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Hello !


It’s been two weeks since my last post. Actually, I post just 2 or 3 times a month, so this is  basically  just right.

I’m at school now, and on my 2 hour break.   I’m taking Advanced Microbiology, Advanced BioChemistry , Advanced Organic chemistry,  Evolution and Scientific Analysis this semester.  ( Evolution of Microbes, by the way ) Since these are major courses. I need to get a grade no lower than B ( 80% ) , otherwise, I repeat the course. It won’t affect my GPA though, so it’s okay.  [  ……  ]   =_= ‘

No, it;s not okay.   My college life is a big eye- opener to me. I thought I’d breeze through it, like my brother ( a Mechanical Engineer )  and sister ( a Microbiologist)  who were always  on the Dean’s List  in college. But I’m struggling now,  and I feel really bad about this.  I mean, I study til my nose bleeds just to get a good grade,  but I never saw my siblings study at home,  ( my bro just played video games all his college life ) and yet, they got  A’s  all the time. Does it mean they are naturally gifted,  and I’m not?

I was Grade 2 when  I  went to  school here in the US.  it was a public elementary school just a spitting distance from our house.  The following school year, the school recommended me  to go to a GATE school, which was a 15 minute drive from our house.  GATE  means Gifted and Talented Education.  From elementary, to middle school, to high school,  I was a top 10 student with a  4.0 GPA, a straight A  GATE student.  Then came college. I thought  college would be easy coz I was smart, or so I thought. I  was wrong.

I had to write tons of essays in English and Philosophy. I hate essay writing. My brain just  isn’t wired that way.  In Philosophy, for instance, we were asked to write a 5-page essay on Descarte’s ” I am, therefore I exist “.    I hate explaining the obvious.  To me , explaining stuff  like this is an exercise in futility .  Why do I need to study this?

So, yeah, my first 2 years of college  were such a pain and so stressful. Funnily enough, I got an A in Philosophy.  Not because I was  smart     9_9 ‘……  Okay, here are my 2 blog entries in May, 2010,  to explain  how I got  grade of A.


It’s 5 AM. Just woke up. I have not done a thing ! ! Time to push the panic button. Report is due at 5 PM on line. I have no class today but I have to go to school to submit my Chem. Lab report. * teary eyed * Sad
How can I add 560 words to a report that is so uninspiring ? Mom is annoyed that , again, I chose the side that contradicts her own beliefs, and so, she says, it’s so difficult to gather her thoughts  and form an opinion ……….. I just woke her up. I’m panicking !  * Mom, wake up… help me *Disappointed
It’s 7: 47 AM’. Mom finally woke up, but instead of helping , she  scolded me. She said if I thought I’d somehow need help, I should have consulted her first. Yes, she did read the articles, but the problem is, she totally, absolutely, and without any doubt , agrees with John Hick’s pluralism. She asked me why I chose to be dogmatic about Catholicism.. And  , she said, if you so believe that, then you must have a lot to say about it, so do it yourself.  TT.TT
It’s 9: 00 Am…… I’m done.  Woot ! ! I suddenly had this awe-inspiring Einstein moment where great ideas and thoughts took off and my fingers caught them and put them into words. Brilliant. Light bulb

I just want to talk about something. Well, I’m supposed to be doing my Philosophy report on Pluralism, but, right now, my mind just hit a blank wall.  I need a break. If worse comes to worst, my Mom is going to help me. I did a report once on Epistimology of religion. My  brain   exploded with that one. Why can’t these philosophers explain whatever is on their mind in plain , simple English ? Anyway, I did my best, but I knew my best was not enough to get a good grade . So, I made an SOS to Mom. I was , like, Mom, you want me to get a good GPA , right ? Help me. So she did…. she read the articles, read my own report, found it totally lacking in sense and insight, < ha ha ha >, almost completely revised it, corrected my grammar < too amateurish > , and tah dah….. I got an A. Teacher said I could have gotten an A+, but she found some parts of the report a little strained.. Otherwise, it was excellent. She was also surprised that I chose Epistomology of religion as this topic was a difficult piece to discuss,. When I got home, I congratulated my Mom…… Mom , YOU got an A ! ! !  ^______^ ;;;         

Was that cheating ? I don’t think so.  I needed help and got it. They were my ideas, my thoughts.  My mother merely refined them.  Okay, she improved on them.  [ …….]  Alright, I confess. She did a lot more than that.  ” Ren,  your work is full of contradictions.  You’re wavering.  It’s really difficult to defend something that you don’t completely believe in. ”  Although we had to  revise  my work, we did it  TOGETHER.  And I learned a lot. That’s important.

Have you heard of Asian Tiger Moms ? You can google that. i think my  parents are like that, too.  We’re Asians.  I remember when Mom had me memorize the Multiplication Table  when I was just 7 years old. One mistake and she would  make me repeat the whole darn thing. “AGAIN, FROM THE TOP ! ”  Was that a bad thing?  I don’t know.  All I know is that at  age  8, I could  already do complicated  fractions, and understand the concept of equality in Math,  ” Ren, Math is all about equality. Remember that.”  In our household,  conversations and discussions always start from the question, ” What is the scientific explanation for that? ”

One would think it’s only science that  my family ever talk about over dinner. We are pracricing Catholics, and we go to Mass every Sunday, without fail.  But we’ve learned to compartmentalize our spiritual beliefs,  scientific  thought processes, and politics. As what our parish priest said at his sermon, ” don’t be a one-issue voter.”

