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Hi !

Here I am, musing again. Just my second this month.  I really wish I could post more, but school got in the way. I actually had my Spring Break the past week, but I spent  my one – week vacation  doing a report for my Criminal Justice class and studying for my Chem test . Anyway,  the report  is about the Green River Serial Killing.  My 10 page report is a first person account of the 20 year investigation ( yes, it was that long ) of  the killings ( I have  to make it like  I’m one of the investigators ) from the day the first body was discovered in 1982  to Gary Ridgeway’s  arrest in 2001.  I read 2 books  about him and numerous articles on the Internet. Plus my textbook…. well, actually an e-book that I  had to buy last week.  My  “investigations” should make use of  proper investigative techniques, so I really needed to buy the textbook.  I thought I could manage  with just taking down notes and recording the lectures.  Apparently not. Anyways,  I don’t know if I did okay. I ‘m thinking, if  almost 200 investigators ( at  its peak ) couldn’t find the killer, how in the world could my armchair investigation do the task ? lol   I’m sure my teacher would be laughing his arse off.  (  By the way, my teacher is the current Sherrif at the nearby county. )Back to Ridgeway ……. the guy was convicted of killing 48 women, though he actually confessed to killing 61.  The police found 28 bodies, but when he was arrested, a deal was made between Ridgeway and the prosecutor. Ridgeway would show where the bodies were dumped  if death penalty was taken off the table.   Twenty  more bodies were found.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t remember where he dumped the rest of the 13 other   bodies  that he had confessed to.  It’s mind- blowing,  and , for some reason, I find the story  totally riveting. Is that weird? Or is it simply my own     proclivity for the macabre? Not a good thing, huh.

These are Patricia Cornwell’s  novels  ….. all crime stories.    I’m not the only one liking such books, am I ? I have to admit my preferences are not the common garden variety type. O_O ”

I need a breather.  While students were having a fun spring break,  I was buried in serial killings.  It was the first time I spent one full week  of vacation doing school work.  I figure that was my teacher’s version of Police Academy boot camp.  ~o^

Oh, well. It’s not as if I have  plans, anyways.  ^o^ #    . Maybe I should be a little bit less like the above  picture, nerdy and geeky,

and be a bit more like this.

Just have fun,   take advantage of  youth  and stop take a breather from  dwelling too much on what’s life at the edge of space.

To be honest, reading up so much on Gary Ridgeway left me brain dead.  I don’t believe in death penalty, but I think this creature  just flipped me.

* sigh *  Now for some light hearted stuff……..

I’ve already answered Lafemmeroar and PM‘s questions on my previous post.  I ‘ve also been tagged by Rebecca Dawn, passiveaggressiveabuse and 35andupcynicismonhold and I hope I can answer all their questions  now….

Check out the rules here.

Rebecca Dawn ‘s Questions :

1. if you were a comic/manga character who would you be

I’d be Lele of  THE ONE, because of the main guy…   Eros ! ! !

2. If you had to choose between Liver or Boiled Potato to live on for the next 3 months which would you choose?

Boiled Potato…. to be honest, I like liver  ( liver spread, liver sauce, liver steak, liver pate, liver adobo….. )

3. what song describes you?

No idea

4. are you a night person or a day person? why?

Night = rest and sleep, peace and  quiet

5. what was your favorite subject in school?

More like my least liked subject in school… PHILOSOPHY !  I think, therefore I exist. I hate explaining the obvious.

6. Do you perfer twitter over facebook, or neither?


7. what is the most annoying thing about blogging?

When I have nothing to talk about, and  it’s time to update.  ~.^

8. what was the craziest thing you’ve done today?

None today

9. Your idea of bliss?

Oh. Same answer … getting an A in a test, and finishing a ridiculously difficult video games. May I add, if I get to find someone like Eros ? ( see pic above )  \(^o^)/

10. if you had a twin, would he/she be evil or good?


11. how do you end a long day?

Nice bath

Passiveaggressiveabuse ‘s questions :

1.  What is your favorite color?

Red and aqua

2.  How many siblings do you have and what is your birth order?

There are 3 of us, I’m the youngest.

3.  What is one of your favorite books?

Theory  of Everything by Steve Hawking

4.  Why is it one of your favorite books?

Very interesting and educational

5.  What hobbies do you have?

I  can’t think of one.

6.  Is your job/career fulfilling to you?

I’m a  student, and I have 2 jobs. I’m thankful.

7.  What do you do for fun?

Play video games

8.  Tell me something that has had a big impact on you/your life.

I blogged about this last year  and here’s an excerpt of  that.

