Hello ………Renxkyoko Iglesias here.


It’s been awhile, huh.


I feel so bad for not posting  (  45 days AWOL ) that I’m almost embarassed to show my face on WordPress .


Well, I’d  been busy. I worked full time all thru the holiday and semestral vacation.  However, I spent my free time playing video games and reading mangas. There are over 10,000 mangas to read online, and I read them alphabetically. I’m now on letter K.  And my frantic reading does not even include this ( photo below ) …. hundreds of volumes we own that I haven’t even read yet.DSCN2275

I also bought 3 video games.  God of War Ascension ( the prequel to the GOW trilogy ), Skyrim, and The Walking Dead.  I had already played GOW trilogy , on HARD MODE.  But , oh, gosh, GOW Ascension was insanely difficult. It took me weeks to finish this game, no kidding.  At first , I played it on Hard Mode. I was already halfway through when I gave up and switched to Normal, and started a new game . It didn’t help that the game had a glitch.


So, anyway, my brother came home from LA  one weekend, and watched me play the Final Boss battle.  “ So, Ren, how many hours have you been playing that part ? ” [………]  ” Uhm, since Thursday? ”  O_O?       Okay,  I let him play, and , it took him just 10 minutes to win the battle. WTF !


Ha !  That was my game, and I wasn’t going to give up  and disappoint Kratos ! Kratos, fight-o ! !


So, I replayed the Final Battle  , and , at last, I did it ! ! I won ! !


For every battle won, the player is given  a trophy.  I did receive one for this final battle …….  A trophy  for having my ass kicked a hundred  times. How rude.

Anyway, if you want to see where I had my  butt handed to me over and over, click this.

If you clicked it and watched, you’d think it was freakin’ easy.  But as I said, the game had a glitch. In a battle, I couldn’t get out of situations, like getting strangled  or turned into stone, and I couldn’t use my other “powers” fast enough.  I was like, ” get out, get out ! Oh, shoot ! Why isn’t this workingggggg ! ! ! ” I  went to the GOW forum to see if other players had the same problem. Sure enough, they had. Some were able to return the game at Best Buy ( they know about the glitches), but I bought mine at WalMart. lol.  And the posters over at the forum were sarcastic.. Questions like  “what should I do ” got a response of ” Spit in your hand and  lick it.”  Freakin’ rude. It wasn’t as if I was a lame player. I did play the other GOW games on Hard Mode, and this one wasn’t even the hardest. ( so they say… GOW 2 was )

So, I’m a geek.  But, don’t look down on me. Geeks are chic, too. We rock !


.* turns off Geek button *

I’m at school now. I’m taking  Physical Chem., BioChem., Reproductive Biology, Cancer Biology, and Forensics Biology. Forensics Biology is sooo interesting. I don’t know if I heard it right, but our professor told us we were lucky to study this course this semester. This is offered only to students taking masters degree in Criminal Justice. And guess what, there are only 8 students, all Microbiology majors, like me. Do yuo know that the head of CSI ( original ) TV show is supposed  to be a Microbiologist ? I took Criminal Justice last year. The two courses tie up very well.  I wish I could have Forensics as my Minor…  My Minor is automatically Chemistry.  Not bad, but Forensics is more interesting, don’t you think so? Reproductive Biology is interesting, too. I don’t know if you’ve heard of “The Death of the Frenchman ?”  It’s interesting to see that my male classmates are the ones either looking down or blushing.  C’mon, guys. He he he.  As if.  I guess they’re not used to hear something so  straightforward about their stuff from a woman.

Hey, I already have this stuck in my car. Is it too early? That’s a $ 25 sticker. lol.


This is all for now. Oh, wait, this is the LOVE Month !


.Oh, well.

Good day to all . PEACE ! !

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  1. Wow i’m craving for those manga library. video games are guilty pleasure. i also bought several games last December “the last of us”, “Bioshock Infinite” , “Nino Kuni” , “GTA 5”, now i’m playing Dishonored during free time only. 80 percent of my time studying MAYA 2014.


    • The Last of Us is next in line. I was supposed to buy it, but it wasn’t on sale. And I wasn’t sure if my brother already had it.

      What’s MAYA ?


  2. You are NOT a GEEK – you are just an intelligent, beautiful human being who engages her brain – stay true, stay you – nice to see you after so much time! 😀


  3. Posted by ~REBECCA DAWN~ on February 8, 2014 at 12:09 am

    I was thinking of you today!! I was wondering how you were! I was going to leave a comment on your blog! but here you are!!!
    Missed ya 🙂
    Three video games?!!! oh my god!! I can barely finish one! I have such gamers rage! I get obsessed for a little bit, then angry because I feel so stupid that I cant finish a stage without dying so many times. Although I want to play Mass Effect, BioShock so much!!!
    Aiyeeyahyah!! so much manga!!! I confess I feel like I can never find one to read, oops just remembered Godchild! ahh the gothic mystery!! Sigh, Cain is so dreamy!!
    I can barely catch up on all my tv shows, because I come home, blog maybe one or two posts then go to bed!! so tired!!!
    When I was younger I wanted to be a forensic pathologist! haha nope that didnt happened! That course you are taking sounds so interesting! It would be fun to take.


    • Awww ! Thank you for thinking of me. Maybe, it was like, what the heck is going on with that girl?

      I ‘d dropped so many games, Rebecca. We have all the Resident Evil games up to six, but I was such a scaredy cat. We have almost 200 games here at home. There are so many I haven’t played yet.

      Rebecca, do you read Kimi no Iru Machi and The One ? they’re ending ! ! Just one more chapter ! ! Oh, my, gosh… I’ve been reading these two since, like forever. Well, since 2008 * clicks manga Fox * Bye !