This is it for now. My Paris tour is next. PROMISE ! ! !

Good day to all. Be nice, be good, and PEACE !

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  1. Wow 5 in the morning studies and all the papers! I know you’ll do awesome though! 🙂 oh and nope the assignment you did wasn’t cheating lol 😉


    • Uhm, yeah. I don’t think that was cheating either. He he he She did an awful lot of revisions, though. But she explained to me why I needed to alter a few things. O learned from that.

      Cheers, Andy ! I missed ya !


      • Missed you too! 🙂 I saw all the emails come in about new posts but never had the time to really read, Until now while I save up for the next portion of my courses 🙂

        It’s really neat that everyone in your family can help you with your field of studies 🙂


        • So how many unread emails do you have ? Don’t ask me how many I have !

          Alright, I’ll tell you, 25,000. * tears up*


          • 25k?!!! someone’s popular 🙂


            • Those are my subscriptions, Andy ! *_* “

            • Yipes! I had over 10k but that’s from all the reading I’m catching up on, did you subscribe for notifications if someone also commented on a single post too? cause boy does it add up!

            • 3 or 4 notifications, yes.Actually, some are left-over from last year when we went on tour for one month, ha ha ha. I don’t delete unread emails, Andy ! I really read. But, it’s getting hopeless. There’s a feature in my email server that I can actually delete everything w/ one click, but there are some that I really want to preserve, like some personal emails….

            • Last year! wow looks like you got your work cut out for you lol! maybe you can read them on your way to and from school? 🙂

  2. People–for the most part–put too much stock in grades.Now, if you’re planning to go on to grad school, then yeah, they’re a little more important. But even then, not as important as you might think. A friend of mine wanted to be a lawyer and make a lot of money after he graduated. Unfortunately, he didn’t have good grades, and had to go to a fifth-tier law school (1 is best, 5 is worst). You know what he’s doing today? He’s a lawyer who makes a lot of money.

    Grad school aside, college is about learning, which doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with grades. People who are gonna succeed are gonna succeed, with or without the grades. As much as you can, try not to get hung up on the stuff that won’t matter ten years from now.


    • Smaktakula, as late as last year, I was still hoping to get to medical school. I needed high grades t0 get into one. med School won’t even give application papers to students with low grades.

      And I’m into science stuff. Low grades=little knowledge. That’s the way it is.


    • Posted by Samjoth Sashidharan on November 20, 2014 at 7:26 am



  3. I wish our Philosophy classes were that deep in college. I can’t even remember what we had! Ugh! It’s a shame!

    Anyway, I like your Mom. My mama never helped us with regards to school stuff (homework, projects). I understand why though. You’re very blessed!


    • Guess what, I actually have forgotten about that. I’m like, huh? Who’s John Hicks? lol

      I think my Mom forced herself to tutor me. We were new immigrants, and I could barely speak English, ha ha.


  4. I’m pretty sure they studied . . . no one is born with Mechanical Engineering knowledge or Microbiology knowledge in them.

    Although . . . you have to like something to do well in it. Are you sure about your major?


    • I guess so. Their bedroom doors were always closed. But my brother was always playing video games. Weird. He always got a Dean’s List certificate.

      I’m sure now about my major.


  5. Posted by Sreejit Poole on September 18, 2013 at 2:50 am

    Yeah I had the same problem, I breezed through high school without ever learning how to study because I was in the classes for gifted/creative kids and we didn’t do some of the basic things requiring studying. then when I got to college it was a whole different story, I had to learn how to study. But actually I majored in philosophy just because it didn’t require studying because as you say, we’re just explaining the obvious. I don’t know how your managing with all those advanced science classes, that’s real dedication.


    • Actually, I did a lot of studying in high school, but college is a different ballgame. The professors are brutal.

      Advanced courses are actually easier than regular ones. Much of what we study we already know plus some more.


      • Posted by Sreejit Poole on September 18, 2013 at 4:17 am

        and the amount of reading is so impossible. When I was in school they expected at least one our of reading for every one our of class time, but if you have a job or anything else then it’s so unrealistic, at least if you have a full class scheduled…


        • My Philosophy assignments and readings got in the way of Chemistry and math. I spent more time studying Philosophy. I could understand Physics better than what these Philosophers are talking about, to be honest. 6_6?


  6. :))
    I suppose it’s time for another awe-inspiring Einstein moment in your life.


  7. OMG just reading your list is making my head spin. It looks tough, Good luck gal…


    • The basics are usually tougher coz that’s the first time we get to learn about the subject matter. The advanced courses are just a lot more to learn, but our basic knowledge is already there stuck in our brains.

      Still….. * tears up*


  8. Posted by ~REBECCA DAWN~ on September 18, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    holy cow, girl! i got nose bleeds just thinking about how much brain power it took take all those courses! then again i never took any science classes. just geology and earth science. my goodness! have fun studying 🙂 hee hee i am evil! hugs!


    • Doooood ! ! !

      You’re right about the nosebleeds ~ But that’s from lack of sleep studying, reviewing for exams, etc. Can’t afford to get less than 80%…. Unfair ha?

