Real/Imagined Online conversation About Cheating

Bostongal —–  Hey !  Ren !

Ren           —– OMG, Hi !  Wow ! We’re reading at the same time ! What time is it over there?

Bostongal—— 3 AM . So, have you read the new chapter ?

Ren         ——- It’s 12 here. Yep, I have. What d’ya think ? Did Kyou really cheat ?

Bostongal—– I do believe Kyou. Even when he was with Akari, and knew Shino liked him, he didn’t cheat on Akari when he had the chance. Rereading the story gave me a different perspective on Kyou, but yeah, I still think that his sneaking and “abandonment ” of Shino were just too much.  He should have known it was wrong, hurtful and destructive. He could have told Shino, ” Look, I need to do this with Akari, she’s troubled and might harm herself, and , I’m sorry , Shino, I  need to know  what the hell those 10 months Akari and I were together were about, I want to know if all  of that was one big lie. I want closure.”

Ren    ——– How can Shino believe him when she knows for a fact she’s with him now on the rebound?  She had seen how devastated Kyou was when Akari left him.  She knows  she practically offered herself as replacement of Akari in Kyou’s bed.   When did Akari leave him ?  Just 4 months ago. In just one month, Shino had managed to ” comfort” Kyou’s broken heart .  But that’s just comfort sex. Shino is aware that whatever feelings he might have for her are not deep enough to replace Akira in his heart. After all, Kyou was already planning to marry Akari when she left him.

If Kyou’s reason  was purely altruistic, why  did he have to make his meetings with Akari a secret ? And damn it, how much closure does he want?  He stayed all day, and all night with her that first day. He came home the next day.  The fudge ! That was a lot of conversation,  a lot of time exchanging pleasantries…. what else did they do? Played video games?  Talked about the book she wrote ?  So what if he told Shino  “I didn’t F*ck Akari ?


 Tell that to the Marines.  He saw her for 2 damn weeks and would have continued seeing her  if he wasn’t busted ! Oh, and take note, Bostongal, he always took a bath as soon as he got home, before Shino got home…. not his routine at all.

Bostongal—–I totally get why Kyou wants closure.  Akari lied about everything, including her real age,  and she was the girl he wanted to marry. He had the rug completely pulled out under him.  He wanted answers in order to heal his heart and move on, because as long as questions stay up in air, he’s gonna wonder, and wondering means something stays open  and painful.

                    Ha ha ! That bathing thing cracked me up.  I don’t know if he normally took a bath at night. The story never established that.  I think   dealing with a batshit chick with grief issues was stressful,  and I guess bathing as soon as he got home  would remove the stress. LOL


Ren——- Girl, the devil is in the details. Do you know my mother’s friend found out her husband was cheating when she noticed his hair was always damp when he got home from work ? ( He was late too ) . The author would not  write in as mundane and innocuous as  Kyou’s daily bath ritual if it wasn’t signifiicant.  Through Shino’s POV, it was mentioned at least 3 times.

First day they were together the entire day, night,  morning next day.  Knowing Akari ( and Kyou, that horny bastard )  , all she has to do is take off her clothes and open her legs, and Bam.  There’s no doubt that  they had sex . Akari  is hot in the sack, sexy, and Kyou still has feelings for her. ( Sorry  my language is getting crude. ) She’d be able to lead her by the nose.  Easy.  Who would believe that Kyou and Akari just sat in the couch and talked, and talked, and talked ? How much time does he need for closure ?  One hour ! ! No, one second. What does he need a closure for , anyway ? That’s just an excuse., and an incredibly lame one too.  And he went to see her for 2  freakin’ weeks, everyday, very early in the  morning before he went to work.,” cutting his sleeping hours. ”  Sex in the morning with Akari, and sex in the evening with Shino.  How lucky can he get, that manwhore. And the sex must have been so steamy that cloying jasmine scent didn’t entirely disappear.

Bostongal—–Okay, Ren, bear with me. I have decided to put my grudge aside  and look at clues again. We might be misreading Kyou,  and he ‘s actually telling the truth. ( at least, about the sex thing ) Kyou is a crappy liar.  So, in those scenes where he talks about why he visits Akari, he seems to look totally honest.  He’s not fidgeting, making faces, looking freaky.  Kyou is soft-hearted , and  he has to lie  so as not to hurt Shino.  Darn it, Shino beat him up , and he just took it.

