Serenade again and other random thoughts

Hello !  That handwritten signature makes it more personal, don’t you think so ?  I’m going to make that my intro from now on.

Oh, gosh, I don’t even know where to start. First off,  it’s Nov.21  today.  Hmmmm, a significant day for me.  Last night  the family had dinner at our favorite Chinese – Filipino restaurant, after which we went to watch a movie ” A Very Harold and Kumar 3 D Christmas ” . As usual, it’s about the misadventures of 2 idiots, Harold ( a Chinese investment banker ) and Kumar ( a medical student Asian Indian ) . I’ve watched the other 2 H and K movies.  I know not everyone appreciates the humour, but I get it and love it.  Oh, in fact, I had a   zombie overload this week.  For the first time, a Friday with no work and school! ! I got to watch the first season of Walking Dead ( loved it ! ) and the last Harry Potter movie. Of course I didn’t just sit in the couch and did nothing but watched…. …I made my free time more productive by ironing clothes as I watched the movies.  And while taking a break from all these zombies and ironing, I did the laundry.  Then before I went to bed, I managed to read and finish  a 200 page book  , The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon.  ( Uhm , supposedly a book  recommended  for Thomas Pynchon beginners )  Thomas Pynchon received a National Book Award and he was  regular contender fot Nobel Prize in Literature.  Seriously, this book……….@___@….. I know I’m shallow, and all that, but not totally stupid, you know ?  but, to be honest,  I didn’t know what I just read.  Well, it’s about the main character , a woman, who’ s  investigating or trying to get proofs that Trystero, a private mail delivery company  exists and is trying to dominate the world. She sees its logo everywhere, even under a bush. While investigating, she meets people who are even more weird and paranoid than her. There seems to be no resolution, the story ends, just like that, no hee, no haa . WTH !  I don’t get it.  You know what, I don’t care if  he’s a literary giant, I didn’t enjoy reading  his book. Period.  And  that’s what’s important, right ? To enjoy a book ?

 I just bought the last book of Eragon series, Inheritance. My sister is reading it first…. ooooh, I can’t wait to read it. It’s awesome !  Now, this is what I consider good read, LOL.

It seems my post on serenades generated a lot of interest.  I wish I could add some more info about it, although one commented that it is probably of Spanish influence. I’m sure it is. The Philippines was under Spain from 1521 t0 1898, so  I assume  majority of its customs and traditions are  Spanish in origin.    The country is the odd man out in Asia, they say.  90% Catholics,  with customs and traditions that  are more similar to Spain and Mexico rather than its asian neighbors.  Asians , for example are aloof and non- demonstrative, but in the Philippines, they hug and kiss when they greet relatives and friends. Filipinos are a boisterous lot. 

So, okay the serenades…. nothing much there…. except one anecdote from Dad. When he was 17 or so, he had a friend who was crushing on this one girl ( he mentioned the name of the girl, because, later on, Dad was the one who crushed on her… but that’s another story, he he he ). Another friend  suggested they serenade this girl, and so they did. But before that, they had a drinking party first, then, around 10 PM, they got around to serenade the girl. But they were so drunk the song they sang sounded horrible. And instead of the girl coming out to talk to them, it was the father and a brother who came out, and they even let the dog out.  So, the guys said sorry and hastily retreated, then ran off . The dog chased them off the property. LOL  Oh, another one….. one guy  serenaded solo, but used a boombox instead, and played a tape recorded song. I don’t know if the girl opened the window. Ahahaha.   Oh, here’s another  image of  serenade.

Take note of the grandpa  behind her. He looks annoyed. Anyways, if the couple have mutual feelings,  the girl will let the guy or guys , if it’s a group, to come into the house. Maybe they will be served hot coffee or whatever is available…. meanwhile, the family will be lurking in the shadows, listening in to the conversations ,  and when it’s time for them to leave, the grumpiest in the family, the grandma, will spread a sleeping  mat on the living room floor. That means, she’s going to sleep, right there, and it’s time for the guys to go.  And the girl of course will blush and get embarassed… Grandma ?  That;s the movie on my mind.