      But, the world will benefit if I get 80% or more, right? He he he Same for doctors. I don’t want to get a doctor who barely passed his tests. Ha ha ha


  9. Hiya Ren,

    If you’re a cheat then so am I. I finished the Philosophy arm of my Politics, Philiosphy and Economics degree in June. On my very first essay my tutor helped me out. Once I got a feel for reading and writing about philosophy, I was ok doing everything else myself. Philosophy takes up a lot of time because you have to keep re-reading the same chapter, sometimes written in 17th century english, over and over again untill you understand what’s being said! I wont miss doing that!

    Descartes is difficult to read! I skipped most of his stuff (He wasn’t really relevant to the essay I had to write), him and Derek Parfit really got on my nerves, Descartes I can understand being dificult as he lived a long time ago, but Derek Parfit’s still alive! I enjoyed David Hume the most, he injected a little houmour in to his work and recognised how mind-numbingly boring Philosophy can actually be!

    Like yourself I hate writing essays, I used to think I wasn’t that bright if I couldn’t even word an essay right. With the health conditions I have and the medication for them it was amazing I was even getting them done and getting in the upper 60s and mid 70s range. I find it incredibly difficult to concentrate and word things the way I like, especially for essays, reports and such.

    I passed with a 71% for all my written work and a 58% for the exam I had to sit. It was a ‘Grade C’ pass, and considering I never knew anything about Philiosphy and I was ill throughout, I thought I did ok. Still doesn’t stop you from thinking you could’ve done better though, eh? Your tiger mom would probably disown me though, right? lol

    From what I’ve read here I believe you’re very bright, Ren! You shouldn’t mesaure your own success by looking at how other family members or other people have performed. The fact you were put in special schools for intelligent students just shows you are bright. But don’t forget, you’re only human, you can’t be on perfect form all the time. Stop being so hard on yourself, mate! 🙂

    I find the way you balance your religious beliefs and your scientific facts fascinating! I’d love to read more of how you do it (what you believe what you don’t believe and how it all fits together) – in blog form. For me, I can never understand how ministers and such could be so educated and still follow a religious ideology that isn’t based around facts, but instead faith. How do you, as an obvious and extremely intelligent individual, carry on following the Catholic faith? Especially when there’s conflict between science and faith.

    Anyway, I’ve wrote enough again. When my new term starts in October I wont be writing such long comments anymore! 😉

    I hope things today for you are less ‘stressed’ regarding your studies and work. 🙂

    – Phil


    • Ha ! Descartes is irrelevant, period. I mean, knowing “Iam, therefore I exist ” will not put food on my table. 6_6? Well, that’s just me. =_=”

      I hate thinking. LOL I mean, philosophically.

      Ha ha My Tiger Mom will do anything , even read my textbooks, so she can help me with things I don’t understand. She can be crazy sometimes.

      I just find it sad that I have to study like you wouldn’t believe it just to get a decent grade, while my siblings just played video games and went clubbing. * tears up*

      One of these days, I might just do that…. write about how I reconcile religious beliefs, science, etc. Come to think of it, how do I do it?

      I hope you can still write long comments ! ! I love the interaction ! !


      • I wouldn’t know I didn’t follow him closely enough! lol. I just knew his “I think, therfore I exist” was about him questioning his existence, and I think also reafirming his belief in God. It wont put food on our tables, but it did put some on his!

        I don’t like thinking philosophically much either, well… not Descertes or Parfit’s way anyway! Too many headaches! I mean I did discover some interesting philosophers and ways to think and look at issues, which was good. But if the philosophy module hadn’t been a mandatory part of my degree I probably wouldn’t have done it. But I’m glad I did!

        Will your Tiger Mom help me if I get stuck on my new Contempery politics module? I have no one to help me! My last tutor was helpful, but the next wont be as Political tutors are very ridgid with how they help and how they mark work! lol. Not to worry, I should do well on this module as Politics is what I’m best at!

        You know, you’re very lucky you have such a good Mam to help you out, my Mam isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, she’s offered to help but she has no clue what I talk about when I explain! lol My Dad was the intelligent one, but he isn’t with us anymore, sadly.

        Have you ever thought that it may be because you try too hard and think too much about getting a good grade that you feel the way you do? I’ve done it to myself, I think: “I’m capable of SO MUCH BETTER! I’m not as bright as people think I am!” When I do this I don’t enjoy learning and don’t take in the info I’m suppposed to be retaining. And that defeats the whole point of learning! I know relaxing and enjoying your work is easier said than done because I still struggle with it now! But I don’t give myself much of a hard time anymore.

        Have you ever asked your brother and sister if they ever felt the same way you do? What they actually did when they closed their doors? I’m assuming you’re worried about asking that question to them? In such a well educated asian family, maybe it’s difficult? I believe you’re putting yourself under a lot of pressure to make the grade so you can live up to expectations, and at the same time you’re not enjoying what you’re doing, which sucks! Some times I’ll try and do something else I enjoy if it get’s too much to take my mind off things like gardening, drawing, designing, exercise or talking to friends and family. It’s not always successful but it takes me my mind off things some times.

        I know, to you, no good grade = no good job and no good job probably = bad life? That aint always the case. Awww man, if I could help you out I would, but I know next to nothing about advanced Microbiology and the other advanced subjects you chosen, all I do know about them is that they’re complicated! Did you actually pick the direction you’re currently gloing in?

        How do you do it? I don’t know, it’s why I asked you! LOL! I’ve never been able to fully understand how people do it. I have one really religious friend and he just wont debate or talk about it with me! But you’re a bright lass, I’m sure you’d come up with something and it’d be interesting to read regardless.

