes (who also has parents with brown eyes) the probability of the child being born with brown eyes is 72.7%, while the probability of being born with blue eyes is 13.6% and the probability of being born with green eyes is also 13.6%”.
        But, does that applies to all races equally? I remember reading a Skip Beat forum regarding how certain asian traits were like, always dominant. If I remember correctly, it was when Kuon’s ascendense was discussed.

        Something that calls my attention is what determines when a child will be born with certain characteristics. A friend of mine has blue eyes and blond hair, and both of his siblings have brown eyes and brown hair. One of their parents has green eyes and brown hair, and the other parent, brown eyes and brown hair.
        What does determine when X phenotype will appear?
        Or, in other words, what does determine when X gene will be dominant or recessive in some babies if both parents for all of them are the same?

        About the comment, I found it! 🙂
        It was in KK, when there was a poll about KK and TL.

        Regarding the manga recommendations, yeahhh!, I read “Skip Beat!” too. I started reading it last year after I watched the anime, and wanted to know if Kyouko ended up with Ren or not. haha At that moment, who would have thought that Ren wasn’t a real person, but just an “alias” and a character of Kuon. :O
        After I could read the majority of latest chapters, and could catch up with the Japanese releases, these seemed so slooow, and the fact that almost every chapter always had a cliff-hanger that promised something big, but then turned out into nothing, made me think to put the manga on-hold, but, every month I couldn’t resist to read it anyways. haha Mention aside are the spoilers. T.T 😛
        But now I like the slow development in general and in the romance aspect. After “Hirunaka no Ryuusei”‘s ending (that ended yesterday, but Tumblr and manga forums are on huge ship wars by the moment, because of the rushed/forced or unnatural ending) it makes me think that a slow development will guarantee natural development and outcome (or at least, I hope so).
        Also, no long ago I seriously thought about dropping Skip Beat. The reason: chapters 193 and 194 ( ). Very disturbing.
        What would have happen if Kyouko hadn’t kept her Setsu act?
        On MF there was an interesting discussion about those chapters:
        What bothers me is that Kuon/Ren didn’t thought that he was wrong because he did something wrong to Kyouko and broke the boundaries, but, rather he thinks he was wrong because “he disappointed her”. And, I think that when he told her: “I also won’t act unlike myself like tonight, and behave in a way that will disappoint you again. Until I finish this life of mine, I will live as “your me”. From now on, if you are watching me a whole lot more”, he told it to her as Ren/Kuon, and he conditioned her, right? After all, everything started because he was jealous of Shou calling Kyouko.

        It’s hard to find a manga with a smart female lead. I guess the manga that I have read with the smartest heroine ever, is “Koi Dano Ai Dano”. The prequel, “Warau Kanoko-sama” is pretty good too, and the spin-off, “Koi Nashi Ai Nashi”, features and shows more of the side characters, who are hilarious and funny.

        About manhwas, maybe you were referring to “Cheonsaeng Yeonbun”?
        While I was reading the first chapters, I was laughing out loud. The heroine is hilarious. haha And the best of all is that she’s smart, funny and, is focused on her career because she’s passionate about what she does and about what she wants to do, rather than wanting to catch up with a guy, or to be “worthy of him”, like the girl from “Kaichou wa Maid-sama!” ( ). I watched some episodes from Kwms anime, but before I watched it, I always had this feeling that I wouldn’t like something about the show, and I kept postponing it. Finally, I watched it, and I was right. There were so many things wrong in that anime (maybe that’s why so many people dropped it). I thought the manga would be better, but, NO, the male lead was a pervert, so, it was a huge turn-off and I dropped it too.

        Oh, and about “Confessing Truthfully”, some weeks ago, I saw it in a website, so, I searched it on MUpdates. I was absolutely put off of reading it because it’s a manhwa that has the tag that I always avoid: “Emotionally weak female lead”.
        So, is the girl weak?

        In general, I avoid manhwas. For what I’ve read they always have the same plot: Poor girl, rich boy, girl fighter. The girl fighter trope, to me, is too unrealistic.

