My Vehicle was stolen


Renxkyoko Iglesias here .


Okay. * takes a deep breath * So, I was rather harsh on men, as one annoyed guy friend pointed it out to me. I was generalizing, I admit, and I’d like to apologize for that. I  apologize only for generalizing, mind you. Other than that, I stand by what I said. But don’t hate me. I’m really a nice girl. q(^o^)p Muaaaah to all my readers then, including guys. Oh , especially those guys who have been  offended.  * grins sheepishly*  Oh, and I don’t hate men,  just the as*holes. I do like the bishies.  \(^___^)/ Well, check out this pic, ladies.

The image above is from the manga THE ONE, an ongoing series that I ‘ve been reading for 2 years.  Those two guys are twins ! As if one isn’t enough, lol ! These mangakas ( authors ) are so sly, drawing such pretty boys to draw ( pun intended ) lonely, homely girls  out of their holes, making them dream that someday, a knight in shining armor will sweep them off their feet ( and unrealistically looking like that, to boot), and together , they will ride into the sunset, to live happily ever after.

 ” Erm, girls, come over herenot to poop on your cake , dearsnot to piss on your bonfires, dearsnot to rain on your parade, dears “….. *smacks each and everyone of them *…. IT’S  NOT GONNA HAPPEN ! ! WAKE UP! !

Actually, I’m talking to myself.

I have to smack myself for being such a manga fangirl. I guess I need to get a life or something. Hahaha ! Oh, by the way, do you know that  out of 3 books that are published in Japan, , 1 is a manga ? And  do you know that  books  frequently borrowed at US libraries are mangas? Otherwise, books in public libraries are just there, sitting in shelves , gathering dust, with no activity at all… Heck. What does THAT say about  today’s youth’s reading habits? So, okay, I’m guilty. But I read real books too. You’d be surprised if you’d see my collection of books.  ( You were surprised  to see my  collection of mangas, right? )See, I used to be a voracious reader. I even read the obituaries. But,  I don’t read much these days… I mean , real books…. I have Chemistry, Microbiology, Math and other college textbooks  to contend with.

Geez,  I almost forgot….. the title of this post is “My vehicle was stolen.”

On my previous blog, I wrote I was a bit depressed. You see, that night, the family van was stolen. I went to work that night and used the van . I got off at 10 PM, but before that, I got a call from a friend and he asked if I wanted to hang out with him after work. So, I said okay but only for a few minutes just to return something  as I had  work early the next day. So I drove to his house, parked , and just left my purse in the van . After 30 minutes or so, I left and darn, the van was gone. So my friend and I frantically drove around hoping to find the van abandoned somewhere. Fail ! But of course. We came  home, woke up dad at 3 AM, started calling credit card companies, the police, etc. My purse had everything in it… license, credit card, keys to the house and goodness knows what else is in  there ( good thing I got my still unpaid new iphone ),,, and that was a new purse too, the one I bought when Mom and I went shopping .( I wrote about that too, ( ^o^)# )…………………………….So, anyhow, I had a previous promise to drive 4 bratty middle schoolers to the ballpark  2 days after. ( Don’t ask .) The ballpark was at the downtown area.  Traffic condition at that place is the worst… one way, do not enter signs are all over. Since I wasn’t familiar with that place, I got lost, drove aimlessly for 40 minutes at 5 miles/per hour, then got pulled over by a cop, given a citation for not stopping at a Stop sign, and now, have to go to court on Nov.15. Citation is $220. WHAT ELSE CAN HAPPEN TO ME ON TOP OF THAT? Next day, I got a call from the bank. Apparently my credit card was used to buy gas 2x and stuff at 7-11, worth a total of $250. Then 2 days ago, we got a call from a cop. The van was found abandoned at a gas station and towed away. Towing fee …$250 which I volunteered to pay and dad accepted . T.T   The van was chop chopped., rendered useless. So now we have to buy another, a good used one coz we can’t afford to buy a new one. (We still  have that duplex on our beach property to build, right? I wrote about that too. ) I volunteered to hand over my lifetime savings of $2,000… good thing Dad didn’t accept. What a relief.  * sighs * Maybe I didn’t pray in my past life, huh.  Oh, and good thing my friend volunteered to become my chauffer. His car, of course… I just pay for the gas. I guess he feels guilty . After all, our vehicle was stolen at his place, AND, if he didn’t call me to come over, then THIS wouldn’t have happened.  >.<  Oh, but I do appreciate and am  really grateful for what he’s doing for me. My place of work is a good 35 minutes from our house, after all. And he’s not even a boy friend. He’s my  boy best friend. Uhm, well, maybe 3 years ago, he wished he was, but, we both realized it wouldn’t be a good thing. He was a Muslim… a  Muslim from Chekoslovakia. From Bosnia, to be exact….. a blond, blue -eyed Muslim. And I’m Catholic. ….. never the twain shall meet.  Right?   Oh, well.  They say if we lose something, another will always come to take its place. That’s the rule   of  the universe. Maybe I’ll win a lotto. I have to remember to buy a ticket.  I just know something good will come up. I can feel it in my bones.