        You like my long comments? LOL! Few people do, I enjoy a good long comment/blog too, it leads to better discussion or chat. You should see some of my blogs! Woooh! best leave a day free for that! lol. If you don’t mind long comments I’ll keep writing them, but some times I wont be able to do much in the next 9 months, so please don’t think I’m being glib or that I’m disinterested if that happens.

        I like the interaction too, tis one of things I enjoy about blogging! 🙂

        Here’s hoping you can relax a little bit over the weekend and enjoy your studies. All the best, Ren!

        – Phil


        • By the way, I’m not sure if you’re Aussie or Brit… but you called me ” mate” once , so you;re from Down Under”? LOL And definitely female… At first I thought you were male, then gradually, you’re starting to write like a female.

          Philosophy got in the way of my major courses, like Chem and math. Instead of studying Chem, Philosophy had taken so much of my time. Unfortunately, it ‘s part of my curriculum.

          My Mom reads my textbooks, lol. She says it’s for her own good. Says she’s so rusty already and she wants to be up to date.

          As late as last year, I was planning to go to a med school. I need a high GPA . medical schools will not even consider my application if I have low GPA. that’s the way it is.

          I’m very sure they didn’t study as much as I do now, especially my brother ! Every semester, hed get a Dean’s List Cerificate. the university gives that to top students. But all he did was play video games ! ! I would see their “Blue Books” ( exam papers ) and they were like 100/100. 98./100, and get this… they also got 10 point bonus points, so it was 110/100.

          I ‘m not really doing it to live up to my family’s expectations… I’m doing it so I can go to Grad school, just in case. I vow to go be a bum for 6 months when I graduate. I owe it to myself . Live it up, y’know ? After that, it’s work, work, work, until retirement, ha ha! !

          No good grade=no good job=no good life… Hmmm, sums up my motto. Or, maybe I’ll marry a rich man, he he he.

          All these subjects are part of Microbiology curriculum… Also, we are assigned an adviser.

          I like your comments . I’m sure bloggers will like long comments.


          • I’m English actually (so yeh, you could call me British, but if the Scots vote to go independent in 2014 I wont be a ‘Brit’ anymore because that state wont exist).

            We here in the UK use the word ‘Mate’ too like the Aussies do, in fact they got the word from us, it’s just they use it for anyone and everything. Which is why the word is synonymous with Australians.

            You think I’m a woman and apparently I write like one? LOL! I can gurantee you 100% I am a Man and could in no way pass for a woman, especially being 6ft3 and being as broad as I am! lol! I’m also in no way homosexual so I’m not effeminate in that way either. LOL! I’d like to know though, how do I write like a girl? How was I writing that brought you to that concusion?

            Philosophy took up a lot of my time too, I hated having to re-read and strain to follow it. Lucky for me I was only doing the Philiosphy module with nothing else. I have to say, if I was doing what you’re currently doing I would probably not be able to keep going. S


            • *bangs head on table * Good job, Ren. You did it again.

              So, you’re a Scot? Are you going for independence?

              I don’t know . I always thought you were male, then later, I felt a female bonding, LOL ! * slaps brow* It wasn’t actually the way you write.

          • My applogies, I pressed the wrong button lol!

            Anyway, part 2: So, another example as Little Miss Bright spark! 🙂

            Your Mam should do a blog, it’d be funny to see her correcting everyone’s grammer while she learns and owns everyone on any given topic! LOL!

            So your ultimate aim, after being a bum for 6 months which I totally understand, is to do what? You mension grad school, what will your plans be there? Lucky for me there is no postgradute level to Politics, Philiosphy and Economics, otherwise my head would explode!

            Maybe your Mom helped your brother and sister? But they said not to tell you? lol. Either way, you’re still being too hard on yourself, you’ve acheived a lot more than a normal person would’ve done. I’m pretty confident you’ll pass, and even if things don’t go as planned it doesn’t mean you’re going to have a bad life. Many people have not done good in school, college, Uni etc… and come out the other side as successful people.

            Being rich doesn’t always = success or happiness either. You may have comfort, but it doesn’t gurantee the previous two mentioned or even love. The only things that I think really matters in life is human relationships, i.e. family, friends and lover, everything else is just a means to their end. If you have no love and no family, you have nothing. That’s how I see it anyway. Success and money isn’t everything, but love and happiness is. Don’t get me wrong, they’re important, but not as important as the others.

            I’m glad you’re doing what you’re doing for yourself and not for anyone else! That’s how it’s supposed to be, and if the end result is that you’re happy, then it’s been worth while! 🙂

            I’ve written blogs that were 5000 words long, and people have just said hello in the comment box! lol I’ve written some long comments too, and people have left a two sentance reply to it. This happens alot, they may like long comments, but not replying to them! LOL!

            Again I really hope things for you today are less stressful and more relaxed, because you really deserve it!

            – Phil (That’s ‘Philip’ not ‘Philipa’ LOL ;))


            • LOL about my Mother… yeah, you’re right , she’s a grammar nazi… and to think that’s not even her first language. ( nor it is mine… I spoke very little English when we immigrated here , and my English that I speak now is conversational… American accent of course )

              Well, yeah, that’s my plan, be a bum for at least 6 months, but my sister told me she could recommend me at her workplace as an intern, immediately after graduation. Well, maybe…. that would be great, though.