        But, I will read Saesang, bring it on, even though I read the spoilers in the comments section. Ohhh… Soo sad! 😦 But, maybe I’ll wait until it’s fully scanlated. I guess I could deal better with the tragedy tag if I read it all in a few days, instead of waiting 100 days for every chapter, and I guess it won’t take long until it’s completed, given that there is only 1 volume left to be scanlated.

        Anyways, there are really good manhwas, but in webtoon format. Of all the stories that I’m reading at the moment (manhwas and manga), the ones that I most anticipate to read new releases from, are 2 manga (“Skip Beat” and “Koi Dano Ai Dano”, monthly releases) and the manhwa webtoon “Cheese in the Trap” (weekly releases). Do you read Cheese in the trap? If not, I think you would like it because it has mystery and psychological elements. Besides, it is set up in a college. Have you seen the anime “Kare Kano”? I think the female lead, Sul, in the first chapters is similar to the female lead in that anime. I don’t know about the manga, because I haven’t read it yet.
        Oh, my post is becoming too long! 😛

        So, to conclude:
        Manga and manhwa that I have liked and that it has a smart, clever and/or strong female lead (in case someone else is searching for something similar to read, I’ll make a list):

        * Koi Dano Ai Dano and its prequel, Warau Kanoko-sama.
        * Cheese in the trap (it has a smart, hard-working and perceptive female lead).
        * Cheonsaeng Yeonbun (very funny).
        * Joou no Hana (smart female lead who is an exiled princess. It is focused and her training in different areas, how she prepares to get back to her country, and in her friendship/love with the male lead).
        * Lady Detective (this is a manhwa, and it’s really good. The girl is very perceptive, smart, confident and clever. Unfortunately, there are only 2 volumes released in English. I don’t know if the publisher Seven Seas will release the other volumes. The series has 6 volumes. If someone knows French, they could read the entire series, given that in France the 6 volumes were licensed and published).
        * Gisèle Alain (it’s a seinen. Until where I have read, the girl is smart, curious and bossy).
        * The Country Is Saved (THIS. This is my last discovery. The female lead is witty, clever, smart, and retorts and replies in witty ways, including word plays. It’s a manhwa, by the way).
        * Otome Holic (model student and smart female lead).
        * Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (I watched the anime and read some chapters of the manga. At some point it became angsty, and, even though I understood why the male lead behaved in some ways towards the female lead, I didn’t like how he treated her in a specific chapter and his indecisiveness regarding his feelings towards her: he likes her, then he doesn’t like her, but, wait, he realizes with the help of a girl who likes him that he does like the female lead.
        So, if someone wants to laugh and, think about friendship and social relations, watch the anime, but if later you do want to go in depth about the family drama going on in the anime and understand why the characters behave the way they do, read the manga too. Spoiler: When I skipped to the last chapters, it was a disappointment that Shizuku wasn’t as strong as the anime and the majority of the manga chapters portrayed her. She became the typical shoujo lead: a girl afraid of being hated by the male lead).
        * Boku to Kimi to de Niji ni Naru (strong, blunt and honest female lead).
        * Renren Zakari (unexpected ending in the typical love triangle. For the last chapter, I recommend to read the 2 available translations, specially in pages 6 and 7. The meaning changes a bit in each version, but, I think the two translations/phrases/versions are beautiful).
        * Anya Kouro (it’s a oneshot. For the ones who don’t know, oneshot = one chapter).
        * Lip Smoke (assertive female lead. It’s reeeally rare in shoujo manga to see an assertive and cold/cool female lead. It’s completely scanlated).
        * The Prince’s Cactus (it has a cool, witty, independent and strong female lead. It has only 2 volumes and it is completely scanlated).