About the girl my Dad’s friend serenaded…….. The friend gave up on her. Years later, it was Dad who crushed on her. It was also the same time Mom had met Dad. Well, suffice it to say, Mom turned out to be the evil rival…. if this was a manga story, LOL !  Wanna know the story ?  Post a comment and let me know.

I wrote on the post, ” My Vehicle was Stolen” that I was cited for not stopping at a STOP sign. So, the court appearance was on Nov. 15.  Dad came with me, and told me to plead NOT GUILTY. So I stood before the judge and he asked ” How do you plead? ” I said Not guilty. I was asked to take a seat again. I waited for the clerk of court to call me back, … waited for 1 1/2 hours, then she called me and said I should come back on Dec 12, present evidences why I think I’m not guilty, blah, blah…. At that point, I was already at my limit. It was a hopeless case. Everybody else just pled guilty and paid the fine. So I told her I’d change my plea to Guilty. So the judge called me again, and said ” Ms. Iglesias, you’d like to change your plea, so how do you plead,” I said  “Guilty, Sir. ”  ” So, the sentence is either community service or fine of $ 236.00 ”  ” I’ d like to pay the fine, sir. ”  So, that’s it, my court saga.  Ugh. Lousy experience. I swear, Traffic court is California’s money machine.  There goes 1/4  of my monthly wages.

There you go. The picture is making an L sign.  I am a LOSER.  LOL !

Oh, hey ! Thanksgiving Day on Thursday ! HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY ! !

Uhm, here are some random pics ….

Street at  my school.  I just love Fall colours !

And that’s moi going to school…. busy texting…..


And this next one… I painted this using colored pencils.

This is all for now ! ! Good day to all ! !  PEACE !

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  1. I just wish that there are still Filipino guys who have the guts to serenade the girl they like. I think it’s sweet when someone will make an effort like that, right?

    And BTW, I love your painting. 🙂


    • IKR? I wish for all Filipino girls to have that experience… sweeeeeet ! I’d marry the marry the first guy who’d serenade me, ahahaha.

      Thanks ! My best effort. LOL

      Cheers ! ( I’ll visit you later !)


  2. Nice signature – i just realized we have the same set up on out blog!


    • Thanks, Florida ! Green is nature’s color ! And I promise to watch The Strangers soon. We have a long weekend. Oh, in fact, I watched a few minutes of the movie. Got scared, lol. Is the guy a husband or a BF ? She doesn’t accept the ring ?


  3. Wow ang ganda ng painting mo 😀
    uso pa ba ang harana? ahaha.
    ganda siguro noh if hanggang naun uso pa 😀 ahaha


  4. Posted by Becoming Bitter on November 23, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    Wow you are talented Kyoko – nice drawing. Your signature is pretty too.
    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving (when that day rolls around).

    So, is your parent’s love story the reason you’re into mangas? Oh and that’s awful – the whole car deal. I have put Eragon on my list of books to read. I’ll get to it eventually.

    PS. You are anything, but shallow. If you were shallow – you wouldn’t follow my blog.


  5. Awww ! Thanks, BB. You know I did a portrait of denzel Wahington for our school project. It so looked like him other classmates aked me to do theirs. I did just one, ( Audrey hepburn’s ) and I got free lunch 2x. ( For our film class )

    Oh, no, no ! My first mangas were Claymore and Berserk…. I wasn’t into romance genre at all. In our collection of mangas, Skip Beat and BODY are the only romance mangas. All the rest are thrillers and fantasy, supernatural , too. Blood, Blood+, naruto, Bleach, etc. have you seen the pic of my collection? It’s on ” I’m Feeling Chatty Today. ”

    BB, you just have to read it. If you liked Harry Potter, You’d like this too. I’m sure of it. there are 4 books now, and each one has like 1000 pages, thicker than Harry Potter’s.

    Ahahaha ! I know, right ? Good one ! * whisper* Sometimes, it’s smart to pretend to be a dumbbell, an airhead. Life will be less complicated.


    • Posted by Becoming Bitter on November 23, 2011 at 7:18 pm

      I will read it Kyoko. You recommended it after all.

      You can call me Bitter, Bitte (it’s a German word), or Bittersweet you know.