              I know. Being successful doesn’t mean happiness. Human relationships do. But you know, more often than not, human relationhips are the ones that can bring people down. Be independent financially, set your expectations high for yourself and low for human relationships. That’s my motto. That way, you’ll never get disappointed. It’s cynical, but it’s better to always be ready , than sorry.

  10. Oh my… just the fact that you can actually follow all those courses must mean that you are a genius!


  11. OMG! your courses seems complicated…but you are getting through it…and college is always like that,it opens up your eyes to the real world…oh, but there’s more…try not to be harsh on yourself…take a break, maybe a walk in the park will do, meditate maybe…something that will ease your mind for a while then go back to studying again…
    u can do it! goodluck!


  12. Yeah, the only way to get through that stuff with ease is to really want to like it. Once you get involved and really into it, you can understand it while it’s being taught. I started taking game design this year and I haven’t been in the school system for some time now, but it was a breeze. I still panicked a lot, since I’ve pretty much been taught that way.


    • More often than not, I do better when there’s pressure. I mean, I do better under pressure. Don’t know why. Out of sheer desperation, I guess.


      • lol. Also, you’ll find that you’ll be learning for the rest of your life. Meaning, going to school over and over again to learn new things. It might be the social model of the future.


        • Until retirement, sadly.

          My sister reads about the latest scientific developments all the time. They are in fact required reading at her job.

          I guess that’s the way it is.


          • Actually. I’ve become very curious about the school systems these days. I won’t get into all of that rhetoric about what should be done but I’m going to make a lazy prediction and say that home schooling is the way to go.

            All of the situations with social interaction is solvable, it’s just a matter of whether parents are willing to really be involved with their child’s learning process. What I mean to say is that, instead of feeling like going to school is a chore, it’s better to instill the curiosity to learn new things so that people can feel better about what they’re doing and not think of it as work.

            I didn’t start realizing all of this until recently because I’ve always wanted to learn but I never had the right direction to understand what learning meant — and I’m in my 30’s!

            I don’t feel bad about it because I’ve had to accept that going to school for the rest of your life is the reality, so I have no regrets. I still get family members who say that I need to hurry up because my time is running out (that gave me a post idea), or that it’s already too late for me.


            • Home schooling won’t do with science courses with laboratories, unless you’re willing to buy you own electron microscope , and chemicals. lol

              It’s doable with social science, like History, Political Science, etc. , but you’d still need the knowledge of experts, like in Law.
              * ponders*

              On second thought, it won’t be doable even for social sciences, especially in Law. Otherwise , the country will end up with half-baked graduates.

            • Maybe you should be a futurist? lol. 😐

  13. I think college is a big surprise for most student – particularly the bright ones, because it’s not an easy cruise through. And I am sure your sister and brother worked hard too, even though they made it look differently. Just keep up the hard work, I don’t think there is a way around it. You’ll get your A’s. But your mother is right in that if you don’t believe in what you do it’s never going to be great (but she is not quite as right in the assumption that math is all about equality – it can be much more than that).


    • I cannot charm my way into A’s. *_* It’s either black or white, no gray areas. Even if my professor doesn’t like me, there’s no way he can give a ” subjective” grade. ( Unlike Philo or English Essay writing )

      Ha ha I guess my mother said that about math is equality just as a guide.


  14. “But I’m struggling now, and I feel really bad about this. I mean, I study til my nose bleeds just to get a good grade”

    Lol, that sums up my college experience rather nicely for the last 3 years. I thought I so was smart taking 3-4 AP classes in Highschool and made nothing but “A” and “B”, but as soon as I got to college…I had do more studying than I thought I would. Nonetheless, with your workload…I think I should count myself fortunate, despite having some trouble. For my MIS classes (Management Of Information Systems/Technology) I only need to “C” (75) to avoid repeating a course – but your classes sound awhole lot more taxing.

    As for your assignment, I don’t necessarily think that is cheating. You can just say mom was used as a reference 😀

    Good luck and hang in there!


    • I don’t think it was cheating either coz we did it together. two heads is better than one. LOL

      I swear I’ll bum around for 6 months when I graduate and DO NOTHING ! ! ^_^

      Hey, I think I’m going t0 create another blog for mangas. I cannot post about my favorite mangas here coz well, you know, my readers are not manga fans, if you know what I mean.

      Do you write about animes? How about mangas? What is your favotite genre? i used to read Bleach type of manga, but now, I’m addicted to shojous. I’ve been reading Skip beat for 6 years now. What are your favorite mangas?


      • Wish could bum around for awhile once I graduate, but sadly need to find work ASAP so I can pay off my students loans. Although, for now, I am just finding to find an internship for the experience and finish up my remaining classes…which are pains in the neck right now, lol.

        I write about both, yet I lean abit more heavily toward anime and games, so I do need to start reviewing a few manga titles. My favorite genres would be: fantasy, action, slice-of-life, comedy, and romance. A few examples would be: YOTSUBA&!, Omamori Himari, Venus Versus Virus, Samurai Girl Real Bout Highschool, and Negima just to name a few. Oh, if you ever create it, let me know ^^


        • Oh, I’ll write about video games, too. I used to play a lot, like A LOT. I haven’t played a single one for a long time. the last tome was last year, and didn’;t even finish it. Resident Evil 5. I’m really bad at first person shooter.