        Wow, that was a reeeeeallllllyyyyyy long post.
        I hope it will be helpful to those desperate for or in need of manga, manhwa and/or manhua with a female lead with the mentioned characteristics. 🙂

        P.S. Given that I don’t have a WordPress account, I wrote all the manga/manhwa/manhua recommendations here. Sorry if it was/is too long. :/
        By the way, I think WordPress shows one’s email when one writes it in the box to comment, or is it not like that? 😛

        P.S.2. Sorry for the grammar mistakes. Any correction is very very welcome. And right now, I’m sleepy, so maybe there are spelling mistakes too. Because of the manga mentions in this post, I went to re-read them to explain them more clearly, and I stayed reading some chapters. haha
        Well, that’s all. Thaaaaank Yoouuuu!


        • Posted by Lluvia on November 7, 2014 at 1:51 pm

          “But, does that applies”.
          Correction: But, does that apply
          Agh, I hope there aren’t more mistakes like that. Gosh, I was/am really sleepy. ahhaha Well, maybe I should have checked and corrected all that before. :/ It’s a post too long to check it now 😦


          • Posted by Lluvia on November 7, 2014 at 2:12 pm

            “will be born” –> will be borne (?)

            “What would have happen” –> What would have happened.

            “It is focused and her training” –> It is focused in her training.

            Agh. This will be the last time that I write a post in such a sleepy state. T.T I’m feeling embarrased right now. x.X
            And I will start to take English classes/lessons right now. haha


        • hello ! Glad you’re back !

          I have not really dropped Skip Beat, but I’m not as eager as I was before. And I really find it tiring to read the discussion forum where every little thing is discussed to death. Ha ha besides, I find it a bit dumb that Kyouko still believes in fairies at her age. I can understand her believing in it when she was a 7 year old kid. How can she still believe that Koun came back from a kingdom far, far away ? ( Guam arc , when she saw ” Kuon” on the beach ) I rolled my eyes, and thought, Okay , I’m out of here. I’ll just come back when Kyouko is not being dumb anymore. Also, I do have 28 volumes of Skip Beat in my collection. So, I’ll read it til the end. I have already invested so much of my time and money in it.

          The whole class learn stuff together, but the project is our group project and should be different from the rest. We will be submitting the results later.

          Ha ha ha You don’t want to know what we thought of originally before I volunteered to do it. The school actually disapproved of it. I guess you can imagine what that is. He he

          yes, we do mathematical calulations to determine the physical characteristcs of the offsprings. Blue eyes is a recessive trait. Brown eyes is dominant. Alright, here’s the thing….. it’s almost impossible to have an offspring with blue eyes if one of the parents does not possess that trait. The proteins/enzymes of the colors mix to produce a combination different from the original, though the brown color basically dominates. It’s the same with pigmentation of skin color. the black and white pigments mix, to produce a color different from the parents. It’s not like an inherited disease., like , Huntington disease. Either the offspring has it, or none at all. It’s a recessive gene that may not come out at all, but if the other spouse, like in incest, has that gene in her blood, then there’s a 50-50 chance the disease will become dominant. In genetics, 50-50 is HUGE ! ! that’s why incest is bad news, not for its moral implications, but for the suffering it will cause to the offspring and to society itself.

          Ah, noooo ! Not Cheongsam Youmbum ( sorry for the spelling… I’m bad at Korean names ) I dropped that one like a hot potato. SPOILER ! ! The main girl does not end up with the supposedly main guy, you know, that black haired guy ? It will just piss you off . She ends up with the light haired guy.

          About KWMS…. believe it or not, I’ve only read a few chapters. Although they say she’s strong and smart, I think she’s rude, and I don’t like her, that’s all. not because the main guy is a pervert. And I don’t like her attitude with her father.

          About Koi Dano Ai Dano…. I know it’s popular, but the drawing of the main girl doesn’t draw me in.

          I like Cheese in the trap. Do you read it at that Korean site ? The English summaries ? I’m not updated though. Do you read By Chance, We …. ? It’s a Korean webtoon, also. I like it, but it’s getting depressing, and I’m dreading to read the latest…. The main girl has a strong character !