      • Posted by ~REBECCA DAWN~ on February 8, 2014 at 1:34 am

        I was wondering what happened to you! I thought maybe you stopped blogging like Bitter! Remeber her? I was like aw nooo dont even think that!
        I couldnt play Resident Evil. I played like 5 minutes and had to turn it off, it was too scary. what a chicken shit!
        200 games??? oh my! I gave my game consoles to my neice, but i had 5 sims on game cube, and some karoake and some sims on ps2, power rangers, rockband, and some other lame ones.
        No I havent read manga since Bleach ended (ha ha its starting up again) but I have to start reading again.
        and watching anime! I miss anime!
        Enjoy reading your manga!


        • Oh, yes. I remember Bitter. She’s such a loss to the Blogging World… and her site was where we met, right?

          Oh, gosh.. we have all the consoles here at home, even PSP, DS, etc. School got in the way of gaming, aaaargh. Hey, look at that photo again. Do you see those stuff on the left of TV set? They are all box sets of anime. We have 6 box sets of Bleach. * I can see Gantz *


          • Posted by ~REBECCA DAWN~ on February 8, 2014 at 5:00 pm

            Yes her site is where we met! Ah I miss her.
            Taunting me with 6 boxes of bleach anime (sobs)
            Someday I want all of my fave manga, anime, posters on big book shelf and stare at it when I’m old and grey. Telling my grand niece & nephews that I was a geek! Lol


  4. uh…that’s a LOT of books O.o


  5. You are allowed to post when/if you choose to! Welcome back~


    • Thanks, Cindy ! !

      I know, right? But then, I’m getting emails asking what’s going on, and to come back soon. I’m so touched.

      Cindy, our resident hummingbirds are so greedy. We fill up their feeders 2x a week. And we have 6 feeders !


      • See, now you have more responsibilities all thanks to me! Laughing. Geeks rule and cool cats drool….btw you are both and quite cute too!! So you’ve got it coming and going…just truth telling….


  6. Oh and photo? daaayum! 😀 on the other subject of getting your butt kicked in the game though? *chuckle* *points* 😛


  7. Posted by Sreejit Poole on February 8, 2014 at 2:57 am

    whoa, that’s a heavy school load. I still have nightmares about my school days more than 15 years later so my stomach tightens up when I see that. But if your into it then that’s great


    • that’s where I’ll get my livelihood, ha ha ha. I can already see myself, stuck in a lab ( like my sister ), wearing a stained white lab coat, and wearing goggles.


  8. Amazing how you can juggle everything. I’m having a nosebleed right now with all those courses you’re taking up. Science never took a liking to me. And you’ve an impressive collection of Manga. You rock! 🙂


    • ha ha Those are my brother’s ! But he has moved out , and living with his GF, who doesn’t read mangas ( Doesn’t even know what they are, ha ha ), and I’m sure she’ll be mortified to know her BF is an otaku. LOL

      Hey, cheers !


  9. ahaha, your manga pics are always well-picked and so right on, Ren. at yong hirit sa huli, kailangan ba talaga? hihi 😉 btw, cool ang rack ng manga collection, daming laman & masyadong maayos, hihi. well, guys are going to have a hard time ensnaring you, dear. am thinking, maybe your friends are right – plunge on first and find the competitive guy later on, peace… 🙂 the one-to-one correspondence could wait
    *wink-wink* uhuh, i think i took too much liberty here… Happy Valentines, Ren… 🙂


    • Kailan ba ? Hay naku…. Sahara Desert ang life ko. . Hu hu hu. Punta na lang ako dyan, maghanap ng partner in life. Comusta na, Ate !


      • hihi, ang harsh naman ng description ng isa dyan. hwag ka ganyan, kapatid. hwag ka mag-alala, mahahanap ka no’n… 🙂 hmn, mas dito maraming guys na di intimidated sa chick na cool sa Chem and Physics, competitive sa gaming and mahilig sa manga? hahaha. actually, por dios! hwag mo masyado ibalandra academic inclinations mo, dear. unless the guy is a NASA employee or a nuclear physicist, he won’t find quantum physics sexy, hakhak. parang gano’n… ^^

        hmn, maybe you should date a guy from the military. oo nga, why don’t you try that… o, kaya, yong nagpa-process ng specimens sa CSI labs? iyong curious na cool, di natatakot sa competitive and assertive na girls, hoho…

        ay, mabuti-buti rin naman. hope you are, too. hapi balentayms squared! 🙂


        • By the way, Ate San, what do ” hirit”, and ” ibalandra” mean? ?

          Eh, di naman ako naghahanap.. I’ll find him or he’ll find me . It’s as simple as our eyes meeting for the first time, and our hears will click….. FIREWORKS ! ha ha This is the stuff romance stories are made of. * swoons *

          I think guys who can understand quatum mechanics are terribly sexy. He he he Or guys who can cook well and comfortable wearing frilly aprons. So vulnerable – looking…. Ah, I just want to hug him. * daydreams *


  10. Ha ha – you live such a different life to me though I think my son can empathise with the game playing. I think you’re pretty cool as a geek and as a person – total respect to you! Good to see you back too. I’m only just coming back to life on the blog-o-sphere as well 🙂


  11. welcome back gurl…life is kinda busy fo yah :-). i dont realize that you are also a gamer like me. Is the God of assencion games is good? im thinking of buying that video but still waiting some testimonials…anyhows, welcome back and keep posting 😉


    • Ah ! Testimonials !

