I Guess I’m Left of Center ?

Renxkyoko Iglesias here.


What is the last thing you do when you post here……. that is, before you click  Publish ?  Do you already have something on your mind?   Do you have a title and topic ready, and you go from there, and stick with it?

The last thing I do before I click Publish is to write  the title of  my post. …. which is troublesome because I come here with no specific topic  in mind.  I write down whatever is  on my mind at the moment, and just hope I can manage to tie this hodgepodge  together into one coherent  thought….. and I fail.  I guess that is the way I am, and I accept it already.  I figure my long time readers have accepted it as well.  * looks at Ate San and  Andy *

Oh, in fact, I don’t even know who I am and what I really stand for.  Like, sure, I am a card – bearing  Democrat. The question is, what kind of a Democrat   am I ? Am I a  liberal or a centrist Dem ?  Some “tests” that I had taken, one of which was the Pew Research Centre’s , had  categorized me as a  Solid Liberal . In fact, I’m on the Far Left.


I’m between VERY LIBERAL and LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, according to Pew.

Another poll , though, has given me a score of 5.2 /10 Liberal on social issues, and just 3.8/10 Liberal  on foreign policy, and a mere 2.8 on cultural issues.  Overall  category= a  LEFT SOCIAL MODERATE,  and a  Moderate  Pacifist  vs. Anti-war activist.

There  was  another poll given by Time Magazine that  made me LOL.  It was based on the person’s personality,  and likes and dislikes.  According to the  Time’s poll, I’m 66 % CONSERVATIVE  because………

1. I like dogs more than cats.  Dogs , they say, symbolize obedience and loyalty.  Well, I like dogs because  a) they are loyal  b)  give us unconditional love  c ) their poop doesn’t smell as much as a cat’s

2.  I like a neat and organized desk.  LOL   This is a joke, right ?  Do an absent minded professor, a nerdling,  academic intellectuals , a  scruffy scientist , a disheveled  tree hugger and a hippie  with dirty and unorganized desks scream liberal ?

3. I am an Internet Explorer user.   lol   I’d like to add that my homepage is still AOL. ( America On Line , ha ha )  I wonder, what browser do liberals use ?

4. I don’t think  my * future * husband or BF should be looking at pornography.  Huh ?  That makes me Conservative ? Does it mean, liberal women allow their partners to look at porn ?  I don’t think so.  I think liberal women would be the last ones to tolerate this.  Libs are not Stepford Wives  who will just go  in one corner and cry to preserve their ” family”..  These porn lovers’ faces would meet these women libs’ fists in no time. I know my fist would.  I know karate…… I’m kidding , of course. I won’t resort to violence.  There is a reason why Democrats are also called  :” bleeding heart liberals.” Too soft, they say.
On the other hand, Time also says I’m 34 % Liberal.   According to Time poll,  I’m a  bit Liberal because ………

1.  I prefer to watch documentaries over action/ sitcoms TV shows.   That’s true ! ! !  But, is that a liberal thing ?

If I want action, I watch the Military Channel. I think I’m already an expert on WW2 history.  And , oh, what a treat……. There’s COSMOS on National Geographic Channel. It’s a remake of Carl Sagan’s 1980  Cosmos series. And you can believe this or not, but I haven’t watched any TV sitcoms for years ! Not. a. single. one. Do you believe me ?  Well, I just bought the 3rd season dvd of Walking Dead.  I don’t even know on what channel  it’s showing and at what time.  I’m trying to catch up. I really am.

* ponders*

I did manage to watch The Oscars, from beginning to end.  Sorry, my mind is  starting to wander  again……..

Back to topic……

2. I’d rather go to New York’s Metropolitan Art Museum than to Times Square. And  I’d rather go to archaelogical diggings than go partying.

* shakes head *

I need to publish this now  before I get depressed . I mean, I would rather go to archaelogical diggings  than party ? What’s up with that ?


Tomorrow, I’m going to resign  from my school clubs….. Go Home Club and Knitting/Embroidery Club.

How the heck did this post end up like this ? Well, it’s 3 AM . G’night.

