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Hello !  Renxkyoko Iglesias here.

This is my second post this month. I wish I could post more but.. oh well.

My father’s in the Philippines.  He left last week. It wasn’t a sudden trip, though. He had been planning this for months, but we were nevertheless  surprised  to see him packing Thursday night, and we were like, When are you leaving? … Tomorrow.  What ! ! ”  My sister goes to San Francisco twice a month to be with her boyfriend . (  He now works in Frisco ). She is supposed to go there this coming Saturday, and take Dad to the airport, but her BF called to tell her he bought tickets to a Friday night  game, (  baseball or football, I don;t know), so Dad just decided  to leave one week earlier. San Francisco is  a 2 hour drive from our house, and he doesn’t want Mom to go on long drives anymore.

So, anyway, I wrote  about a  beach  house we’re constructing in Boracay Island, Philippines, didn’t I ?  The plan was originally a duplex, one unit  for the family, and the other one for rent to tourists. Then it was changed to a 2 floor house , 6 bedrooms, 3 toilets/baths…. then 3 weeks ago, we learned that my aunt changed it again to 2 1/2 floors, 7 bedrooms, 5 t/b with a rooftop garden. What the heck ! !  Well, it is my aunt’s and my parents’ joint venture, but this is getting out of control.  My aunt assured us  all additional expenses would be on her.  Oh–kay …… still……..

Anyway, that’s the reason why dad ‘s in the Philippines now…… to check out what the heck’s going on with  with on – going construction….. and to ask the architect about the changes, although we learned it was due to the site’s topography. It’s hilly, so the architect changed the plan based on the layout of the land.  The architect assured  us the view would be spectacular…. though our property is not beachfront… it’s  a mere  5 to 10 minute walk to the beach, so that view from the hillside will be spectacular, indeed.

So, to my readers from the Philippines,  watch out for my ” promotional plugging”, ha ha.  Our  problem now is , this is not a simple vacation house anymore that we’ll  be renting out when not in use by the owner.  We’re figuring out how to run this……… now how do we classify this ? An inn?    Also, to my non- Filipino readers who want to go on tropical vacation, we’ll advertise this on * Vacation Rental By Owner ” . Hopefully, we’ll be ready by February , 2014.

Oh, by the way, I bought a published book by a fellow WordPress blogger.  Uhm, Mr. Conley ? I haven’t read it, but I promise to read it soon, and hopefully, write a review.


Hey, I’m not going to be political on this post, even though my mouth is itching to say something.  One thing though…. the total non-empathy and  non- compassion of the Teabagger Republicans  for the needy   are stunning.  And to think their base constituents from Red states *  (Democrats’ are BLue states *  )are poorer than Blue states’.  ALL … I repeat, ALL,  Red states, except Texas , get more federal welfare than they give to the government. The rich Blue States, like New York, California, Massachusetts, Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, Maryland,  etc. heavily   subsidize these Red States.  Oh, the irony ! ! !  Hey,  teabaggers !. See that poor,  homeless- hippy  looking  beggar  listening in to your tirades againts those lazy poor and the sick – if – you- can ‘t afford it- just die folks  ? He  could be Jesus -come- down – to- earth. And His eyes are glazing over as He listens to people like you. The shamelessness and meanness are breathtaking.

So, I went political.  Again.  Couldn’t help it. * walks off, mumbling. *

* turns around *

My Paris tour next post….. Louvre, specifically.  And countdown to our Asian tour in June, 2014….. 7 1/2 months.  Good day and  Peace.

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  1. Posted by Manu Kurup on October 25, 2013 at 5:56 am

    Waiting for the Louvre post. Hope you have a good time. 🙂


  2. Nice Journey ! 😀


  3. Posted by Sreejit Poole on October 25, 2013 at 8:27 am

    Nice job with the no politics – what can you do? when it’s got to be said, it’s got to be said…


  4. Posted by Jueseppi B. on October 25, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat™.


  5. I wish I could enjoy the comfort of this new venture when it is completed. But who knows? One day! 🙂


  6. I love it so much when you don’t say anything political about the teabaggers!! What I really don’t get about them is how they can imagine they are following Christs example…..Don’t work too hard!


    • Aha ha ha ! And that’s not saying anything ! ! LOL

      I know ! I don’t know which one, Michelle Bachmann or this Marsha Blackburn , or maybe Sarah Palin, but they made fun of that diabetic young pregnant woman standing just behind Pres. Obama who almost collapsed whole Obama was talking. And they’re so giddy with happiness that the ACA website is having a problem. they don’t want people to have access to affordable insurance ?