      Ang Tambay, It was Game of the Year in 2005 ( for the first one ), and the rest ‘s ratings are like 9/10 , if not 10/10. Except this Ascension. It’s great too, except they hurried this up to cash in on the series’ popularity. They released this in less than a year.

      The first one was released in 2005. The 3rd one was released in 2012, but this Ascension was released in march 2013, less than a year after GOW3.. In fact the first sale had so many glitches the developers had to patch them up.

      Buy the game, Ang Tambay. Start from the first one ! Over here, they sell the set of 3 all together.

      The game is great ! One of my all time favorites .


  12. Impressive magic wand you’ve got, turns geek into chic in a snap!!


  13. Ren’s back! Yay!

    Welcome back, mate! Good to see you’re ok and doing good! I was going to send a search party out to look for you, but then I realised you were obviously playing video games! And why shouldn’t you anyway? 😀

    As I’ve said before, there’s nothing wrong with being a geek! Play them games to your heart’s content! I watched the GOW video and it does sort of look easy, but I know from experience it aint always so! Funny that that your brother owned the end boss in 10 minutes! lol

    Walmart wouldn’t give you a refund? They’re the biggest general store in the USA so why didn’t they give you a refund?

    Hillary? Really? Seeing that the GOP doesn’t have any credible contenders at the moment she may just win if she’s nominated and runs! Though we both know the reality is the person who has the most money to throw around is the one that usually wins. For me personally, I don’t trust or like her, then again I don’t trust a lot of politicians. She’s just part of the same groups who will back track and bow to business, economic and political pressure from elsewhere.

    You look like you’re wearing roller skates in your picture! lol! Either that or ice-skates, and seeing as you’re in a living-room I’m assuming they’re roller skates! 😉

    Hey! I know you like your anime and such, well I came across ‘Attack on Titan’, which I found interesting, which is odd for me as I aint much of a fan of anime! Have you seen it?

    I would wish you good luck at Uni but you obviously don”t need any! 😉 Btw, how did you find the Walking Dead game?

    Hope you’ve had a good weekend so far, Ren!

    – Phil


    • Yay, me ! !

      I have not seriously played for maybe 2 years. My bro game me Resident Evil 6 for Christmas last year, tried playing it, and dropped it. It’s also a 2 player game, so I begged my sister to play with me…. eh, we were both bad at aiming and couldn’t go past Lv 3. Playing video games does take so much of one’s time, right ? I started playing GOW Ascension at 9 AM ( I was so excited, Kratos ! ! We meet again ! ! ), and stopped the next day at 4 AM, with breaks just to eat and answer calls of nature.

      About that video……. Know what, it says there , Hard Difficulty, right? I don’t believe that ! I think that’s on Easy Mode. I see just 2 Furies, and the player so easily defeats the snakes ! ! I mean, just a few hits and the snake’s done ! That’s how it is on Easy Mode. And I don’t even see the Furies striking Kratos with lightning ! ! They are just going around Kratos, not doing anything. Even with Normal, those Furies ( 4 on Normal, I think ) keep on striking and , and the lightnings are long range , and well, you see the arena ‘s quite small… you can’t avoid getting hit. And on second wave , how come there are few birds ?

      The Boss battle consists of 5 waves, with no Save. After the first wave ( the one with snakes), I barely have enough Life to survive the second one. ( the one with girl Ninjas and birds.)

      I didn’t bother Walmart. Even if I managed to replace it, i wasn’t sure I’d get one with no glitches. At first, I thought it was my controller, so I changed it…. same result. Santa Monica, the developer, cashed in on the popularity of GOW. It used to be at least 2 years before they release a new one,, but this time, they released Ascencion just 6 months after GOW 3. Result.., imperfect game.

      Roller Skates ! Ha ha ha. * looks at the pic* Oh , wow ! They do look like roller skates ! O_O”

      Hmmm, Attack on the Titan… I remember watching that… not sure, though. Is that the one that has Matt Damon and Bill Pullman ‘s voices?

      Well, I think the US should give a woman the chance to lead the country. Hillary happens to be the best prospect to do that ,to break the glass ceiling, you know ?

      O’ve just started playing Skyrim. I haven’t played Walking Dead yet. I think I will drop Skyrim and play it later. I find it boring, especially after playing GOW. Skyrim’s universe is huge. I don’t think I have the time to play… maybe during Spring break. Also, I prefer platform and fast games…. slash and hack, and bang, bang kind of games. No, I haven’t played Walking Dead yet.


      • I’ve not played Resident Evil for ages! Last I played it was on PS1 or 2, and that was back in 2007! I found it frustrating because the aiming isn’t very good and the other weapon attacks aren’t that powerful. So I don’t think you’re crap at aiming, it’s just the way the game is, they make it annoyingly difficult! 😛

        There was only one bird thingy wasn’t there in the video? It was the same one he kept throwing out of view? If that up-loader is trying to kid people you should film your battle on hard and post it, mate! Then link it back to his video to show people how it’s really done! And you’re right, I only saw him get hit a handful of times! Btw, no saves at the end? WTF? So you have to start from the beginning of that every time or do you have to do a whole level to get there?

        I hear ya! I hate it when they rush games! I’ve seen it happen on a few games, you’d think they’d learn that rushing doesn’t = more profits. Well, it does, but it means next time they’d have to spend more time on it, that’s if they’re asked to make a new version (You should write them and say you wont be buying another and telling others they shouldn’t either, even though you will! 😉 )! That’s what’s supposed to have happened with the Walking Dead game you have, which is why I asked if it was any good. The game plays not supposed to be very good.

