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Hi, there ! Renxkyoko Iglesias here !

My father arrived from Manila , Philippines , Friday evening . He has tons of stories to tell because he was right there in the Visayas islands in the Philippines  when the super storm happened.  Fortunately, Boracay Island wasn;t  hit hard. For a few hours though , it felt like the end of the world , Dad said.

My regular readers know we are building a vacation house in Boracay. A fellow blogger friend, Dead AnarchistPhil  had asked about the house… was it damaged or not?  Luckily, no. And here are some pics of the house, nothing much as you can see.


.It looks like a building but when it’s done, there’s going to be a nice roof, French windows and doors, verandas, etc.  It’s  3 floors with a roof garden, 7 bedrooms,  4 t/b.  It ‘s gonna look like a house, not a building.LOL ( We were disappointed too when we saw the pictures. )


Heh , There’s dad in yellow striped shirt.



That’s the back of the house… Dad going up the hill. Landscaping is part of the contract , so , I guess  they’ll make the backyard nice too. It does look like a jungle.



.A relative’s restaurant, beachfront.  The whole place was blown away by the storm, except the flooring.  Our  cousin managed to take out all the  restaurant stuff before the storm… to be honest, I hope he left those pink heart thingies hanging from the ceiling. Ugh.  The place needed a serious make-over, anyway. Just kidding !!!   I love the open space, bamboo materials, and thatched roof !


Dad at the beach., 2 days before the super storm.


.Tourists unaware a super storm was coming.


.Those structures were blown away, too, Dad said.


.Such blue sky ! Who would have thought…….


/Nightlife at the beach.  This is the ” busy ” part of the island. Ours is very quite and private, which I think is nicer, imo.  Tourists can go to that place at night  if they want fun.


Dad safe at our house in Manila, the capital city, far from the storm devastation.


You can see the French door on the left. We’re going to install exactly the same thing at Boracay, but the squares will be made of  steel, not wood.  Oh, do you notice the unusual shape of the window ? It’s a quarter moon, and it’s repeated outside , at the main entrance. Neighbors say it reminds them of The House at Elm Street. he he he


There you go… the other window.  Outside.  And that’s my aunt…. and what the heck , why is there a mirror outside?



.Okay, this is the French door I’m talking about. It’s on the second floor, and that’s the veranda. The house at Boracay will have verandas all over. Oooh, that’s my bedroom door.


.I’m showing you the water tank. Now I understand  why we have it.  We’d have water , just in case.  When we were there 2 years ago, there was a huge storm, too, and there was no power for  3 days.  In our subdivision, no power=no water.  It was fun at night, though.. We had candle lit dinners, and a few childhood friends would come over, brought snacks,  and  talked about ghosts…….. and how our house was called a haunted house for several years when we immigrated to the US. You see, nobody lived in our house for 5 years  (until my aunt who was a Singaporean resident retired and  is now living in our house.) Anyway,  we only had a caretaker who came in 3x a week to clean  and water the plants.  Some neighbors swore they would sometimes see a woman walking around in the house at night. No, not the caretaker. She didn’t have the key. Our relatives, who live next door, had the keys. And it wasn’t our relatives, either. After listening  to these  stories, I slept with Mom through the remainder of our vacation. LOL  I’m a scaredy cat.

Speaking of which….. I post 2x a month, that’s all I can manage…. I’m too busy, especially these past few weeks, and these coming few days before Thanksgiving Day.  We’ll have exams just before Thanksgiving vacation.  But, guess what,  I found time to guest post here.  C’mon, click this , guys. I won’t tell ya what it’s all about, but it’s a true story.  He he… Oh, it’s not political ! =_=”

another pic …


.A small nice backyard.

So, that’s it for now. It’s a tour of our house in the Philippines, and an update on construction of our vacation house at Boracay Island.