          About Confessing Truthfully….. No, she’s not weak ! She’s actually funny ( although a bit dense, oblivious, etc, but not weak ), and well, too innocent. It can get frustrating. I highly recommend it ! Also, it’s got the best ending, EVER ! ! ! The best !

          I love Kare Kano !

          Read Fallen Angels by Han Yu Rang.

          Do you read Ao Haru Ride ? If you’re reading it, let me know what you think.

          I have started reading The Country is Saved… but I read that the ” future ” actually does not change. I guess she can only save the bad guy whom she has fallen in love with in high school. I think the fact that she has saved the bad guy, means the country is saved ? She’s still going to marry her fiancee at the end of the story, which is sad, because the bad guy actually changed when they were together, but when they broke up ( through no fault of her own ), the bad guy became worse. maybe that’s the purpose of going back in time…. to save the bad guy’s life. ( But actually I like the bad guy…. he just had a tough life, an orphan who had to fend for himself at such a young age.)


          • Posted by Lluvia on November 9, 2014 at 1:56 pm

            WHAT? WAIT. WHAT? In “The Country is Saved”, doesn’t she end up with the male lead, the tsundere? Ah. Waa. Huge Spoiler.

            I don’t like tsundere male leads, but, I liked him. I read until the latest chapter availaible in the English translation, and I couldn’t help to search for spoilers. hahah I downloaded the raws, and it seemed that she would end up with the delinquent guy. Maybe because of the way the guys were drawn I confused them. Or, because in the last chapter, when she was with a guy in the greenhouse, I thought that maybe the guy she was with, was the male lead, Sang-Woo. I wasn’t sure if it was him, or the prosecutor. She was remembering the times when she was with him when they were in High School, so I thought she was recalling that memories because at her present moment, she was with his grown-up version:

            Also, my guess was related to the fact that I had thought that the story would have a plot twist and the male lead would not be a delinquent, but an undercover agent/detective/police officer. Uh. That would have been good. I thought that too when I saw that the mafia boss wasn’t dead. So, maybe Sang-Woo tried to stop him.
            But, well, what a letdown. Although I don’t like “tsundere male lead” and “changed by love” tropes, in this manhwa I was giving them a chance, even when I had mixed feelings about it.
            By the way, where did you read those spoilers? I downloaded the raws from volumes 2-7, but couldn’t guess correctly the ending.
            Oh, and yeah, probably all that he needed was someone who cared about him = affection.
            After all, his wish was…

            When I read that, I thought he was being serious about what he wrote, and that he was probably depressed. Or did he write that as a joke?
            In spite of that, I disliked/hated that scene:

            She was being beaten up, and he left. What a horrible guy!

            About “Cheonsaeng”, don’t the two male lead have dark hair? I guess it’s the one whose hair has more shades, “Big Kang”:

            Well, when they started to interact more in their training course, hints of him being his childhood acquaintance started to appear in the webtoon. I didn’t like him because he was cruel to her when they were children, but, in the training program he was thoughtful towards her, so I started to like him. But maybe she’s more compatible with Small Kang, given that she’s sprightly and it would seem that Small Kang could keep her pace, instead of Big Kang, who’s aloof, a bit introvert and insecure. Anyways, with Big Kang she shares the interest in business, and with Small Kang the interest in the fashion area.

            I was reading Cheese in the Trap in the Korean Naver with the overlapped scanlations. I read until chapter 25, season 3 was released. The new chapters started to be released in a slow way, and during some time there weren’t releases, so I went to see the raw, found the forum and started to read the summaries of the latest chapters. I haven’t catch up with the scanlations yet, because I know there will be huge drama between Jung and Sul, so, I’m waiting for more English chapters to be released to read all that arc in a row (that way it won’t be angsty ahhaha).
            If you want to read the webtoon as soon as it is released in Korea, there is someone translating the full scripts of the chapters, since some months ago:
            What I do is see the raw, read the full script translation and then read the summary in the forum.
            Right now the series is too good to wait for the scanlations. I dare say it is reaching its best part.