        The ‘Attack on Titan’ I’ve seen is the anime version with English subs, I’m not sure if Matt Damon has voiced them elsewhere. Here, have a quick look at it:

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against giving a woman a chance to run a country, they’ve run several in recent history. But with the U.S. political system being as corrupt and under the influence of too many outside sources, I don’t think it matters if it’s a man, woman or a dog running the place, not much will change dramatically. The same goes for the UK too, the way politics is done in the West in general is far from what it should be. I mean, if people believed in the system they’d vote for who they want then have their local gov rep fight their corner on issues, but this isn’t the case. People are turning more to pressure and interest groups to have more impact because their elected reps don’t listen and only do what they’re told by the higher ups.

        I’ve heard of Skyrim, that’s not supposed to be good either from what I’ve heard. And again, am like you, I’m a slasher and shoot em up type of gamer! 🙂 Still aint seen a copy of GOW yet, but keeping an eye out! 🙂

        All the best for the week ahead, Ren! Good to have ya back! :O)

        – Phil


        • There was one RE on PS1, but I think the rest are all on PS2. Yegads , first one was so different from RE6 ! ! You really should buy PS3 , Phil. Or,better, PS4. We don’t have PS4 , either. But if you’re going to buy a new one, anyway, then buy the latest.

          the first wave was a give-away…. that video is on Easy Mode ! The Furies on that video did not do anything, AT ALL ! I saw just one instance where they striked . In my game, their lightning strikes were all over … my character had nowhere to go, and could only parry.

          The player on that video did the right thing though. I found out the only way to survive was to abuse the character’s magic. Killing the snake replenishes the magic meter.

          Phil, you cannot play GOW Ascencion and GOW3 on PS2. PS2 cannot support GOW3’s advance graphics. 1 and 2 are PS2 games, though. So, yeah.

          No SAVES at the end, Phil. But no, you don’t have to start from the beginning. You start from the Saved part… that’s the start of the battle. But you have to survive the first wave, then the second, and so on…. If you die, you have to start from the Saved part.. the one with the Snake.

          About Walking Dead…. It received 80 Game of the Year Awards, you know. But we’ll see.

          Abour Skyrim… Well, it’s kinda slow paced. Very slow paced.

          Oh, what I watched was different, then. That one you posted was Japanese anime. The one that I watched was American made.

          Come to think of it, US plotics is indeed corrupt, more so if it;s headed by a Republican that is beholdened to big business. ( gun lobbyists ! ! ! ) I’m just hoping that if Hillary does get elected, she will always do the right thing for the ” masses”. * crosses fingers*

          Wow. Nice conversation , Phil.


          • I just looked at RE 1 and damn, I never noticed how bad the acting and graphics were! But yes, it was the PS1 version I played, though I remember playing it on Sega Dreamcast aswell but that game was different to that Playstation version. I had a look on YouTube at RE6, no wonder you gave up, I just watched a walk-through of it and it’s utter chaos on Chapter 1 alone!

            I have to prioritize what I need as I haven’t got a lot of money to go around, so a new Playstation is way down the list when I have to pay bills and save for other stuff. But I’m aware GOW 1 is playable on PS2 as you told me :). So I’ll nab it when I come across a cheap version in the gameshop! 😀

            Yeah, it seems that bloke is making out he’s a bad ass! You need to show ’em who’s boss, Ren, and make your own video doing it! And no Saves is a pain! I mean, you should be able to start from the level before you died, would be much better!

            I think both sides of the U.S. political spectrum can be equally as corrupt. I know what you mean about the Republicans though, they’re so pro-business and pro-war. Being pro business wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t let them get away with murder!

            In the UK it’s the same, we have 3 main parties and every single one of them has shown they’re useless and spineless in the face of big business and the super rich. Which is why voter participation has consistently fell since the 1950s and why we now have a Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition (The first coalition since the First World War). Very few people have faith in them or the system anymore. And the case is similar in the USA too.

            I don’t want to be a ‘Debbie downer’, but I’m doubtful Clinton will do or change much.

            Thank you, mate! I like our conversations! 🙂


            • Abour RE6…. we’d both scream like little girls, ha ha ha. And I just hate split screens ! ” Let’s fight side by side, sis.” ! ! But we’d just lose each other. It’s hopeless to play with her. What did I expect? The only game she ever played was Scooby Doo.

              Maybe the player is indeed a kick-ass player and made the gameplay look so easy it’s boring. Even my bro who finished it in 10 minutes made it look exciting… I mean, he struggled and got hit quite a number of times. His Life meter was almost down to zero. It was more like saved by the bell. But I really believe that video is on Easy Mode.

              ther say, if you want to live like a Republican, vote Democrat. The economy always turns bad under a Republican President. And that’s a fact.

              Better Hillary than a Republican, Phil. Mike Huckabee? Chris Christie ? Rick Santorum? Rand Paul? Ted Cruz? Heaven forbid !

  14. Posted by semicrazed on February 8, 2014 at 7:44 pm

    Wow….that’s one impressive Manga collection you have there ö.Ö


    • Ha ha , yeah ! Actually, those are my bros’. he’s moved out and gave his collection to me. I’ve only read a few coz they are guy mangas, if you know what I mean. Berserk and Blood, for example. I go for cute, romance stories, lol. And I get to read these romance stuff , online, free and illegal, ha ha. The authors are crying.


  15. Good to see you on here again!


  16. Wow…your manga collection is…wow! My collection looks puny compared to yours. I’d be in my room for hours if I had rows and rows of books like that. 🙂 Anyway, glad to see you back in the blogosphere.


