My European tour part 21, Poitiers, France


Hello there !

Where do I start ? I’ve got tons of  disorganized  random thoughts swirling on my mind  right now.  But I finally figured out how to make sense of them….. make them current. That’s right.

So to start off and without much further ado…..

Yesterday, Pres. Obama complimented  California’s attorney general, Kamala Harris, for her good  looks.  But that was after saying nice things about her brilliant work as an attorney-general.


.There was an ” uproar” among  feminists. Oh, from  just a few critics but boy,  were they  loud. They said  it was  sexist and inappropriate. C’mon. It was said at a fund raising event where jokes  were tossed around  and bandied  about among friends and allies.  I’ve always been with you , sisters, but not this time. Your outrage is silly and over the top, and it makes you look like some bitter Ms. goody two shoes with this holier than thou attitude.  It’s nasty and it won’t  advance your cause.  Thank goodness this is just a one-day wonder. Lighten up,  ladies. The glass ceiling is going to finally break in 2016. .  Save your energy. The fight is about to commence.  Who’s with me?


.We have a bunch of  Hilarry stickers like the picture above left over from her 2008 Primary run againts Pres. Obama. I couldn’t even vote yet when Mom dragged me along as volunteers for Hillary’s campaign. At their headquarters, I worked the phones for a while, but I really couldn’t stand getting yelled at by obvious Obama supporters at the end of the line….. And we weren’t supposed to argue, nor contradict, nor be contentious,  we  just  explained things nicely , stuck to written guidelines,  then got the heck   off the phone  fast . Ha ha.  That was NASTY !  When I whined about it, I was given the task of posting on different fora.  My  “favorites ” were DailyKos and Huffington Post.  At first , I was polite and meek,  but it didn’t work on DailyKos, so I took off my mask and gave as good as I got, blow by blow, tit for tat, to the point that I was almost banned from the forum.  He he he. Oh, the adrenaline ! !  I was the goddess  of Rock ! !  Good thing there were a few nice posters  who defended me … it was like, ” Look, guys,  we’re all Democrats here. We have to unite at one point behind one candidate . We’ve heard of Hillary supporters threatening to sit out this election  if things turn out even more contentious than this. ”  And the poster was right.  My parents left the names for President blank. Mom  said  she was so pissed she voted for McCain. No, she didn’t, ( though I’m not sure ) but we did go into sulk mode. It took us maybe a year to warm up to Obama.  Yay, Obama !  ( We still don’t like Bill Richardson and that b*tch what’s – her- face  from CNN. )

Enough of my  chitty chatty  and let’s get down to the nitty gritty……my trip to France.

Here’s my problem though…… I forgot the name of the first French town we visited and stayed the night in. ( 6__6) I  remember the hotel was Ibis. So , any one from France who gets to read this, can you please tell me what town this is?  It’s a small, charming postcard pretty town, and the street sign here says , Limoges Chateuroux, Bessac, CHU de Poitiers.  Could it be  Poitiers, France?  I’m not sure.






.The ubiquitous Chinese restaurant



DSCN1761.The photo is blurry…. posted this  just to show you  we had coffee at the public square or esplanade.

There was no guided tour of the town. We just walked around  within the vicinity of the hotel,  had coffee and cakes and  people watched.


Our  dinner at the hotel….  an entree of chevre ( goat cheese ) on toast and veggie salad


.Turkey meat with delicious gravy…..



.Bon appetit !

Well, this is it for now.  Amboise and Bordeux, France are next.

Bonne journee.  La paix.  Au revoir.

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  1. Great post !!!


  2. I always love your tour, and the plates of food always make me feel hungry, or greedy if I’ve already eaten


    • T.T

      Countingducks, I was not able to take more photos of this town. We didn’t have a guide, so we just walked around aimlessly until dinner time. I think we went there just to sleep. Anyway, the town was charming.


  3. Hello there !
    Where do I start? 🙂
    Right. If I compliment a lady, technically speaking, how’s that sexist and inappropriate ?


