MY EURO TOUR Part 26 Paris, France

00000003Hi there ! !

I was hoping I could publish at least 3 posts in September, but I  just didn’t have the time. All my blogging time was spent reading a backlog of unread subscriptions. At this moment , I’m scared to check out my email folder. ” So, why are you scared, Ren? It doesn’t make sense.  Just delete.”  Problem is, I don’t delete unread subscriptions. I read all of them, every  single word. Heck, I even click the links if they say click HERE, and watch all the videos.  This time , I think I will.  I can actually delete everything in one click, but then, I get to delete even the ones I want to preserve for eternity.  Maybe I can keep them somewhere, I know there’s a place for them . As of 2 days ago, my  unread emails  number is …. 0_0″…….. 25,000.  Have mercy.

And by the way, these humungous emails make my reading soooooooooo slow.  It takes about a minute to get one email deleted.  Sometimes it doesn;t even delete and I have to click again, and wait another minute.

I am already overwhelmed. So please let me  to start over again from zero.  Oh, and these are getting in the way of  blogging.  I need to read them, too.  ( ~_~)”




Oh, yeah, those too. Ha ha ha. You know what they say… all work and no play makes Jill whatever.  Reading comics and mangas entertain me.  Yep, Spiderman, and Walking Dead, the original. You do know this TV show is based on the  comics, right? Oh, and lookit ! The new Spiderman is a Black teenager ! Cool ! ! * You do know Parker, the original Spiderman died, right ? *


Are you aware  there’s something big going on here in the US ? The Federal government had been shut down, and to date, it’s still closed.   Normally, I’d be ranting , huffing and puffing  and what have you, here on WP, but I’ve decided to keep my lips zipped. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. . The issue is affordable care act ( ACA ) or what we call Obamacare.   I  just wish for everyone to have access to  affordable health insurance. People shouldn’t die because they are poor.

It’s funny that the republicans   also opposed  mandated    Social Security contributions  and Medicare and Medicaid  when they were first taken up   and later implemented by Democrats  half a century  ago. They said it was a socialist/communistic  policy that had no place in a  democratic and free society . And now, 98 % of  retired seniors have only their Social Security pension and  Medicare to depend on.   Republicans seem to abhor anything that will provide assistance to the poor, even a health insurance that’s not even free, just made affordable for everyone, including the poor.   Heck , they hate anything that regulates  potentially abusive business practices and  laissez faire economy. One more thing,  we were  mandated to have all vehicles insured, why not our health ? There’s something seriously  wrong   with the mindset, I tell you. Hey, it’s for the common good, folks.  Get over it.  Even if you’re still young  and healthy now you’d thank Obamacare when you get prostrate or breast cancer later in life. Enroll now and be secure.

Alright, I said enough.  Zip.  Peace.  Miss Pollyana isn’t looking for a fight here.

So, anyway, as promised…. my Paris tour.

Shown here is the famous Notre  Dame Cathedral and additional photos of the Eiffel Tower taken on  our second day in Paris. We were there on our first day. And guess what, we came back on the third day.


Notre Dame Cathedral by Seine River.


.The girl in the pic is my cousin. The  senior man is part of tour group, from Australia.



aaaargh ! Good thing , Paris fashion police didn’t arrest me. What the heck is that outfit . Sheer black blouse and  a white  undershirt. It’s an abomination. Who wears that? He hehe….  Take note, this photo was taken the day before the last day of our Euro tour… we;d run out of clothes to wear !  We were allowed  one luggage each with  specific dimension, not big enough for a one – month tour.  Oh, we brought enough unmentionables, so perish the thought.  We wore a fresh one everyday. ( though I wore the same blue jeans for one week. Ha ha ha )DSCN1934




The Photos  taken inside Notre Dame are bad because we were not allowed to use flash.  The originals are totally dark, like the photo below.




.Do you see that mini-balcony in the photo ? That’s the pulpit. That’s where the priests used to deliver their ” sermons”.  Modern churches don’t have this anymore.



.DSCN1965The outfit !  Bwahahaha !  Whatever, I’m in the picture.  ~(^_^~) (~^_^)~



Well,  this is it for now.  My next post will be the last  of my Euro tour, I hope.  Oh, I did say I was going to have a countdown to my next trip to Asia in summer of 2014, just like what I did before my Euro tour . Well, it’s   9 months to go ! ! !

.Good day to all. Be good, be nice, and PEACE ! ! !