  17. What an impressive manga collection – in size, order, and general visual appeal! =)

    Your classes sound pretty rigorous and with working full time during holidays, you’ve definitely earned some VG R&R. =)


  18. Woahhhhh, thats a lot of manga!


  19. Well, you sure had a busy month or so. Still some books to read I can see from the picture. And yes, you do look like a nice geek. Anyway it’s good to have you back – but don’t feel guilty for taking some time off from blogging. We all have to do that from time to time.


    • had hidden being a geek for long time, ha ha. It was rather a busy month , what with the holidays and work. My long vacation was Christmas and semestral vacation combined.

      Cheers, and thank you for commenting. The first one from you ! !


  20. Geek is chic, Ren!! Re Your manga collection… More is More! 🙂


  21. nice to see you back!!


  22. Darling Ren, Since I have seen a collection of movie VHS at an acquaintance’s house 4+ time bigger than your manga collection, I am not shocked, unless you have more of them in other rooms too. Keep up with your education and say ‘hi’ to us now-and-then when your time allows. Wish you much success with your endeavor. (Are you still planning to go to Japan?)
    p.s. Oh, about those VHSs, when the person was moving, no matter where he offered them (libaries, etc), no one wanted them. My husband had (supposedly one of a kind) American comic collection, which at the end, he got $20 for his entire, boxes & boxes of them. I hope your brother’s would worth something when he grows out of them. 😦


    • OMG, we have an extensive VHS collection too, but nobody wants them. They are now kept in the attic.

      No, we have decided not to go to Japan. the vacation house we’re building is now over the budget. Instead of spending it on our Japan trip, Mom has decided to spend it on the vacation house…. beds, appliances, etc.

      No way ! ! Just $20 ? we just watched Antiques Roadshow, and one rare comics was valued at $500 !It was a rare edition of Captain marvel !


  23. Totally missed you, Ren!! You look great–glowy–must be spare pixels absorbed from all that gaming, haha–or maybe all that schoolwork!!

    Anytime you want to talk Skyrim–I am your Orc…:)


    • maybe because I was able to let out all that inner rage lurking in my subconsoncious, ha ha. I swore like a sailor. felt sooo good!

      I’ve started playing Skyrim…. hmmm, a bit slow paced compared to slash and hack God of war.


  24. wow you do have a great collection sweety and you look so beautiful in that pic…missed u very much Ren


  25. Geeky chic all the way! 🙂 and that manga collection though…makes me wanna get some copies for myself. I feel like I’m missing out! 😀


    • OH, goodness ! Don’t even start ! One story, like Skip Beat, is, to date, on it’s 28th volume ( I have 24, so far ), and it’s not even halfway through. It’s been on-going for almost 10 years now ! ! ! !


  26. Wow that is major geekage and I salute you for it! The Manga stuff is epic, you must have a collection with so much! I played on that Skyrim but my opposable thumbs are rubbish. Keep embracing that geekiness, it pleases Ste.


  27. I like GoW. It’s about the only PS3 game I’m playing. The only ‘episode’ in the series I’ve not yet completed is the GoW Ascension. 😉


  28. Alrighty now…yes, you are a geek…but a good geek! Hope you are excelling as well in school too! Happy Hump Day Wednesday and yes…it’s too early for 2016 stickers.


    • Ha ha I;m just readying myself. I think that’s what we get for a $25 donation to the fund. It’s headed by Messina, Obama’s former SuperPac head of Priorities USA.


      • Yes, it’s definitely going to be an interesting race now that Chris Christie doesn’t have a chance. Who do you think they will try to run against her…Jeb Bush?


        • i have no idea, tbh. It could be anyone. But HC is the only democrat ahead of all these Republicans. this is not anymore about a woman in the White House… it’s about having a Democrat in the White House in 2016. The Democrats majority status in the Senate is very precarious and “delicate”.


  29. Awwww man I’d play with ya on RE6! Looks like chaos but lots of fun! I’ve seen the end boss on a YouTube video, looks like a lot of work actually! You should do it on campaign mode and you wont need a second player then, though you may start jumping then! lol

    That’s the thing, Ren, people are content with letting the situation remain the same and choosing a lesser of 2 evils. I don’t think that’s a choice at all! In fact I believe there’s not much real choice when it comes to politics because whoever gains power will become a puppet of, or blocked from changing things, by the special interest groups, and so the people are overlooked in favour of them.

    Republican or Democrat, they need laws to hold them to account if they don’t do what they’re supposed to do, and a changed system that stops interest groups handing over lots of money in return for favours when or if the candidate they supported wins power. Did you know some Corporations edge their bets by giving donations to both parties? Others are so large and influential they can just demand, which isn’t right.

    Then again, you know all this, but voting in such a system just validates it and thus gives the scumbags in power legitimate power to carry on acting the way they are and not have to change the system.

    So, Voting = Validation = More of the same.

    Anyway, I’ll stop rambling on now and wish you a good day! :O)

    – Phil


    • Ah, no, I don’t think I can play RE6 solo, but not with my sister ! The only game she ever played was Scooby Doo. I want to play with someone at my level. So, no, not with my brotherl, either. my bro is hard core. He even attends video game conventions.

      Phil. who’s a President who will never succumb to interest groups at what point? What’s worse is that the US President does not actually have power. power lies in the hands of Congress.Look at gun control. It is something that 90 % of the citizens want…. but Congress is beholdened to gun manufacturers…, you know how it is.

      I don’t know about having a choice between 2 evils. I cannot categorize Hillary as evil. Maybe you think she is because she’s a strong woman, and that she couldn’t have been where she is now without doing a few shenanigans.


    • Ooops, I’m not done yet.

