My thoughts on Syria and the Muslims

Hi ! Renxkyoko Iglesias here.

I’m seriously running out of topic to talk about. I’m thinking of something mundane that I can somehow make interesting for my smart , intelligent readers… say, how to boil an egg.

So, okay, I can talk about current issues, like that horrible killing in London. You’ve all heard about that, I presume? So, what do I think about that? Seriously, you don’t wanna know.. I’m afraid I’ve become an isolationist. I want the US to get out of some country’s business and deal with so many pending problems here at home. . How about Syria, you ask? Well, what about it? What do they want the US to do? You know, I was on my way to school the other day, listening to NPR ( National Public Radio…. darn, I should be listening to Adele, instead), then , I heard this interview ( by BBC ) of a Syrian victim of poison gas that the government had allegedly used on its citizens. The interview was held at the hospital, and I could hear some people crying Obama, Obama, Obama. What do they want Obama to do? Why can’t they ask other Arab countries for help? Come to think of it, why don’t other Arab countries help? What are Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and all the other rich Arab countries doing for their fellow Muslims?. Aren’t they supposed to be each other’s ” keeper “? Another interview by BBC was with Syrian widows at the refugee camps in Jordan who have started selling their daughters ( aged 12 to 16, that’s the range) to rich Arabs for sex, and , after having their way with these kids, they are returned to their mothers. Where’s the outcry here?
Regarding the use of chemical weapons…… I feel horrified with the thought that the US had used chemical weapons , too, napalm, is what it’s called, most effectively and extensively in Vietnam. ” Ah, I love the smell of napalm in the morning. ”
Damn ! It’s the children. It’s always the children.

Chris Matthews ( talk show host of MSNBC’s Hardball ) said, and he said this several times on his show… ” I’d prefer to watch Syrians killing Syrians on international news, rather than Americans killing Syrians. ” I admit that’s harsh and cold, and rather surprising, since these words came from the mouth of a bleeding heart liberal. But his words went right into the core of the problem. It’s a lose-lose situation for the US. Damn if you do, damn if you don’t. But when in doubt ,err on the side of reason and caution . And what exactly does it mean? It means, don’t meddle, militarily. Send food, medicine, but do not send anything that kills. Have I truly become a peacenik? Nope, I want to blow Kim Il Sung to smitheereens if he threatens South Korea, Japan and the US again.

The US is still at war, with Al-Queada, but not with Assad. The US is also at war with lone wolves, like the Boston marathon bombers and those murderers in London. How do Syrian ” rebels” expect the US to help when it’s an open secret Al_Queada terrorists are effectively assisiting them? It would be like, a person picking up a rock and hitting himself with that rock , on his own head. How can the US kill idealogy and religious fanaticism/ extremism? ? That’s what Americans have to deal with from hereon , unless Muslim communities help in thwarting extremism in their midst. As it is, anger, resentment and hatred are spreading in England and across Europe….. most especially in London , where majority of 3 million Muslims live. Most Londoners now fear Islamification of their city. This murder and past bombings in London perpetrated by Muslims have fueled this fear.

So , now you ask, am I an Islamophobe ? My answer is No. I’m just voicing out honestly what my concerns are about what’s happening around me. In fact, I’m more concerned about the garden variety all -American hate groups, and politicians who spew hatred , stupidities and invectives towards anyone who is not white, straight, and Christian.

Also, my very best friend since forever, a guy, is a Muslim….. from Bosnia-Herzegovena, a European Muslim. We liked each other before, but we had decided not to pursue that path. One day, he burst out he wouldn’t convert, and I was like, who told you to convert, ha ha ha. This guy has never done any shopping without me. But…..


Aaaargh. I should have gone with him and chosen the gift myself. The necklace is like something Cleopatra would wear thousnads of years ago. I’ll wear it, “I”, promise ! ~(^_^~)(~^_^)~

Speaking of which, I did promise to post about my Bordeux, France tour. But, I think I’ve been too chatty here. Next post then, okay?

This is all for now. Good day and PEACE !

Don’t hate.

I’m conflicted.. My thoughts evolved as I was writing this post. It’s weird. I think it was the photo of the Vietnamese children that got me.I don’t know what to think anymore.

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  1. The Vietnam photograph still horrifies me. When will we learn from history?


    • I found pictures more horrifying than that. What those children went thru…. I cannot even begin to imagine….. they should have been playing, not go thru the horror of war.


  2. I remember when I first saw the photo of the children running with fear and extreme pain clearly showing in their faces, I cried for a long time …..

    I cried again when I saw it again in your post….

    I liked the article, NOT the photo Ren, it was too pain filled, as well as painful, to like.


  3. Posted by jalal michael sabbagh. on May 26, 2013 at 1:45 pm

    Excellent post,more than one event on world’s stage.Its the United nation ,it supposed to keep peace not ignore the atrocities .America had no business to invade Iraq ,Afghanistan and sacrifice 8 thousand American soldier for people who hate us and want to destroy the civilized world.l am from Iraq and l have seen first hand how brutal the governments in the Middle-East towards their own people.In Syria the Army so far has butchered more than 90 thousand innocent citizens.USA, UN are doing nothing to stop the killing. Take care.