(Read from right to left.)





.Ren ———  He lied . So many times.  The author  didn’t have to draw the situation in bold Crayola.  We don’t need frames in the story  of Akari and Kyou going at it.  It was so obvious he might as well have written “I’m  cheating ” on his freakin forehead .Holy sh*t. What was the  lie again  why he didn’t come home that first day ? He got a call  that his best friend  ” Tanaka ”  was in a car accident, and was in a hospital. So, from morning to morning next day, he was in the hospital ,  taking care of ” him”.  Wow !  Best , best friend.  The next day, and for 2 weeks on, he left  very early  in the morning to visit his ” friend”  before he went to work. And Shino gave food to Kyou to give to ” Tanaka. “




.Ren—– I can’t wrap my head around the fact that he secretly met up with Akari again after getting busted.

Bostongal— I think that meeting was a final check-in. Akari called Shino to  tell her she and Kyou saw each other again, probably a revenge ” screw with Shino call “. I believe Kyou when he said he’s done with Akari and will never see her again.

Ren—– Shino left him.  Good for her. If there’s no trust, there’s no love.  They go hand in hand. It’s kind of hard to trust  men. Someone said men  can only be trusted when they are old and wrinkled and cannot get it up anymore.  Even if they love their partner, when another woman opens her legs for them, they’ll take it. I believe Kyou loves Shino too, she’s nice and kindhearted,  but Akari  is the woman he once loved and wanted to spend the rest of his life with not too long ago. He couldn’t have forgotten her that easily and quickly.

Bostongal—-Harsh. Well, I’d trust mine in a room full of naked willing women, just as he could trust me  even if Gerard Butler threw himself on me. But in general, yeah, men are horndogs.

Ren—–I’d attack  Robert Pattinson.

Bostongal—-Who’s he ?

Ren—– The vampire guy who sparkled in Twilight, Edward Cullen. He he he

Bostongal—- Bahahahaha !

Ren— +_+  Hey,  the guy can cook.  Well, anyway, nice talking to you. It’s 2 AM now. Gotta sleep.

Bostongal— Alright, good day. Wait a sec . You do know the story’s completed now,            right?                Have you seen the raws ?

Ren— Yes. They get back together. Shino and Kyou.  And Kyou’s not with Akari.                          No     wonder you’ve changed your tune.  Where the heck is your pitchfork?

Bostongal——- signs off

Ren—- What the….






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  1. Interesting and well written! 🙂 Great illustrations as well! 🙂


  2. ah…it’s comic narration, illustration and review day 😉


  3. Posted by June on May 31, 2014 at 4:02 am

    It was a lot of fun reading something I don’t get to read everyday. 🙂


    • Thanks ! So glad you had fun reading it. , I thought it was kinda long , though.


      • Posted by June on May 31, 2014 at 1:04 pm

        Well, it had to be long so we’d be acquainted more to the story. And who wouldn’t like a trivial and funny conversation? 🙂


        • I thought I was writing a dramatic conversation. Huhuhu. As usual, it ended up differently. That’s what happens when I write whatever comes to mind.


          • Posted by June on June 1, 2014 at 4:27 pm

            Oh it’s just me, Ren. The subject of your discussion is a serious matter of course. Believe me when I say that your conversation is thought-provoking and substantial. I had my head nodding and also had me appreciating your insights. I just have the tendency to maximize my focus on some funny details. Besides, I also find drama amusing. It gets funny to me when viewed from the outside. 🙂


            • You’re a guy. So, tell me June, did Kyou cheat ?

            • Posted by June on June 3, 2014 at 4:10 am

              Yup. 🙂

            • YES ! ! !

              That’s what I’m talking about. It’s almost impossible to have a man and a woman staying together alone in a room the whole day and whole night, and with the girl bent on getting back the guy, and nothing happens ? Aaargh ! !

            • So, uhm, what are your thoughts, exactly? Why do you think he cheated ? I’m really interested to know.

            • Posted by June on June 3, 2014 at 5:32 pm

              Too many lies. He shouldn’t have lied in the first place if he was just honestly concerned. He knew what he was doing was not legitimate and it may lead to confusion but he still went for it and lied. Either he’s sooo not bright or liar. In a relationship, when lies are committed, involving another party, that’s cheating. So regardless if they did it or not, for me he still cheated.

