AOI SPICE and all things nice, and not so nice….

* Come  Ren, …… say hi *

I made it to  3 posts this October.  Yay ! I wasn’t really that busy this  past week, though I did pull at least 3 all nighters   for  Chem . and Physics.  Problem is,  I really  don’t have anything to talk about !……… Unless you want to read a blow by blow account of  what I did at work and at school. ?  No?  Right. I don’t think so.  * sigh * Anyways, I did go to a head banger concert last Friday with my sweet 13 year old cuz.  Gosh, I thought, is this the extent of my social life? Chaperoning  an 8th grader ?

Not only that, we had to pick up a  6 footer first year high school boy and I was like, ” You have a date? A high school boy ?  ” Oh, no, no , Tita, he’s just a friend who’s got  a ticket to the concert too, but he needs a ride. ”  ” Whatever. How come you’re  friends with a HS kid. ?” ” We’ve been friends since last year yet. He went to [ insert name of middle school ], too .”   Hmmmm……….*ponders* …….   So, as expected, the concert was rowdy and loud, and fun. Yup, I enjoyed it. The concert started at 6 PM and ended at 11 PM . It took that long coz there were 6 bands that played. Oh, and also, one band singer got one  water bottle  , took a sip,  returned the cap, and threw it at the crowd. My cuz caught it, and I thought she’d keep it as a souvenir, but no, she drank from it , too and passed it on to the HS kid, who drank from it and passed it on and so on….. and I was like,  freakin’ hell !  ! What if  that singer had an infectious disease or something !  Yikes!

  Actually, I was supposed to go to a club that night too, with my college pals, but I couldn’t leave  the concert and the kids. My friends texted  me all night. ” Why aren’t you here yet? ” Are you coming over  or not? ” Not.   Well, we got home at 11:30. It was too late to go…. to a club, alone,  past 12 midnight.  So, I decided to just read a manga  . Pathetic.

Speaking of which, I just read a horrible manga, even more horrible than that one where the main character kills herself.  I read the ending first, and I was like, ” Oooooh, they are together “, so I didn’t bother to read the forum. Big mistake.  The “hero” of the story is a first class sadist and the “heroine ” is a masochist.  How bad is he ? Well, he doesn’t like the girl’s hairstyle, so he gets a pair of scissors and forcibly  cuts the girl’s hair. Just like that. Yeah, that bad.  What’s worse is that, while he professes deep love for the girl, he has been  banging  another girl! !  A manwhore !  What the ! ! !#$%^&*#$%^&* ! ! ! Freak !   What kind of a  love story is that ? It ‘s so twisted and perverted !  Geeezuz ! ” Excuse me for a sec , guys,  I think I’m gonna jump off a cliff. ”

So, anyways,

It was already 2 AM when I finished reading. I was so upset by what I just read I almost  hurled my laptop across the room, or myself  againts the wall.  * ( There, there…..( pats head )….  It’s just a story, Ren.  You don’t have to be so emo about it. ” *) I  then decided to read another one  to erase the negative aura that enveloped me.  Never mind the time. I am, after all, the Goddess of Imsomniacs.  So, I rummaged through a list of  titles and found one . A gem  ! ! One of the loveliest, sweetest, fluffiest, cutest romance story I’ve ever read so far.  Just  a story between two people, without the angst and conflicts that usually accompany their journey to everlasting love.   The title is AOI SPICE.  This story proves that any  author can write a moving love story without  the main guy with a GF, or  still pining for his ex GF, ex- Gfs  and rivals bitching and getting in the way of the protagonists’ relationship, girls seducing the main guy and succeeding, main guy cheating, and all these cliches the writers throw our  way to spice up the stories. They’re so gut wrenching. But I guess it can’t be helped. We cannot  have cheese all the time, huh.