    • Posted by melanietoulouse on May 26, 2013 at 3:50 pm

      I do agree with you 100%! The USofA invaded and occupied Iraq ILLEGALLY! bush&cheney government lied and manipulated the American people and started an illegal war, more than 150 000 Iraqi civilians were killed! US freedom and democracy have completely failed, last but not least: they have opened “Pandora’s box” ever since in that already unsteady area, Syria being one of the present human tragedies… 😦


      • I have to admit US invasion of Iraq was wrong. It’s indefensible. pandora’s box had already opened long before the Iraq war. Take note that 9/11 happened before that, and before that, the US was being constantly attacked… embassies, even a ship ( USS Cole ), even here in the US. . Pandora’s Box was opened when US maintained some sort of military base in Saudi Arabia after Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. Bin LaDin resented that. To him it was a Holy Land that was being occupied by infidels.


    • I’m not sure, but I think the US already had brought this issue to the UN, and had asked for sanction againts Syria…. nothing happened because China and Russia blocked the resolution.

      I really don’t know why the UN had not done anything to save the Syrians. Could be because of Russians and Chinese blocking any move /resolution to send peacekeeping forces . I ‘m not sure either if the UN had actually sent troops already , but are , in the meantime , stationed at the border between jordan and Syria, and couldn’t enter Syrian territory.

      No one can blame the US for not doing anything , YET. We have been burned 2 x already. Afghanistan and Iraq are holding us back. ( and not to mention, the US is just starting to recover from a debilitating recession caused by these wars. ) we have to note that not just the war itself had caused the US billions of dollars…. the US had to spend for Iraq’s and Afghanistan’s reconstruction.


  4. where did you get those pictures? scary indeed? horrifying.. i hope that would be the last….make peace not war 🙂


  5. The photo of the Vietnamese kids is about 40 years old …. 40 years later, we are STILL seeing similar images in other countries …. Humans are …. destructive …


    • It is 40 years old. The little girl in the pic, the naked one , is now in canada, a grandma. we can’t see it but her body is actually 80% burned. The doctors thought she wouldn’t survive, but she did. napalm is an incendiary bomb .


  6. Posted by Jueseppi B. on May 26, 2013 at 7:36 pm

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Exactly. America has just ended it’s involvement in one war and are trying to extricate itself from another war. We Don’t Need To Jump Ass First Into Syria.


    • *sigh*

      It’s been 2 years since the civil war started, or was it 3 years? that’s quite a long time to mull over what the US is supposed to do . I think Pres. Obama is grappling with his conscience. It’s bad enough that he is forced to use drones to fight the terrorists, but to be forced to do something military on Syria is such a mind-boggling decision. But the image of civilians ( children, women, etc,) dead and injured cannot be avoided, unless we turn our heads from reality.

      I paid my taxes.


      • Posted by Jueseppi B. on May 26, 2013 at 10:45 pm

        You are how old Ms. Renxkyoko?


        • LOL Geekiness and Nerdiness is ageless. ~(^___^~) You should read me on Video games forum. And manga and anime fora. LOL I need a life…. Blame it on my parents. they talk politics all the time. And they are big on the environment. i was totally infected by them.


  7. In war, no one wins.


    • Indeed.

      But they’re crying for help, Sam Han. They know the US is the only power that can stop the war. But it’s gonna cost us again….. the US is just recovering from recession.


  8. We should never forget this. This is what humans are willing to do to each other, is this who we really are?


  9. Great post. Big questions. No answers. I don’t think America needs to be the world’s keeper. Look at how well the “democracy” we’ve pushed on other nations has worked. It hasn’t… So much of what happens in this world is bigger than us, and yet it all starts with us. There’s something to be said for that… something that, if every man took to heart, could make a very big difference in this world.


  10. That photo of the ‘Napalm girl’ is engraved in my mind and I really feel for that London soldier that was hacked to death in broad day light >_< I just wish for world peace!


    • Photos like that can bring peace to the world.I don’t think anyone with a sound mind can look at these photos and not feel anything.


  11. Beautiful post my dear friend; have nice day


  12. war brings nothing , no peace no land not even happiness , it’s pure politics .
    if a soldier really want to fight // then fight for good kill those rapists kill those terrorists kill all drugs & alchohol stuff .more importantly kill the “HATE” “SELFISHNESS”.

    This world shall Know Pain someday
    one day human will destruct their own self for some stupid reason..

    “Peace… I don’t know how to get there… but… but someday I’ll break the curse. If there’s such a thing as peace, I will find it!”


    • ” Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
      ” Greed is the essence of everything”
      Religion is supposed to be about love and peace, but so many have killed and died in the name of religion.

      I guess it’s only nature that can bring us to our knees when it unleashes its power on humanity. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tornadoes, storms, drought, floodings, climate change, and maybe an asteroid ( Russia got hit recently )…. what else can nature pile on us?