*clicks Publish *


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  1. wow!! Remarkable 🙂


  2. Always be yourself, no one is perfectly one way all of the time. just do not be lopsided one way or the other! Always keep yourself balanced…it will keep you happier! I finally got the project done my sister and the first video went on you-tube. Changed my site from foreverpoetic.wordpress to http:// wherewordsdailycome alive.wordpress.com. Here is the link, tell me what you think and like and share! Have a wonderful week Renx! http://youtu.be/KY6kpbRLF1Q


  3. Love your thoughts Ren. BTW, I think of the title before I write my blog 🙂


  4. The thing about your posts I like is that your ‘ramblings’ as your characterise them are always candid, honest and genuine. For the record I would categorise myself as pretty liberal on most issues, although a tad less liberal on financial issues, unless I’m talking about my own. I’ve never done any of the tests you mentioned. I’ve done some personality tests, and they don’t tend to say anything specific enough for me to agree or disagree with so yes. I’m quite like you but older and male, but apart from that we are both human and well-meaning, and that’s enough for me. 🙂


    • I agree with the Democrats’ policies regarding environment, gun control, etc. common good…….. the other side is too pro-business, like you won’t believe it. America Under Gun..


  5. Interesting post. So what does that make me if I have gone to MOMA and Times Square in the same day? LOL


  6. Your ‘About me’ reminders always either bring me a smile or one good chuckle Renxkyoko 😀 lol


  7. Posted by Jueseppi B. on March 11, 2014 at 2:17 pm

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.


  8. Posted by Jackie Saulmon Ramirez on March 11, 2014 at 2:22 pm

    You are a bluer-than-blue woman with brains, not just boobs!


  9. Ahahaha, lol. On the topic of blogging I do usually come up with my title first (not always though) and have a specific post in mind. I always try to keep my posts short, namely because I don’t have time to read other people’s long posts like I would like and I assume other readers are the same.

    Ahahaha, yeah actually, not watching porn is a very conservative classification, but as you point out it’s silly. The fact that certain things get divided like that into political boundaries like that, just boggles my mind. Oh I think being kind to the environment so that make me have liberal leanings? Nah, it’s just a smart thing to do.

    For the record I am Conservative but definitely more Centrist. I mainly believe in smaller federal government (which the Republican party says they want but never attempts to shrink the government when given the opportunity). I think there should be more personal accountability and less reliance on the Government, which is a very conservative mindset.


    • Maybe you’re centrist… I hope you are. There’s no way almost 300 million people can have a smaller government. I’ve been to a country where people cheat on their taxes….. the government can’t take care of the citizens… so many beggars, streetchildren,….. infrastrusture is terrible.


  10. your testing the wrong thing. the stuff you believe in just means your smart and ethical. it could also be mixed up and mean that tea-baggers like their husbands to watch porno? i wonder if sarah likes todd watching porno? or maybe she watches it?
    or more likely, the tests just aren’t valid?
    statistically, the more educated one is, the more left they lean which is why most university towns in the us tend to be more liberal and wasilla AK has the palins……
    have I cleared all this up for you? laughing….. my husband the phd statistician would be rolling around and groaning at this comment. what does he know?????


    • there is a test where there are many choices; I think that’s more accurate. The result is, I’m left of center, well just a bit. I was surprised though at the result of Pew Research Centre’s poll. The test placed me on the far Left. I don’t think so. I have some truly ” conservative ” values. Well, I don’t want to use the word conservative. Let’s say, common sense values and strong work ethics. My Mom’s Dad was very poor. He had 6 siblings and they were orphaned when Grandpa was just 12 years old. After school, Grandpa would work at the market selling vegetables and ” bagoong ( shrimp paste)There were holes in his shoes. He couldn’t even afford to buy school notebooks. The siblings helped each other. Thru sheer detremination, the siblings turned out well. Two became school principals, 4 became lawyers ( including grandpa, one became a judge, one became a top prosecutor ) and the youngest became a medical doctor.
      aaargh. Grandpa’s story always brings tears to my eyes.