            About Skip Beat, I can understand that Kyouko believes in fairies. After all, there are many things that exist, but we don’t know enough about them or about their existence in itself. As a character from a manga I read some days ago said:
            “Things you never knew, While you never noticed, There are many things in the world, That humans don’t know”.
            But, yeah, how didn’t she realize that Corn is Ren? That’s so… forced?.. She realized Corn was Ren, but believed everything he said, and didn’t give it more thought.
            Maybe the manga-ka is creating and keeping that plot line to make a more clearer difference between Shou and Ren: “because Kyouko trusted Shou, he completely fooled her”, but “Ren is different given the fact that she blindly believes everything he tells her, but he doesn’t/won’t take advantage of her.” Something along those lines?
            Or, maybe it’s a coping mechanism. She needs to believe that good people/beings exist. After all, she was abandoned by her mother, bullied by jealous girls who had a crush in her best friend, left school for him to help him accomplish his dream, and later, she was used and betrayed by him.
            Maybe that’s why she’s holding onto the fairy world like that.
            Or, it could be that she has suspicions, but, it’s better and less risky to pretend that Corn is a fairy rather than assume that Ren, the man she loves has confessed his love for her.
            By the way, what did/do you think about chapters 193 and 194?

            I didn’t like Koi Dano Ai Dano’s drawing style at first, neither, Warau Kanoko-sama’s, but the dialogues are so clever that one forgets the art style, plus, the female lead is the absolute opposite of the typical shoujo lead:

            About KWMS, and she being rude, I remember I thought something similar when I watched the first episode of the anime.
            In a website ( someone commented something related to that:

            “However, I wonder if Misaki is really being depicted as “pretty damn crazy” or if Americans tend to stigmatize powerful women. Like a male CEO would be called “assertive” and a female CEO would be called “bitchy.” If Misaki were a male character with all the same mannerisms, would we still think she’s crazy?”.

            Anyways, I didn’t like the anime, neither the manga.
            I believe this comment (from the same website) summarizes the anime/manga:
            “The problem I found with it was even though Misaki is a great strong female character, Usui can do everything she can, better, without even breaking a sweat. It just kind of undermines how good an example Misaki could be for other women in anime when the man can outclass her at everything she does without even trying.
            And it doesn’t help that she seems to be someone who stands up for women’s rights and equal treatment, but every time Usui [i]sexually harasses[/i] her she just turns to a quivering pile of blushing and stammers. ”

            The same thing happened in “Special A”. x.X T.T

            Regarding “Confessing Truthfully”, maybe she was tagged like that because she didn’t stand up against her authoritative father and his out of proportions punishment? When I read MU’s comments about the manhwa and read the first chapter, I got that idea:

            Like, seriously, who does do and accept that (kneel down with her hands up for 1 hour aand, outside of her house in front of her front door)? It’s absolutely unreasonable.
            Buut, because you say it’s good and has the best ending ever, I’ll read it. I look forward to read the endiiiing! 😀

            About “Fallen Angels”, I had thought about reading it, but was put off by the description: “And all their arrows point directly at Hajin […] Once she was an angel, the popular girl of the school. But now she is a fallen one, one that can only watch from behind as many go against her, unable to do anything.”
            It sounds like a manhwa with a helpless female lead, full of angsty and unrequited loves. And the releases are soooooo slow (one chapter every 202 days).
            It has 15 volumes, but only 7 have been scanlated so far. At this rate, I guess it will end in 5 years. hahhaha
            Oh. But I want to read it. The revenge and healing parts sound interesting. I’ll wait some years for more chapters to be released, or until it’s fully scanlated (if it weren’t for the love triangles, deception and love-hate relationship, I would read it sooner).

            Do you like Kare Kano’s anime and manga? Or only one of them?
            Isn’t the manga too angsty or depressing? I have thought reading it, but, I have seen tons of comments saying it’s too depressing or that they felt sad, heavy and depressed while reading it.