  13. It is difficult to talk of political matters without exciting some unpleasant interest, to which I would never like you to be exposed. For my part, as someone who lives in London, I wish we all had a bit more tolerance and understanding of each others views and religious beliefs. Thinking evil rests with one set of beliefs or another is something I would like to see vanish from the public consciousness


  14. Great post and many why and what can do the US or other Arab countries for each other ?


    • The US can come back and fund research on cure for cancer and other debilitating diseases. The US government has de-funded these research institutions and diverted money to “other ” endeavors.


      • Well that’s quite unfortunate, they should have to focus more on things that it really would be worth and helps people to give them more support in the sickness policy and the work-sector! Nice to have chatted with you and I wish you a pleasant evening 🙂


  15. Morally it is a tough question, to be isolationist and watch innocents suffer or to step in when it’s needed. Not for oil of course but for saving lives which of course won’t happen unless big business smells a profit.

    It would be interesting though to see all countries pulling back and just guarding their own frontiers and seeing how peaceful things would be. Armies looking at internal security to stop atrocities like the one in London, which has inflamed feelings and it won’t take much to set off the tinder box. If that happens then the riots of the other year will seem small in comparison.

    I applaud your honesty when speaking your mind.


    • The US is frantically still trying to solve this diplomatically. Sec, John Kerry is talking to Russia and China, but the latest news , to date, is… we’ve reached the tipping point . We’re going to arm the rebels … meanwhile , Russia will do the same, but they’re with Assad.


  16. “…most especially in London , where majority of 3 million Muslims live. Most Londoners now fear Islamification of their city.”

    I am sorry, but this is simply not true. For a start there are only about 2.5 million Muslims in the whole of the Uk. Muslim make up about 12% of the London population. Combined there are far more Poles, French, German, Dutch, Italians, Americans, Greeks, Cypriots, Indians, Irish and Welsh and all the African countries.

    Londoners who say they fear the city is becoming Islamified are ignorant of the true facts and should quell their fears.


    • I reread that part, and I have to agree with you. I miswrote that statement. I should have written the whole of UK, but I did read 3 million, However, the article also stated majority of the Muslim population reside in London, and some major cities. In fact, some areas have Muslims clearly in the majority. I readily believed what I had read because when I was at Heathrow Airport, believe it or not, I thought we were at some Middle east airport, and not in England. The people that we saw were all Middleeasterns… families. So, how did I know? the women were all wearing scarves on their heads. We were in line for almost 3 hours so we managed to observe the people at the airport. BTW,
      There are more Muslims in the US than there are in Saudi Arabia, or so I heard, but the US is huge, so they are kind of invisible.

      I really don’t know how readers will take my post, but you know, this is what majority of Americans think of this Syria crisis. Everyone knows these Middle east problems always spell trouble for the US.


  17. Posted by Frank on May 28, 2013 at 3:08 pm

    Yes, I agree the U.S. needs to stop medling in other countries business. We have too many problems in the U.S. that need attention. There is a saying (not sure of the exact words), “If you cannot fix your own how can you be expected to fix others.”

    Take care and have a wonderful day.


    • That’s true. But Syrians are looking up to us to help them. they’re not beating around the bush anymore. They are straightforwardly screaming for help. We are slowly just coming out of recession, and then bam, here we go again. I am as sure as the sun is out there, we are going to arm the rebels, starting this week. Germany and France have already given the go signal. We’re next.


  18. Damn, I hate that picture and at the same time am glad it was taken. It still gives me shivers, even though it has been in my memory seemingly forever. I want to think it was one of the things that changed the public acceptance of THAT war.

    SO much of the 60s and early 70s were colored by that way. SO this is Christmas, the John Lennon song, was written as a protest song. Now it is loved by many who do not want to see it for what it was. It was not a song to just celebrate Christmas.

    We need to remember the images of war and petition our leaders to avoid it at all costs.

    Give peace a chance. Really. We need to.

    Great piece


    • Oh. yes, that pic changed America’;s acceptance of the war. Although, I think I have to disagree with the word acceptance. Americans never accepted that war. It was the US government that sent drafted soldiers to fight and get killed in that war. American citizenry protested. Young men were drafted to fight in a war that they didn’t like.

      You’re right about the John Lennon song.

      The problem about showing images of Syrian children injured and dead is that it will surely bring the US back to the Middle east. No one can look at the images of the innocents , turn their back on that, and not feel anything.


      • Unfotunately, in the beginning and through most of the 60’s, there was a large part of the country that supported the vietnam war. The protests and actions against those protests almost tore the country apart. . . .I was just barely too young to go, but I did have a draft card. . .very bad period

        I see your point about the Syrian children, but in the end, full disclosure is best. I think. I hope.


  19. Posted by Sreejit Poole on May 29, 2013 at 10:12 am

    Very well said, all of your points. There certainly isn’t any easy answer in Syria, as the rebels themselves are such a complicated mix. So sad to see so much suffering, but really what could the US do? Who would we choose to help if we’re going on a purely ethical basis, which is anyways always doubtful…


    • No, there isn’t. And yes, you’re right, they’re a complicated mix. To date, the US doesn’t actually know whom to talk to. No single group has come out , as yet, and disturbingly, the ones who are clearly fighting with the rebels are the groups that the US had declared war againts. That’s definitely a dilemma.