          I’ll definitely make another account. I want to rant and critique the mangas I read. I find most of them really nonsensical, but I can’t stop reading, lol.


  15. Ren I think you are doing so well. I was never ‘a serious student in school. I was so lazy and yet I managed to pass all my grades. I hated learning, simple!

    You are lucky to have your mom so educated to help you along. My mom is a retired teacher but I bet you she would never have done that even if she knew how to research and all that. 🙂


  16. I don’t want to upset you but you best bang your head on the table again because I mentioned I was English at the start of the comment you replied to. LOL! But hey, not to worry, I know you’re studying yourself ragid and you’re probably tired mentally, so it’s all good, I understand.

    Seriously though, Ren, I’m always putting my foot in it. Just the other day I was talking to two of my neighbours, a man and a woman, we were talking generally about the block we live on. The woman went in the shop for something and I was left outside with the man. He asked me what it was like on my side of the block and I said: “Like I was just saying to your Mam (Mom) it’s quite but we have a few problems with the people below”. He looked at me bemused and confused and said: “She’s not my Mam, she’s my girlfriend!” You aint the only one who does it, mate! 🙂

    Female bonding? I can tell you I only ever really ‘gel’ with a few people, and you’re one of the few, many others rub me up the wrong way! lol. You’re interesting, funny, warm, intelligent and that’s a ‘win’ in my book!

    On the previous comment I wrote I accidently posted too early and there was a second part, just wanted to let you kow in case you missed it.

    You need to rest that brain over the weekend or you really will get a nose bleed! Have a good weekend! 🙂

    BTW, had to start a new comment string because your comment section doesn’t like me! lol

    – Phil


    • No way ! ! You said that to the guy ? Mwahaha ! So. uhm, what was your response when he said she was his girlfriend?

      There was also this…. a guy ( in a reunion ) asked a former classmate when she was going to give birth…..the woman said she wasn’t pregnant. LOL Oh, man.


      • My first response was to *cringe* and then smile and laugh and say: “Awww man, sorry, I didn’t know! Don’t tell her that!” Then he started laughing, so I believe I defused the situation a little. But I think he must have told her later on, so if I get strange looks when I next see her I’ll know he mentioned it!

        It’s odd though, she looked 55 and he looked 32-ish. What was I supposed to think? lol

        Being mistaken for being pregnant is quite common, but it’s still funny!

        On a bit of an unrelated topic I met another person a while back in the lift (elevator) and she started to talk to me, and I thought: “There’s something odd here” She continued talking and had the most hurse voice, like she smoked lots of cigs. But then I relaised, it was a man dressed as a woman! Then she mentioned to me “I’m the block’s only transexual”. Of course I had to play a long and be surprised, it was easy as I just sussed out he was a she! lol

        I think I read somewhere in one of the other comment boxes you’re Filipino, I’m assuming you immigrated from there. What made your parents uproot from their home land? That’s IF you don’t mind me asking?

        If English isn’t your first language no wonder you make a few mistakes, it’s likely to happen especially when you’re studying yourself silly (I’m assuming Tagalog is your first language?)! Oh, by the way, if I ever say anything you don’t understand, because you’re probably not aware of British English, especially the Northern English vernacular, then ask me to explain.

        You say your Engllish is “conversational”, do you and your family talk in your native tongue at home? Do you prefer to talk in your first language?

        I see where you’re coming from when you say Human relationships can bring you down. Some people you let into your life can cause nothing but trouble and then betray you, in fact I’m very unsocialble and misathropic when it comes to people, so I recognise that logic you’re using. But I don’t cut myself off from embracing some people just because the majority of them are untrustworthy (though I have done in the past), so I’d still say human reationships are the most important with the right people around you.

        I believe dissapointment is an invenitability in life where Humans are concerned (which is why I’m not very socialble), but I’d rather face it and sift through those few people I let in to my life and accept the few beautiful people in to my life who are truly genuine. However, I do understand very well why you think the way you do. I just don’t think it’s fair you miss out on human relationships because a few undeserving dickheads have let you down in the past. I’ve done it to myself, and it didn’t leave me feeling happy.

        I really do hope you’re having a great, but relaxing, weekend, Ren! 🙂

        – Phil


        • Lucky you, you didn’t get your nose punched, LOL

          Why we immigrated here? Not sure, but I guess it was political. They risked their lives fighting a dictatorship, but the politicians who took over were no better… they were as corrupt as Pres. Marcos , the dictator. My parents wanted to give us a better future. But I don’t understand, though. I was very young when we left, but I still remember life wasn;t bad, then. I don’t think we were poor. In fact, I think we were very well-off. My siblings went to the best schools, Sis took ballet and piano lessons, had 2 live -in maids, etc. So, it must be political.

          The language is Tagalog,. I speak conversational Tagalog but can barely understand written Tagalog. Believe it or not, it’s like Greek to me. I used to speak the language when I was young, but not anymore. When I was there on vacation 2 years ago, my relatives and friends told me I spoke Tagalog with pronounced American accent, and take note, I left the country when I was 6 1/2. Even my Tagalog vocabulary as a 6 year old was limited.

          As far as human relationships go…. no disappointments , YET. But I have heard bad stuff. Really, really heart-wrenching stuff.


