Man, I’m exhausted ! !


Renxkyoko Iglesias musing here.

This is just an update of things that happened to me last week……

First off, we bought a 2009 Toyota Camry, with only 22,000 miles in it. That’s pretty good for a used car. Uhm, for  first time readers,  our family van was stolen while in my care, so yeah, I really feel guilty, though I know it isn’t my fault.  . Anyways, I’m relieved we ‘ve managed to replace the van as quickyly as possible. It was quite difficult to  have only one car for 3 people, myself, mom and dad. I don’t have a car, but I hope to get my sister’s car when she gets a new one. I hope, soon.

Also, I was able to enroll in my Chemistry class. Oh, what a relief ! ! There were 20 waitlisted students who were trying to get in, but only 2 were taken in, and thank goodness the other one was my Physics classmate last year who has been trying to get in for 3 semesters already.  This is my 4th Chemistry… 3 more to go. I just found out Chemistry is my de facto Minor, with Molecular Microbiology as my major course. I thought of making Forensic Science as a minor, but I guess Chemistry is better. My sister is a microbiology grad but is now working as a chemist . I see myself working in a lab …. not a bad career, if I do say so myself.. Meanwhile, I’m selling clothes and scooping ice cream. Speaking of which, I’m now # 2 in sales. Our target is $ 150 an hour, but I’m doing $ 300, so my boss is liking me more and more.  Oh, by the way, I now know what BCBG means…. it’s Bon Chic, Bon Genre. The name of our store is BCBG MAX AZRIA. Max Azria is the designer. It’s funny that the latest topic as suggested by WordPress is ” Do you work too much or too little?”  At this moment, I’m exhausted.  Alright, Saturday, I worked from 10 AM  – 2 PM at baskin and Robbins, then from 3 PM to 11 PM at BCBG. ( It was quite busy on Labor Day weekend sale ) Then on Sunday, I worked from 8 AM – 3 PM, then 5 PM -10 PM…. today, it’s the same time. I didn’t go to Mass this Sunday. I ‘m sure God understands. I don’t know why I feel troubled and guilty everytime  I don’t  go to Church.  I’m like, what if I keel over  tomorrow, I’ll go to hell? That’s the punishment for mortal sin. It’s a stupid thought, I know. . It’s just something from Sunday school that got stuck  in my head.  Meh.

My aunt from the Philippines  is here with us. First thing we did was shop until we dropped, all on her American Express. She wanted to  buy me a Tag Hauer watch, but I opted for cash and clothes, he he he. I have my cell phone to give me time, anyways.  She gave my siblings Tag Hauers last time she was here. ( Over a thousand dollars each ) I didn’t get one coz I was still in middle school.  And, didn’t I write on my previous post things were gonna be good this year ?  Well, my aunt promised  a European tour for me and my Mom next summer. I’m already daydreaming about it this early.  Yay ! Well, she says it’s 100 % sure thing. We pay for the airplane  fare  and she’ll take care of the rest…EurailPass, hotels, food ! ! All we have to do, she says,    is to pray nothing happens to her from now till next summer ! ! “ Luv ya, Aunty ! Stay healthy ! ”

What are top ten places i want to go to ?  1. Spain  2. Rome  3. Greece  4. Switzerland 5. England  6. Scotland  7. Ireland  8. Turkey  9. Netherlands  10. France…….. Uhm, why Turkey , you ask ? Well, my aunt says it’s one of the most beautiful places she’s been to, so far.  You know, the United states is also beautiful, but, it lacks culture ? I don’t really know what ” culture ” means…. Perhaps we have culture, but it’s 20th century culture, like Hollywood  culture … isn’t much, and it isn’t like something I’d like to ogle at and take pictures of.    I know we don’t really   have stateside  Antiquities   to show off….. just Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.   The US doesn’t have real castles, no Parthenon, no thousand year old structures………….. in other words, it lacks that Old World feeling . Anyways, I hope I can go to Egypt and Jerusalem to see the Pyramids and these Bible places, but my aunt  says  these places are not 100% safe.  There’s one place  in Asia, though,  that I really, really want to visit….it’s  Japan. Maybe it’s because of my manga obssession.  That’s a crazy reason why I want to go, unless of course I intend to stay there and experience the day to day Japanese life, like going to Festivals wearing a yukata, eating a bento, and meeting a manga hero that looks like this…..