            About Ao Haru Ride, I don’t read it because:
            1. I read the description and the idea of a female lead who hides her true self to please others is not appealing, unless she realizes later that (real) friends appreciate someone for who they really are.
            2. I read the male lead only likes her because she reminds him of his good/happy days when his family was happy.
            3. The art.
            4. I don’t like when somebody knows she/he likes X person, but dates/uses someone else as a rebound anyways. Doesn’t she/he think about the other person’s feelings?
            I had thought to watch the anime, and maybe later read the manga, but, then, I saw that image:

            5. I read it’s too focused in first love, like, the guy is a jerk towards the girl, but, she forgives him because: she’s in love with him and/or he’s her first love.
            6. The male lead is too indecisive and weak-willed.

            But, what do you think about the manga?
            Maybe I could give it a try.

            About “By Chance, We…”, nop, I don’t read it. It seems sad with the break-up theme and the unrequited love tag.
            The webtoons I’m currently reading are:
            *Cheese in the trap.
            *Cheonsaeng Yeonbun.
            *Story of someone we know”. I’m reading the scanlations, but now Naver is available in English too and has this webtoon (the official translation is far behind from the scanlations’ one, though).
            *The Girl from class. I’m reading the official translation from Naver:
            This webtoon didn’t attract me at first, and the drawings aren’t appealing (only black and white and sketchy) but the story is good, realistic and relatable, and it has literature/greek myths references. Anything that has literature, philosophy and/or art references is interesting to me. hahah
            Oh, there is another webtoon I want to read too: “Gaussian Blur”.
            The plot sounds interesting.

            Regarding the genes subject:
            “Either the offspring has it, or none at all. It’s a recessive gene that may not come out at all, but if the other spouse, like in incest, has that gene in her blood, then there’s a 50-50 chance the disease will become dominant.

            I understood that “Either the offspring has it, or none at all”, was Huntington’s disease, and “It’s a recessive gene that may not come out at all” was about blue eyes being a recessive gen, but, then I got confussed with “has that gene in her blood, then there’s a 50-50 chance the disease will become dominant.”.
            “the disease will become dominant” was a comparison to blue eyes’ possibility of becoming dominant if the two parents have that gene or was an explanation of two parents having Huntington’s disease’s gene? I searched Huntington and I read that it’s dominant so I guess the last phrase was an example of any disease? But the mention/word confused me, given the previous mention to Huntington’s disease, but, I’m still not sure.
            So, the structure would be like this?

            It’s not like an inherited disease, like, Huntington disease, in which, either the offspring has it, or none at all.
            It’s a recessive gene that may not come out at all, but if […] has that gene in her blood, then there’s a 50-50 chance the blue eyes’ gene will become dominant.


            It’s not like an inherited disease, like, Huntington disease.

            Either the offspring has it, or none at all: It’s a recessive gene that may not come out at all, but if […] has that gene in her blood, then there’s a 50-50 chance the blue eyes’ gene will become dominant.

            Oh, I guess it’s turning confusing. There are more combinations, I think. :/ I’ll stop here.
            The thing is, I don’t want to assume anything or consider something to be true without properly asking.

            Thaaaaaaank You! 🙂


            • LOL So Cheonsaeng …. is that one ! ! ! I used to read it , and loved it, until that point when she had to pretend to be a male. I thought , no you don’t , but she did, so I dropped it. Here’s the thing…….. it’s such a leap of faith that anyone can pull that off for a long time. Even those who are authentic gays cannot 100 % be sure that people do not know about their real gender. People can tell, especially with gay women. Also, I thought, would there be romance here ? The main guy cannot possibly fall in love with “him”, right ? And then, I learned that the main guy actually wavered about his own gender. He thought he might be gay, because why would he develop feelings for someone of same gender? That’s why I don’t read gender benders. I roll my eyes, and think , ” C’mon.” Guys can pull it off, but not women. Just my opinion , though. I always like a bit of realism in stories, unless it’s tagged as supernatural. Don’t get me wrong….. I like silliness, too…. if not, why would I even read mangas ?