          • I think I was too, the area I live in can be quite bad as there’s quite a lot of idiots around here. But the bloke I inadvertantly insulted didn’t seem the ‘scrote’ type anyway. Besides I’m quite big, it puts some people off bothering me.

            I was not aware the Philippines had a dictatorship! I only knew it was a Spanish colony for 300 years and the Amercians ‘liberated’ it during the Spanish/American war.

            Maybe it was the east-asian financial crash of the late 90s that made your parents leave for a better place to live and work? Still though, live-in maids, I have to admit I never had anything like that coming from a poor/working class northern family. It was because during the 80s when the UK economy made the transition away from the traiditional industrial economy to financial services. Industrial heatlands where I come from in the north were hit really bad. Actually everything outside the home countries (south east England) was hit bad.

            My parents tried to emigrate to Australia, but they wouldn’t accept my Mother for some reason, but my Dad was OK. They decided to stay in England.

            I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be bilingual. It’s amazing you still remember enough Tagalog from when you were a child to have a conversation wiht other speakers! I’d imagine being bilingual would be confusing, thinking in one language and speaking another.

            I bet you have heared some bad stuff and I don’t blame you for being cautious incase those types create issues in your life. I’ve gradually become more introverted in life because of those types of people, but I don’t let them in my world anymore, they’re around the periphery, but they aint getting in, not when I smell a rat.

            – Phil 🙂


            • Sorry for the late response ! !

              Oh, yes, the Philippines suffered under a dictator, ferdinand marcos. he was elected in 1965. 2 terms at 4 years per term. But when it was time for him to go, he declared martial law. Before that, people were protesting on the streets, mostly students… his reason was he was saving the country from communism. That was in ’72. His reign lasted up to 1986 when he was kicked out by the people thru People Power Revolution, the first of its kind in the world. He was a Corrupt and a murdering person. he had the military with him, putting his relatives and people from his town as his army generals.

              To be bilingual ? i don’t know, it feels normal. lol I’m trying to hone my Spanish. I got As in my Spanish courses, and there was a time I could speak it , albeit haltingly.

              bad things happened to people we know, relatives, family friends, etc. I’m talking about cheatings.

  17. Well, maybe if you took some harder courses….TRICK! That is a helluva class load, and I am sure impressed. My brother also didn’t study–or seem to–and straight-Ayed it alla way.

    How do they do that? Maybe less worry….

    You’ll do great!!


    • I swear my bro didn’t either. He had a job at the university up to 10 PM, went home straight to bed, and on weekends, he played video games the whole time. But every semester, he’d get a Dean;s List Certificate( which the school gives to top students ). And he majored in mechanical engineering ! Oh, and he has a masters degree too. * shakes head*


  18. I don’t like to think of you worrying too much. It is not uncommon for people to have periods when they struggle more with lessons than normal, but you have a loving and supportive family, and they will see you through I’m sure. Your mother sounds like a force to be reckoned with. I talked to a young friend of mine over here about Descartes, and I wish your mother was here to help me.


    • Thank you for the kind words, countingducks .

      My mom has talked to me about quitting my jobs… at least one job. My sister quit her job in her last year. I’m thinking about it… although I actually work less hours now.

      LOL about my mother. She does have strong opinions… she’s the reason why my opinions can be a bit strong , too. But I can compromise.


  19. Ren, after learning that you hate thinking philosophically I’m so happy that you seem to like some of my more philosophical posts 🙂


  20. I can imagine how you feel about essays and can to some extent relate to it..but nto to forget I used to get max marks in such subjects as it was easy to put anything in it at times…


    • If I tried harder, yes… I mean, id i could easily undestand the theory of thermodynamics easily, I’m sure I’d understand this more easily, LOL, but my brain seems to reject anything of this sort…. it is subjective and not straightforward. A is not always=B.


  21. I think you’re still pretty smart!!! 🙂 Wow to be offered to get into the GATE program hehe I was the opposite to you! did so badly at school and they all thought my life was going to end hahaha but then I got into College (We call it University here) and that’s why everything clicked the only thing i was good at was writing Essays hahaha 😀


    • Thanks ! ^_^ I was just a little disappointed about myself, ha ha ha. I thought I could just breeze through college . Not.

      Oh, we call it university here, too. I interchange the two. College is shorter and easier to type.

      It’s sad that in highschool , I was actually voted as one most likely to succeed, together with the valedictorian. *_*


  22. Hello my dear frined, its too great blog and am very much happy to read ur post. I am really sad, because your posts are excellent and i cant write this type of posts in blog. I hope, you are doing well. All the best !!


    • Anything that we write down on our blogs is okay, MMV ( I hope u don’t mind the initials )

      I’m doing well, thanks !

      And cheers to you.


      • Thank you Renx, and hope more good post from you.. All the best for your all work. I have a doubt, still you are a molecular biology student, How you can possible to visit many place ??, You have no classes or lecture hours in your college ??; hope you will answer this.. Good day wishes !


        • You mean, my trips out of the country? We do it during summer vacation. Our summer vacation at my school normally starts 3rd week of May and ends first week of September, about 3 1/2 months. I had my Euro tour in summer of 2012, and every post since then is about each country that we visited. Does it seem like I’m on tour? LOL


  23. Hello my dear friend, its too great blog and am very much happy to read ur post. I am really sad, because your posts are excellent and i cant write this type of posts in blog. I hope, you are doing well. All the best !!