Have you ever read a book that made such a great impact on your psyche that it changed how you view the world?  Well, there’s this little children’s book titled The Little Match Girl by Hans Christian Andersen. I read it when I was 8  years old.  I remember my teacher was a pretty Filipina named Miss Silao.   I guess I made a rather  disturbing book report about it. ….. I wrote  something like, ” children should be loved, not get beaten, children should  play, not sell matches,  children should be happy, not die on Christmas Day.”  I think Miss Silao was disturbed ,enough that she  talked to me after class.  I remember telling her ( I was in tears, too )  I did not like the book, that it upset me that a little girl died  that way. . Miss Silao explained   it was just a story the author made up, that nothing like that ever happened.  I don’t remember if Miss Silao managed to appease me or not, but, to this day, I still tear up everytime I think  of the little match girl.  I realize now the story  is  a  social commentary of that era. Sadly, it still rings true today. There are millions of children out there that get beaten and abused and  go to bed hungry.

9.  Tell me something that is important to you.

My health…. it’s more important than wealth.

10.  What is one lesson in life that you have learned that you would want to share to help someone else in their life?

I can’t think of one at the moment/

11.  What brings you joy?

I guesss this is the same as what makes me happy, and blissful ? Same answer as #9 of Rebecca Dawn’s

I’ll have to answer 35andupcynicismonhold ‘s Qs next time.  At this point, this post already has 1,162 words. It’s time to say bye for now.

Oh, wait, a few more words……. I’ve been following this Trayvon Martin killing in Sanford, Florida. I’m appaled that a law,  Stand Your Ground,  even exists. It’s a license to kill. And that ‘s what George Zimmerman invoked when he shot an unarmed 17 year old boy with just Skittles and a bottle of iced tea in his hand. And then this idiot Geraldo Rivera blames the wearing of a hoodie for the killing. Wtf !  Hoodie = dangerous. ?  They’ve gone this low to justify the killing. So, if I wear a mini skirt, I’m a slut ?

And one more thing…….. why doesn’t the US just get rid of elections and let the the billionaires , the so called Super Pac , choose the President of the United States. It will save us taxpayers  and the government a lot of money.   

I don’t want to talk about politics, but, geeezz,  US politics is really getting ridiculous.  Hey, if you don’t have health insurance, just die. ( or eat broccoli )


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  1. Hi Ren! Engaging post as always. Could not agree with you more on the Trayvon Martin case. I’ve been fighting myself to not write about it, as my blog is supposed to be light and funny and stay away from political topics. But it’s an absolute outrage and I feel horrible for the family. The maniac Zimmerman likes the whole vigilante thing so much, it’ll be terribly fitting when he gets some well-deserved street justice doled out on him. Because that, apparently, seems to be the best that can be hoped for.

    I shall stop now. Your paper sounds really interesting. And yes, serial killers are fascinating! Now go dancing or something!


  2. And now an innocent young man is being Swftboated, and these people going around the media circuit are spreading lies and misinformation and as usual, their statements are not being challenged. A lie repeatedly told becomes the truth. Why does everybody have this belief that Al Gore said he invented the Internet ? He never said that. All he said was the Internet was the future. One stupid reporter said Al Gore thinks he invented the Internet. That statement was never challenged and that lie stuck to Al Gore. This is the reason why I don’t trust the media.


  3. Witam! Serdecznie pozdrawiam i życzę pięknego weekendu!


  4. I obviously don’t understand what you’ve written here, but you’re a WordPress blogger, and that’s good enough for me. ^o^

    I’ll visit your site soon, marciento. Cheers !


  5. I don’t have health insurance but I do have two bags of broccoli waiting in my freezer for me. Good advice!

    Are you ever not incredibly busy?


  6. Friday,,, no class…. went to work at Baskin and Robbins…. dinner out w/ family ( Dad’s B-day )…. left at 11 PM to attend another Bday party, got home at 3 AM

    Saturday, today…. will be leaving after this comment to work at BCBG up to 8 PM…. study…

    Sunday….. work at Baskin from 10 – 2 PM, then rush to BCBG and work up to 6 PM,,, study or do whatever.

    This is weekend/



  7. good to hear from you again! you got a serious number of books up there lady. oh well, as long as you enjoy them. i wish you could enjoy the break though. and i noticed you are so popular because you always get tagged!


  8. I live very far away from Florida but I’m really disturbed with how the case of Trayvon Martin is handled. Is that how “Stand Your Ground” works? Is Zimmerman now arrested? Sorry, I’m not updated.

    On the lighter side, your comment went straight to my inbox. Tagged as a ham and not as a spam. Just shows how Akismet sometimes make mistakes. Cheers!