      About the corporations…. it;s not really true. Corporations will donate 10- M to Reps, and 100,000 K to Democrats.I’ve seen the graph. It was jaw-dropping.

      during the Democratic primaries between Obama and Hillary… the Kennedys divided themselves.


      • Hiya Ren!

        Sorry for the late reply but I’ve been a little busy! :O)

        I was looking up the Resident Evils the other day and I have played 2! Your sister’s only played Scooby-Doo? LOL! My youngest sister’s not into games but she’s played more! Nah, you like what ya like, huh?

        I’m aware the U.S. legislature is more independent than that of the UK and as per the constitution the elected reps are more prone to interest groups than in the UK. But there should be a cap on donations, it only leads to undue influence and democracy suffers as a result.

        And I didn’t mean Hillery was literally evil, I’m just saying a choice between 2 options where one is, or may seem to be, slightly less corrupt and adheres to the status quo than the other, is not a choice at all. When you vote in a democracy you vote for change, not for preserving the status quo, and definitely not for the rich and corporations to be represented first and foremost.

        I mean, when the Dems first got in under Obama they had control of the executive and the legislature (2 whole years), they could’ve made all the changes they wanted with little the Cons could do. But waited until the Cons gained more seats before they started working on their agenda.

        Also, it isn’t because she’s a strong woman, it’s because she’s a typical politician.

        About the corporation stats, can you find me the page so I can have a look, please? 🙂

        Hope you’ve had a good week so far, mate! :O)

        – Phil


        • All politicians are influenced by interest groups. These interest groups are even more blatant and brazen now, and don’t care anymore that people know what they’re doing. It’s come to a point where the elite can even say so straightforwardly and shamelessly ( Tom perkins ) that their vote should equal the amount of taxes that they, personally, and the corporation they own, give to the government. One dollar= 1 vote. ( and the audience laughed at and applauded his remark) Evil ! ! And if that’s the case, then all the sales taxes that the 99% of the population ( all 370 million of us) give to the goverment everyday, should be counted too….. all income taxes, car taxes, real estate taxes, ALL, ! !


          • Hey Ren! :O)

            I’m not sure if you’re referring to me when you say “you bastards !!” along with the people you talk of. I agree with you about them, but I’m in no way a Libertarian/Conservative and I don’t support what Tom Perkins has said. In fact I’ve heard something similar said from U.S. Cons on MySpace a few years back who said people should only be able to vote if they paid tax and owned their own homes, which is a ridiculous statement.

            With all the tax dodging the corps do they’d not have enough votes under that type of system, which just shows how dumb those planks who advocate such things are! I mean, In fact, they’d have to pay more tax to gain more votes!

            Indeed, all politicians are influenced by interest groups, and when these interest groups have too much power and undue influence it is not good for democracy. The system has to change, especially in the U.S., which is why I can’t bring myself to support any politician that does business in the current system. Until that problem, along with real repercussions for ANY corruption or none delivery of what they promised in their manifestos, then I cannot validate the system with a vote.

            Hope this cleared up any misunderstanding! :O)

            – Phil


            • LOL ! I edited it….. 0_0″

              That’s one thing about me writing without editing. My posts are unorganized, and it shows. well, just telling you, in case you haven’t noticed. ha ha ha. Just imagine moi typing down my thoughts, furious, mouth drooling, blah, blah. LOL Then click !

              Well, it’s sad that it has come down to choosing which is the lesser evil. In this case, though, the choice is very clear.

              I don’t know anything about British politics…. well, just a bit, but not enough to form an opinion about it. I”m surprised though that you know so much about US politics. Where do you get our stuff, anyway ? newspapers? CNN ? BBC ? Internet ?

              Hey, do you know everytime I write about politics, I lose quite a number of subscribers?

  30. Great to see a post from you!!


  31. Wow. That’s an insane collection – so large!


  32. So lovely to have you back, although it seems like your plate is fully loaded – part focus, part fun. I’d call that balanced! 😉


  33. Geeks rule the world! I used to be more geeky when I was younger. I played SNES (Zelda) and read Dungeons & Dragons. Nowadays I can’t even kick my husband’s ass in Tekken:/ I wrote my bachelor thesis in forensics at the national forensics insititute in Denmark. It was so exciting! I also want to be a CSI:)


    • Come to think of it, geeks do rule the world ! ! ! I would bet my bottom dollar Einstein was at one time a super geek ! ! Bill Gates, too.

      Oh, gawd, forensics is sooooo interesting. Hey, we have Forensics lab too, and we were given real, honest to goodness physical evidences ( blood samples, human tissues, etc) of a murder case ( though it has been solved already ). We will be graded on our findings. Cool ! !


  34. I thought my son is a manga addict. Aside from the books he buys which are so expensive here, he plays games and read manga online. I cannot understand why the PC has to be in the Safe Mode when he is playing. Glad to hear from you Ren, I’ve missed reading your posts.


  35. Geek? Hahah! You are simply amazing! Congratulations on a great post! If I might be so bold, you are an incredibly attractive geek 😄


    • Incredibly… * cough * attractive * cough *. Oh, wow ! ! Although the pair of shoes I’m wearing in the photo are incredibly cool. LOL Well, that’s what I think. ^^


  36. YOU ARE A GEEK CHIC! Don’t listen to what anybody tells you… That manga collection is proof of it. BTW, that collection is To Die For! Awesome post… I really enjoyed reading it and Geek On Girl! Otaku and Proud!