  7. Posted by ~REBECCA DAWN~ on October 25, 2013 at 11:23 pm

    Lol when anyone starts to comment on politics, I have to bite my tongue too. That way I don’t sound like a lunatic!


    • * sigh * I don’t get these people. they think that giving affordable haealth care to all the citizens are socialistic… like canada, LOL


      • Posted by ~REBECCA DAWN~ on October 29, 2013 at 1:27 am

        lol because being affordable is evil, especially in a recession! Cant squeeze juice out of a brick so to speak. How can anyone afford medical, when private sectors and insurance companies are charging an arm and leg?
        (Note my sarcasm)
        I have great medical care. ~80% on dentist and eyecare. I dont pay for my medication. Which is great, because my medication would be almost $100 every two weeks, and that would be half price. So yeah benefits!
        if you make less than -$20 000 a year you dont pay medical services plan. If you make more than $20 000 you have to pay $20 – 30 every month.


  8. Posted by ~REBECCA DAWN~ on October 25, 2013 at 11:24 pm

    Er, when I comment on politics that is. ^_^


  9. So, when do I get to come paint for you in the Philippines 🙂


  10. I hope both your dad and sis had safe trips and the changes your aunt made are not too over the top. Thanks for the political rant…I knew you wouldn’t be able to contain yourself too long – lol!


    • Oh, my, Antoinette ! dad rushed to go there and check up whatever is going there. My aunt is an old maiden… and I’m sure doesn’t know anything and can be persuaded, if you know what I mean.

      I wish i could just shut up, but to hear a person telling Pres. Obama to get out of town, and get out of the White House WITH HIS HANDS UP, I teared up.


  11. The project with your aunt and parents is what’s known as “mission creep”, where the original plans and goal keep evolving into something bigger. Sometimes it’s good, and other times not. The key consideration is who are the main customers they have in mind, and what they would be willing to spend. The original plan has a much lower cost of upkeep and maintenance. The new plan can provide much higher profits, but also adds pressure to get occupants to offset the costs. It might not hurt to have a business planner take a look and offer his opinion based on past market results.

    Your political POV is right on the mark, but it makes you wonder how so many people can be deceived into voting against their better interests. This folks listen to others that tell them what to believe without using their brains to decide if it makes sense or not. I got into a discussion with a person who couldn’t afford private health insurance, was able to get government paid health care, and then complained about the poor service she received as reason why the government shouldn’t be involved. She completely overlooked the fact that if it wasn’t for the government offering her health care to her and her kids, she would have ZERO healthcare.

    It’s amazing – it’s like offering a starving person a cheese sandwich, only to have them yell at you because they wanted a hamburger.


    • Soulfire, great comment.
      You know, Boracay Island was 2011’s best beach in the world, and in 2012, it was #2, with El Nido in palawan, Philippines as #1. I know someone who went there without reservation… huge mistake… they had to stay at some guy’s shack where toilet was not, uhm, not working, to put it mildly. We have already determined how much a room would cost……. $30/ day… that’s less than Motel 6’s , which is $49. Nearby Shangrila Resort is $250 a day.we also know we will not make any significant profit for at least 5 years, just like any business . Some Filipino friends say that’s actually cheap compared to other smaller establishments.

      Soulfire, you have to see the countries where citizens and businesses get away with not paying taxes. the government cannot take care of its business… bad infrastructure or none at all, beggars all around, poor sick people just die on the streets……. it’s your common garden variety 3rd world .But the US is not 3rd world. The Tea Party and the Libertarians believe in survival of the fittest, each to his /her own. Their sense of mission to take away, even our EARNED Social Security and Medicare is really scary.


  12. it is hard to mention the political state of our country in passing, now isn’t ir Ren. You go. You have an informed opinion worth hearing!

    Conversely, enjoy the Philippines–as will I, as you post. I enjoy my virtual travels with you. 🙂


  13. haha, love how you ended. kakatuwa… hey, am still around, Ren, dear. just have very little time for bloghopping lately. hope you are well and the teabaggers don’t spoil your days. hugs and cheers 😉


    • ‘Kala ko, you left me already.

      Ate San, I hope you can post in English, once in a while. Your Tagalog is super deep. Your latest post seems interesting… about streets of manila?

      Eh. The teabaggers are scary. can you imagine one of their policies is to cut Social security benefits? And Medicare.