    • If that was the only thing he said about her, that would be, uhm, a bit awkward. I guess this is the last time we’re gonna hear something of this sort from the president. He does tend to do that all the time, for both genders. Cong. Salazar was comp;limented too. ” That good -looking dude… ” ha ha ha. aaaargh ! Quit it, Mr. President. It’s embarassing. ^__^


      • Very embarrassing..Ha Ha!
        Talking about Hillary, I feel she lacks charm. Decent lady, knows her job especially very good with foreign affairs but hmm!


  4. Oof, I can’t ever imagine working the phones in a place like that. But! wow what a getaway! yummy foods and awesome sights, nice 🙂


  5. Loved your story in the beginning! My mom has been saying that she’s voting for Hillary if she runs in 2016 (and I assume I will too)! :p Loved your France pictures, I wish I could do back!


  6. I had a to laugh my head off at the heat from the ladies. Of course, they ought to loosen up a bit. Can’t a lady enjoy a nice compliment for once? Wonderful photos. 🙂


  7. I totally ditto Kuya Joshua! Go Girl! 😀


  8. Interesting post 🙂 Hopefully Hillary runs again. Not only would that be good for our country, it would be amazing for all women around the world. We need this.

    Nice Paris Pics. I visited there with my sister while backpacking a few years ago…loved it. That chocolate pic made me get up and get a little piece for myself from the fridge 🙂


    • That’s chocolate mousse. delicious.

      And yup. We’re ready for a woman president. Hillary’s more than qualified.

      Cheers, Odette, and thanks for visiting.


  9. I am now hungry…. for food and travel!


  10. Posted by 25pesocupnoodles on April 8, 2013 at 9:25 pm

    hello, 🙂


  11. Looking forward to some real girl power and hope that the debate doesn’t drown in whether or not it’s inappropriate to compliment someone (girl or guy) for their good looks. Hillary for president!


    • It will be such an exciting milestone for women… to have a woman as Commander in chief ! !
      Ugh ! I hope she runs. But I think so… we’re already getting tons of emails from S-Pac.


  12. I was rooting for Hillary back then. come 2016 she have additional strong points due to her secretary of the state stint. looking forward to the first female president. 🙂


  13. Lovely pictures! Waiting for more.
    Cheers 🙂


  14. Loved how a place and its architecture ultimately boils down to the cuisine on offer. How do you see this linkage?

    Great pictures.



    • Oh, I don’t know…. I can’t find any link between architecture and the cuisine ….. well,
      , at least, I have not really thought about it.

      Thanks, Shakti Ghosal.


  15. Posted by Don on April 9, 2013 at 9:16 am

    My wife is a feminist,powerfully so and as a male that has been a wonderful gift to me and so much of what she is has liberated me. The reaction to what Pres. Obama said, is as you say, just plain over the top. I’m afraid it becomes downright ludicrous, even embarrassing and certainly doesn’t further the cause of women. Glad you felt the way you did. I suppose though the reaction has to be interpreted within all the crap women have had to put up with, but hell, lets get some perspective.


    • I thought they were just being nitpicky. 2 days after, the issue’s gone.

      If there weren’t any other issues, like the No0rth Korean ‘s nuclear threat, and gun issues, immigration issues, Syria, Iran, and sequester, etc, etc, etc, maybe this good looking issue would make a lot of sense. Does ” looks” matter in politics?

      Cheers, Don.


  16. I agree, the hoopla over Obama’s remarks on Kamala Harris seemed way overblown (I mean seriously, getting upset about giving a woman too many compliments)… but on the flip side, it certainly gave her name recognition a big boost, which will be helpful if she decides on bigger political offices.

    I certainly hope Hillary runs, it would be pretty awesome if we elected the country’s first woman president right behind the first black president, breaking glass ceilings is a wonderful thing 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the awesome pics, and the food looked delicious!!


  17. Awesome Pics 😀 seems like you had soo fun 🙂 .


  18. Is that a chocolate ice cream? The picture after the turkey meat.?

    mukang masarap :3


  19. Posted by Tatsat on April 10, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    Am I going to have food crisis in France as well ? I am a vegetarian remember…
    I have heard of French wines though- so maybe I would not want to waste my stomach space with other things … 😛

    Loved your political commentary in the begining of post. I think people have failed to appreciate the wit and humour that the compliment was all about. Pity.