  20. Posted by Chuda on May 29, 2013 at 12:54 pm

    Hmm Renxkyoko, Thanks for your post. I am also worried about this world. I do not know, why are all the wars happening in this world ? Why are people always full of fear ? It’s matter to think, but you have nice article. Liked it.


    • Just my random thoughts, Chuda, lol. It turned out more serious than my original intention, though. Although I knew it would turn out like that, given what’s happening all over. Iran, Israel, , Palestine, North Korea, Boston bombing, London massacre, now, Syria. Lebanon, Turkey and Russia are getting sucked,,,, in a few days, it would be the US. They’re piling up.


      • Posted by Chuda on May 29, 2013 at 10:50 pm

        Yes ,It’s not random, I can understand you. Its really serious matter to think. I think you , you also had seen the video of London attack up on soldier, how cruel is that attack. Similarly others, as you have written. Many people have to lose their life, due someone’s intention 😦 with out no reason. Many people are struggling to deal with their life, but the life of every people is not safe 😦


  21. hello, Ren… parang gusto kong magmura ng mas malutong sa cuss words mo re: pics of the displaced children, pasensya naman… 😉

    magulo nga ang mga pangyayari sa Syria, naglabu-labo na sila ro’n… ^^ i guess, some Syrians’ appeal for help to Obama could be taken as a sign that they no longer see the conflict as something that could be resolved by them and among themselves, parang…

    hope things are well, sister. cheers! 🙂


    • They’re appealing, nay, begging to be helped. so, yeah, here we go again. The US is just starting to come out of debilitating recession. * sigh * Ah, what is recession compared to people getting killed and people asking for help?

      Comusta, Ate? Ang gulo din sa Philippines, ha. Taiwan and China? Sino ba ang kampi sa nyo dyan?


      • ah, yes, US’s coming out of recession always has a positive impact on Philippine stocks, hehe. our stock exchange index has exceeded the benchmarks recently, hakhak. that’s thanks to positive response to US fiscal reforms. what to do, eh? US coughs, Phils gets the fever, haha. US stabilizes somehow, the Phil business community rejoices, lol. 😉

        btw, US has long declared that it will “minimize” its intervention in countries where it has no economic and military interests, as far as I know. that its policing the world politically has drained the pockets of taxpayers, i heard… so, i guess, Obama’s move in Syria, if ever there will be, will depend on US’s interest in the region. but then, Syria is a thick stew – it can’t be cooked with just a few stirring, ahaha. 😉

        ay, di naman masyado… China has long been saber-rattling in the region and it has (i guess) chosen Phils as a showcase of its might, economically and politically, yown… Taiwan is considered Chinese province, di ba? and a Taiwanese poacher on Phil. sea has been killed and causing a ruckus in the media. but some analysts say that Taiwan is stirring trouble this way to deflect attention from its domestic troubles, sabi…^^

        ang kakampi? ay, sows, may alam ba ang Pinoys kakampi other than Uncle Sam? hehe… i don’t know, Phils has always been a strategic partner of US in the region. Hilary’s coming over here in the last few years was a declaration that it would stay around and help out if necessary ( i guess), especially if the adversary is the gigantic China, hehe. ayon, parang gano’n ata… kaway-kaway… 😉


        • ha ha When US coughs, the Philippines gets a cold.

          Yes, these endless wars have emptied the US’s coffers. Pero, feeling ko, the US is about to enter the arena. There’s really nothing to gain from going to Syria….. ma halt na naman yung improving economy namin dito. Hay naku. Pero, what can the US do. It’s a slippery slope, pero, segurado, madudulas ang US dyan sa slippery slope na yan, derecho at walang break. Lagot na naman kami . Ang laki talaga ng impact sa economy namin, ha.

          Huh ? US lang ba ang best friend ng Philippines ? No, really ? T.T Kaiyak naman.

          Grabe naman yung China. Bully ! Boooo ! Ano naman ang sinasabe ng mga ” activists” dyan/ Kampi sa China, yung idol nila?


          • ahaha, cold lang epekto nitong last US recession. stable daw at tama ang value ng peso as a currency, this time… basta, masasaya ang fund investors dahil sa devts sa US… 😉

            slippery slope nga ata. but then, mukhang kasali naman talaga ang US, ahehe. andami na yatang beses nadulas ang US sa interventions nito sa internal conflicts ng iba’t ibang nations… but still, US has grown accustomed to meddling, i guess. ahaha, baka profitable for the govt, huh?

            more or less, dear. but then, i guess the President is somehow learning how to play his cards pagdating sa foreign relations. i suppose… i mean, he has to… 😉

            ahihi, China wants to reign supreme, ba’t ba? ay, di me updated sa calls and chants ng activists recently. will have to find that out pa…

            hope things are alright. cheers! 🙂


            • Profitable? Ubos ang pera ng taxpayers ! We not only paid for destroying the countries, we paid again for reconstruction ! Tapos, dito, the government defunded everything. I play the violin, and I learned to play it for free, at my middle school and highschool. Well, guess what, both middle school and highschool music classes are gone. No more orchestras, no more bands. That’s very sad. Even our sports programs are in danger of being cancelled.