PS… The engineer and the 13 workers are all from Tacloban City, the center of  typhoon Haiyan’s destruction . The engineers house is gone, but thankfully, his father managed to secure all his stuff, especially his 50 inch Sony TV, his prized possession. 0_0 ” All the rest of the workers had damaged homes…. but they all came back to Boracay . They say now is the time to work. They need money. In fact, some people there are begging to be taken in and work there, too.  The engineer has enough workers, sadly.

Have a good day, folks !  Next will be my Paris tour.  Aaargh, I know…..

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  1. hahaha, nakakatuwa remarks mo, Ren, i can hear your voice throughout the post, haha. it’s fun to listen to, though…hey, you have a homey house in Manila, let me visit when you come over, haha. and, btw, Boracay blue sky is always wonderful to look at and the shore, too. endless blue… tara, mag-Boracay na tayo, hehe. regards… 🙂


    • Ha ha ha ! Really ? kasi, walang edit yan ha. I’m like talking to you guys, real time. Kaya, pardon the wrong grammar. LOL I reread it, I wince, but who cares, eh? Did you click the link ? =_=


      • hello, Ren… ayos lang naman ang grammar, hey. hindi ako nag-wince, ayos lang. makwento nga, kakaaliw pakinggan… 🙂 hah, asan ang link? ^^

        salamat sa dalaw. hope you are well, dear….


        • Yun link, nasa ending na…. guess post ko yan ha ! ! Sigue na, read it, pretty please ?


          • hullow, Ren… i read it na. ahaha, you ventured into another direction – suspense, huh? cool, short and a bit horrifying, hahaha. btw, i still hold that the link above is barely noticeable, dear. better put it in bold or make it a bit more conspicuous, hoho. kaway-kaway… 🙂


            • Ha ha…. Suspense ba ? I think it’s supernatutal stuff. But that’s a true story ! ! Actually I have a lot of true stories I can write about, but I’m sure readers will pooh pooh them as fantasy.Well, to see and experience it is to believe it, but it’s stil a good story. Remind me to write about it. He he he

            • ahaha, it’s supernatural then. at any rate, i liked it ’cause it’s fast and it seems not to ask for anything – the reader may believe the situations or coincidences or not… 🙂

              ay, your parents are from the Vis. region. a lot of mythical stuff circulate over there. you may tell some, why not? you tell your stories well naman. waving… 🙂 ~ ate san

  2. I’m glad your dad stayed safe during the entire storm, the view from the house being built is amazing! so far away from the concrete jungle, I would love to be somewhere like that. Something about open spaces 🙂 beautiful sandy beach too..ah…


    • I’m thankful too that he stayed safe.

      It does look like it’;s going to have a nice view , but I’ll have to see it first. It does look like a jungle, and that means the scenery is covered with trees. maybe the upper floors will have a better view.


  3. glad that your house was not damaged…what a beautiful spot in boracay….those pics are lovely..we do pray that yolanda would be the last devastating storm in the p.i…..ill be waiting for the fully furnish of your house..goodluck 😉


    • Oh, yes, we’re thankful there was no damage at all. It’s already costing us far more than we had expected, but then it’s always like that, right ? That’s why we always have to bloat the expected cost before we jump into projects like this.

      They say we have to expect storms to be as strong as this from now on. The planet is changing, I guess. I hope the people of Tacloban can build sturdier homes, not flimsy ones that can be blown away so easily.

      Furnishing the house is another huge, huge problem ! ! Aaargh !


  4. Posted by Jueseppi B. on November 19, 2013 at 3:20 pm

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.


  5. It’s a lovely spot! Yes, from your pictures, who would have known…. I’m so glad your dad is okay!!


    • Thanks, Jessica ! !

      Mom said she experienced that when she was a student. It was a lovely day, so everyone went to school , work… then at noon, a huge storm suddenly came, a 250 km /hr storm, named Yoling. She was at school, and right there, they saw glass windows breaking, trees toppling down from their 4th flloor classroom. later, they all grouped together and went to someone’s house closest to school, wading in waist deep flood.


      • Wow. That sounds scary. I was in a few really powerful typhoons in Taiwan and Hong Kong, but nothing quite *that* scary. Glad both of your parents survived!