It’s funny coz I see images of Japan with people in them, and definitely, not one looks like that guy here…….and truth be told, I swear this guy looks more like the deli guy at Subway that’s right across from Baskin and Robbins where I work.  Ahahaha !   Sheeesh. And, oh, yeah, Keanu Reeves ! He looks like the guy from L.DK.

Here he is, Shuseii from L.DK…. * drools*

Oh, gosh, I love L.DK…. L.DK means Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen. Nice title  of a romance story.

I have to concede to Angus and Eros though. ( from the manga THE ONE ) They’re really pretty.

These two are the reasons why we keep on reading. He he he ……  Do you know what the problem is with these mangas? They raise the standard of  the “ideal man”, like,  how he should look like, act, and behave. I am now now attracted to guys with long hair.   But female manga readers do fantasize. Why do I know that ? Coz I read the forums and they’re like  this….

…………….. daydreaming that someday……..,,

Yeah.  Sweet, huh, See that? The guy is even blushing. Awwww ! That image is from the manga STROBE EDGE , one of the nicest, sweetet, cutest, albeit heart wrenching mangas I’ve ever read.  It is heart wrenching coz the guy has a girl friend. What’s worse is the girl friend is  prettier ( she’s a model) , and not only that, she’s actually nice.  T.T And the main girl, Nanako, does not get in the way of Ren’s and his gf’s relationship. She does not break them up… it’s a mutual decision. The GF lives in another city, and is quite busy with work and she does meet other people, but Ren himself does not break up with her because he’s a good , faithful and loyal guy, even though he has started to fall for Nanako. Once he’s free, he confesses to Nanako, but Nanako rejects him. Well, Ren has a best friend who’s also in love with nanako, and the best friend  has always been there with Nanako trying to make life easier for her  as she suffers from supposedly unrequited love for Ren.  Awww ! In the end of course, Ren and Nanako get together. ………..Hahaha, I know, it’s so cheesy, but I love it. So, yeah, that’s the stuff some mangas are made of….. pure, young love, the ideal one that impressionable girls are dreaming of.

Alright, this is all for now. I hope I can post  more often after this. It’s really been awhile, huh, more than 2 weeks from my last post , I think. Gosh, I’ve been so busy.

So, bye for now, be nice, be good, and PEACE !

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  1. Wow, you’ll love Europe. It can be a bit of an overdose of ‘culture’ coming from a younger country like Australia or America though 🙂

    I almost got to go to Egypt for my medical elective but after the revolution our university didn’t really want students going there. I went when I was younger though and it really is a beautiful country.


  2. Hi, Rhyming Med !

    Yes ! I ‘m sure I’ll love Europe ! No, no overdose. I’ll be ecstatic !

    Really ? You ‘ve been to Egypt ? I hope it wasn’t when you were too young to remember. I’ve been to Singapore, malaysia and Hongkong, but I don’t remember a thing. I was like 4 or 5 when we went.


  3. You really are an addict of MANGA, renx! 😉


  4. The camry was a good news! i also changing some settings on my blog. I hope it’s going to be for the better. IF not, I probably would move to wordpress too.


    • *I’m.
      Completely missed that one.


    • Oh, good ! Move to WordPress, I’m sure it will be easier to communicate with you. Is your blog the one I’m having a hard time commenting on?