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  1. Wonderful details -I enjoy your tour my friend 🙂


  2. I was at both places as well. Did you go up and see the gargoyles? And did you get to the top of the Tower?


    • Unfortunately, we were not able to go up to the top so , no, I didn’t get to see the gargoyles. Wait, are there gargolyles at the top of Eiffel Tower? I did get to see a lot of Gargoyles in Europe. They were everywhere, even in churches.


      • When I visited we went up in the towers and got close with the gargoyles. We also got lucky and made it to the top of the ET in five minutes. And there wasn’t at wind 900 feet up, which made it even nicer.


  3. Notre Dame is amazing, and you perfectly nice in you outfit, so all good in my opinion


    • Ha ha… It’s a girl thing.

      Oh, yeah, Notre dame is amazing. I wasn’t able to get good pics though, especially of the interior. Our tour guide was so fast we couldn’t even stop for a minute to focus and get a good shot.


  4. Paris, France again?!… 🙂 Great post with lots of details, merci! 🙂 I lived there for several years and my 2 kids were born there, too, so I love Paris forever! 🙂 I know it better than Toulouse… 🙂
    – – –
    Have you ever been to Paris, Texas?… There’s a smaller Eiffel Tower: you have to see it, to believe it… 😀
    – – –
    my very best, have a peaceful week-end and cheers! 🙂 Mélanie


  5. You know, it’s ok to not read every post of every blog you are subscribed to 🙂
    I mean, 25000 e-mails? If you spend a minute on each e-mail, and spend 10 hours every day just on reading e-mails, it will take you six weeks to get through all of it – by which time you’ll have another 30000-40000 e-mails.
    Just to show i’m serious, please feel free to delete any old notifications from me.:)


    • Waaah ! Thanks ! You know, I can actually hear any email that comes in…. and guess what, while I’m reading ONE post, I hear 10 pings. I get teary eyed.


  6. Beautiful Paris! Regarding your outfit; If you just knew what I use to wear the last days on my vacation….You look gorgeous!


    • I know, right. We were in a better situation than the rest of the tour group. In a closed area like the motorcoach, I could smell the folks. It wasn’t bad odor ( I assumed they showered everyday… it was the smell of unwashed clothes)


  7. Oh I feel sorry for you! You are just like me!


  8. These photos are awesome and I love your commentary!


  9. I agree with everything you almost said about ACA…;) including the almost saying… Weltschmerz!! Who needs it!!

    Great pictures. I am impressed with your diligence with e mails, and i bet you get mostly Azz, too. 🙂 Eat a crepe for me…:)


    • I really feel guilty not reading…. oh, and not watching the videos that the bloggers want us to watch, LOL. I actually watch them. They are interesting, though… except they take up so much of my reading time.


  10. 25,000 emails? Whoah! Keep your sanity, delete them! Your outfit looks alright to me, and you looked good! 🙂


  11. Posted by ~REBECCA DAWN~ on October 6, 2013 at 11:42 am

    Ah lovely post once again! My fingers were itching to get on your manga! Lol


  12. Thanks for sharing your pics, lovely photos. As those manga comics that you’re so fond of, I’m not surprised, my 29 year old son collects them too aside from reading some online and watching cartoons on TV.


    • Arlene, I’m sure they are Japanese animes , not cartoons. Ha ha ha. He’d be mortified if he heard you say he was still watching cartoons, Bahaha !


  13. great pics, entertaining comment about the health care and good to know you also read superhero comicbooks. peter parker is only dead in the ultimate universe. he’s alive and possessed by dr octopus in the mainstream marvel universe 🙂


  14. Well, for the record I like your Sheer black blouse and a white undershirt outfit, take me away all you want fashion police! 😛 happy to see that you do remember to take a breather in between your studies 🙂


  15. Hiya Ren!

    You’re back! 😀 And you’re back with some awsomeness!

    25,000 e-mails though? Really? I think a blanket deletion may be a good thing for you, also, I think I’ve figured out why your siblings were drifting through Uni… Um, you seem to have 25,000 E-mails to go through! LOL! I think you read my last blog because you ‘Liked’ it, or maybe that was the other one? I can’t remember, it’s all good if you didn’t because you have a ton of things to do so it’s all good! 🙂

    I have to say, I NEVER knew Peter Parker died! I used to love Spider-Man cartoons as a kid, though I never read the comics, the only comics I read were ‘Sonic The Comic’ comics. How did he die? Though you’re right, it is cool there’s a black Spider-Man! As for Manag, um, it never really appealed to me, it wasn’t around or popular when I was a kid in the ’90s.

