Eh? I got nominated ? Why?

Hello ! Here  I am again! 

I was nominated for Versatile Blogger Award and Liebster Blogger Award !

But first, I have to qualify that…. I was just nominated, not awarded yet, but no matter, I’m happy ! Thank you, thank you !

But first, I have to follow some rules. I’m not sure  about this, but I think I saw my name in the  list of 2 bloggers’  posts  several weeks ago.   I didn’t know there were rules, though. I thought they were just shout-outs, and I appropriately commented on their blogs and thanked them . I didn’t know I had to do this stuff  ! The problem is, I can’t even remember who they were. I lost the links, too. Clueless Ren !

So, what am I supposed to do ? According to Becoming Bitter , I have to make a list of 15  sexy  bloggers, thank those who have nominated me, list down 7 random  facts about me ,  inform those I have nominated, and post the logo. I really have been nominated,  yes? I hope I haven’t misunderstood it. Hahaha !    So here goes…………. I’m spreading the love………..

So,  I would like to thank those who have put my name on their lists of  sexy bloggers ( Well, sexy  according to Becoming Bitter…… I accept the sexy thing  coz, uhm, I don’t think it’s because of my brilliant  acting, I mean, writing…..  whatever  …I’m on it ! !  )

1. Becoming Bitter

2. Zendictive

3. GianCarlo

4. Topiclessbar

5.The Rhymingmedstudent


Now, about the 7 random facts about me….

1. I have a snake phobia. I can’t even look at pictures of snakes.

2. I liked Michael Jackson… still do.  I just bought his cd Off the Wall.

3. I like guys who wear glasses. Glasses make them vulnerable.

4.  I suck at sports.

5. I’m out of touch with current TV sitcoms…. haven’t even watched a single episode of Glee. I do watch the Military Channel, CNN, Food Channel, Travel, Science, and ID  for crime stories.

6. Guys who can cook , and , LOVE TO COOK  ( that’s important ) get 100 handsome points from me.  100 is perfect score. * whisper * 10 bonus points if  they’re brilliant at Quantum Physics and Integral Calculus.

7.  I’m officially a geek.

Now, for my 15 sexy bloggers….. this is most difficult because I like all  the bloggers that I follow. How about this……. I’ll  make special shout-outs for those who have already been nominated, and those who have nominated me, and others whom I like but SELDOM UPDATE, and those that I just like, period !  ( Some of them post in Philippine language )

1. The Undreamt Terrain




5.Counting Ducks


7. Viv

8.Striving Cynic

9.The Hook

10. Going Againts the Current


12. Couple-tastic

13. Koopa



Now, for the  Liebster Blog Award….

Liebster  is German for dearest or beloved. This award is given to “up and coming bloggers ” who have less than 200 followers. The same rules apply , except we get to nominate only 5 bloggers.

So, without further ado, I give my sweetest thanks  and love to the following awesome  bloggers :

1. Becoming bitter

2. Koopa

3. jeninesilos

For my nominees :

1. Pitch of dreams

2. Nobody Land

3.Rebecca Dawn

4. Kim

5. Travel with Jim James

For the shout-outs !  They are as awesome as the bloggers above, and I hope you’ll go and check them out . Oh, and I’ve got my own award for them too.

1. Lafemmeroar  —-for the funnies. She’s got a ton of  awards already. Check her out.

2. Rob , my  British online best friend , majalove, a Filipino student in Japan, and Billy, a Greek who loves photography.

3. Farah, a contemplative writer from Indonesia

4. The Tale of my Heart, an awardee already, and an avid reader of even my old, old posts ! Thank you, luv !

5. Annerifficweak, a blogger friend from the Philippines.

6. Yujin  ,  a member of a dance crew from Singapore

7. Kevin, ah, he’s my one and only designated blog buddy.

8. Scott Mitchell, an awardee, writes amazing poetry. ^.^

9.iamtonguencheek One thing, “tongue” is the only word in the English language that I always, always, always misspell !

10. Zoe@Pantry and Fridge, a Versatile awardee, a  foodie, with amazing pictures of the dishes that she has actually cooked !

This is not all . I’ve got a lot more , but writing this took me a good 2 days, checking  each link if I got it right,  and guys, I ‘ve got Final exams coming .  It’s crunch time.

This is all for now. Good day to all ! PEACE !

65 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Becoming Bitter on December 5, 2011 at 10:41 am

    We’ve got a problem Kyoko.

    I have a pet snake. What if I want to post some pictures?

    Hmm… I got it.

    I’ll put a warning in every post.


  2. Wow. Congratulations Ren! Actually, I always tell my friends to read your blog. I post your link on Facebook or Twitter. 🙂

    How can I vote for this Liebster Blog Award thing? I’ll definitely vote for you. 🙂

    And BTW, thanks for the shout – out. 🙂


  3. Congratulations on the nomination! I hope the award isn’t snake-related. 🙂

    And, as always, thanks for the shout-out. I’m proud to be your one and only blog-designated buddy.