Here are some scenes of the ending story. By the way, Japanese comics are read from right to left. On these scenes, Ren , the main guy is holding his first ever concert. ( He is a singing idol, while Ageha, the main girl, is an ordinary student he has met at the park while  walking his dog.) Meanwhile, Ageha is already at the airport, leaving for England with her parents. She could have stayed behind , but due to misunderstandings, Ren lets her go. But before that, he deliberately hurts her feelings and breaks up with her. Also, his first ever album is titled Ageha, with all the songs composed by him. His last song at the concert is the song Ageha, but he is unable to sing it, and leaves his own concert to rush to the airport to see Ageha. There,  he professes his undying love, T.T…… Ageha leaves , just the same , with a promise to come back in 2 years. On the last 2 panels, you can see a small box with an engagement ring in it. And also, Ren has become more famous, but his love never wavers. The end. 


* misty eyes*  * sniffs*  ” Tissue, please. ”  Well, that’s how a manga looks like, for those of you who don’t know what a manga is.

I got an email informing me that one reader ” LIKED” one post of mine.  I couldn’t remember that I even posted that… about a bargain Calvin Kline purse ? I blogged about that ? It was dated June , 2010, so I guess it was on Windows Live. All my posts there were transferred lock, stock and barrel to WordPress in October , 2010,  one year ago today.  I want to repost an excerpt of that one here, if I may. I feel nostalgic. Oh, and you know what, I ‘ve never used that purse, and I don’t know where it is. Maybe it’s in the attic.?

Exerpt :

{A four – hour work, no matter how short, was a welcome interruption from a truly , boring day. I got out of the house and interacted with fellow human beings, laughed heartily at my co-worker’s stupid jokes, and patiently dealt with rude customers. This was also the first time I enjoyed scooping ice cream, LOL.  After work, I lingered around, checked out the shoe store < Payless > nearby, ordered some ” fish and chips ” at this British restaurant, went into a video game store to ask how much I could get for my Persona 3 video game… $ 5.00….no, thank you, I’d rather give it away and earn some goodwill. Then, ooooh, a Thrift shop. I went in, checked out racks of old clothes < ha ha, I was just curious…. they could have come from some dead people’s wardrobe >, then , lo and behold, a Calvin Klein purse ! ! And only for a buck fifty ! ! Smile It looked unused, pristine, and you bet I bought it ! ! Got myself a true bargain and that, my friends,  made my day. Tongue out * happy dance * Red rose }
I love having the emoticons ! How can I get one here on WordPress?
Oh, it’s Holloween  today !  I like this holiday. This is the day where I can get in touch with my inner zombie.  I managed to watch 2 full zombie movies, Day of the Living Dead, and Dawn of the Dead on SyFy. ( and we have the complete Resident Evil series . This series rocks ! LOL ) Do yuo know Brad Pitt will star in a zombie movie? Wow, an A-lister ! Hahaha !  * ponders*  Zombies used to walk so slow people could run around them and chop off their heads, but modern zombies can outrun living people nowadays. If there were  zombies in real time, what would you do? What’s your weapon of choice to kill zombies?  He he he… I know, stupid questions. ( Not to me, though. I actually thought about such things. But that’s me )
Well, this is all for now. Good day to all, and I hope I didn’t bore you. Please come again and read me.  Be good, and PEACE !

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  1. Posted by Becoming Bitter on November 1, 2011 at 5:42 am

    I have so much to comment on, but for now I’ll say this. I want to go to a concert too! I’m always stuck babysitting people who aren’t old enough to go. Anyway, I hate those horrible mangas that turn out like that. It pisses me off!

    AOI spice actually sounds like a good manga. Thanks for mentioning it.


    • That was my 5th concert, so far. The bands were not so famous, but they were good. ( Sleeping With Sirens was one of the 6 ).

      It was horrible ! Hair cutting was the second time the main guy did that. The first time was when they were kids. Odd that I forgot the title of this manga, so now, I can’t go back and check out again this monstrosity, hahaha. Oh, man.

      Aoi Spice is indeed nice. I was so happy when I got to read something like this after that horrible manga.


  2. Posted by The Undreamt Terrain on November 1, 2011 at 6:52 am

    You had a great concert, on the contrary the metallica concert I was looking forward to got cancelled at the last moment… technical fault they are calling it..!! 😦
    btw this Ren guys look like Light Yagami in Death note.. 😛
    though it gives me an idea… he named his first concert after his gf, i guess i must name my first book after my gf too… ewww… way too cheesy…. 😀


    • really? It was cancelled ? So, did you get a refund or did they just move the concert to a later date?