    “Normally, I’d be ranting , huffing and puffing and what have you, here on WP, but I’ve decided to keep my lips zipped.”

    She then proceeds to to talk on the issue! LOL! This made me laugh. I’ve done the same thing in blogs and in conversations. I agree with you though, Libertarians believe healthcare shouldn’t be provided for/made affordable but the fire brigade, police, army, car insurence and many other things that Libertarians should be against the state providing or being involved in are all good? I never understood that from them. I mean, wasn’t the Iraq war a huge piece of Socialism? Not only did they send money over there they sent humans to fight and die, and expected nothing in return? Seems Like Socialism by their standards, the U.S. tax payers got nothing back from the $2trillion that was spent there.

    I fing that U.S. conservatives, supposedly libertarians, don’t really care how money is made as long as it’s made and they get to pay as little tax on it as possible they really couldn’t give a fuck. The republicans that are resisting this are just carrying out the orders of their backers, the same ones who gave them monertary backing rather than out of freedom, rights or ideological reasons.

    “Oh, we brought enough unmentionables, so perish the thought. We wore a fresh one everyday.” What? You all wore the same knickers, like this: Wouldn’t that make it difficult to get around and go to the toilet? lol!

    The third picture from the end is my favourite, you’re smile is lovely! And your outfit looks fine! As long as you were showering every day and NOT sharing them with eveyone else like you were sharing knickers, then you’re all good, mate! 😀 lol

    I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and your head hasn’t exploded from all the studying you’re doing, Ren!

    – Phil


    • I hate that those people on the other side of the fence are so hating there’s a Black President at the White House that they’re willing to bring down the government and everyone else with them. I really don’t get it, especially the libertarians. they don’t want the government in their lives. They don’t want to be responsible for other people’s welfare. To them, it’s survival of the fittest. * facepalm* * raising hands in defeat* Good thing I live in a Blue State, California ! !


  16. Great pictures! Btw, I used to be like you and tried to read every blog post but I had to stop because it was interfering with my life. As much as I want to read everything, I just have to read a few every day. I’ve taken to doing daily digest from my favorite bloggers and those get emailed to me the next day. I definitely don’t expect everyone to read my blog entries that subscribes (would be kind of neat to get a hundred likes though if it did happen, lol). It’s okay to delete emails. Honestly. Don’t feel bad. Read what you can. 🙂


    • There are so amny I subscribe to that post a million times a day, ha ha ha. And most of these emails are actually leftovers from last year when I didn’t get to read for over a month , LOL. * sigh *


  17. Wow! Look at Notre Dame! I hate how they don’t allow you to use flash inside awesome churches D:
    It’s good they allowed you to take photos though, some places you have to be extra dodgy and pretend you’re calling a friend or something :p


    • I know, right. I did that at the Vatican . But the Vatican Museum was fully lit and bright, so flash was not really necessary ( except at the Sisitine Chapel. ) At the Chapel, taking pics are totally banned. Notre Dame Cathedral was kind of dark inside.


  18. I have such a weakness for gothic architecture. Your photos of Notre Dame were wonderful. Thanks for the fix! 😀


    • Hi, Vampyrefangs ! Do you know, Notre dame is amazing, but compared to some churches in Europe, it actually looks small and simple. The one in Toledo , Spain , is like, WHOAH ! !


  19. Great tour! mmmwahhh 🙂


  20. wow you define the term “wild reader”. I wish i can do that with enthusiasm.

    I’m not fully aware with what’s going in The US but hope they’re okay


    • Nah, we’re not okay. There are a lot of whackos and loonies here.

      Hahah. I guess you can say that… a wild reader, I mean. Actually, I read so many books, but mostly thrillers, Tom Clancy, Stephen King type.

      hey, Cheers !


  21. I miss EUROPE so so so much even though I was there in January this year 🙂 hehe and my boyfriend will love the Superman comics too hehe


  22. its my first time to see that you are also into a comics….marvel heroes ha?…sooo classic…i love ur collection.. 😉


  23. Posted by juliamkh on October 8, 2013 at 4:17 am

    So much to do, so little time! Especially when you are a student:( I’m glad you posted about your trip to Paris, so I could live vicariously through you!