              I’m quite personally liberal about cheating though. Sometimes things get so subtle that a person hasn’t totally realized that he’s doing something wrong and in denial about it. I don’t know but my compass tells me that I shouldn’t judge one person on one incident but if it has become so numerous like a virus then I think something has got to be done about it even if it means not having anything to do with the person anymore.

            • I’m a bit worried about you being liberal about cheating, ha ha.
              I have to admit sometimes we look and check out attractive people… that’s natural… but if we really love and care for our partner, it should go only up to admiration and nothing further. It’s tempting…. especially if the person we’re admiring responds positively . Things will escalate and before we know it, we are already focusing on that other person, and less on our partner.

              I’m highly emotional about this topic because I have seen what cheating can do to a relationship. As I said , even if the guy loves his wife/girlfriend, men, being the naturaly polygamous that they are already, if something is offered willingly, the possibility that he will succumb to it is almost 100%.

              It happened to a guy, my cousin. He and his long-time girlfriend were about to get married. Wedding dress had been bought, church reserved, preparations were more than halfway done…. Well, there was a co- worker of my cousin who had a humungous crush on him, like, forever……. my cousin knew it, but didn’t know do anything about it. But one fateful day, that girl invited him for dinner, and for old time’s sakes ( like he pitied her or something, according to him ), he agreed. There was alcohol involved, one thing led to another…… he got her pregnant.

              Stories like this are not hearsays. They happened to friends, and relatives. Trust means being truthful too. If one has fallen out of love, he or she should immediately get out of the relationship. It would be easier to accept that and move on than getting cheated on and betrayed. Betrayal is more hurtful and painful, even between friends.

            • Posted by June on June 3, 2014 at 8:13 pm

              Your cousin was being a jerk lol. Perhaps he didn’t really deserve to get married to that poor lady. What kind of guy would do that? Oh I know, an a**h**e fiancee. Take note, I’m not judging him totally as a person, I’m judging him as a fiancee. Cheating is one thing, getting someone knocked up is another and it’s plain stupidity. My goodness. 😀

              Couples have to communicate and get to know each other, even their inner monsters so they would know if they are fit to get married. One would know (or should know at least before marriage) if his or her partner is inclined to being polygamous. That way one would know what to expect. The sad truth is, some people don’t deserve or can’t handle monogamy. The earlier those persons would realize that, the better. Some try so hard to reach a certain status conforming to the standards of the society and they end up sucking at it. Self mastery is the key. 🙂

              Ideally of course, we don’t want ‘cheating’ to have ever existed but in the real world, it does. Stressing out about it would only make me well, stressed. 🙂

              I’ve seen so many lives devastated at first by cheating but still turned out well. Cheating is just part of the risk and there’s really nothing we could do about it but personally avoid it or at least influence those within our reach not to glamorize it.

              Me being liberal about it can only be to a certain extent. I’ve cheated (at exams?), I’ve been cheated and I think I’m more of a pacifist because I never reacted adversely or violently about it because I know there’s more to relationships than just cheating. I’ve accepted that it’s part of the risks but that shouldn’t define the relationship as a whole. But then again, I would only be lenient about it to an extent.

  4. Inspired piece, awesome throughout. Well done R.


    • Thank you, Mike. I was inspired to post my thoughts after reading the latest chapter. That’s better than flipping tables, and throwing a tantrum, ha ha.


  5. Such a powerful piece. Graphic novels are so rich in detail. Loved it. Cheers, Ren!


  6. Great illustrations 🙂


  7. Posted by ~REBECCA DAWN~ on June 2, 2014 at 1:33 pm

    hmm maybe he did just helped akari out. but he should have told shino the truth. but he knew how she would react. and if he cheated then maybe he needs his ass kicked.


    • Given the circumstances, and knowing Akari and kyou, and them being together at her place the whole day and night, til morning, what do you think they did ? Akari’s plan is to get him back. So what does a woman do to get a guy ?

      And then he sees her for 2 weeks everyday until he gets busted. Eh. Do you think that’s enough closure…. unless his idea of closure is to be intimate again and check her out again in the physical sense.