    • Oh, my ! When will I outgrow this ? I’ve been reading Skip Beat for 8 years now ? T.T And Ren and Kyoko haven’t even kissed yet. WTH ! ! 0_0

      You know, we can read mangas for free online, but we want to do right by the authors, hence, the collection. But there are thousands that have not been published and translated in English…. those are what I read online, free.

      Anyways, yeah, geek on ! ! !


  37. You sure have tonnes of manga girl! and that game will take me a lifetime! for a geek, you are definitely chic! 😀


  38. Many biological science specializations are on the rise, due to concerns ranging from healthcare to climate change. As communication and transportation advances bring the world’s people closer together, the scientific community has expanded its efforts to deal with life-threatening diseases. Therefore, many new biology majors study genetics, immunology and endocrinology. As humans live longer and remain physically active through more of their lives, biology majors can help meet the increased demand for qualified researchers and physicians. Some biology concentrations, such as environmental science, are often pursued as avocations or part time work. Practitioners enjoy the opportunity to love and work outdoors. As more people migrate from cities to rural areas, urban foresters are increasingly in demand. Forensic science and forensic entomology are gaining the attention of the general public, with television programs such as “CSI” portraying research professionals in a new and interesting light. With increasing public attention on security and violent crime, these career opportunities have multiplied. One of the fastest-growing fields of biology is genetics, the study of gene manipulation to improve agriculture and overcome genetic diseases. Meanwhile, an ever-increasing number of molecular biologists are needed to work on exciting projects offering the personal satisfaction of helping others, such as the current research on Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and Parkinson’s.


  39. Woot! Go geeks! Did you start Skyrim yet? Elder Scrolls games suck up my time like nothing else. School sounds exciting. Keep up the hard work and game time and comic book reading! 😀


    • Yes, I did , already. But I have to drop it, for now, and start playlaying , maybe during our spring break. We have Elder Scrolls ! Is it good ? I haven’t played it yet.


  40. Love your collections, I have dream t own books like that. You look awesome gal 🙂


    • awww, thanks.

      I own just 10 % of that collection. The rest are my brother’s. He left everything to me when he moved out. His GF doesn’t know he’s an otaku, LOL ! !


  41. Geeks rock! You have a superb collection of Manga there. I know for a fact that Manga fans are among the most dedicated fans out there. A lovely, charming post that was a pleasure to read. Welcome back!


    • “Dedication”…. That’s a nicer word to describe this. I’m a bit uncomfortable with ” addict” , because I don’t think I am. I can go without reading for weeks. I go to work, and go to school. there’s just too much on my plate .

      Anyway, thanks for the comment. Cheers !


  42. I have got sucked into the game thing myself, and I know how addictive it is. So did your brother ‘save’ you or spoil the fun. At least you got to win in the end. Lovely picture of you, and always good to know you are well. Can’t believe I took so long to find this post.


    • I know ! ! ! Video games are so addicting. No matter how difficult the game is, I don’t want to quit.

      Neither. I deleted the part that he played , and won, ha ha. That was my game… I didn’t want him to share the glory, lol * he would bug me about it, like, ” Oh, I finished the game for you. ”

      Cheers, Peter ! !


  43. lot’s of fun love it!


  44. Gahd, I tried playing Skyrim, you know, just because of the hype. But it wasn’t for me. I get dizzy and confused with the controls that I just gave up.


  45. Hey it’s funny that we took a small blogging vacation at the same time to catch up on some work/gaming 😀
    I was playing a lot of Rift (an I-can’t-believe-it’s-free-to-play kind of MMO) and Hearthstone (also F2P and awesome).
    Have you tried them yet?


    • I’m assuming the games are on PC ? Actually, I have not played any game on my computer. The only games I play are Minesweeper and Solitaire. lol Maybe one of these days……..

      Hey, Cheers ! !


  46. Love all those books and I like your outfit, I never play video-games but traditional I love a lot 🙂 !


  47. Hello my friend, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being geeky like the way you are – actually later on it becomes a great advantage for you – no doubt you have large qualities and large opportunities tucked between your ears… 🙂 🙂 😉


  48. Ha..Don’t be embarrassed, I was away for 90 days and I did nothing worthwhile to show friends and look at you 😉


    • I did nothing worthwhile too, ….. well, worthwhile to blog about, that is…. I had to blog about a video game, ha ha ha. Oh, not that video games aren’t worthwhile. To me, they are. I enjoy playing very much. But I’m sure most of my readers aren’t interested in the blow by blow account of the game. Ha ha


  49. Pleased to meet you here on your great blog… thanks for coming to check me out… maybe we can continue to enjoy each others journey… whenever we can… Barbara


  50. hello, Ren… gusto ko pala ang second anime pic and the second to the last, ahaha. dumaan lang po to follow up re: your guest posting. antay ko, ha… 😉 cheerio!


    • teka…. yung guest posting ko… puede in Tagalog ? ha ha ha Pero, yung kaya ko lang ha ? Grabe yung Tagalog mo…. too deep… i really cannot understand it.

      Hay naku…. I don’t know when exactly you’ll see my glorious name on your blog, hehehe…. sheesh, I cannot even take care of my own * cries *… pero, If I promised I would, I’d do it, no matter what.


  51. Hey Ren! 😀

    You edited? LOL! That didn’t bother me at all, it’s just I thought you got the wrong end of the stick and thought I was debating from a Libertarian/Conservative standpoint, which I didn’t and don’t do. I’m just critical of the Political systems and parties in both our countries, and people sometimes get the wrong end of the stick and believe I’m for things I’m not.

    Mate, about you posts and their content, just write away! I enjoy reading your stuff, political or otherwise. In fact I like your passion for your political opinions. But a word of advice, don’t get too ideologically boxed in as this can lead to you not being able to critically view and question what the leaders of that particular ideology foster or advocate. Don’t let them take advantage of you by scaring you into voting for them when the clam the ‘otherside’ is bad or going to do bad things if they win power.