      • no, dear. fat chance i would. come on… 🙂

        ahaha, but i have an english site and you come there every so often, Ren. remember 35andup? yeah, that’s your ate there discussing about dried fish and galunggong and the Filipinos’ penchant for singing. owkay? hugs, dear… hope to see you there and don’t let the teabaggers have their way with social security and medicare. uh, uh, but that means you’d be talking politics, haha. 😉


        • ate san..may english blogsite ka talaga? i dont really know ren said that she is waiting an english post from you…hehehe…me too.. i really loved to see that.. 🙂

          @ ren- it would be lovely to see ur house in boracay..whoa! thats cool…and ur paris trip..get it on gurl 🙂


          • hello, Myr. punta ka sa dpsa. sa post na may mga paborito, may links sa english site na provided. thanks for the interest, kapatid. kaway-kaway… 😉


          • MyR, I hope it gets done quick, so we can earn a little. The cost to build that is skyrocketing. My parents cannot afford it anymore. We planned for a small, modest one… now it’s a 7 room mansion. Not good.


        • Oh, right ! ! You’re 35andup ! ! But I’m not getting updates on my email ! Or maybe you’re not posting there anymore? Sometimes WP kicks off some bloggers from my sibscription folder… well, not exactly…. the email just gets turned OFF, and I have to go back there and turn it ON.


          • ahaha, meron naman. it’s just generally, less frequent ang posting on all of the sites, dear. if i maintain the old pace, i would have no time to bloghop at all. your ate was originally tuned in to maintain just one site. maybe two can be managed, somehow. but three? am clueless how, ahaha.

            do drop by when you’ve more time in your hands (as if time can be multiplied or expanded) haha. warm regards, Ren… 🙂


  14. Good luck on your family’s venture! Been to Boracay a year ago 🙂 Show photos of your new venture ha 🙂


  15. Posted by Don on October 28, 2013 at 5:05 pm

    Hope that view is going to be spectacular and there’s nothing wrong with a little politics.:-)


  16. Hiya Ren!

    The situation with your aunt sounds llike she may be being taken advantage of, for all those changes and for you Dad to go out there to see what’s up, it doesn’t boad well! I hope all is ok, though. You’ll have to write an update when your Dad gets back.

    As for renting your place, um, I’m expecting what we in the UK call ‘Mates rates’, which means I get a knock-down price because we’re mates! Lookin’ forward to my time on Boracay island for a fraction of the price!

    I’ve debated with many Tea Party members and it’s, well… they made me facepalm repetedly. Rejecting legislation that would atcually help them and favouring a taxation system that keeps them poor and keeps the well-off even more well off is quite simply backwards.

    Top 5 tea party talking points:

    1. Smaller guberment
    2. Muh fredums
    3. Less tax
    4. Get a jerrrrrrrb
    5. You’re a communist

    These 5 talking points were brought to you by Fox News. Fair and Balanced!

    Maybe this would be Jesus’s reaction to them:

    In the UK the poor don’t vote for legislation or political groups that would leave them with next to nothing. Oh, and as for some of the U.S. medias view of the UK’s NHS, it’s nothing like that! I mean it isn’t perfect but it’s good!

    Here’s hoping your studies are coming along and that you’re well!

    – Phil


    • The architect and my aunt discussed about the changes in the design. And we were in it too, but this last alteration was a surprise. It was okay though because my aunt will shoulder the cost. By the way, my aunt is 68 yrs. old, single, no children… typical old maid aunt, ha ha ha.

      Sure, you’ll get a discount. just holler ! By th way, it’s just $ 30 a day, one room. that’s 25 pounds? is that a fair price?

      Talking points. \
      1. they call it Gubmint, lol
      2. muh fredums, wahahaha ! You’re right !
      3. No tax, especially on the rich,
      4. make gubmint so small , shrink it to fit a bathtub, then drown it…. eliminate all government jobs
      5. privatize all government institutions.. the police, fire department
      6. privatize Social security…. let Wall Street handle it
      7. If cannot be privitized, gut benefits
      8. Second Amendment… the right to bear arms
      9. He’s Black

      Wow, Phil, you’re a Brit, how come you know so much about US politics… you even know the Republicans’ talking points !!!


      • I had to look up ‘old maid’ type. lol. If she is that type they obviously haven’t used their male charms on her! lol I hope it all get’s sorted for you all though.