              Okay ba si Aquino ? We heard lahat ng polticians dyan mediocre, pulos artista, and rampant nepotism. My parents said not to vote for someone there named Binay. You guys will be sorry. And darn, the former president, the one who got kicked out unceremoniously, , is now a mayor?

              My parents despise the ” activists ” there. Pag Americano, sige, rally, protest. Pero, pag China, quiet lang sila. The US is not paying attention to the Philippines anymore. I don’t know if that’s a good thing.

            • Ren, dear, war has always been profitable for the huge and powerful countries that engage in it. for the US, it has benefited the most, since WWII. war has contributed greatly to its GDP, the upping of its citizens’ quality of life and for building up infrastructures, am afraid… ^^

              war has its social costs, sure, and it impacts on its people’s psyche, yes. but i guess, that is how it has been for nations who have grown big and powerful in the international arena… of course, we wish it were otherwise but then, leaders at the helm act on the exigencies of the moment, the demands of their positions and the interests that play out at the upper echelon of power, so to speak… things are sad. 🙂

              i mean, personally, i think that Obama is a sensitive guy and learned, too. so was Clinton. as persons and leaders, they’re no naive and softies… but it seems that the game, up there, isn’t as easy as we’d like to believe or see. those two could not just turn around and reverse all the policies that their predecessors initiated and institutionalized. they could and they did initiate some reforms, i guess – some changes but not a complete turn around of policies not beneficial to the citizens and the nation’s treasury. sadly so…

              well, Pnoy has so far done better than expected. the peso is doing well. there are government expenses that have been trimmed and/or redirected to more sensible programs, i guess. but still, nepotism is very much around. i think it isn’t that easy to get rid of that. ours still fall under the category of banana republic. and, yes, the former President is now a mayor, haha. but then, that’s not new considering that the previous President has elected herself to be a congresswoman after her term, ahaha. btw, the mayor ex-Pres has now two sons in the Senate, say? that, actually isn’t something to be sneezed at, around here, if you know what i mean…. 😉

              ahaha, ganoon ba? baka may fixation ang ibang protesters (ang iba) that only the US is capable of colonization, imposition and bullying. that they can’t think of China yet as an aggressor, baka lang… ^^ a, hindi naman. strategic pa rin ang Phils sa US sa region. but Phils must learn how to cultivate new allies and allegiances, tradewise and otherwise, hehe. cheers! 🙂

            • Not the US, Ate, believe me. It had been profitable for private contractors ,or the arms industry, but not for the US government, and definitely not the taxpayers. What exactly did we get out of Iraq and Afghanistan? nada. The Us is supposedly a rich and powerful country, but majority of our infrastructures are old, or aging. A bridge just collapsed in Seattle. Most of medical / science researches have either been defunded or slashed. And you do know our quality of life had gone down? The government cannot even fully support our veterans.

              Pres. Obama is a good guy. His heart is in the right place, and we know he’s grappling with his conscience.

              It’s good that Pres. Aquino has done better than expected. But what is this Dan Brown crisis?

              Those activists are stuck in the past. They should learn international politics. They cannot even see the new ” danger”, which is right under their nose. Better check out the brand of the stuff you’re buying. Meron pa ba manufactuting companies dyan? Baka lahat made in , alam mo na. Patronize local products, Ate.

            • ei, the private contractors and the wall street bigwigs profited from the wars. so did the big manufacturers, i guess… yes, it’s ironic that it’s the leaders from the Democratic party that have to make the cuts in government expenditures on social services and funding for the American poor. it’s the Republican guys that have been harping on that, as far as I know, hehe.

              let’s cross our fingers that Obama will not be beholden to the big interest groups there – in his actuations and policies. there’s too much at stake, parang… i mean, lots of americans are suffering in these hard times (for the US), supposedly, US is still the world’s leading economic power… ^^

              ahaha, the Dan Brown crisis is the famed author describing MM as the gates to hell in his latest book. of course, Pinoys reacted (or overreacted). he could have chosen Bombay or Jakarta or Bangkok’s sidestrips… you know, we’re sensitive if and when it’s the foreigners who point out our metropolis’ squalor, hehe…

              haha, do tell them, Ren. they’d probably take it better if you do the telling, di nga… yes, made in _ na lahat, several years back pa, naman… 😉

              have a good weekend ahead, dear. 🙂

            • Dan Brown exagerrates ! I like him as an author, he’s a good storyteller, but he does tend to disrespect groups of people to further his storyline….. like the way he twisted Opus Dei and turned it into an evil organization. My dad is an Opus Dei member, so he’s kind of pissed off at Opus Dei’s depiction as a dodgy organization of freaky people. My brother went to school in the Philippines that is owned and ran by Opus dei….. Southridge School for Boys, and brother says it’s a great school. ( Mom says the most expensive school in the Philippines)

  22. Truly deep and thought provoking post, Renxkyoko. You articulated your points succinctly. You know for a long time after I had seen that photo of Vietnam, I was so much haunted by it. And I had seen it when I was in my teens I think. Seeing it again has reminded me of the senselessness of war. Thanks for this post


    • I am merely musing, just putting my thoughts out here, succinctly, I hope. This post was supposed to a travelogue, but as I said, it turned out to be a long one, aaargh. I was crossing my fingers when I clicked Publish. I expected a few disagreements, and hopefully , not so nasty. I’m waiting.