      • Unfortunately, yes it is. 😦


        • @bowser :i had a blogger account (my 2nd blogsite) before but it wasn’t getting more views and comments like my WP blog…so i decided to delete it 😀

          anyway, i love this post renx. it’s no wonder why many bloggers/non-bloggers would drop by and give their thoughts about your post because you simply aren’t boring. i love how you express your thoughts. just wish i could be like that, too. he he he

          till next time 🙂


          • ^o^ My blog is so random, Yramjin. I’m surprised people bother to read. Other bloggers’ posts are so insightful, while mine is @___@ ! ! I mean, seriously? ^_____^


  5. Your blog is fun and interesting. I like your writing style!


  6. well you’ve been busy 😆 good luck with your chemistry classes and all your other plans! the story of the manga is very typical of some of the soap operas here. i see it that way from watching the commercials. 😆


    • Thanks !

      Right. The stories are so typical and cliche we can always predict the ending. But even so, it’s always nice to read it. It makes one forget the harsh realities of life.


  7. A trip to the spa would definitely get you charged up again. Nothing like a nice relaxing massage to take away the stress.

    Or you could just be a couch potato for a day and eat your favorite ice cream. Works for me. 😀


  8. Oh wow. Sounds like you’re been pretty busy. But at least you are making lots of money. And don’t worry about not going to church, I haven’t gone in years. And I was forced to go. >,< So don't worry about dying, you'll be fine. 🙂

    That is cool that your aunt said she would take you to Europe. I bet that will be lots of fun. 🙂

    Haha, I'm sure the US would have castles too if Americans had been occupying here for the same amount of time as people in Europe. Even though it doesn't have castles the US has lots of cool and interesting places to visit. 🙂


    • Hi , Kyoki-chan ! !

      Oh, yeah, there are lots of interesting places to see here in the US. Ha ! That’s a given, My aunt says America is beautiful ! And it definitely is !

      Hey, Kyoki-chan, what have you been reading lately?


  9. Ohai! I haven’t been reading much lately. I’m taking a bit of a break. LOL! I think I read too much and overloaded myself. >.<


    • I overloaded myself this summer, hahaha, but it’s all good, ciz I don’t think i have time to read exept textbooks this semester.


      • Awww, that bites that you’ll only have time for textbooks. Hopefully they’ll be interesting textbooks. 😛

        T^T I miss Strobe Edge. That manga was so awesome. I’m so glad you recommended that to me. I hope they make a anime someday. That would be so freaking awesome. 😀


        • Strobe Edge is awesome, isn’t it ?

          Hey, Kyoki, I recommend L.DK . It’s gut wrenching, and it’s still ongoing but of course I can tell the main protagonists will end up together, so it’s worth my heartaches. hahaha. Another one is The One, ( ongoing) and Rockin Heaven ( completed) . You can’t find Rockin Heaven on manga Fox. The complete series is on Manga Here. If you liked Strobe edge, I’m sure you’d also like Rockin Heaven. I got misty eyed at the end of the story. Please read it ! !


          • I’ll try reading them soon. 🙂


            • yay ! and let me know what you think.

              darn, kyoki, there are 2 stories that I so want to read but they’re so………… lemme just say the main guys are man-whores, okay, and itherefore, they are so heart wrenching…. like, i hope a bus will hit them or something…. Bokura ga ita and tonari no ashita……… aaaargh !

  10. Hi there my friend,

    I don’t know why on earth I didn’t get the notification of your blog, although it has said that I am following it 😛

    Anyway, I was thinking what kind of a labor day do you have 😛

    Good luck with the new car and the upcoming vacation, btw any chance that I can meet your beautiful, sweet and lovely aunty. Where are such aunties these day 😛 😀 😀 😀

    I was in the waiting line on airport overhere, and sorry I don’t know the difference between Chinese, Japanese, Philippines and co related nationalities. But he was reading comic and I was like hehehehehe

    So you are right, you guys are quite a bit of involved in animation 🙂


    • Hi ! !

      Oh, Did you subscribe ? Wow ! Thank you ! !

      Labor Day is just like any other no work day, although merchants take advantage of that, hoping they will get out of their homes to check out the sales.