        £25 quid doesn’t sound too bad. I mean when you compare it to a nights stay in a hotel in my regions local beauty spot, the ‘lake district’, its £15 cheaper than the cheapest hotel! Now I just need a few grand to atually get there! 😛 lol

        You forgot a talking point! Number 10: “He’s not American!” (Birthers) LOL!

        How do I know about US politics? I have a general interest in politics really, and the degree I’m currently doing is Politics, Philosophy and Economics, so that helps a lot.

        I’ve been writing political blogs since 2006. I’ve written on Windows Live Spaces (up untill it closed), MySpace and now on WP. I gained a lot of my knowledge on the tea party and U.S. politics in general on the MySpace blogs. I also have an American friend in Texas who I discuss the U.S. political topics with too.

        I hope your day’s been a good one, Ren! :O)

        – Phil


        • ha ! Here’s me crossing fingers, hoping my family don’t screw up. Ugh ! ! Goodness, that’s a lot of money ! And here I am saving all the empty soda cans ! ! I’m not kidding ! ! dad just sold for me a big bag of soda cans at the recycling center and got $ 32 for them. So, yeah, I’m $ 32 richer ! ! ( and I’m not ashamed to tell you guys ! meh ) Well, I’m a recycling freak, that’s why.

          From US to manila and back , plane fare is $ 1,600. Plane fare from manila to Boracay Is. and back is , I think, $ 150. maybe you’ll need $ 3000, and that’s 2000 pounds? Well, start saving up, starting, RIGHT NOW ! lol

          You’re so more educated with US politics than these Teabaggers here who believe that Affordable Care Act is Obamacare. I mean, some of them were interviewed and they said they preferred ACA to Obamacare.

          Yipes ! The Birthers ! ! They have stopped doing that ever since their hero, Ted Cruz, was busted. The guy is canadian, with Cuban father who is an immigrant, and Cruz was born in Canada. heh.

          Oh. And the Texas friend is a teabagger, I presume?


          • Hiya Ren! :O)

            There’s nothing wrong with recycling and getting some money for your trouble. I recycle quite a lot myself but I don’t get money for it. We have 3 recycling bins provided for us by the local council; one for green waste, one for glass and plastic and another for paper/cardboard. With ecological overshoot growing each year we all really need to recycle, it doesn’t matter if we’re paid for it or not!

            Looks like I’m not going to the Boracay Island untill I’m an MP or the Prime Minster! lol I would work to save up some money and get away from here for a while, but because of illness it’s very difficult. When you go there you hhave to take pictures for us to see! 🙂

            That just shows their ignorance! Obamacare was just a term invented by Romney and others to stigmatise government mandated healthcare, but it sort of backfired and now it’s more of a acccepted term by it’s advocates! I suppose it’s the way you look at it, the real term is ACA but ‘Obamacare’ has also been used to describe it by those for and against on both sides.

            I thought the birthers had gone quiet! There’s not as many around, but there will still be some who believe Obama isn’t a born and bred American citizen. It’s a bit like that Christian sect who still believe the Earth is flat! Dumb people gonna be dumb!

            LOL! I can see why you’d think my Texan friend is a teabagger coming from Texas, but no… He’s a Socialist (Not the stereotypical type, I assure you), and he hates living in Texas! I’ve never been able to make friends or debate for long with people right of the U.S. political spectrum, they’re either dumb as a bag of spuds or incredibily arrogant! Having said that I’ve met and debated with a lot of people on the left of the political spectrum who are as equally as daft and arrogant, you not being one of them, mate! 🙂

            I hope there’s a good start to your week, mate! All the best! 🙂

            – Phil


            • We have 2 Green waste bins, 1 recycling, 1 regular trash cans. Anything rigid is recycled, lol. And the waste bins are huge, Phil, about 4 feet tall.

              I get to keep the soda cans ! LOL ( Man, I’m such a dork, lol )

              Dad is going to take pictures of the site, and hopefully, he’ll manage to upload them , pronto, while still there. At this moment, he’s actually in Boracay Island.

              Yes, they stigmatised the word, but Obama supporters later owned the word. Words that used to hurt are now being embraced to lessen the sting. Didn’t you guys use to not like to be called Brits not so long ago?

              Yes, they’ve disappeared, a bit. The father of Sen. Ted Cruz had the nerve to say Obama should be sent off to Kenya…. he said that with a heavy Hispanic accent. Oh, my gosh. The shamelessness of these people. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so evil.