  11. Your thoughts and political being is much like my own. Keep your thoughts coming and do your titles last. 🙂


  12. Very interesting, Ren. We all have been raised with a set of values, and in adulthood, ones with global, non-prejudiced, conscientious minds are the people who want to make differences in this world for the good of all. If that is you, which I think you are, forget about these nonsense questions. What made a mark on my mind is, to always ask the question “Is this right for our children?”, that will pretty much answers the question.


    • That’s so true, Ms. Fae.

      Although there are at least 2 differences between me and the party i support, it does share with me the most fundamental core values that I hold close to my heart. For example , I cannot support a party that doesn’t give a hoot about the environment and whose motto is America Under One Gun ( or multiple guns), and does not care about the poor’s plight.


      • Why even identify yourself with any political party? Support the candidate who you believe in his/her value/initiatives. I’m totally with you on the environmental issues and ownership of guns. Well, we know who, the woman, we want in 3 years!:D


      • Interesting characterization . . . statistics show red states give more to charities than blue (https://philanthropy.com/article/America-s-Generosity-Divide/133775/), and the environmental record is mixed (all politicians are beholding to major industries and companies that make homes in their states http://www.sci.sdsu.edu/salton/CongEnvVotRec.html).

        I get you don’t like guns . . . I’ll be glad to discuss why I reject your right to take mine away, but rest assured, there are plenty of democrats who support gun rights (otherwise we would have already lost them a number of times over).

        So then, it still comes down to individuals . . . live may seem uncomplicated to those who want to think it so, but every issue is far more complicated than most people care to admit. That’s why I repeat . . . association with a given party is, in my opinion, tantamount to giving up part of a citizen’s responsibility to be informed, to be critical, to be always pressuring for better things from those they support.


        • I still have to check the sites…..

          Re guns….. You say the other party wants to take away the guns….. but we know that’s not it. Nobody is taking anyone’s right to own guns. All they are asking is backround checks. It may not solve the problem of illegal ownership, but it will at least alleviate the problem vs. unbridled ownership by just anyone. For example, I’d certainly take a second look at a person who has so many issues with domestic violence and wants to buy a gun.


          • That’s not what your party says, nor what any of the gun control organizations say.

            For example, the Brady group (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brady_Campaign).

            There are organizations of gun owners advocating what you suggest, and indeed I am in favor of most measures to regulate gun ownership.

            But read the Brady Campaign’s stated mission in the above link.

            There’s also the problem that most laws address LEGAL owners. It punishes people who already follow the law. This next link is peripheral, but read the research halfway down, about where criminals get their guns (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_shows_in_the_United_States).

            Here’s what annoys me . . . I had to have an FBI background check, a CBI background check (Colorado’s version of FBI), and the local Sheriff’s office background check, plus a half day of classes that included review of laws and restriction, demonstrating ability to safely handle and shoot a gun, demonstrate knowledge about guns, and spend over an hour at a range showing proficiency . . . only then I got issued a license to carry. Any misdemeanor, even not involving a gun, will get my license taken away. .

            Yet, I can’t go in some stores because they have a sign saying “prohibit guns on the premises”. Now, I won’t shop there, but here’s the irony . . . I would be the safest person in there with a gun. Anyone carrying illegally will do so anyway, and the statistics for people holding CCW committing crimes with the gun are very small compared to the population at large.

            So, to recap . . . let’s treat gun ownership like car ownership. Once you demonstrate ability, have no record, you can own, carry, and operate a gun. If you break the law, kill someone while drunk, regularly abuse the privilege, you lose your license.

            Oh, wait . . . let’s make it more restrictive than the license for cars; you can do all that with cars, and still keep driving.


  13. I typically know what I am going to write about, but not always the exact words . . . inspiration hits me in the moment, and often can’t be duplicated (I surprise myself when I read something from a while back).

    As for left, right, or center, it depends on the topic, and the answer is not always set because it depends on circumstances, changing conditions, etc.

    I would dissuade you from trying to classify yourself by a single or even a couple of labels.

    They are never enough, and carry a lot of baggage that often does not belong with people labeled such.

    Besides, if you don’t know who you are, you are not going to find out by taking a test.


    • I’m not a one – issue voter, that’s the problem. I have a core value that sometimes clashes with the party that I support. Well, it’s not a perfect world.