  6. LOL omg your mom was the rival ! lol. what a story ren !


    • btw happy mad turkey


    • LOL It was really like a manga…. Mom was evil and relentless… the other girl had no chance. If that was a manga story , I would really hate her so much I’d stop reading coz it would be so depressing, coz the other girl, supposedly the main girl on my mind, would be left in the dumps. Ahahahaha!


  7. I like that you can go to see movies like Harold and Kumar with your family. I know plenty of people who would feel too awkward in that situation. My parents saw the South Park movie for their anniversary and I remember all of us sitting front row when Scary Movie came out. It was weird to be next to my mom with a 30 foot digital projection of a penis on the screen in front of us, but we got over it.

    Was the not stopping at a stop sign one of them “you didn’t come to a complete stop” moments? That always seemed like such a slight crime to me.


    • Oh, no…. the parents went home, and we siblings , plus Sis’ BF, went to the cinema. And oh, yeah, I know the feeling … I remember watching Pretty Woman with my Mom on TV…. she fast forward when it came to that part when Julia Roberts was giving Greer a blowjob, LOL * cough * I was 12, I think. ]

      It was ! that’s why I didn’t understand why there was a court proceeding. I blamed my father for letting me go through that ! I felt like some kind of a criminal! WTH ! ! I should have paid the fine at the cashier’s ! There was this old lady whose only ” crime ” was her car was about a foot over the crosswalk when she stopped, and she was fined $91. California needs a lot of money ! ! !


  8. I love your drawing! So beautiful. You are very talented. 🙂

    I want to see the latest Harold and Kumar. It’s one of those stupid movies you can laugh at for one hour and just have a good time.


    • Hey, thanks. I don’t have any talent, and that’s the truth. I was just lucky it turned out well, so I just had to post it and show it to all…. so proud of myself for that. LOL


  9. Your random thoughts rock! I’d rather read them than some other polished posts!


    • Thanks, Mr. Hook ! I’m always rambling and blabbering, and more often than not, I get lost in my thoughts, but I write everything down anyways. They are really random, lol.


  10. Posted by Zoe @ Pantry and Fridge on November 25, 2011 at 3:06 am

    I like the addition of the signature up top, and love the tulips! Really pretty! Everything in between was very entertaining, as usual.
    Thanks for sharing!


    • Zoe, I did a lot of cooking ! I’ll post something about it later. How was your Thanksgiving cooking?

      Cheers !


      • Posted by Zoe @ Pantry and Fridge on November 26, 2011 at 3:04 am

        I would love to know about everything you made! 😀
        I did not cook the bulk of our meal. I made a few sides that are simple and old but are our favorites that would be sorely missed. I will describe holidays at our house as “complicated” 🙂 and trying to prepare a feast only adds to the mess. Isn’t it crazy that I love to cook and I don’t do holidays…. We order our full meal ahead of time from a local bistro, pick it up the night before and it’s always perfect. I’ve made turkeys in the past and they were “okay” … another reason we order out. 🙂
        Please share your holiday in the kitchen (or several days) 🙂 I would enjoy it very much!
        Cheers Ren 😀


        • I’m going to write about it soon, with pics ! To be honest, there was one major disaster, and we didn’t cook much this year. We really don’t want to eat the same thing for one week !

          Cheers, Zoe !


  11. Is your real signature as neat as that one? Mine’s just degenerated into a giant scribble over the last few years.

    Also just a quick note to let you know you’ve been linked in this post. Feel free to do the seven facts thing and pass it on – or not – as you see fit 🙂


  12. Posted by The Undreamt Terrain on November 25, 2011 at 6:44 pm

    haha the serenade scene you pictured is just awesome, and that incident about serenade and dog chase is hilarious, I can imagine the plight of the people involved 😀
    And I so love harold and kumar… eagerly waiting for it to be released in India..!!
    and I just got my copy of Eragon today, so it’s gonna be a literary weekend… 🙂

    And yes, well definitely love the read the story of the ‘Inocent Dad and Evil Rival’ 😀


    • HeHe dad was there and when he told me the story, he wasn’t even amused. the guitar was his, he just bought it, and the guy who played the guitar dropped it when they ran off. the guitar had cracks in it and he had to nag his friend to replace it. The friend never did. I guess he’s still upset about that. he said it was the best brand in the store…. saved a year to buy that, too/

      Whoa ! You read Eragon, too ? Awesome/ Maybe we can discuss it . Hey, now, we’ll know who Angela really is ! She’s one of the most mysterious characters in the book.