  23. That’s some really important and serious stuff you’ve brought up:)


  24. Posted by Antony Broad on May 30, 2013 at 6:35 am

    Hi, I love reading your writing. Seriously, all of it. And while I have often agreed and not said so, disagreed and not said so, smiled, laughed and even wondered if you’re the perfect woman… (Okay, that’s an extension of the truth, but you may very well be for all I know…) in this blog I see you drawing the parallel between the Arab race and the Muslim religion, and it just seems a little… I don’t know… American?

    Having read your writing for a while now, and knowing your impeccable wit and understanding of the world around you, I’m not suggesting this was done out of ignorance. Of course you know there are many non-Muslim Arabs, right? Just thought I’d point out to you how it came across. Please don’t be deterred from writing about such issues. If you ever post how to boil an egg, I will assume you aren’t as wonderful as I had first perceived you to be. This IS a compliment, despite how it might seem. It is also becoming a novel, so on that note, I’ll say thanks and shoot through.


    • I’ve been waiting for a comment like this, rather anxiously, I have to admit. I’m a bit relieved that I’m not getting a lot of flack, so far. I take your comment not as a criticism, though. But I need to clarify some points you’ve made here.

      First off, I don’t think “Arab” is a race. It is a linguistic and cultural term to describe a certain group of people. Over centuries, however, being Arab has become synanymous to being Muslim. But you’re right, there are many non-Muslim Arabs. The population of Lebanon, for example , is almost 40% Christians. In fact, most of our Lebanese friends are Christians. An Iraqi co worker of my sister’s is Christian. Syria , has 16% Arab Christian citizens. Egypt has its Orthodox Christians.

      Also, I dont think I drew a parallel between Arabs and Muslim religion on my post. I mentioned Arab only once, and only as ” rich Arabs”, . was what I wrote. And I assumed that we all know that the Boston marathon bombers were not Arabs, nor the London murderers. So, I don’t know why my post gives the impression that Arab =Muslims.

      By the way, my co-worker , who came from Iran, doesn’t consider herself Arab. She says she’s Persian, and speaks Farsi, not Arabic. My other co-workers is an Afghan and a Palestinian. All 4 of us have the same work schedule, and they’re the nicest people I’ve ever worked with .

      Anyway, thank you for the comment. I appreciate it. To me, that means, you’ve actually read my post ! And yes, I’ll take it as a compliment.

      It’s 4 AM now. I hope I didn’t blabber here.


      • Posted by Antony Broad on May 30, 2013 at 12:17 pm

        Now I will re-read it and I’m certain everything you’ve said here will ring true. As I said, that was merely the perception I got when I read it through, but that doesn’t mean what I perceived was correct. Thanks for not getting bent out of shape 🙂


  25. Great post. As much as that photo horrifies me, I think every school child should be forced to look at it at some point whislt growing up.


    • * sigh*
      I wish we could shield the kids from the horrors of war. Let them be happily innocent for a few more years. It’s sad.


      • You’re right – it is sad.

        Unfortunately so many grow up playing war games on their playstations that they become desensitized to the brutal reality from a young age.

        Not like me – I was playing Donkey Kong and Mario unti I was …ooooh, about 30!


        • I was in elementary when I played Mario, Sponge Bob, and Scooby Doo.

          I don’t know about these video games. There’s not enough research that has been done to conclude that these games have indeed desensitized us. The gamers will be the first ones to tell us “Not”. I play a lot, but it has not desensitized me. In fact it has taught me to strategize, and exercise my reflexes. Do you know there’s a research on going where psychologists let a specific group of senior citizens play video games ? There’s no conclusion yet, as it’s still ongoing, but so far, those who play video games have become sharper and their declining hand skills have improved so much.


  26. Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes on May 31, 2013 at 12:26 pm

    I can really hear your conflict, and I feel it too.

    I had no idea of this poisonous gas the government used on its OWN people??? I just do not comprehend so so much in this world. But I agree – what do they expect Obama to do?

    So many questions here, and a painful subject.


    • The US doesn’t know who to help. the conflict originally started as protest againts Assad’s regime, but it has morphed into a sectarian conflict , Shia vs, Sunni., religious, in other words.

      The US still isn’t sure if the Syrian government has indeed crossed the red line ( use of chemical poison ).


  27. Very noble thoughts. An insightful article on a painful subject.


    • Thank you, Tanumoy Biswas. I ‘m not sure if it’s insightful, though. * sweats* I have to admit, it’s highly opinionated, right or wrong. This always gets me into trouble. * wipes sweats *

      Anyway, cheers !