        • Just my father was there, Jessica. My mother was at home here in the US. As far as tropical storms go, the Philippines is always bull’s eye. The country’s used to this, but this one was definitely beyond compare.


  6. what a human tragedy… 😦 my very best, Mélanie


  7. Hiya Ren! 🙂

    It’s good to read Papa Iglesias arrived home safe and sound! It’s also good to read that the workers who were building the house are alll safe too! It’s a shame the others don’t have jobs. But it makes me think, maybe the Philippines and the international community should take this opportunity to re-make/order the country by building new roads, bridges, homes and neighbourhoods? If they embarked on infastructure building they could give people the jobs they need and stimulate the economy in the process. Yes, it’ll cost money, i.e loans from the IMF (For all their flaws), but it’ll help in the long run. Well, that’s the idea but we both know things don’t always go that smoothly in the world of economics.

    Ah, the Boracay building site, just as I imagined… a building site in paradice! lol Though it’s far more progressed than I had imagined!

    Papa Iglesias looks like he’s actually moving those two trees with his bare hands in picture 4! So you wont need diggers, he’ll do it! He’s now my new hero! What a guy! lol 😉

    You have a lovely family home in the Philippines, Ren! If the guest house looks half as good as that then you’ll have a lot of customers! I would use it but, alas, I am lacking the funding right now! But when I do have the funds I will be there, on ‘mates rates’ of course!

    About ghosts, um, I’m not a believer in them. I’m very sceptical and believe most instances of them can be rationally explained. Having said that one of my sisters has seen her Grand father, who she’d never met in her llife as he died in the 1970s and she was born in 1990. She also saw our gran after she died in 2008. In both these instances she was sat near a TV and I believe the electromagnetic fields produced by the TV’s could have caused her to see things, as some peole are prone to being affected by them.This has been replicated in the lab (Though these findings are also being debated). Look up the ‘God helmat’ and have a read when you have the chance.

    I know you said you were scared, but do you actually believe in ghosts, I mean being as educated and knowledgeable as you are? Btw when I say this I am in no way belitting you or mocking you for your opinions. 🙂

    I’m off to check out the llinkage you left in the blog! 😀 Have a good day, mate!

    – Phil


    • Ha ! I highly doubt it would go smoothly, Phil. The only thing the national government can do is be rebuild the roads, a few infrastructures, etc. The people will rebuild flimsy homes again, and they will be blown away again when another storm comes. Flimsy homes are what they can afford this time… tin roofs, wood, and whatever they can scavenge from the ruins. Most of them are farmers, fishermen, etc. I guess rebuilding = jobs. Before the storm, these islands ( Bohol, Leyte, Samar, were the poorest provinces). Donations will dry up, and the people will be left to fend for themselves. But we’ve seen this happen again and again. And , thank goodness, they rise up, with a smile !

      Ahahaha ! My Dad was holding on to the trees to avoid falling down, down, down . LOL !

      yes, on mates’ rates ! ! Promise ! And you have to bring friends, okay. I’ll give them discounts too ( just a bit, okay ? o.O )

      Ha ! So you’ve read my guest post then ? I don’t know what to believe, but what do you think of my post ? It’s pretty straightforward… no orbs, no shadows, etc….


      • Hiya, Ren! 🙂

        Yeah it wouldn’t, such is the world of economics. Maybe the peope there are used to it but I couldn’t do with my house being blown away every year! Actually I’ve come up with an idea to market! It’s a house that flys when the wind makes it airborn! Strong winds pick a house uand all the people have to do is swtich the engine on and you got it… people saved! I’ll get to work later with the designs!

        Your Dad WAS moving the trees! He’s obviously a superhero, but I’ll keep it quite! 😉

        I only have a few mates anyway, Ren, you wont have to give too many discounts! 😉

        What got me about your post, which I commented :), is that the experiences weren’t yours. The same thing’s happened to me, I only know of family who’ve had experiences. If you want me to be honest, I believe you’re Mam could have easily been sweating when she was asleep, or maybe there was condensation on the celing that dripped on her face and woke her up. Don’t get me wrong, they’re interesting but they can eassily be explained.