      Ha ha ha ! Guess what, most anime and manga characters almost look the same. Oh, wow ! I liked death Note, except it is Tragedy, isn’t it? I watched Death Note a long, long time ago, so I’ve forgotten who the characters are.

      Oh, name the book after her. Awww ! And it’s not cheesy ! ! the only thing you ” cannot ” name after your girl is if you get a tatoo. Look what happened to Angelina Jolie. She had the name of her ex on her tatoo, but now she has Brad Pitt, of all people.


      • Posted by The Undreamt Terrain on November 2, 2011 at 3:00 am

        It got cancelled permanently, Organizers have promised refund…just not when… 🙂
        Death Note was awesome, except that the good wins over bad in the end… 😛 I disliked that a lot… 😀
        As for tattoo I was just about to get one… 😀 shortlisted one with a dragon entangled to her name… It was the sight of needle that freaked me out, and I ran out of the tattoo parlor, even there no refunds… 😀


        • Awww ! That sux ! What was it that a concert would be cancelled permanently ? There must be some serious reason. I know that when ” terrorism” was still fresh on people’s minds, a lot of concert events were cancelled. No one cancels due to some technical reasons, I’m sure.

          believe it or not , I didn’t want Death Note’s main character to die. Same with Zero of Code Geasse. Well, he didn’t really die. There were hints he didn’t. T.T

          Nooooo ! Don;t do that ! Unless you’re married to her already ! What if you broke up and got another girl ? The girl would totally freak out if she saw another girl’s name carved on your skin,. I mean, I would! Any girl would. What if you saw another guy’s name on your gf’s? That would be troublesome.


          • Posted by The Undreamt Terrain on November 2, 2011 at 10:45 am

            Well there were Safety concerns regarding the audience, somehow after calling in some 30k fans and making them wait for 2 hours, the organizers just found out that it’s not a safe to held a concert at the venue… wtf… i mean they had know it for months, cancelling on the last moment was most disheartening.

            I too hated it when he dies, just started code geasse… on episode 6 🙂
            btw have you seen Full Metal Alchemist ??

            Good lord, indded you are true about the tattoo thingy… 😛 thanks to the fear of needles it saved me from a future agony 😀


            • Wow ! That;s pure and simple incompetence. Well, maybe there was a bomb threat, and they couldn’t eliminate the threat in time. Didn’t something like that happen in India just recently? I guess that was a better solution, than be sorry later. Err on the right side, you know.

              We have the manga and the anime of Full Metal Alchemist. Oh, goodness, about Code Geasse… did I spoil it for you ? Ha ha ha ! Sorry !

              Re tatoo….. ^_____^#

  3. Posted by Koopa on November 1, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    I know this is weird but, the appearance of the word “Tita” in this post was a nice surprise really… :p I keep forgetting that you have a Filipino lineage….


  4. Babysitting at a concert is better than babysitting at home …


  5. You are in college, it’s never too late to go to a club 😀


    • Oh, hi, DP… It was way past midnight and the place was quite far, in another county, about 35 minutes on freeway. They say it’s a new club and really cool. Maybe next time… I’m sure to go.


  6. My weapon of choice would totally be a katana or other sword like that. I might have a gun on me just in case, but I would rely more on the sword since i wouldn’t have to worry about finding bullets for it. 🙂


    • A katana is great… any weapon is okay as long as it’s long enough , about a meter long, preferably…. LOL ! And better scout for a safe haven, a tall building , with a rooftop where you can catch rainwater.


  7. Okay, I’m such a cry baby. But I can’t help it. Ren is soooooo sweet. I’m gonna read that Manga. I love the story. 🙂


    • Oh, please do ! ( ^____^) And read Strobe Edge and Rockin’ Heaven ! Rockin Heaven is available on Manga Here.

      How are you, Anne?


      • I’ll try reading those Manga, too.

        I’m fine. I’m looking for a job. Well, actually tomorrow’s my interview. The company called me this morning. Hoping that tomorrow’s gonna be my day. Anyway, how’s school?


        • Awww ! Don’t just try…. read it ! LOL

          Oh, good luck then. You’re a nurse, right ?

          School’s a pain, of course. So much to do, so little time. I should be graduating already, but I guess not. My schedule’s whacked.