    • Aaargh ! Snakes ! * cringe * I dream about them…. you know what they say about one’s worst fears….. a snake slythering all over me ! It’s a nightmare !

      Cheers, blog buddy !


  4. Posted by The Undreamt Terrain on December 5, 2011 at 1:32 pm

    Hey ren, congrats… I got it too 🙂
    need to write a post in honor, but there is too much work these days in office, you see we’ve to Ship you the next version of Windows 😛
    and yeah thanks for tagging me, will be writing regularly very soon..!!


  5. Don’t ask “Why?”
    Ask “What took so long?”
    You rock, girl!


  6. You are the best… Thank you for nominating me. I will have to follow the rules too…


  7. Thank you and congratulations! Then congratulations some more. Then another. You’ve got a buttload of new awards there.


    • Oh, goodie ! I was surprised myself. I was just minding my own business here, then , whoa, I saw my glorious name , he he he ! I was tickled pink .

      Mooselicker , your blog is so funny.

      Cheers ! !


  8. Congratulations Ren! and thanks for having me in your list. I’m actually taking a break from blogging because of my business but this one’s such a good news. Thank you again 🙂


    • hey, Micha, how’s the business ? I’m glad you’re busy with business. That’s good news ? Lots of sales, huh . if I were in the Philippines, I’d definitely purchase your stuff. The purses are beautiful !


  9. Posted by Rebecca on December 5, 2011 at 11:48 pm

    Thanks Ren for the nom!! lol you are not the only one who thinks guys in glasses are super cute! I think guys who are intelligent are cute too, i may not be super smart but i can sit there and listen them yabber on and not have a clue sometimes. But thats ok. I still think its fascinating. I dont mind some snakes, like garter snakes or corn snakes, my friend Stacey has a corn snake, and I got to hold it. But other ones ew! no! freak me right out!


    • For some reason, I find glasses guys attractive. Ahahaha ! Donno why ……. and guys cooking in the kitchen are kinda sexy * sweats * I’m weird.


  10. Congratulations and thank you! I like the designation of sexy (and versatile)!


  11. Thank you so much. I am still making my list, since i got it a few days ago. But the thing is, i had put your name on the list too! 😀 Can you accept it again ?


  12. congratulations on the nominations 🙂 i enjoyed the random facts about you. i also do not like snakes. but if you will choose, which one do you dislike more, snakes or sharks? i say snakes. my sisters all vote shark. haha! i missed going here and hearing from you! hope everything is doing great with you!


  13. hey thank you for nominating me…those were interesting facts about you I must say…

    oh, sexy blogger….jeee, thanks 😀


  14. wow… all I can say is congrats.. I am happy for you.. 🙂 🙂


  15. Congrats on the nomination! That’s awesome. 🙂


  16. Thanks for the nomination 🙂
    You rock 😀


  17. this is awesome Ren! ^_^ Great job on getting nominated. Ren for the win! 😀


  18. Hey! thanks for nominating me. Now, this is going to sound embarrassing but how do I go about this? 😀 😀 😀


  19. Posted by John Ryan Recabar on December 7, 2011 at 7:34 am

    yo! thanks for including me in your list. i have forgone blogging for a long time now. sad.


  20. Hello Kyoko! I haven’t visit this blog a long time. Congratulation! you deserve to be nominated as a Versatile blogger, I can see it.


  21. […] got another nomination for an award. Thanks, Renxkyoko – I think this is my 8th award Yeah […]


  22. congrats!!! oh yea snakes- there was a news video on india yahoo news (LOL) about a snake being found in a cake!

    you and your preference on guys! LOL you are adorable Ren.


    • Aaaaargh ! ! WTH ! ! Ahahaha ! Oh, wow …. @___@

      The guys……. hahahaha ! I find the image of a guy cooking in the kitchen so sexy ! ! Dunno why. He he he


  23. Congratulations Ren!! ^^
    Have a nice day 🙂


  24. Congratulations on all your nominations… Looks like its all well deserved! 😉


    • Thanks, Princess Laila ! Gosh, I’ve been neglecting my blog readings… busy, busy, busy !

      I’ll make it up this coming holiday vacation. Promise !


  25. Congrats!! You have a nice blog which deserves all appreciation.


  26. Hey! I’m late to the party am I… Haha… Thanks for the shoutout Ren … You deserve all the awards lovely!


  27. Congratulations! And thank you for including me in your list 🙂 You are a very versatile blogger! 🙂 who is dearly loved by your readers. Keep on keeping on.


  28. Congrats Ms. Ren! You deserve it, your blog is the loveliest. 😀


  29. Thanks for the mention sweetie! Love your blog always!


  30. Just saw this! Wow! You are very loved and well deserved. Congratulations!!! 🙂


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