        I actually wrote a blog on this subject, which Noeleen (Wordsfallfrommyeyes) brought to my attention today when she commented on it. Have a look here if you’re interested:

        Hope you’re having a good weekend and you’re keeping on top of your course work! :O)

        – Phil


        • Add to people’s woes is government corruption. Aaaah, I don’t know if this is the appropriate time to air the dirty laundry. Nope, I won’t talk about it. I’m glad though that the Philippine government has made a website to make public all the donations and aids that come in and will make an accounting of every penny it receives. Bravo. Here in the US, there was an overwhelming support from all Filipino-Americans, all 4 millions of us. Besides money , we donated clothes ( We even donated clothes that still have price tags in them, unused ), but we are a little wary nice clothes might end up in thrift shops there, instead of to the victims.

          The experiences might as well be mine, Phil. It happened to Mom in early spring, so sweat wasn’t it. In fact, she was half-awake when she felt the water sprinkling. And, she knew exactly what it meant, and what was going to happen, then, something did happen. What scared her was who was it this time.

          there are some things that couldn’t be explained. Like I said, there were no ghosts, orbs, etc….. just some unexplained phenomena.


          • Hey Ren! :O)

            I know the Philippines has a big problem with corruption, which was why I was worried about donating. I didn’t want the Gov there to pocket any donations. So I gave it to the British Red Cross, at least that way they will buy what needs to be bought and help the people… I hope! So I understand your anxity about sending clothes and other things there.

            You and your Mam must be extremely close then! I mean I’m close to my Mam (And the rest of my family) but I can’t take what she says about that stuff at face value, there’s nearly always an explanation for it. I’m just an annoying sceptic, mate! So tell me if I get on your nerves at any point! 😉

            I hope the week ahead is a kickarse one for ya! :O)

            – Phil


  8. I am so jealous that you have a follower name “dead anarchist.”
    I think your dad and the house and you aunt and all your family is beautiful. They’d have to be, they are your family.
    Such terrifying storms~


    • And they say, it’s going to be like that, from now on, cindy. They really have to build sturdier structures that can withstand storms like that.

      By the way, I played Viva La Vida on my laptop and let the hummungbirtd listen to the song……. AND YOU’RE RIGHT ! ! ! When I went out,( and normally, the hummingbirds would buzz me,) they actually listened, and ignored me !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. It’s good to know that all are safe. It’s hard to comprehend such mad weather happening in such a beautiful location…I am glad Mr I is safe as well.


  10. Wow – what a beautiful island…such devastation but happy to know that your dad and aunt are safe and sound. We have a friend who has a large mirror in her backyard and I simply loved it! Happy Hump Day Wednesday.


  11. Posted by JK Bevill - Lost Creek Publishing on November 21, 2013 at 11:51 am

    Best wishes for everyone there!


  12. Good news your dad is okay.


  13. So happy to hear that your dad is safe.

    That’s one gorgeous house!!!

    I’m still reeling about the devastation and continue sending good thoughts to those there, and condolences to the families who lost loved ones.


  14. No doubt it gone be a wonderful house when it’s finish – it’s the way it is, houses look like strange buildings until they are finished… 🙂


  15. So glad that your dad and house are safe. beautiful beach, not polluted like ours 😀


  16. Glad to hear that you dad and your holiday home is ok. Looks like it’s gonna be a beautiful place, once it’s finished:)


  17. very nice vacation mansion.


    • mansion? I wish. It’s just a house, bigger than normal, though… ha ha. Mansion connotes grandeur, aaaargh. I hope it’s gonna turn out that way, though, which I doubt.

      Cheers !


  18. I’m glad the storm hasn’t caused much damage to your House but above all that your father is save ! I still feel very sad for the other people and hope the will get much help to rebuild their lives like they had before also if that means that it can not never be the same for many ! Wish you a very pleasant Sunday and see you 🙂 !