Oh, and another thing……….. I just reread the previous log. That part where , out of the blue, I wrote about my sister’s BF’s new hair “do” ? That looked exteremly random, but actually, it wasn’t. I was talking about cheating men, and the first person that I thought of was my sis’ BF. Yep, he cheated on sis. But , that day, he came over sporting that new “do” , and that was what I wrote about. He he he… okay, that was really random.  (^o^)  Never mind.


Aaaargh, Bummer. School opens on the 29th…. * gets up to look at the calendar*    ! ! ! ! !  It’s this coming Monday ! ! !  Hah! Wish me luck, folks.  Back to the saltmines ! ! !

  I’ll do my best and go for the win !

This is all for now. Good day and PEACE!

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  1. Posted by John Ryan Recabar on August 26, 2011 at 3:15 am

    hahaha, it’s nice to be back. thanks for the constant visit!


  2. Ah, you’re welcome, Sir ! My post… I’m curious,,,,, if you were to grade it, what would my grade be ?


    • Posted by John Ryan Recabar on August 29, 2011 at 2:57 am

      it all depends on the intent of the post. i may also have to consider language, organization, and mechanics. but i just think that i am not in a position to mark your post as a reader, or even hypothetically, as a teacher in your writing class since we’re outside the confine of a physical classroom.


  3. coincidence or not, my post yesterday was also about a crime (sort of)…. 😐


    • I went to your site, Bowser. My episode was nothing compared to yours. But, please, wait for the cops. Don’t go charging in. You were lucky they were just petty thieves, just kids, and they weren’t even armed. Bad men who invade homes are usually armed. If those home invaders were armed, it could have turned into battle at OK corral. O_O ! !


  4. As usual I look forward to your post. I have been slacking on my blog and must post this weekend. School has already started for me. Only 2 classes though so not too bad. Sorry about your van, I just can’t understand the mind of a criminal. How do they live with themselves? I know that i couldn’t. You are lucky that you caught the credit cards so quickly. It could have been much worse. One of my friends lost their card and before he could report it the crooks had racked up 2500 $ in charges.
    Tests happen for a good reason. You may not figure it out right now, but you will look back at this one day and say “yep, that is what I learned from that”

    One day you will find “Mr, Right” don’t stress. All of the men you meet now are preparing you for the moment it hits you. (just so you know, your right about different religions not mixing… lots of people try and make it work and it doesn’t 99% of the time)

    As for reading, I am in the same boat. I have way too many reading assignments for work and school to be able to read for fun any longer. I miss it. I usually read Sci-fi and fantasy. Escapism at its best….

    Enjoy your week…


    • I’m happy to know you look forward to reading my post, Leedevine.

      My sister lost her credit card too. Someone used her card to order $ 3ooo worth of goods. The credit card company was immediately alerted and called my sis. For one, the address was different, and the transactions were unusual. I wonder though who loses in this case. The seller or the credit card company ? Coz the credit card company didn’t charge her for that.

      Hahah Leedevine. I’m not stressing. It’s just something to talk about. Some person’s lovelife ( or lack thereof) is always an interesting read, ( I think) that’s why I write about it. * sweatdrops*


  5. You’re manga conduit! Keep up the good work!


    • Hey, Mr. Hook ! ! ! *waves*

      Have I interested you enough to start reading? You said you’d try reading one, right? I recommend Cowboy Bebop, Monster, and Grave of the Fireflies as your first reads.