  8. Posted by ~REBECCA DAWN~ on June 3, 2014 at 2:15 am

    well if he is saying he was just taking care of her, maybe he stayed the night to make sure she was ok. talk to her, feed her, make sure she wasnt all kinds of crazy.
    i hate that kind of drama.
    I once worked with a girl, who tried to commit suicide just so she could get our manager away from his wife.
    maybe that is how Akari plans to “win” Kyou.
    Akari should just be herself.
    Kyou should just be honest with Shino.
    If Shino cant trust Kyou what good is their relationship?
    And frankly Shino should just cut Akari. lol


    • Akari came to the apatment in the morning. They had been together since then,. ( Kyou had a day off that day, and was supposed to meet up with Shino in the afternoon to check out the new apartment they were planning to buy. Shino had to go alone. ) Kyou came home in the morning next day. Knowing Akari, there’s no way she’s not going to make a move. They will hug, Kyou comforts her, Akari will kiss him, then one thing will lead to another, ha, you know the drill. She had the whole day to do that. ( and night),,, He’ a guy who still has feelings for her. And it isn’t as if they’ve been apart for ages. It’s just been 4 months, one month of which was spent looking for her.


  9. lol you just made a manga outa it. kool


  10. I feel a bit stupid now because I thought it was real and it’s really fiction, or at least I think and hope it is. Very well done, and very nice to see a post from you 🙂


    • It is fiction, but the situation is not strange. In fact, life in real time is even stranger. I’ve seen stranger things happen.

      But the emotions are real, Peter.


  11. Posted by Bigsmen on June 9, 2014 at 2:11 am

    Liars go to hell. Hehe


    • There are lies and lies, some are small some are big, some are told so as not to hurt ( ex. if your partner asks, do I look fat, you don’t really want to say, yes, you look like an elephant, ha ha ). If the lie is a betrayal of trust, then yeah, the liar will go to hell. ^^


  12. Posted by perahucadik on June 9, 2014 at 8:39 am

    I think the Manga (about Shino and Akari) is not for Children or must on Parent Advisory ^_^


    • It obviously isn’t for kids. The topic of Cheating never is. The manga is tagged as mature/adult and it’s a Josei. In fact, mangas are not for children, at least 99.99 % aren’t.


  13. Posted by 25pesocupnoodles on June 10, 2014 at 9:14 pm

    ang haba, nakatulugan ko na kagabi, haha, gandang umaga.


  14. quite “intellectual”… 😉 😀
    * * *
    if you have some spare time and interest: 🙂


  15. ooh? You lost me on this one. I’ll re-read and this time I’ll read the text in the cartoon as well:)


  16. Posted by Ajaytao2010 on June 15, 2014 at 5:15 pm

    Please visit my new blog, hope you like it 🙂
    thank you so much dear 🙂


  17. wow!! interesting and well describing it …


  18. Very well done, you are a talented girl indeed… 🙂

    You write in a comment “Trust means being truthful too”
    – so well written, exactly a key point in my eyes… 🙂


    • Sometimes, we are forced to lie so as not to hurt a person, you know, like those little white lies we tell people ? But , no matter what, I think it’s better to tell the truth. If the truth is very hurtful, we should learn how to cushion it , and not be brutally truthful, lol. Like how can you tell a good friend that she or he needs to use a deodorant, or her/his breath stinks ?


  19. Oh my! You’re good with the illustrations! I always love the truth, people know me for that, and sometimes, truth is not always pleasant so I’ve lost a couple of fake friends cos I told them the truth.

    I’m gonna show my husband this post… You’re so talented!
    Blessings. 🙂


    • Oh, no, yikes ! Those are not my illustrations, Seyi Sandra. They come from the manga I’m currently reading. By the way, I’m going to bring your book to the Philippines,.l hope I can read it at the beach. ( and I’ll take a pic of yours truly reading your book, lol. )

      The truth…. more often than not, the truth is hard to take , but it’s always the better option. In fact, the only option.


  20. Some of this could well fit in with the Magazine, Heavy Metal. Interesting stuff, lady.


    • What’s Heavy Metal Magazine? The illustrations come from a Japanese graphic novel, manga, It’s actually romance, but in the category of Mature, because it deals with realistic topics such as cheating, and usually does not have ” fluffy, cheesy endings”. It’s Japanese, but I guess the culture of cheating does not have nationality.


  21. A great read which I really enjoyed. Don’t usually read comics, but you thoughts and use of the comic strips is very interesting.


  22. Where is my Blogging chum. You are missed 😦


  23. What is this manga called?


  24. Wow! You’re so talented. I loved when she said, “Tanaka!” Haha!!! Great stuff.


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