      • I was going to comment on the “card-carrying Democrat” . . . I see too many people supporting broader agendas not because they agree with them, but because it’s “better than the other guys”.

        I think people should stop attacking the other party, and put pressure on their own party to be better, be they Republicans or Democrats.

        If they are going to bitch about someone not doing the right thing, it should begin with those they are willing to vote into office. Giving them a pass because they are the lesser of two evils is how we got into the mess we’re in (and we are in a mess).


        • I don’t believe that people support an agenda ” not because they agree with it, but because it’s better than the other guy’s.” I believe that a person has a set of core values already in place and will vote for the person that shares these core values. It also depends on how much importance a person places on each value. If a person believes there shouldn’t be any restrictions whatsoever on gun ownership and has put that high up on his /her list of priorities, it’s this person’s right to vote for the politician who will be on his side. Each to his / her own.

          I don’t believe in absolute freedom and liberty. Otherwise, we can just cross the streets anywhere we want, throw our trash everywhere, pollute our rivers, our seas, and the air we breathe.


          • No gun owners I know advocates for no restriction of gun ownership, and if there are any, they would not be taken seriously, just like drinkers claiming a right to drive drunk.

            I did not want to get into yet another discussion, but you threw out some statements as if there were a given. What concerned me was that you threw out generalized statements about a very large group of people.

            I engage that same group when they throw out generalized statements about democrats and liberals.

            It helps to remember, as I said, there are no easy answers because there are no easy questions. It also helps to remember those holding differing opinions are not necessarily stupid, ignorant, or wish the world to go to hell.

            One could start by trying to understand WHY the other person holds a differing opinion, and then to understand their arguments. The current division, mistrust, and mischaracterization of political opponents leads nowhere good.

            Anyhow, I’ll stop now.


            • Ah, don’t stop yet. ^^

              i forgot to say that even gun owners, members of the NRA, are not againts backround checks, and we recognize that…. but that’s not what we hear from the top honchos of these organizations. Gun control advocates had taken off a lot from their agenda , and just hoped for backround checks, but even that did not get the vote from the politicians who have the power to say Nay or Aye, despite the fact that majority of NRA members are okay with this.

              So okay, let’s just agree to disagree. Aaargh, this is the reason why I don’t want to go political here. I’m actually living closely with 2 conservatives…. my dad ( though he votes Dem.) and my BIL ( a Rep, a white guy ) My sis and he don’t talk politics. We live in peace and harmony.

            • I did write about guns extensively in my blog, and this is not a good forum for involved discussions.

              I am for many regulations . . . and so are the members. But what is proposed is not simply “let’s do this”. So, while in favor of it, many gun owners, and me included, are not in favor of most proposed laws because there is additional baggage. Baggage which either comes from ignorance, or from a hidden agenda.

              The first is easily fixed . . . by about 10 minutes of reading. The later has more ominous overtones for anyone who owns guns.

              The question then is not “do most gun owners support regulations?” (the answer is yes), but do most gun owners support what is being proposed (the answer is usually no).

              I cover that here: http://bit.ly/O3PnL2

              This post is also where I discuss things: http://bit.ly/1etBo7C

              It also has videos from a guy that expresses very well what I think.

              Now, you don’t have to read either of those posts, but if you want to understand why gun owners mistrust most proposals, and maybe have an idea of what you should support if you want to enact regulations, then it might be worth the time.

              If you want to read everything I’ve written about guns . . . well, that’s nuts, but it’s all under the “Musings” menu, under “guns”.