  8. So you like zombie movies eh? Try The Walking Dead.. it’s a series on Fox. The plot is typical, you know, a virus outbreak turns the majority of the population into zombies. Each character has his-her own story and the suspense keeps me on the edge of my seat all the time.


  9. Posted by REBECCA DAWN on November 2, 2011 at 3:38 am

    we dont get cool concerts where I am…unless country stars are cool 😦 although KISS came to the town over. UGH!
    although I did get to go a backstreet boys concert back in the day. woot woot.


    • No ! Really ? Well, my city is cow country , to be honest, but we do get a few people here, like Paul McCartney , Rolling Stones, van Halen, etc. Britney Spears too, hahah.

      last time, I watched Eric Clapton with my parents, he he… wow, I’ve never seen so many baby boomers at one place at one time, LOL !


      • Posted by REBECCA DAWN on November 5, 2011 at 6:47 pm

        ha we should be so lucky to get those guys. if we did get paul mcCartney, i think half of our city would have strokes because they would be so excited! ugh!


        • If it’s a small city where you live, then you really won’t attract celebrities. Celebrities don’t like small venues, and will avoid them, if they can help it/ Ours is small too, by San Francisco/LA standards, but I guess it’s big enough for them. The city itself has more than a million residents, and then there are the neighboring counties. Well,it’s been called cow city by LA snobs. They swear they hear cow bells when they come here. It’s okay, though, I love it that a few miles from I live, I can see strawberry fields, tomato farms, etc. Sometimes people go there and pick as much as they want for $ 5.00, hahah !


  10. My very first concert was to Blue Oyster Cult. WOOOO HOOOO… of course that was way back in the 70’s….. Ahhh fond memories.

    I will have to try and read a manga… What is a good site to find them on?


  11. Ah, the 70s ! ! Fun decade ! I listen to classic rock and the 70s songs rock ! Those bands are way cooler than the rockers now, if there are still any left.

    Lee devine, I usually use Manga Fox, Manga here, and Otaku Works. I don’t know what kind of genre you prefer, but Manga Fox doesn’t have specific categories, but Manga here and Otaku Works do. Also try Manga Reader.

    Read Monster first. or 20th Century Boys. Shounen mangas are stupid. You’d know when you see them… the cover pictures always have girls with really huge boobs and short skirts with underwears showing. Shounen is on guys’ perspective. >.<


  12. We stumbled over here different web address and thought I might as well check things out. I like what I see so i am just following you. Look forward to looking into your web page for a second time.


  13. Posted by The Undreamt Terrain on November 3, 2011 at 4:08 pm

    “Maybe there was a bomb threat, and they couldn’t eliminate the threat in time”
    yeah and some jack baur from 24 just appeared in time to evacuate the crowd.. 😀

    “Didn’t something like that happen in India just recently? ”
    yeah there was a bomb hoax… the Explosive Diffusion guys searched the whole place, turning upside down, ultimately turned out to be some prank call… crazy fun for some people


  14. If I were you I would have totally hit the club even after midnight. I usually do that. I wonder from place to place all nite – it’s a unique experience when you are also on another planet :)) [you know what I mean].


    • Posted by The Undreamt Terrain on November 4, 2011 at 4:16 pm

      @Gratian: Bingo… we did exactly that… 😀 and here in India we call this plane the ‘5th’ dimension… 😉


    • I would have but I didn’t relish the idea of driving for 30 minutes ( and looking for the place… never been there, it’s a new one ) on the freeway, and I was so tired already. I went to school in the AM, worked from 12 to 5 Pm then dashed to the concert… I didn’t even get to rest, then came home so late at night. My spirit is willing, but my body ‘s about to collapse. Ugh !

      Cheers !


  15. Ha ha ! Mario Brothers ! My most frustrating game ever ! I couldn’t finish a single one, and that’s weird coz when I play video games, I play on Hard Mode.


  16. Posted by Becoming Bitter on November 4, 2011 at 8:00 pm

    I read AOI Spice! It was a good manga. Thanks for sharing my Kyoko. I can call you that right? Everybody on my blog has a nickname.