              It always disturbs me that Kyoko has always believed that Koun FLEW and went to a kingdom far, far, away. As a kid, that’s alright. But at her age now, I cannot accept that she still believes that. Even Ren, at one point thought ” No way, does she actually believe that? ” I’ll still read it , up to the end, but I’ll try to ignore that part of her personality. One thing, though, I’m getting tired of the slow pace. This has been on going for more than 10 years, and I’ve been reading this for 7 years, and amazingly, do you know that the timeline is less than a year ? And do you know that since that Valentine’s Day arc where Shou gets to kiss Kyuoko, and the current chapter, it’s just ONE MONTH ? How many chapters have we read since then ? Maybe 50 ? Let’s do the math. At one short chapter a month, that Valentine arc was , like, 4 years ago ? It’s only now that we find out, Ren has not given Kyouko a WHITE Day gift on March 14… and we do know that Kyouko had given Ren a special Valentine’s gift on Feb. 14. That was one month ago ! In our time, that was 4 years ago.

              And I’m kind of amazed that readers are in denial about Ren’s sexual experiences. He is portrayed as a virginal guy who will only be intimate with the one he loves, Kyouko. The truth is, in the US, while he was living there, ( I assume from age 12 to 15 , because he was already in Japan at age 16 ), he has had a lot of girlfriends, and he had sex with all of them. At one point, he was told that maybe he wasn’t a good ” lover”, because those girls dumped him…. and he said, ” No, they were all more than satisfied, they told me, but , the girls felt , he didn’t love them enough. ” ( And of course, there’s an illustration of ren in bed with a woman.) And take note , he was , what , 12, 13 14 , 15 years old? Of course he is a very tall guy and maybe at age 13, he could pass for 16 , 17 years old, but I’m a bit troubled that he was already sexually active at that age, barely out of pubescence. ( Or maybe I’m just old fashioned , and not aware that girls and boys start early. )

              Oh, my, this is already long. I’ll tackle the rest later.

            • For color of the eyes and pigmentation of the skin…. what happens is like there’s a mixture of these traits… it’s like you’re cooking colors. But the blue color is dominated by other colors… it’s like you drop a blue coloring in a bowl of water… the water turns blue… then you add something darker, like dark brown… guess what happens… will the water stay blue ? No, right ? That’s the characteristic of eye color gene and skin pigmentation.With inherited diseases, like Huntington, it’s all or nothing.

              I started reading Ao Haru Ride from day one. I have never liked Kou, the main guy. He has been a douchebag from day one, and he has never stopped, and now, he has caused the break=up of the second guy who doesn’t deserve to be treated that way.

              Even up to the latest chapter, no Kuo-Ftaba shipper has ever believed that Kou had a relationship with the rival girl. they said he was just helping her cope with the death of her father. that’s baloney. And I feel the author has been reading the discussions, because later Kou himself said that when he chose Narumi over Futaba, HE WAS SERIOUS. It’s like, the mangaka read the discussions, and validated my issues with Kou. the mangaka even used the exact words I have been using in my discussions, ha ha. If that isn’t proof enough, I don’t know what is.

              About The Country is Saved…. I’m not really sure if the ending is with the prosecutor. I just heard from somewhere that the going back in time did not really change the future. I took that to mean that main girl and her fiancee did not break up, but the other guy, the delinquent, was saved by her when she went back in time.

              About The Story of Someone we Know…. except for one couple, the endings did not go well for everyone… one of the guys even cheated.

              About By Chance… We…. I don’t know if I want to continue it…. it;s depressing because the main guy cheated on the main girl with his former love. Read the first chapters…. the first chapters ” is” actually the future ( 6 years after their break – up )…. and we know they are not together…. and I am 100 % sure, the main guy had cheated, and it really hurt the main girl , so much so, that when the main guy asked her that he wanted to to see her again…. the main girl replied, ” If only by chance, yes, but I don’t think I would want to meet you again. ”

              I’m dreading to read the part where he cheated on her.

  32. Posted by Lluvia on November 6, 2014 at 8:21 am

    “I would have never thought”. Maybe the right or more appropiate word/verb/thought was “imagined”.