    I personally believe, the Dems and Hillery Don’t deserve your vote or support because they’re not serious about changing the system. And voting for them because they seem the lesser of two evils does nothing but validate the system in it’s present state. However, it’s your vote and you cast it how you wish! 🙂

    How do I know about U.S. politics? Well the degree I’m doing is Politics, Philosophy and Economics, so I get a lot of knowledge concerning how the U.S. system works from that. But, I get my info on the U.S. political news from all over the place. Different websites and TV news stations, documentaries and comedy shows. I’ve followed U.S. news on and off for a while from many sources, but Fox News makes me laugh the most, for obvious reasons. ‘Fair and Balanced’ is an absolute joke, especially when you see the U.S. TV news media are unrequired to be so! LOL That level of bias wouldn’t fly in the UK, though that’s not to say there is no media bias in the UK, because there is. The TV news here is VERY regulated to be unbiased, though the news papers are not, which is why they’re full of crap!

    You lose subs when you blog about politics? Well that could mean a few things.

    1. Some of your followers are Conservatives.
    2. Some of your followers are not really political.

    LOL! Don’t worry about it, mate, if they unsubscribe then it’s their loss.

    All the best mate and have a good weekend! :O)

    – Phil


    • I edited just one word, that B word, and the 10 exclamation marks.

      I never saw you as Conservative, nor Libertarian. The Libertarians here in the US have become more Tea Partiers , in words and in deed, than what they purport to be… “a leave me alone, I’ll do whatever I want to do, and don’t care about other people ” kind of people.

      I don’t think I have boxed myself in, and I’ve said so, on many posts here. I’m a Liberal on social issues, but a true Conservative on other things. I’m on the side of common sense values and justice for all, but most of all, personal responsibility. You can say I’m a Centrist… well, a bit on the left. ha ha

      I don’t believe in boycotting elections, because people lose on all fronts. I do believe in boycotting targetted business establishments. It’s called strategy. You accept what you have , and make the best of it.

      Nope, the non-political ones stay, and the Conservatives leave ( although I’m aware of one or two who still read me, because I’m non-confrontational)

      have a great weekend, Phil. ( I know right at this moment, it’s 9PM over there in London, Friday. ).


  52. Posted by trickyfilms on March 1, 2014 at 8:06 pm

    Oh, I loved this post on your blog.
    Great job.


  53. Would love to have that Hillary sticker~ Thank you for sharing this!


    • We got ours from the mail, just one. And there’s a volundary donation to the group www. if you want more. They will send you the sticker even if you don’t donate. After all, they want the stickers advertised all over, the more , the better.

      We can assume, with almost 100% certainty, Hillary’s going to run. It would be great if she could break the glass ceiling.


  54. wow that mangas are so soothing for my eyes. hehehe! I can relate to you sentiment- you know- you have to give up something for your other happiness. hehehehe


  55. Geeks are awesome 😀 Forensics Biology wow that’s sounds so interesting! Glad you’re enjoying school! I can’t wait to go to university in July and start psychology!


  56. Posted by Initiator ;-) on March 7, 2014 at 3:25 am

    Missing your words on my blog..


  57. How’ve you been Renx?


  58. Posted by demonsking19 on March 9, 2014 at 4:08 am

    Ohh waoow u have played God of war series, So much Violence in it for girls ^_^


  59. Nothing wrong with being a geek! My daughter is one, and in her first year of college, studying to become a Chinese linguist! She is doing well and I know you are too! Enjoy your life Renx, glad you did not fall of the planet! As long as you are happy with yourself never worry about what others think! Keep on moving forward and enjoy your life!


  60. Hello,have a nice day


  61. […] stopped by to see Ren, again, and wouldn’t you know, she’s got a shelf packed with books. Talk about  happy […]


  62. Greetings Ren. I’ve lost the orples, again. Have you seen them?


  63. Posted by Sonel on November 20, 2014 at 5:19 am

    Seems like the Orples got lost in your world there Ren. You do keep busy, don’t you? Nothing wrong about being a geek and you’re a gorgeous one as well! I think you and my youngest son would have lots of fun. He also loses himself in his computer games. 😀

    Great post and photo’s. ♥


  64. None shall defy the God of War!


  65. Posted by rebelliousrick on April 19, 2015 at 8:00 am

    Hi ren! I was just wondering why are there no updates about your blog on my reader. looks like you haven’t posted anything for a while now. anyway, I decided to drop by, and saw this. Gosh, you have tons of mangas there! Well, this was last year, but I didn’t know you like mangas. cooool. 🙂 I hope you don’t mind me necro-bumping on this thread.


    • Wow ! This is an old post !

      I post just once a month. I’m a lazy blogger.

      Anyway, LIKE this post or any post here, and click ” Follow this blog?” or just click the subscription button,


  66. I really like your collection. I like God of War. I haven’t played Ascension yet. I wish a manga collection like yours.


    • I ‘m planning to have another blogsite here on WP that is entirely devoted to manga/anime/video games. I cannot write about this stuff on my blogsite because my ” followers” are of different sort , ha ha… if I start writing about mangas/animes/video games. they will all scratch their heads , then unsubscribe. LOL


      • I see. That would be interesting to see. Let me know when you will do another WP devoted to manga/anime/video games and I might visit you online. It should be interesting.


  67. I also wanted to say thank you for visitibg my blog. You have an interesting site as well. Keep it up ^^


  68. Your so pretty!


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