  17. The holiday home, rental and holiday home or whatever it sounds like being amazing. I look forward to hearing more about that. As for your political mumblings, they always make me smile, because you express them so delightfully, I just want to go off and buy you a custard tart or something to cheer you up. Being English and from the other side of the pond I don’t like to get sucked into American domestic politics, but ours are not any more inspiring I’m afraid


    • Ha ha You guys will hear more of that. It really would be interesting to know how we would screw up, LOL ! !

      Delightfully ! Thanks, PW ! More often than not. I regret saying stuff like this, but I really feel they need to be said, and talked about, and though I always feel like deleting them, ( I actually did , on this post….. I called them snake -oil swallowing Christian Evangelicals, Deliverance types, but that was so mean …. there, I said it here ), I waver, and then decide to heck with this… I’ll say what’s on my mind .


  18. Posted by 25pesocupnoodles on October 30, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    oh malapit na pala Asian Tour mo, dadaan ka rin ba sa Pinas? 🙂


    • 7 months pa, pero, time does fly. And bilis ! Parang last time, I did a countdown, then BAM, I was saying goodbye to all, I’ll be gone for one month. I was surprised myself that it went by so fast.


  19. brought a smile on my face “walks off mumbling”. looking forward to your june asian tour posts and for all we know, it’ll be like your dad’s trip “when are you leaving?” “tomorrow”. What??? time flies, lol…


  20. Posted by Initiator ;-) on November 1, 2013 at 9:39 pm

    Thanks for contineious like my all posts..!
    you have a good post about you.!


  21. I hope all goes well for dad.
    By the way, kudos for supporting WP authors. You’re a good egg, my friend.


    • Mr. Hook, I’ll buy your book, too. It’s available at Amazon, right? Do you know everytime I I buy something at Amazon, I have to ask for new password ? I’m an idiot.


  22. Wait on a minute this is not a spam. I really read your blog and enjoy it somehow on the last comment I made someone has mistaken it for a spam comment. I really like your rating thanks from


  23. I always enjoy your words and your perspectives. I’m on your coast as well now which is a bit exciting for me…I don’t get out much although due to my location that may seem like a bit of a lie.

    Politics is good too, it’s nice to know your readership isn’t complacent.


  24. Sounds like your family is in for some big family business, soon. I am sure it’s going to become a wonderful place, even if it’s much bigger than first anticipated. As for politics or not, I certainly understand your fury when it comes to the Tea Party. What I don’t understand is people who support them.


  25. Ren,

    Generation Passport now has Filipino translation available. I bet you are just jumping out of your seat! I’m self-hosted now.


  26. There are different ways to be political – and everything is political in one way or another – so I see nothing odious in having a attitude – politics is too important to leave it to the politicians – by the way so I’m very much agree with you… 🙂 🙂


  27. nice work but try to take some time off and relax at a vacation home.


  28. Our recycling bins are the same, mate! lol About 4 ft tall. Check ’em out: We have the first 3 bins and a black one for general fefuse. You aint a dork mate, why not make some money off the cans if you can! :O)

    I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures! I bet it’s going to look like a building site in paradise! lol Even if it does look like that I bet it still looks better than where I love! lol

    Um, about the ‘Brit’ thing, it’s a little complicated but I’ll try to explain. There’s 4 countries that make up the UK; England, Scotland, Wales and Nothern Ireland. The official name of ouy country is the United Kindom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Great Britain consists of England, Scotland and Wales by itself. But all together with Northern Ireland it’s the United Kingdom.

    Most English people don’t mind being called British as well as English, this is because the English have dominated the UK politically and culturally for 300+ years. However, quite a lot of Scots, Welsh and Irish resent the fact England has dominated the Union as well as being subjugated to a degree too. So, there’s quite a sizeable part of the UK population, especially in Scotland, that don’t like to refer to themselves as Brits, nor do they like anyone else to refer to them as such.

    So basically the people who don’t like being called ‘Brits’ will be Nationalists from their individual countries, though it’s most likely to be the Scots. Scottish nationalists bitch at everything, even when they’ve got no reason to! In 2014 the Scots have a vote of whether to stay part of the UK or not, it’ll be sad if they go, but at least the nationals will shut up moaning then! lol

    The reps are so pissed the Democrats are back in, it’s esspecially gauling for them because the Prez is black! So they’re going to clutch at as many straws as they can, no matter how retarded the idea to get rid of him is. Just try and sit back and laugh at the specticle if you can. I personally can’t because I find the whole political system and situation depressing. (>_<)

    Hope you'rre having a kick arse week, mate! :O)

    – Phil x


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