    • Eh? Really? Ahahaha ! Did you have a sugar overload? Hey, they were handcuffed to each other, so, uhm, how do you think they managed to do stuff in the toilet, or changed clothes> LOL Suspension of disbelief…… that’s manga for you. LOL


      • Posted by Becoming Bitter on November 5, 2011 at 4:29 am

        I’m SO bitter that even the sweetest manga won’t give me sugar overload. Yes, there were parts in which I thought to myself “WTH this doesn’t make sense”, but it was pleasant change from the WTF mangas.


        • To be honest, 99% of mangas are unrealistic, and defy logic. We’re not supposed to question, we only read to enjoy, and fantasize. Why do you think the shoujo heroes are so hot ! LOL

          Speaking of bitter, have you ever tasted /eaten this veggie called bittermelon? I have and I like it. It’s used in some Philippine dishes. they sell this veggie at Asian stores.


  17. I like the lightheartedness of this post. A pleasant break from the dead seriousness of life matters in general.

    By the way you might want to listen to the song Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by The Flaming Lips. It’s one of my favorite songs, and it sort of reminds me of a female Manga character.


    • Oh, thank you ! I’m glad you liked this.

      I listened to 2 versions. English and Japanese…. I happen to like the Japanes version. Even with Japanese made films and .animes, I want to listen and watch the Japanese language spoken ( with subtitles, of course. ) by the characters. I don’t like the ones dubbed in English.


      • I didn’t know Yoshimi had a Japanese version, although I’m not surprised to hear that. Is the song not an original of Flaming Lips, though? That I have to google.


        • I’m not so sure, but it looks like it’s an original by the Flaming Lips. By the way. I love your blogsite. It’s a pity it isn’t on WordPress. I love the latest post , about technology? I can totally relate ! !


  18. I am pleasantly surprised. You have a way of talking about things in general and come off very entertaining to read. I am completely new to the world of mangas and get confused at which site to use. I decide on one then promptly forget, causing me to madly search which chapter I was on. I’ve only read the Hana Yori Dango manga (gimme that story in any shape, form, medium and I will eat it up) and the first few chapters of Usagi Drop. I read the ending on the wikipedia page, she end up marrying him. ew. Ew, ew, ew.
    Kinda don’t want to keep on reading. Will read AOI Spice, *puts it on to-read list*
    I want a preferably short manga that’s more romance than slice-of life. Since you seem like you’ve read quite a few, any recommendations?


    • Awww ! Thanks, jawavillager. I’m glad it entertained you. (^__^)

      Ah ! I haven’t read Usagi Drop ! You didn’t like it?

      Hmmm, short and romantic……. you might want to try 1/3 Romantica. let me think of others. I ‘m bad at remembering Japanese titles. and that’s why I can only remember Strobe edge and Rockin Heaven. I really like these two. Highly recommended.


  19. It does feel like the world is being taken over by zombies of late…and of course, the vampires are still around (although maybe they’re on their way out..) Wonder what’s next….


    • Ahaha ! I know, right ? I think it’s human nature to be fascinated with ” survival” movies. To survive in a world taken over by zombies is one of them.

      What’s good in zombie invasion is that there’s a big chance humans can survive. But not when vampires take over. LOL they’re not even afraid of Christian Cross anymore. Gone are the movies when vampires melt at the mere sight of a Cross. Now they even fall in love and sparkle. ” cough” Twilight ” cough “


  20. Ren you are so funny! Reading your blog really amusing
    And this line “Well, that’s how a manga looks like, for those of you who don’t know what a manga is.” Haha.. Who doesn’t know manga?
    I’m not a big fan of manga, the last time i was moved by manga when i read Polaris (if i’m not mistaken) back in college… But i love watching animation though


    • Hi, Farah !

      Ah ! You’d be surprised very few know of mangas… in the US, at least. Animes are pretty famous though.

      I understand if you’re not a big fan. If there isn’t a romantic streak in my bones, I wouldn’t be a fan, either.

      Cheers, Farah !


  21. As usual, lots of fun, young lady! Nicely done!


  22. […] browsed her blog some two days ago but wasn’t able to follow her yet. I was curious about her Aoi Spice and all things nice…post and since then I know I’d be coming back to follow her. Well, because I am fond of anime and […]


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