  33. I love your sense of humor, Ren. Such a silly take on such a serious subject. I can see where this would have been an awkward class for you, being the only girl. Obviously, you came out clean, though. LOL. Thank God for showers, huh? 😉 You’re very brave to share this experience with the world.


    • XD I pretended I was cool with it, even though I screamed silently when I did the deed. 🙂


      • I’ll bet you did. Sometimes…. Ah, but all is good now. Next come the laughs with the ‘remember whens’ that will no doubt come up for for conversational purposes later in life. It is a funny story—now that it is over.LOL.


  34. First of all – CONGRATS on your education accomplishment.
    I’m sure you put in a lot of hard work & many hours into attaining your degree.
    As for the class lab – YUCKO!
    But – I suppose someone has to do the dirty work for science…
    I did stop by to read about your paranormal stories. I believe them. I believe that in some way – some people can communicate with people on this side & vice-versa – especially when there are strong connections.


    • Thanks ! !

      I know. Yuck ! But it was all good, ha ha.. It was over in a few seconds after the first blast of water, he he he.

      Perhaps the first incident was a fluke, but for it to happen the second time, and even making the first incident a point of reference , is a bit baffling, isn’t it ? So, seriously, I hope it won’t happen again…. if it did, I’m sure everyone would freak out and get terribly nervous while waiting for that phone call. Like, who would it be this time ?


  35. Hello Ren,

    Napanganga ako sa experiment nyo ah. Pero bilib ako sayo. Ang tapang mo.

    Binasa ko yung ghost story mo. Ang tanong: sino yung nagwiwisik ng tubig? First time kong nakabasa ng ganun ah.

    Pero, the big news is: graduate ka na! Celebrate na!

    Have a blessed weekend. 🙂


    • As a Catholic brother, have you discussed this in your Theology classes ? Or do you guys consider this ” of the devil’s?”

      Anyway, it’s true that the events happened, the question is, do they mean anything ? maybe, the first time was purely coincidence, but to make that event a reference , and then it came true the second time, is really baffling, isn’t it ? It’s like cause and effect.


      • Coincidentally, we have just discussed about masturbation last week on a Moral Theology class. Our Catholic Catechism is really strong against it (CCC 2352). But personally, what you did in your experiment is not shocking for me; it’s just really gross. Eww. 🙂

        Kidding aside, it’s not really new to me since I heard some biology students in college doing stuffs like that. I’m a science person before I entered and still I am now. I’m really secularized so I don’t consider myself as a conservative type of Catholic. Expressions like “of the devil’s” sounds obsolete to me. So I’m like subscribing to it’s-up-to-you-if-you-do-it mentality. But still, I believe that I shouldn’t abuse my body so I resist. I did lots of it when I was a teenager. It’s embarrassing. I still feel urges from time to time and give in sometimes. I get the point of the Church why they condemn it and I understand if males do it.

        Para akong nagsulat ng reflection paper ah. Pero, did you get my point there?


        • * facepalm * All guys do it, like no exemption ???????? This is the first time I’ve heard of this. o_O


          • Haha. Sorry. Nag-blush naman ako dun. Meron akong kakilala na hindi talaga niya ginagawa. Pero I don’t really know if it’s true. Isa siyang Protestant Christian. Pero aside from Christians, I believe some ascetics (Tao, Buddhists) do really abstain now. Not all guys really do it. Talagang I defended them even though I don’t belong to them. XD


  36. Wow Its like watching a movie inside my head. congrats and more power!!!


  37. Concratulations! I didn’t know you had graduated. That thing about Criminal Adolf really made me LOL, and then I read on about your semen shower and I just thought EWWWWWW, that’s really a sacrifice made for science:)


  38. I am really, really glad that I majored in literature.


  39. Congratulations on graduating and your new career, which sounds rather glamorous to me. I laughed out loud on reading about your Forensic’s class.


  40. Who said studying, anything, was easy 🙂


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