      • Haha! No worries. Ideas always lead to conflicts, else they are but hollow bones. We just need to have a liberal mind, all of us. Keep writing! Cheers! 🙂


  28. Posted by ~REBECCA DAWN~ on June 1, 2013 at 3:21 am

    Hi Ren 🙂
    How are you my dear?
    What another lovely thought provoking post! You know who would also love it? Bitter!! LOL!
    I think it’s kind of ironic, these countris always condemn Western countries, they ban some imports (etc) but as soon as they are in trouble, they cry for help!
    Nope, you got yourself in this mess get yourself out. We shouldnt be involving ourselves in their mess. But Allied nations and such..
    Gag me!
    Look at my lame political opinion lol


  29. great insights, and very interesting discussions sa comment section 🙂 sana one of these days makapag-post ka rin ng opinion tungkol sa Monsanto corporation at sa business nila ng genetically modified organisms or genetically modified foods in general…

    totoo bang nagiging common na ang GMO crops sa US? sorry kung off-topic. nire-research ko ito ngayon eh hehe


    • Ahahaha ! RP, in a way, that’s right up my alley. My target is actually Monsanto when I graduate ! !

      Okay, I’ll talk about it, but n9ot because I’m knowledgeable, mind you. My sister is a Mictobiologist and she works…… never mind.


  30. Hi, I nominated you the the Sunshine Award

    feel free to accept it


  31. I have always problem finding “like” button in your blog. meri marg darshan karaoo batsh. 😦 Thank god I can at least comment. 😉


    • Oh, goodness, that’s my problem, too !!!!! Oh, wow, do you mean, there are readers who cannot LIKE? Ha ha ha
      By the way, try commenting first, then you’ll see the LIKE button. It’s a pain, isn’t it? And do you always see the LIKE feature always Loading?


  32. God is in total control. Thanks for sharing this post!


  33. great post. and thanks for commenting on my “Tearjerkers” post. It got deleted because I switched domains, so I wanted thank you here and say I agreed with you. It shows how much we actually mean to animals. oh and since I just switched to a self-hosted domain, so if you want my blog to still show up in your reader through you need to go to your reader and click Edit List next to Blogs I Follow, and add thank you. i don’t to lose you as a reader or a follower 🙂


  34. Interesting piece. Unfortunately, this issue is a complex one, and made muddier by politics. Whether or not we should be involved in Syria, we already overplayed out hand when the president drew a line in the sand over chemical weapons and then backpedaled. This reaction has confused our allies and emboldened the Assad regime (although several other factors contribute to this as well).


    • Assad would be careful not to use any chemical weapon….. I don’t think Assad would want to cross that line. maybe when Obama said that, he was thinking of Saddam Hussein using chemical weapons on the Kurds where thousands died. Here in Iraq, the US can’t confirm if such a thing happened. There was a a canister that a woman found at her backyard, opened it, and died. Less than 5 people died, one too many , I have to admit, but I don’t think that’s enough proof that assad did indeed cross the line, and therefore the US has to jump into the war arena.

      That red line wasn’t a smart move.


        • Read the article…… although they had confirmed use of sarin, they couldn;t say with 100% certainty that it came from Assad army. The US has to approach this with caution.


          • True. You’re never going to have 100, but there comes a certain point where you have to either accept the information or not, and make decisions from there. I don’t think that the President should rush off to war (look where that’s gotten us in the past), but he has to realize that the press isn’t as quick to pick up after him as they used to be when he starts promising stuff he’s unlikely to deliver.


            • I understand, and you’re right, maybe it’s about time for Obama to take a stand. And I’m sure the whole country is already aware what can happen if we do go. France and Germany, and England cannot move decidedly. they’re actually waiting for the US to lead.

              By the way, Obama has designated Susan rice as his new National Security Adviser, a position that doesn’t need to be confirmed by Congress. We have to take note that Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice were the warhawks re Libya. There was a time when people thought these two women were the ones who convinced Obama to take action againts Libya, using proxy nations Hillary clinton was in France on the very first day the French went into action and started bombing Libya.

            • And in the President’s defense (although again, it has so far proved to be an embarrassing blunder) as bad as the Line may have been, he could have exponentially made things worse by doubling-down and rushing precipitously into another Middle East Adventurer, which may have been tempting given his earlier statements and its possible use as a distraction for the troika of scandals with which his administration is contending.

            • re troika of scandals…. 1. Benghazi 2. IRS 3. AP

              Benghasi….. kaput, zero….. tthe Republicans couldn’t continue their harassment, because “scene” of killing wasn’t an Embassy, nor a consulate… it was a CIA listening post, and therefore, the CIA was actually in charge of that place, and therefore, they were the ones that instructed the State department what to tell the public. The Cia instructions were unfortunately given to Amb. Susan Rice. Th more than 100 email exchanges between the WH, State Dept., and CIA that were submitted to the Senate proved that it was the CIA who kept changing the talking points. The more than 100 emails proved that it was Gen. Petreus who was in charge of the talking points.

              IRS….. the tables have been turned on the supposed victims….. now , everyone is questioning their duplicity and audacity to apply for SOCIAL WELFARE TAX EXEMPTIONS. The name TEA PARTY has been tagged early on as dubious applications. In other words , they have been red flagged. With 60,000 applications received by the IRS before the elections, it would make sense to check out those that have been redflagged. The republicans use the word ” target” .

              It’s laughable to consider TEA PARTy a a Social Welfare organization. these people are the last people in the world to concern themselves with social welfare, and helping the poor.