  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhh – those boys are pretty


  7. Interesting cartoon! I like Japanese cartoon!


  8. Hello! Thanks Renxkyoko, I’m glad that you visit my blog. I was checking some of your post and I can see lots of interesting images here. Its actually a good idea of uploading this anime characters on your post, Did you draw some of them?


    • Hello! !

      No, they’re not from animes. They’re from Japanese graphic novels, aka comics, aka manga. I ‘m having fun uploading them because their expressions depict exactly what I have in mind.

      Thanks for passing by, Henry. ^o^


  9. Awwww, I’m really sorry about what happened to your van. That really sucks.

    Ahahah, I didn’t even know the pic of that one guy was actually twins. I thought it was the same guy. I love twins. They’re so awesome. 😛 For some reason that made me think of two twins I knew in high school. Don’t know why though. O.o

    Good luck at school! 😀


    • Eh, Kyoki-chan?
      WTH ! !

      Where have you been?

      That’s from THE ONE ! Check it out, kyoki ! The story is real good ! Not to mention the eye candies . ! !

      Hey, I miss our chit chat!


  10. I hope you don’t hate all men he said coughing


  11. i’m sure THE rule will work for you. Sorry about your vehicle though. I like vans and can’t imagine how awful you must be feeling. sorry again 😦


  12. I=Oh, we’ve got a new one now ! It’s Okay ! * happy dance*


  13. haha.. what a coincidence… I have so many stuff that I want to write about but my bike was stolen last week and I was so pissed off I didn’t want to write anything in my blog recently.. haha


  14. I’m here again, tried to check your blog for new post. I wanna see what manga picture you will upload next time. Cheers!


  15. He-ya!!! how r u doing girl! loved that magma pictures…my blog address is kind of changed…I have shifted my blog from wordpress to blogger so herez is the link


  16. I don’t like the a**holes too ;D
    But I think they’re everywhere – is that possible?


  17. The assholes are everywhere ! ! Good guys are the exemption, rather than the rule. Geronimo! ! ! LOL ! ! !


  18. hello, renx,

    this one’s full. or let’s say, i had my fill, reading this, haha. let’s see if i got them right, huh?

    first – you tend to generalize about men. you apologize, though.
    second – you’re a big manga fangirl. no apologies forthcoming here, hehe.
    third – your vehicle got stolen when you hanged out with this guy who could have been an old flame were it not that social divides exist, hohum… ^^
    fourth – the purse given by your mom one generous moment was stolen, too and your dad wasn’t hard on you about the vehicle
    fifth – your sis’s ex BF was an infidel, the haircut must have signified something, huh?
    6th and last – going back to the school err, the saltmines give you freakin’ thoughts about rogues and unfaithful men? ^^

    am not really good in making summaries, see? ^^ but i surely enjoyed reading this entry. hope your week’s going fine. 🙂 maulan na rito, btw… cheers!


    • I did generalize, didn’t I ? He he he Well, Ate, This is an old post, so I hope nobody will get to read this other than we two. <<<>>> I think men wll cheat, given the opportunity. That’s how I see them. When they tell me they love me, I take it with a grain of salt. I don’t believe and i see them as someone who’s bound to hurt me…. and i hate them already. lol Kidding ! !

      Old flame , meaning boyfriend ? Nope, nope…… my future BF will be my future husband. So, I’m careful who I choose.

      Right, I’m a manga fangirl. Oh, man, I just read one a few minutes ago. The story is so stupid I swear my IQ went down to one digit. I WANT MY BRAIN CELLS BACK ! !


      • Posted by Sugar Dash on March 29, 2012 at 8:07 am

        I’ve read your blog for awhile now but never made a account on here. Silly me. But… the way you are so convinced that males will cheat… isn’t very fair since the same can be said for females. Females are just as capable with cheating as males are so its kinda unfair of you to go off on them like that. I’m a female myself and I have friends who have cheated more than my male friends. Sad, but true. :/


        • OMG ! Someone did get to read my rant ! lol

          yeah, I have to admit it isn’t fair, but I ‘ve also heard and seen of so many men cheating on the GFs and wives. can you imagine seeing a friend’s boyfriend ( been a bf for so many years ) with another girl at the mall ? I couldn’t even tell her, and it was heartbreaking. A lot of cheating stories are so horrid I’m even planning to talk about it soon, because it involved a relative. They were about to get married, but the guy made another girl pregnant. But I understand if you think it’s unfair to rant about guys since you have more female friends cheating .