  24. Beautiful Paris 🙂 and you and your smile are also cute . Thanks for sharing your beautiful photographs .


  25. Almost like being there with you. Lovely photos.


  26. I always expected the cathedral to be bigger, i blame The hunchback of Notre-Dame book for that. Still a grand and gothic look to it which always makes me happy. Pulpits need to be brought back into fashion, whilst we are on the subject.

    Peter Parker could have lived if Obamacare was in place…maybe. That should be the rallying call for the pro Oc camp. Sorry to add to your reading woes by the way!


    • You’re right, Ste J…. I expected something really huge and grand, but it was actually small and simple. I wasn;t disappointed, though. There are even more grand churches in Europe. I’m sure Notre dame was made famous by the Hunchback.


  27. Nice Pictures,

    I have never been to France but I plan on doing that on my next trip to England. I love the way you write. Keep at it.



  28. Wonderful wonderful post, Ren. We still have a few churches in my country with the balcony pulpit (the orthodox churches) You gals look good in the photo. And I don’t see anything wrong with your outfit. 🙂

    As for the US economy we are all keeping our fingers crossed here and following the news keenly. When the US sneezes, the whole world coughs.


  29. hello, Ren… wonderful pics of the Notre Dame cathedral you got there. 🙂 really love the first photo. ahaha, the Euro tour really lasted you long, hehehe. enjoyed your Euro posts, dear. hope you are well. 🙂


  30. What a beautiful tour and wonderful photos !:)


  31. “…we were mandated to have all vehicles insured, why not our health ?”

    I’m not American, but THAT is a good point!



  32. Whew you’ve got lots of books! I’d love to read about superheroes too!
    Thanks or sharing your Paris trip story. Great pictures!


  33. “hahaha” – typical woman, walking around Paris and think of fashion police – if we need to look at people in Paris so I enjoy sitting on a sidewalk cafe and watch people’s movement – it is inspiring and there are so many different movement patterns – when people have no idea that they are being observed… 🙂 😉

    Great post and inspiring photos… 🙂


  34. Beautiful pictures and the tour.


  35. Oh………. this is so magnificent. I wish, I could travel like you. I envy you. 😉 Those pics are really awesome. I am still wondering what do you actually read? I mean, I can see some books on your table which I have gone through during my course work. So, what do you study actually?


  36. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t fall in love with Paris. I’ve seen these pictures (Paris not the chemistry books) a hundred times but they still enchant.


  37. Before I start, Are you on the process of reading your emails, I am so damn anxious to know :p
    Paris wellcaptured:)
    Your outfit definitely a good one 🙂 waah , walk with attitude who cares:p
    Too Descriptive ..
    Keep Going:)



  38. Posted by supernova1c on October 21, 2013 at 6:51 pm

    Hey Ren, great shots of the cathedral and tower – impressive! You certainly have your work cut out with all that reading you have to do, I’ll have to send some positive vibes your way to help!
    Take care Ren and best wishes, James 😉


  39. Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes on October 22, 2013 at 4:56 am

    Your Paris trip is so, so wonderful 🙂

    Re the US situation -well done, Pollyanna, keeping your lips zipped! It was a horrible time, & really disturbing. I must admit, I still don’t understand why the President couldn’t just make a decision on Obama care and everyone HAD to follow as he’s the Pres. Still don’t get it…

    You have one helluva backlog. I personally find I don’t want to turn the computer on (so don’t actually get around to writing) sometimes because I feel impelled to respond to the mail, to people. And when I’m done, my eyes are tired & I no longer feel creative! So, I’ve no good advice. But try & do a few a day, & not stress.

    Cheers, Renx 🙂


  40. Renx, ahh…Paris…a beautiful city. thank you for the beautiful pics, and thank you for appreciating my scribbling. continue…


  41. Posted by Jean-Paul on October 23, 2013 at 6:19 am

    very good post 🙂


  42. Really liked you books , actually you are like a moving encylopedia, its my thought only,,, 🙂 This post also amazing .


  43. It’s been a while since I visited you’re page. Huwaw ❤ Paris is one of my bucket list… kainggit naman sis 🙂


  44. I want to go to those places!! :)have fun with your 25,000 emails 😉


  45. your posts rock their socks off, love your choice of reading material and especially glad that once again you refrained from discussing politics!! love it. btb, eveyone in my family now uses the term “teabaggers” thanx to u!


  46. Brings back nice memories of my days in Paris.


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