              AP…… the Republicans couldn’t go there, either. It was clearly national security crime . Even AP cpuldn’t pursue the case because they knew the government wasn’t after the reporters, but after the person who leaked a national security secret… this endangered the lives of the persons who were working for the US government. McCain et al wouldn’t touch it.

            • We’ll just have to agree to disagree. All three ARE scandals. The question in Bengazi is whether the Administration deliberately misled the American people, and “who was in charge when” is a distraction. The IRS has ADMITTED that its actions were improper and that it singled out some groups. The Tea Party could be Hitler and it doesn’t change that.
              I’ve seen and studied enough political scandals of this type to know that it may be months before we really know what happened. We know someone screwed up, what we don’t know is if the administration was involved.

              And yet you seem so utterly convinced that these are all Republican tricks. You may turn out to be right, we’ll see. But when someone is so adamant about something when it’s still developing, I have to wonder if they didn’t have their minds made up before anything happened.

              The AP scandal may prove the most hurtful in that journalists who would have helped bury the other scandals only a few months ago are now doing their jobs.

            • I guess that’s all we can do… agree to disagree.

              By the way, what other scandals? That the Boston bombing was actually perpetrated by the government?

            • That’s not a scandal, that’s a crackpot theory. I’m pretty sure we’re in TOTAL agreement on that one.

            • Well, someone said the government ” is now buying up all the bullets for semi-automatic weapons so that there won’t be anything left for public use.” A republican congressman wanted to investigate that. Another congressman from Texas said Pres. Obama ” is surrounded by people who are members of the Muslim brotherhood. ” Muichelle Bachmann herself said Hillary Clinton’s secretary’s family belong to the Muslim Brotherhood ( she has a Middle Eastern name , though her husband is Jewish ). This allegation put H. Clinton ‘s life in danger when she went to Egypt where her car was pelted with stones..

            • Just because there are a lot of political opportunists doesn’t mean that everything they’re saying is wrong. You’ve heard the expression “even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

              It’s not wise to get into an “us vs them” mentality (i.e., the other party is bad and wants to hurt America), because it tends to color our thinking.

            • Okay….. PEACE, Smaktakula.

  35. hello, Ren… thanks for the visit. just checking if you’ve a new post already. hope you’re A-okay, dear. 🙂


  36. It’s very moving post. Exactly why ask US to be a savior all the time when that country itself has so many crisis of its own. Nicely done!


    • the US is all over the world, A. Mittal. We are at our limit. We’ve made mistakes and we’re payin for them….. the US needs to back off.


  37. Hi Ren! 🙂

    I’m with you there… on the one hand I want our country help overthrow a dictator who’s vicious and cruel to his people… but on the other hand I’m SO TIRED of our country being constantly at war. There are such huge costs to war — people talk flippantly about “blood and treasure” — but these are real costs — real people’s blood being spilled, not only our soldiers and enemies but innocent civilians. Huge amounts of money that we end up borrowing because no politician apparently has the stomach to raise taxes to pay for wars, and the opportunity costs of where we could have spent that money for productive projects instead of destruction. And a huge loss of our moral standing in the world as the horrors of war get captured digitally and splashed around the world instantly.

    I agree– it’s time the US stops trying to be the world’s policeman. Yelling for the US to help is so easy, just like it’s so easy to almost immediately turn around and hate us for meddling, forgetting you asked for our help to begin with. It’s time regional power players step up and take responsibility for their corner of the world. The Arab world needs to grow up and put effort into establishing and enforcing peace in the Middle East. Sure, the US and the world can help with money, logistics, information, but the heavy lifting needs to be done by the people in the area who best understand what needs to be done and how to do it.


    • Ben, we cannot always intervene in countries where the head of the country is vicious and cruel to its people. What are we? official world’s policeman? We armed the Talibans in their war againts the Russians. In fact, BinLadin was there in Afghanistan fighting with the Talibans. Then we put boots on the ground when saddam Hussein invaded kuwait. Before that, we most likely supplied Saddam with chemical weapons that he used on the Kurds. We went to Somalia…. what happened there? Sheeeesh. Good thing we didn’t intervene in Egypt and Tunisia. But we did, in Libya…. and look what happened.


      • Yes! At some point we need to stop… constantly feeding the war machine is throwing away so much “blood and treasure” both here at home and abroad.


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  39. Excellent post, glad we can also blog about things outside the box. Would Linguistics bore you too much?


  40. As long as the Federal Reserve (in America) and the IMF run the show, the US will be at war with somebody. And believe me, the American people are sick of it. If not for Government, and power hungry politicians, bankers, and religious fanatics, I suspect the entire world could finally live in peace.


  41. Unfortunately war will always exist. And it will worsen with technology. When trying to know the causes, we still end up with defining statements from our governments– We are the good guys, and they’re the bad guys… and vice versa. Sadly, there will also forever exist those who enjoy acts of violence. It matters not about ethnicity or cultural backgrounds. Peace.


  42. Unfortunately it always seems that it is the civilian population that suffers most in war. And no generation will ever learn from history. Here we are in the 21st century… and look at our violent world… and all the wondrous good there could be.


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