      Innocent Dad and Evil Rival ! LOL That’s a good one ! Dad was really innocent ! Mom was the evil rival, really manipulative ! Dad didn’t know what hit him ! LOL… Oh, but Mom said if she wasn’t so, never mind…. I wouldn’t be here talking to her, hahaha.


  13. Posted by Becoming Bitter on November 26, 2011 at 2:36 am

    Kyoko It’s okay. Just post the award in a post. *Smiles*

    I posted a new page. Go check it out. I made it static.


  14. Did you know that there is a film documentary about serenade? The harana culture is already fading here in the country. Here’s the link of the trailer:


    • I went there. Uhm, is that a documentary ? the interviewee said young people now just text their feelings to the ones they love. I guess that’s true.


      • Yes, it’s a documentary. Florante, the interviewer is a well-known classical guitarist/singer/songwriter. He went to Cavite and Ilocos in the trailer, two of the oldest province here with a rich culture. Notice how they speak Tagalog? It’s kinda old and very formal.


        • Yes, I noticed that. Is that the formal way of speaking the language? O’ve watched some local shows when we were there and I noticed the way they spoke was like mixed English /Tagalog…. and full of slang that I barely understood. I’m out of touch with the lingo.


          • The way the locals speak in the province? It’s not really formal. But somehow it is. The way they speak seems to be practiced only in their province. It’s uncommon and only spoken in rural areas. Oh, the local shows? That’s what they call Taglish, a mix of Tagalog and English. Linguists has mixed opinions about that mixed language. Some say that it’s degrading while others say that it’s innovation because it’s the way language evolves. Some Filipino novelists even use that kind of language like Ricky Lee and Bob Ong.


  15. Your handwriting is so nice and neat. I’m not good in cursive that’s why . haha. 😉


    • Do you know, Filipinos have good handwritings ? My friends there used to send me handwritten letters, and I just couldn’t believe how nice the handwritings were. Mom thinks mine is awful. Back home, she says, there’s even a one year literally WRITING course for elementary students. My mom’s and my sister’s handwritings are beautiful.


  16. We had our own Thanksgiving zombie experience…watched “Shaun of the Dead” the night before Thanksgiving. I thought it was slow at first, but once the zombies started showing up more, I cracked up.
    The serenade and family intrigue stories are really do tell!


    • We have that dvd !! Oh, I just watched that too, right after Resident Evil 4. Zombie overload this week, lol.

      I’m going to tell. I’m sure Mom will never see this blog. No one in my family knows of this… or else they’ll kill me, LOL.


  17. Posted by REBECCA DAWN on November 26, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    I loved your tulips! Your so talented, I can barely draw, and Im lucky if its shapes! ^_^
    I watched Eragon the movie, I havent read the book. I really wanted to watch the Harold and Kumar movie. I watched the others, found the first one is really the only good one.
    plus Neil patrick harris was the one that made it cool. ha ha but thats my opinion!


    • Oh, gosh, Rebecca Dawn ! Eragon the movie is the worst adaptation so far. Eragon fans are ranting on the forums. Read the book, You won’t regret the time you ‘ll spend on it. The author is a great story-teller, like JKRowling.

      Neil Patrick Harris is really a good actor. I like him.


  18. You should check my site. I am a filipina too


  19. I think GianCarlo was making a reference to this Filipino song 🙂

    I hear it sung by my Filipino friends a lot. It’s (unsurprisingly) quite popular in the Philippines. Also, one of the few Filipino songs I can sing from memory haha

    Anyway, I don’t know if this counts as a serenade, but a friend of mine once recorded himself singing and dedicating it to a girl, then uploaded it onto YouTube! So I think serenading is still being done, but no longer under the girl’s window XD


    • yes, no longer under the window. But now at workplaces, in fact anywhere, except under the window. And I think a guy can hire professional singers. I bet it’s expensive, huh. The idea of serenading in the moonlight, under the window, is still nice though. I don’t know. It’s sooo romantic and , sweet, and old – fashioned. Just sayin’.