          But thank you for commenting here. I thought I could get away with my rant here. This is such an old post already. * sweat *

          Cheers, Sugar dash !


      • hello, renx,

        dear, apparently, someone has seen it… :c hmnn, generally, yes. but not all and not all the time, hehe. well, it’s like this… at work, i’ve had several experiences of married office mates trying to make passes at me, overtures, hehe. some even tried to court me seriously, bought me dinners, etc. the most insulting ones were those whose wives are close to me (almost friends level, that kind). so, generally, yes, they pass themselves off as available and willing, ahaha (baka makakalusot).

        but if all females would take that attitude that no man is faithful and worth the try then, there’d be no relationships formed, ahaha. if you could find one who would be loyal to you entirely then, you’re the man! or the woman, hihi. but no hurry there, finish your studies first. if and when you’re ready to love and be loved, i think the apt one, the right one (the ever faithful one) will come along. ^_^

        mabagsik naman ‘yong future bf, future husband na. purist ka talaga, day? ^^

        shaks, may mga pangit ding manga? mostly magaganda di ba? ‘ala na, di mo na mababawi ang brain cells, antay mo na ang bagong batch, hehe.

        chills and cheers! 🙂


        • I know, right ? My jaw dropped literally, ha ha ha. But I’m glad Sugar dash commented. it’s good that every now and then , someone corrects me, and pokes me. he he he… Oh, my. You know, I’ve been getting so much flak from this mindset of mine, but you can’t blame me. My sister’s BF just cheated on her, and we also just heard news about our relative making another girl pregnant, and he was about to get married too to his GF. yeah, it was my relative who cheated ! That scumbag ! When we heard about that, I felt the pain, really, really felt it. can you imagine that ? I mean, those two had already gotten an apartment, and started filling it up with stuff, and both were already looking for churches and reception sites, and whatnot. meanwhile, he was banging another girl ! What a scumbag ! ! ! ! ! Sorry, I’m getting angry again. * runs off *


          • ahaha, yes, blog is a public forum and one’s view could be taken by readers in many ways, dear. but probably, it’s also its saving grace, somehow… when a blogger has a very strong opinion on something, somebody will likely speak up to offer another opinion, maybe soften it up a bit or correct it, for that matter.

            on the other hand, when a blogger’s opinion on a subject is soft or weak, he or she could find or read blogs that offer sharper or stronger opinions or views. that way, s/he is somehow educated or offered another dish, so to speak. ayon… anyway, hugs lang muna. ^^

            hey, you really feel strongly about this cousin’s acts, ‘no? he did it for the second time! just when he is about to get married, some nerve, huh? the gf has two options, maybe:prepare herself for a life of tears or dump him now, no turning back! sever the relationship quick and clean, ahaha. 🙂


            • They separated, of course. It would be the most stupid thing ever if they didn’t. It’s actually a good, sad story . I want to talk about it soon, but, maybe not. The cheater is a close relative, and I have not even met him, but I want to bitch slap him so much. He’s weak . I don’t blame him 100 %. That other girl was his co – worker who had a crush on him for a long time. She spread her legs for him, And I guess only the strongest minded man would be able to resist what was being offered freely. damn, ! ! He didn;t even use protection , that idiot !

  19. I love this post! As much I adore the blogger! 😊


  20. Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes on July 20, 2013 at 4:47 am

    It’s lovely how you apologised to the blokes, Renx. You’re so sweet.

    I love manga too. Daniel started drawing it for a while “out of nowhere” and he is really capable. He’s moved on though, was no great passion just a fiddle. But I really love your pics in between words.

    I am so, so sorry this happened to you Renx. Pardon me, but I just can’t believe you left your purse in the van?? How – how do you not take your purse everywhere? Wow. As for all the charges and hassle after (can you BELIEVE the cop wasn’t more considerate in the circumstances – and can’t believe you have to front court), my gosh, SO glad this day is behind you.

    Your dad seems wonderful. (jealous!) 🙂


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