  14. archaelogical diggings.. “kinda” deep


  15. I loved your ramblings here! Maybe you’re actually just a-political and don’t affiliate to any particular way of thinking? O.o


  16. Posted by ~REBECCA DAWN~ on March 13, 2014 at 3:56 am

    I like cats. I like neat and organized desk, but it’s messy because I’m sick.
    I like action and comedy over documentaries. And I want to go the time square and Met.
    I’m one crazy gal, who doesn’t kno if she democrat or liberal 😉


  17. i think at the end of the day, what matters is you just follow what you like and knowing where you stand. your questions are right sa poll ng times. not all liberals act the same way at ganun din ang mga conservative. because you can be liberal when it comes to career but not in relationship. 😉


    • Re relationship… You’re right,.You know, liberals can be very, very intolerant, especially in relationships. No man can take down a self-respecting liberal. He he he


  18. Haha, I always put title at end. Sometimes I forget, and go back and edit😄


  19. I think you might have over-analyzed (a conservative tendency) yourself a tad too much – just be glad you’re left of centre 🙂


    • I know, right. Problem is, I do have quite a few truly conservative thoughts. For example, I’m nuetral on the NSA. In fact, I find them incompetent for failing to check out the people who go to that site where there are instructions on how to make a bomb. And I’ve already written a post on GMOs. And one or two more that are actually the opposite of liberal views. For some reason, it disturbs me, ha ha.


      • So you’re the best kind of liberal – those with open minds who are still capable of thinking for themselves instead of being carried along with the herd. Same principle applies to much in life e.g. religion etc. So I’m afraid that I have to congratulate you yet again (:


  20. I always like it when a set of generic questions purports to define a person. Comedies are increasingly rubbish these days as is most of TV…if you choose to watch an unbiased news channel (and there may be a few, somewhere) I wonder where that would leave you.

    If a woman letting her man look at porn is liberal then surely any man looking at porn is also liberal, so I wonder how badly the conservatives will lose then.


    • Re news channels… we have BBC, CNN, AlJazeera, and oh, yeah, Russian Channel. I’m focused on MSNBC, the counterpart of Fox News. MSNBC is a straightforward political talk show channel, but right now, I watch CNN for news of that airline tragedy.

      AlJazeera is negative, CNN indulges in false equivalency ( doesn’t challenge lies ) , and Russian Channel ? It’s a joke. The most neutral so far is BBC. MSNBC is clearly biased, but they mostly tell the truth. They debunk the lies that go around, like Affordable Health Care aka Obama care is composed of death panels, that it’s a job killer, that it will increase health premiums, and thousand other lies. It is called affordable for a reason. Oh, and that Obama was born in kenya. Another one…. if Congress approved gun control laws, the government would get the guns..,. and government means, men in black suits.


  21. For a 3am post Ren, it’s great !! Were you sleep walking ? 😉 hehe xox


  22. I very rarely bother with polls. It seems that the polls are always slanted, and print the end results, just they want it. And to ask 100 or so people out of roughly 300 million questions, is not even the tip of the iceberg..


  23. I know. But I learned fr. my Statstics course that the larger the population being polled, the smaller the number of people that will be polled, and the smaller popilation will get a larger number of people that will be polled.. It will nevertheless get the same level of accuracy, with a margin of error ideally reduced to a few percentage points, about 5%.Honest polling can give us pretty accurate results. In other words, if we repeat the polling 100 times, we get the same results 95 times . I know. It doesn;t make sense, does it?

    Re Pew Research Center… I was categorized as Solid Liberal. I know why… their questions were pretty straightforward, with no gray areas.

    I think the other poll was more accurate… i was categorized as Moderate Democrat. There were at least 4 choices, the last one being” My Other Stance”. My Other Stance had 4 other responses to choose from.


  24. Regarding the blog titles I think mines are much worse than yours. If I don’t write about travel (and thus have some very obvious titles at hands, “Las Vegas”, “Tokyo” etc), I’m completely lost! I end up calling my blog posts “Wednesday”, “Weekend”, “New Year” etc…they should make an app to randomize titles for blog posts:)


  25. You are you and that’s what makes you a special individual. I know you have a strong personality and capable of making reasonable and wise decisions. You go girl! 😀


  26. I simply love how your mind works…I can only imagine the gears going round and round! Love ya!!


  27. So is going to an art museum a liberal thing, or is partying in a club a liberal thing? And what’s the problem with doing the first during the day, and the second at night? Especially because museums and clubs are never both open at the same time anyway.


    • I know, right ? And it was Time magazine that put out that survey. I mean, if I were a tourist , I’d go to all cool places, definitely Times Square. But then, they gave us only 2 choices ! ! Met or Times Square. Either we go to met or to Times Square, then we leave New York.