      Hahaha ! Another asian reading comics ! ! Btw, The Chinese and Japanese don’t look like people from the Philippines. Filipinos are Malay in origin. Filipinos look like Indonesians, malaysians, Thais, Burmese, Cambodians, and maybe native hawaiians. The ones that look alike are the Japanese, Chinese, Koreans and vietnamese. Oh, and Singaporeans, too.

      LOL. I guess so…. but I feel I’m the only one. hahaha !


  11. Have fun in the next chapter of your adventure! I keep getting the feeling I’m the wrong gender to really enjoy your blog!
    Good job.


    • Hello, Mr. Hook ! I’m having fun reading your day to day adventures too ! ! They are hilarious ! ! Stuff like that can only happen in hotels. Ha ha ha !

      LOL ! ! One reader told me my posts are meant for females, he he he. Ahhh! maybe, next time, I’ll write about Berserk ! ! !


  12. As Expected, another great post and lots of cool manga images. Whats the story of “The One”, the two guys in formal attire.


    • The One…. Oh, gosh, I’ve been following the series for , I don’t know how many years, maybe 2 or 3 years…. but I love this one.

      the main protagonists, Angus, Eros( twins) and lele are models …. Lele is from taiwan but has come to new York to model. the twins are super hot male models from new York, half swiss, half Taiwanese. Lele is in love with Eros, who happens to be angsty, while Angus, who is straight, has relationships with men, due to some twisted circumstances brought upon by his father, who made him a manwhore for ” political power” in his country. ( he gave Angus to middle aged ladies/wives of some political bigwigs )… Ir’s actually dark, and for quite a number of chapters, I simply couldn’t read it. Lately, the story has lightened so I’m reading again.

      Do read it… the story is really good.


  13. Posted by Rob. on September 16, 2011 at 2:44 am

    Chemistry class! Great choice.


  14. Hi Ren!
    Sad to hear your van was stolen. Guess the saying will a;ways be true “Bad things happen to good people”/

    I see Ireland and Scotland were on your list of places to visit. Yay! I’m Scot / Irish. You might want to add Britain. Stonehenge is breathtaking.

    Another place…Okinawa. So serene and peaceful in the right places, You can be in a bustling city…drive for 20 minutes…and it’s like the mass craziness of civilazation never existed.

    Take care, dear

    😦 sorry for typos @ home with no spellcheck


  15. Hi, Sensei !
    All’s well that ends well. as the cliche goes. Dad wants to rehabiltate the van. The rest of the family want to junk it already coz there’s no place to park it . Also, there’s a thief out there who got away with crime.

    Scotland, Ireland and England is a separate kind of tour, although our our will start in London. My Mom promises we’ll see these countries too in the not so distant future.

    Ah, Japan. I’m loving Japan at the moment. ! ! !


  16. Awh so much things happened since my last visit. So sorry about your family van. Camry 2009 is a nice car though… i’m using old Honda City 2004, still saving for upgrading 🙂

    btw can i have your auntie, she seems very generous… I wish i have aunt like yours…


    • Hi, Farah !

      I’ve been going to your blogsite but it seems you’ve been slacking too, he he he.

      Honda is great ! never mind if it’s 2004, as long as you take care of it, Honda will take care of your needs, way beyond your expectations . If it were a person, it would be complaining by now. ha ha ha


  17. hello, renx! it’s been sometime… 🙂

    ahaha… this is a comprehensive update – a look into your life, work and love (that’s about to happen, still in the manga phase, hehe). good thing i chanced on this post.

    at mayaman at generous si tita. ikaw na… 🙂


    • Oh, hello there ! !

      Thanks for passing by my humble abode… dito po sa akin. Ha ha !


      • hello, renx. walang anuman… 🙂

        shaks, MBB ka? wow! tapos, ang dami mong work at activities? ang galing, ah…at nakakapagsulat ka pa, naman…

        balik ka minsan, doon sa amin. keep up the good work and the cheers! 🙂


        • Ooooh ! What’s MBB ?