  9. Stand your Ground means while standing your ground, you can shoot and ask questions later. The shooter pursued the boy, who was just minding his own business… just came from a convenience store to buy Skittles and Iced tea, and about to go back to his dad’s ( they were watching basketball ). With so many stuff coming in now, there’s no way Zimmermann will get away with this. the person that was heard shouting for help was NOT Zimmemann, according ro audio experts who analyzed the audio of 911. This case has made me really angry ! I’d join the rally too if I was there.


  10. My health…. it’s more important than wealth. <— so so true.

    I laugh at the insurance and cabbage thing. ^___^

    btw ,

    I am always entertain with the images you used.

    cheers 🙂


    • Thanks, bagotilyo ! I’m glad my post is entertaining. That’s the purpose of the manga images. They are so spot on and funny.

      Oh, the broccoli thingy alludes to one of the US Supreme Court Justices’ remarks regarding the so-called Affordable health care’s Individual mandate plan. One can compare it to the government mandating each individual to pay into Social Security, or to have driver’s insurance. Oh, I’m getting serious again, lol.

      Cheers !


  11. ahaha, you sound violent here, huh? ^^ kumusta, Renx? what a way to spend a break…

    btw, i think i was able to watch that tv special on cable, about the guy who did a killing spree for years and nobody found out about his crimes. he’s seriously sick! i remember being riveted to the program and i was deeply bothered for two days, ahaha.

    so, you got to do something light and fun after immersing yourself with your CSI type subject, Police academy Boot Camp, haha. btw, your cartoons are wonderful, as usual… hey, cheer up ka na! 🙂


  12. Students here usually go somewhere and have fun, not holed up in the room doing a report. Ugh ! Teachers don’t assign homeworks and schedule tests after spring break. But it’s okay. The school work is very interesting. Still…………


  13. You are soooo interesting …. I read Patricia Cornwell years ago. I don’t remember much about her stories, but I thought they were real page turners … lol

    BTW, I’ve been out of school for years, but are the classes giving the students the option to buy the e-book version of textbooks now?


    • Oh, there’s one story that she wrote that took 3 books to finish. Well, they caught the serial killer in the 3rd book. The title of the first one is Body of Evidence.

      yes, they are. My first e-book is Physics. It’s so much cheaper, like my book in Criminal Justice… the real book is $160. E-book is $ 90, but I got a $ 20 discount coupon. Purchased it for $ 70. I prefer the real book, of course, but hey, it’s more than half the price.


  14. You’re funny 😀


  15. Brain Boot Camp, ahoy! ^^


    • I know right ?

      All teachers, from elementary to college never ever assign school work during Spring Break. He is the only one, so far. If that isn’t boot camp, I don’t know what that is.


  16. Hi, Ren. I already have the answer for your set of questions just stored somewhere in my mobile phone. I’ll post it maybe tomorrow or some other time. 🙂


  17. Keep on musing, young lady! The results are awesome!


  18. This one is a really funny & interesting post Ren. Enjoyed reading this one a lot. Specially that health insurance part. 🙂 Great job with this post.


  19. Posted by REBECCA DAWN on April 8, 2012 at 2:50 am

    wow a report on the Green River Killing… yikes. Could be worse, could have been on the Jon Benet Ramsey Murder. they bungled up big time on that one. When I was in high school i would go to the files on unsolved cases or solved cases that they had, and read over them. Shake my head. It was such a shame because the victim never got justice. Never had to do a report tho. 10 pages. that just takes the joy out of it. lol

    Boiled potato! ugh! oh come on!

    the trayvon Martin case only goes to prove that people live for sensationalism, ratings, and preach their stupidity to others. it never fails to amaze me how ignorant people are!
    as usual Ren, your posts are so good!
    sigh…we do need to find men that are like our anime boyfriends! 🙂
    guess what Im doing?
    nominating you again! lol



    • Oh, gosh, that Jon benet Ramsey case…. that little girl didn’t get justice… Do you think the mother had something to do with that ? It’s a Cold Case though, so it’s not over. And now, she’s forgotten.

      Eh, you only gave 2 choices. And you know, no one can have liver for what, 3 months ? He he he

      Oh, wow ! Another one? Darn it, Rebecca, I haven’t even acknoledged you yet, properly, for the other awards you gave me…. and Zendictive ‘s too. But, I’ll get to it, promise ! !


  20. Excellent choice of favourite book!


  21. hey! i missed you. 😀


  22. Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes on June 1, 2013 at 10:25 am

    I love your drawings – they’re great 🙂

    I appreciated these items about you – especially ‘is your job/career fulfilling?’ and you said you have two jobs and you’re grateful. I actually didn’t know you had a job. My impression – and please don’t be offended as I don’t actually know you, but my impression was that you are rich and travel. I had no idea you have two jobs. Wow. Kudos to you.


  23. This is excellent choice of favourite book!


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