  24. I think that just as philosophy is easy for you, perhaps the science courses were as easy for your siblings. The question is not what is easy for you, but what you want to do with your life. This is your life, don’t be cold, be passionate.


    • Aaargh ! No, philosophy was the hardest for me. Studying it took so much of my time. it was easier studyng the Theory of thermodynamics and Einsten’s theory of Relativity than understanding Descartes. I don’t know. My brain repels it. o.Oa


      • I am so glad philosophy is hard for those who can do the Theory of thermodynamics and Einsten’s theory of Relativity in their sleep, because I can’t. I love philosophy because of the use of language and how it affects my own brain. It’s nice to know that I might have something other people can’t just do.


  25. Posted by supernova1c on September 27, 2013 at 8:04 am

    Super post Ren, I wish you all the success in the world. Well done 🙂


    • Thanks, supernova ! !
      And i wish you sucess in your metal detecting. And I mean that. I’m so interested in your hobby. I hope you get to find an ancient Roman coin. It’s not impossible, right?


      • Posted by supernova1c on October 3, 2013 at 6:33 pm

        Yes Ren, it’s very possible to find something Roman (they lived all around here), I just haven’t dropped on the right place yet! It’s something I day-dream about, I guess that’s the treasure hunter part of me eh?
        Just imagine finding something like a Roman urn full of gold coins, wow bring it on!
        Thanks for the lovely wishes Ren and look after yourself, it’s great to hear from you, as always. James x.


  26. Renx,

    Good luck! I know you can breeze through those subjects with flying colors 😉


  27. Hiya Ren!

    Don’t worry about the late reply, I know you’re busy so it’s ok. 🙂

    Marcos was corrupt Cleptocrat, from what I’ve read and the U.S. and other western nations let him get away with it. He alone has reportedly stole $5Bn from the people and the U.S. let him live out the rest of his life in Hawaii until he finally died. His wife and his supporters still have those millions and the U.S. lackluster attempts at taking it from and locking them up them have been laughable.

    This is why I can’t trust our governments to be honest and protect the ideals and way of life we hold dear when they support and defend regimes like Marcos’s.

    Spanish? So you’re sort of trilingual? That brain of yours! No wonder you’re having to study so hard your head is already full to bursting point! 😉

    When I was talking of bad things, I meant in general and from problems in relationships too.

    Have a wonderful weekend myfriend! 😀

    – Phil


  28. good gosh woman. what an upper echelon course load you have there. you braniac you 😉


  29. Thanks for sharing!
    It was really interesting.


  30. Wow, you really have a lot of followers. It’s amazing how you are able to respond to each comment. If that was me, I’ll be “Okay, too long; read later” and respond if I felt like it. You must post more often like once a week? Enjoy the week end ahead.


    • I love to respond and interact ! ! And I’m really happy to see the responses. really, i am !

      About posting….. I’m really busy, allen. Not exagerrating.


  31. Posted by Hira Nazir on September 28, 2013 at 9:50 pm

    Hahaha, this was so cute. But hey dearest, hear hear! We all know how hard it is to pull through the university or college situation. You’re a smart girl, you can do it. The panic attacks, chin deep in studies and the like are going to be a part of routine. Also, you’re mom is one amazing lady having so much knowledge.
    Good luck for the college life, woman! You’ll shine brighter.


  32. Hi Ren. What a post !! Nose bleeds, head banging, mum’s help, 25k emails, all for what ?? Have you any idea what career you are aiming for ? (Other than McDonalds 😉 ). I just hope and pray that you don’t end up in a corporation lab testing teabags (unless it’s in Paris of course 😀 ). Have a lovely Sunday my friend. Ralph xox 😀


    • Hi, ra;lph !

      To be honest, I know I’ll be working in a corporation lab , just like my sister. She’s testing bags of fresh salad greens and other food products for some dangerous microbes that might be present . She loves her work, and I’m sure I’ll love it too.


  33. So much stress!!!I hope this is exactly what you want to be doing later on in life. Best luck to you Ren 🙂


  34. Posted by Chuda on September 30, 2013 at 10:40 am

    Nice post. It,s a student life 🙂 Loved it !!


  35. I loved the quote “I suddenly had this awe-inspiring Einstein moment where great ideas and thoughts took off and my fingers caught them and put them into words. Brilliant. ”
    Glad I came across your blog, will make every effort to stay…and learn more..


  36. Hard work will often overcome talent. It better prepares one for life. This is what I tell my students. Do keep studying, till your nose bleeds..
    “Cogito ergo sum” – Rene DesCartes


    • My nose bleeding… that’s actually true. I didn’t even feel my nose was bleeding until I saw blood on my test paper. o_o

      I know. I really need to work hard to get a decent grade.To get an A…. I study til my nose bleeds. But I’m getting better, I think. Study groups really help me a lot.


  37. Yay! I was the hundredth liker of this post. Renx, my dear! How’ve you been? Its been soooo long …


  38. Gute Bilder. Gruß, Wolfgang


  39. Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes on October 22, 2013 at 4:58 am

    Asian tiger mums I have not heard of, but DO believe!!

    You do awesomely with it all, and I see now, deserve every holiday.


  40. Posted by R. on October 28, 2013 at 7:45 pm

    Doesn’t that Descartes quote translate more like ‘I think, therefore I am’? Either way, I think writing about that particular inference could be very interesting, but I guess I agree that philosophy may not help you pay the bills in this day an age.


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