  28. Posted by jakesprinter on March 18, 2014 at 11:24 am

    I love this post ….Thanks for sharing my friend 🙂


  29. Whatever you are… you rock!


  30. Thank you for being part of my Thankful Thursday and congrats on your nomination of a Liebster Award – should you chose to accept – http://bit.ly/1d3BlnM


    • DeDivah, I’m going to acknowledge all the awards in one go. Thank you ! ! and Cheers !

      Oh, by the way, I tried joining that thing where I can get free beauty products ( loving free stuff, y’know, he he) , but I didn’t know what to do.


  31. Posted by crazyguyinthailand on March 21, 2014 at 6:36 pm

    😀 😀 😀


  32. Posted by Bebekoh on March 24, 2014 at 5:36 am

    Wow… random mumblings… it’s actually refreshing. I haven’t written in a while and the topic that pops in my head at that moment, was the CV that i read a few minutes ago… thanks for liking the post btw.

    as for the blog… i type the title first before the post. I don’t like mess so my desk is always organized. as for your political views, you can’t categorize yourself – leftist, centrist.. or whatever ‘ist! LOL.

    there are just some things that you feel are well-explained by “the other side” (am i right?). I can see you are open-minded. keep it up! 🙂 btw, i like cats more than dogs. 😛


  33. OMG I think you are possibly the funniest person I know. *teary eyed from laughing*


  34. Needed this humor. Peace.


  35. I always have a topic before I start writing. Most of the time I come with a title, but about 25% of the time I change it or add to it.

    I spent most of my life as a Republican, but this latest group of Republicans who have been around for twenty years are just flat out weird and sometimes even just plain stupid. After the 2012 presidential election, I finally switched to the Democrat party.

    I used to also like dogs more than cats because of your C. However, here in California, if one takes the dog for a walk, and the dog poops, one has to pick up the poop and dispose of it properly. That never made sense to me. Dog poop is disposed of properly as soon as the dog poops it! It’s biodegradable. Thus I am now a cat person because (c) cats poop in a litter box, which causes the poop not to stink at all. Your a) and b) also apply to cats.

    I also am an Internet Explorer user, as well as AOL. I started with AOL in 1994…. hey, this is my twentieth anniversary as an AOL user! Celebration time! Margarita time!

    I thought it was interesting that during the recent CPAC convention in the deep South, the craigslist “looking for sex” pages saw the greatest traffic ever in any city. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Conservatives might be a little two-faced.

    Yes, yes! Metropolitan Art Museum over Times Square, archaeological sites rather than partying. Oh, dear woman, would you marry me? Wait! I’m already married………..


  36. Hi Ren! hehe you’re not alone. I am Left, Right and Center I guess haha.and why are you resigning from your embroidery club? well, I’m just trying to hitch myself into one


  37. apples and oranges be damned, we have parties and archeological digs! great post. The irony is second-serving good. (hitting: post comment) 🙂


    • Ikr !

      We can have both ! But seriously, if I had a choice, I would go to an archaelogical dig. It would be more exciting to see a newly discovered mummified human being than sit all night , sipping wine or whatever .


  38. Maybe we should do a survey of people who’ve been surveyed and surveyed whether the survey accurately reflected their positions on the survey questions?

    Nice post. Thanks for following my blog. I am looking around here, too!


  39. Posted by Terry M Gresham on April 6, 2014 at 3:00 am

    Reblogged this on okieprogressive.


  40. Don’t ask me how many time I ‘ve read this post – I don’t know and I give a damn – I really enjoy it every single time – you are wonderful, weird (you not alone) but wonderful when you are “boxing with the keyboard and produces glorious melodies” (read: write posts) – enjoy your week… 😀


    • Ha ha thank you for liking this post. But this post is so random. You can actually tell, right ? lol


      • ‘hehehe’ – really a great pleasure knowing that I’m not alone being “weird” – but seriously all your thoughts indeed shows that there’re somebody home between your two ears – there are enough people with blinders on – don’t stop… 😀

        If never we are in doubt, we don’t think well enough about life… 🙂


  41. Another very entertaining post for my feel good day.


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