  20. 🙂 goodjob on the multitasking part, ironing the clothes while watching…can’t do it, i just can’t do anything else while I’m watching tv/movie.

    aaah serenade, that was cool…way back then, in this modern world , guys would just confess about their love thru SMS, online / social networking sites…less effort for them.


    • I’m at my best when multi-tasking, lol. I can get so many work done at the same time, with little effort.

      Ah, guys confess on social networking sites? That’s long-distance, right? Unless they live in the same area, I think that’s futile.


  21. Posted by mattikuss on November 28, 2011 at 2:43 pm

    Your comment on “gettingplayed”s blog bothered me. You are grounded, go to your room.


    • Waaahaha !

      You know, you are one in a million,,,, so, okay, a few thousands. You are devoted, faithful and so much in love. As I commented on your blog, she lost a good man. You are what all women are looking for, that 1%. Okay, let’s make it 10%You belong to that 10% .But really, there are so few of your kind. As soon as you start going out, you will be grabbed in one second flat…. so, okay, maybe after a few dates. And I tell you, your ex will soon realize that she just lost a treasure. And I mean that.

      Uhm, am I ungrounded now? I have to go out and meet my study group.


  22. I loved your painting at the end of the post


  23. Posted by just a girl on November 29, 2011 at 4:00 am

    I just finished watching the first season of Walking Dead too! Took me forever to get around it to…thought my sister was talking nonsense when she kept recommending the zombie show. I hate to admit it, but I think I’m hooked…just need to get my hands on Season 2 😉

    p.s. If you don’t completely hate Pynchon yet, you might try his latest book – ‘Inherent Vice.’ It’s not as obnoxious as Lot 49. Promise!


    • Itr’s actually my brother’s. He has 3 other books by Pynchon, and I think he has that book Inherent Vice. He’s encouraging me to read the rest.

      I hope they make every episode consistently good. The second season is not as good as the first one, in my opinion. It’s turning out to be multiple love stories in a world infested with the undead. I don’t know. I hope they don’t take that road. they will lose the interest of zombie afficionados, lol.


  24. Love the tulips!!!!!!!! Beautiful …


  25. For once, I won’t say too much… :L


    FYI H and K movies are funny! Kal Penn is silly and funny!!


  26. hello, renx…

    i love the way you narrate your stories. they’re usually long but not boring. i always read thru to the end, ahaha naman.

    you look like a smart, pretty Filipina. and you paint well, ikaw na! your parents must be proud. 🙂

    i’d like to hear/read about your parents’ courtship one of these days – kung paano na-corner ni mommy ang pagtingin ni dad, lols!

    btw, na-virus daw ang site ko. i’ll reopen it sometime this month. regards! 🙂


    • Thank you ! ! I intwentionally make it up to at least 1000 words, lol, and I stop only when I feel I really don’t make sense anymore.

      Ah ! Thanks ! You want to hear irt? Well, it’s really uninteresting, but , something to talk about, at least. I hope she never, ever, gets to read my blog. None in the family knows of my blog.

      Oh, yes ! I visited you, and what I goy was, ” it doesn’t exist ” ? And I thought, whoa ! What happened to her !

      Cheers , doon po sa amin ! Btw, doon po sa amin means ” where I live ” ?


  27. A smart cookie like you deserves the Versatile Blogger Award – thanks for the support 🙂


  28. The concept of harana is just unheard-of in this age. Everything has become so instant that even courtships do not take place anymore: boy and girl go straight to bed.


  29. @___@ I know right? But not in the Philippines, not yet. There’s still courtship going on there ? Hey , you know what, I wanted to include you in my list for Versatile, but , you’re not on WordPress? I just visited your site, and now, it looks like your on WordPress? I guess I have to mention you on my next post. You’re such a good writer>


    • Oh believe me. I’m not putting down the Philippines but its youth have long caught up with the generate ways of the Western culture. There’s still courtship, sure, but basically kids now here are guilty with having f*** buddies more than anything. Real romantic relationships are hard to come by.

      Yes, I’ve come back to WordPress. Thanks for the nice words.


  30. I know i’m late for this post too, but reading your blog really worth it after long hiatus… And girl you’re a multitasker, an artist, straight A student, pretty, but next time read all the street sign carefully, and although multitasking is cool, don’t texting while driving… ok?


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