    You should write more on the political issues. Would be fun to know what you think. I have a keen interest in international affairs myself…


    • veggies were always served, without fail. Pastas had no meat in it. Win. Pizzas had barely any meat in it. You can pick out the meat and discard it. For a carnivorous person like me, it drove me up the wall. They were so stingy with the portions.


  20. Bonjour Madmuaselle! Je’ be coup le France.. Je’ parle francais un peu 😉


  21. nice food and a very nice place..Lucky you to have the chance of visiting this place…I’ll be going here too..tonight, yeah I guess…In my dreams..hehe

    nice post btw..=)


    • It was indeed a nice place. That was the central town. At the moment, it looks like a dream to me, too. I even forgot the name of the place, ha ha. Cheers !


  22. Amazing post as usual. 😀


  23. Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes on April 13, 2013 at 4:47 am

    I love your pictures as usual. You ALWAYS do great photos 🙂

    I reckon it’s ridiculous that feminists won’t allow a man to compliment a woman’s fine appearance – TOTALLY ridiculous.

    Your posts are SO packed, Renxkyoko – PACKED.


    • Aaaargh, Noeleen, the photos are so amatuerish ! ! Ha ha ha !

      Whoa ! ” So Packed? I wonder what it means… o.Oa ….. very chatty, maybe? too much info? he he he


  24. Sometimes I think i do not say enough to you to let you know how much I really appreciate your visits! You are always a blessing with them and you even comment a lot more…its really great. I love the pictures you always share from your trips, the architecture is always wonderful! And the food always looks so good it makes me hungry. Will have about 4 books of poetry coming out over the next 2 months, they have been in the works for a while, and i will let you know! God bless you my sister and have a wonderful Sunday!


    • Thank you ! Even your comments sound poetic to me.

      I seldom write comments on your blog. What else can I add to those beautiful words ? I can only nod and be in awe .


  25. Posted by vishalbheeroo on April 14, 2013 at 9:33 am

    Hey, such an interesting perspective on US politics which I am alien to. Very insightful and love the pics.


    • I hope it’s really insightful, ha ha. I’m just being chatty.

      Thanks for dropping by, vishalbheeroo. I’ll be dropping by your site soon.


  26. Cool Pics and I agree with Obama, Kamala Harris is the country’s best looking attorney-general. 😉


    • she is, isn’t she? I do understand the views of those who were annoyed. They are now asking, does looks matter in politics? It’s a valid question. It will matter if Hillary runs. they will see wrinkles.

      Cheers !


  27. Loved seeing the first photo with directions to Limoges, where I was born. Great shots, and hope you had a wonderful time in la belle France!


  28. Posted by supernova on April 16, 2013 at 3:07 am

    Hi Ren, looks like you had a good time. Sorry this comment is a bit late but things have been rather busy lately. I’ve only been to France once and that was when I was nine, so long ago I don’t remember anything about it LOL.
    Anyhow carry on and have a ball. Speak soon, James 🙂


  29. In a way it’s really sadly, that we can’t give each other compliments without it’s being misunderstood – I know that there are scary events that has made it difficult – but it’s a shame that it has to ruin it for everyone – compliments are Subjective this is how it will be and not all have hidden agendas – maybe I’m lucky because I usually able to do it without being misunderstood – and because I tell a woman that she looks great, then it isn’t because I want to sleep with her – if that was what I want then I say it “lol”

    – the same turned around when women says I looks great in my in this outfit so I really appreciate much indeed – but I don’t think she try to be my girlfriend … “lol”

    By the way, you looks amazing in your beautiful red dress that you got as well-deserved reward around Christmas time, and then the story isn’t longer… “lol”

    Enough about it – I really like your travel writing
    which are spiced with great photos… 🙂 😉


  30. love your posts here dear…thank you so much for sharing


  31. iamforchange says:
    April 22, 2013 at 2:57 am So many have shared so much with me and I wish to share as well please accept my nominations and if nothing else know I am grateful for your sharing on your pages with us all and the time you share with me on mine.Thank you!! 🙂 Joe


  32. Great post as always.


  33. Posted by Jean-Paul on March 21, 2014 at 10:39 am

    very interesting post 🙂


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