          Uhm, yeah, a lot of work, but if you mean social activities, aaaargh, zero ! ! T.T
          Sad, huh.

          Wala na akong oras magsulat, pero, I’m trying. Nakakatawa, kasi, marami pa nagtatyaga pumunta dito , naghahanap siguro ng bagong post ko, he he he. But I really appreciate it.

          Oh, yeah, I’m going to balik there. Reading tagalog works is so satisfying. I get to learn new words and new slangs. I sometimes ask my family what some words mean, Surprisingly , they don’t know either. Like, “praning “. What’s praning?


  18. btw, am a Ms. as in missed, ahaha. seriously, people in blogworld call me ate san. when you drop by the site again, take a look at the other long post, kailan huling nagpasya ang iyong puso? it’s about the stock market and love, hi, hi… and tawagin ang pulis (this one’s rather short). it’s about falling, for heaven’s sake, haha…

    and hey, am not a journalist, i usually work behind the scene, writing for public figures. yon.. 🙂


  19. Oh, wow ? You’re an Ms? Ahaha ! Sorry, huh ! Okay , I’ll call you Ate San, and yep, I sure will check out your other posts. Ang dami ko kasi binabasa. Ang gagaling nyo magsulat ! ! I And I’m learning so much from all the posts that I read…. human emotions are all the same no matter where we are or what we are.

    Really? Like a ghost writer ? Well, I hope you get to write something where you will be acknowledged as the author. It’s just right.


  20. Wow, the young Keanu was very, very handsome :O


  21. Posted by mademoisellejosephine on October 13, 2011 at 4:26 pm

    First of all, Chem’s a really good choice as your minor. I hated all my Chemistry classes in high school, but when I got to college, well, it has become my minor too. So far I’ve taken up 4 Chemistry subjects and though I didn’t have a Chem subject just this past semester, I’d be having one again next sem. I dread the lectures, but the laboratory are really great. At least for me. (Nerd!) :))

    Second, you’re too lucky! I mean, even though your car and other personal stuff got stolen (I’m sorry for your loss), the weight of that European tour is just too much! It’s my dream not just to go touring in Europe, but somehow to live there for a while too. The local and Hollywood movies prove them to be great, so I kinda believe it. Greece is the one I’d love to go to the most. Santorini to be exact. Owell, someday. 🙂

    You mentioned that you’d like to go to Japan. Well, that’s the only place I’ve visited outside the country. The culture and the people are really great. Love the festivals! I’ve experienced getting hauled by two Japanese girls inside a tent, and they dressed me up in a Kimono! I’ve been there during their summer and there was a lot going on so it’s been great! Hope you find your way there too someday! 🙂

    *This was really long. Sorry :))


    • I like Chem. more than Physics. But my Chem. is getting more difficult as I level up.

      Ah, I’m disappointed that Mom ditched Greece. I so want to see The Parthenon. I mean, that’s Greece, for pete’s sakes. But then, it’s just too expensive to add Greece. Maybe, someday. A Meditteranean trip, you know.

      Oh, goodness ! You’ve been to Japan? Happiness ! ! is it true it’s so expensive there ? if this Euro tour didn’t come up, it would have been Japan next year, instead of Europe.


      • Posted by mademoisellejosephine on October 23, 2011 at 12:31 am

        Looks like we both have Chemistry dilemmas. Well good luck! 🙂

        If you ask me, it’s expensive there. The program was sponsored by the Japanese government, so I just needed to pay for the plane ticket and some pocket money. And btw, it’s very hard to find hot guys there 😉


  22. Wonderful post. Your writing style is different from others. keep writing.


  23. Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes on June 23, 2013 at 1:17 am

    Keanu Reeves is pretty yum. Wonder what he’s doing these days?

    LOVE, absolutely LOVE your animations.


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