    • Thank you for the kind words, SerachShiro ! The situation gave us quite a scare for at least 2 days of not knowing. But of course it couldn’t compare with the rest of those who were right there.


  19. It was nice to see a picture of your dad relaxing and looking out over the sea., and to read that both he and your house were untouched by the drama.. I am sure it was horrible to be in, and it has shaken the whole world to some extent. ON the other hand, as always, I love your pictures and your commentary. It’s always so nice and warm and engaging. You are a natural tour guide, apart from anything else


  20. maganda yung location ng property niyo sa boracay. looking forward na matapos siya. who knows, we might go there pagbalik namin sa pinas. 🙂


  21. I love Boracay island.


  22. Posted by Don on December 1, 2013 at 10:12 am

    The house is going to look absolutely magnificent.


  23. Such a beautiful house!


  24. Congratulations, your blog has been nominated for NEPALIAUSTRALIAN’s Blog Award 2013. Please click the link for more details.


  25. Posted by Gede Prama on December 3, 2013 at 8:01 am

    Thank you friend, there are many inspirational articles


  26. Hiya Ren!

    Just leaving this link here to my new blog as I said I would. If my new blog has turned up in your ‘reader’ or e-mails, then tell me and I wont have to post these.

    Oh and btw, having the mirror outside makes an area look bigger. If you look in the reflection you can see an arch/window, the mirror is just reflecting that to make the area look bigger than it is. It’s a standard landscape designer trick! 😉

    Hope you’re well and on top of your study, mate!

    – Phil :O)


    • I figure the mirror will do that… though, I still find it a bit weird, ha ha ha.

      m about to check out my email folder now……… I’ll let you know .


  27. Glad that your father is safe … beautiful house 🙂 Been a while since I visited. You changed the look of your blog sweet girl?


  28. My god! That house is amazing, especailly beacuse the back yard is basically the jungle!


  29. Beautiful photos. Good luck with the new house. And I’m glad everyone you care about is okay!


  30. Posted by ~REBECCA DAWN~ on December 9, 2013 at 5:22 am

    Hello Ren,
    I hope things are well with you! 🙂
    How lovely to hear your father is back home now!
    I loved the pictures of your vacation house, the design is so open and airy!
    I could see myself chilling there. That is if I was rich and could travel lol
    Hugs, my friend!


  31. fantastic pictures…and glad to hear the good news that your father is back home..


  32. do you have an instagram? i see all your pictures on your gravatar and here….


  33. Hey it’s been a while. I’m waiting for you to write again.


  34. Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes on December 15, 2013 at 1:55 am

    Posting 2 x a month is just fine, especially as your posts are such great quality! Wonderful photos, Renx. Especially love the unaware tourists!! That beach totally looked like when Daniel & me went to Thailand.

    Your photos are RICH! 🙂


  35. Super pic in your post..
    Enjoy the holidays Dear..



  36. Merry Christmas!!!


  37. Wow, I missed this. Sorry for what happened in your country. Glad to hear the house is fine. The island looks beautiful. I hope I can visit this island in your country one day. Thanks for sharing, Ren. Blessings and love to you ♥


  38. I’m nominating you for Sisterhood of the World blogger award, Ren!


  39. […] The youthful, full-of-life blogger whose intelligence floods her stream of consciousness posts, and whose support with my writing I deeply appreciate, Renxkyoko. […]


  40. Nice house… 🙂


  41. […] ko pa rin itong marating balang araw. Hmmmm… basta libre. Ahaha! Tapos dun ako tutuloy sa bagong vacation house ni sis Ren. At libre din. Abuso na! Ahahah! Cencia na Sis Ren ha, napagkatuwaan lang. ^_^ O di ba? Hindi naman […]


  42. Ohm that’s great! Hope you are feeling okay now :))


  43. Your vacation home is going to be beautiful. Thank goodness your father was okay.


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