Just Musing..and Ranting !

Hello there ! renxkyoko iglesias here, musing…

I;ve been slacking, I know. But I’ve been really busy with this and that. This and that  are of course my work

and this—–>

Actually, I’m reading   another Korean manhwa ,”Ways of the Jogang Jicheo” that  I’m trying  to translate  from Vietnamese to English, through Google translate. Vietnamse translations are super crappy.  But I suspect it’s just Vietnamese  that’s difficult to translate.  Perhaps it’s a difficult language. But it’s surprising because I notice Vietnamese language has very  few words . And maybe one word has several pronunciations, and each pronunciation has a  different meaning ? ? The most common words are gia, gi, gio, khong, kho, cua cau co non, noi… chu, chau chac, di, dai, dian, ngoi,nguoc, etc. I swear these are the only words I read. To confirm whether Google translate is useless and not helpful at all, I tried translating Filipino language  ( I’m kind of fluent in conversational Filipino) to English, and what do you know, it was almost 98% accurate ! 

To compare:

Filipino language:  * Google with asterisk*  , my own translation enclosed in ( parentheses)……..

Oy, estupido, tarantado, gago, tanga, bobo!  * Hey, stupid, flustered, foolish, idiot, simpleton ! * (  I have the same translation , except tarantando  has a stronger meaning in Filipino, and bobo can also mean stupid and dimwitted)

Bakit mo sinira ang kotse ko?  * Why have you destroyed my car?*   ( same translation )

Doble cara ka talaga. * Doble cara you really.* ( You’re really double faced )

Akala ko ba magaling kang mag maneho? * I thought good to drive.* ( I thought you were good in driving.)

Bayaran mo iyan. * Pay that .* ( same translation )

Hora mismo!  Kung hindi, ihabla kita. * Hora itself.  If not , chargeable income.* ( Right now!  Or else, I’ll sue  you.)

Mabuti na lang , wala kang pasahero. * Fortunately, you don’t have passengers.* ( same translation)

On the other hand, this is what  I go through with Vietnamese translation.

Ne… Den gio roi. Nau di thoi.  * Ne… Gio roi den . Nau di thoi. *  ( What the !#$%^& )

I rest my case. In one previous translation, there were only two English words.. constipation and toilet. So the rest of the dialogue  was up to my colorful imagination and tons of patience.

     Don’t think I’m crazy.  So, okay, I am. \(^____^)/ Well,   the last English release of this manhwa  was in May. I’ve been patiently  waiting for 2 months, and right now, I’m at the end of my tether . I really want to know what happens.  So what’s in the story that I find really interesting?  Well, it’s about a couple who are involved in an arranged marriage.  The main girl is passive but it’s the main guy who vehemently opposes it, but for some reason,  cannot do anything about it, and has to  follow the  family’s wishes and honor. The couple are very young, both high school students. The main girl moves in to  the main guy’s home   ( his parents are there ) and transfers to the main guy’s school,too. The main guy happens to be the most popular student at  school ( rich and handsome )and has a regular  groupie, 2 boys and 2 girls. The 2 girls are hopelessly in love with the main guy, and thus, resent the presence of the main girl. The main guy is oblivious to this adoration and is also resentful of his fiancee, and is actually quite cruel to the main girl.  Not only that, the main girl gets bullied by the 2 girl rivals. The bullying is unbelievably cruel  . She gets beaten up , like everyday? , comes  home with bruises and the main guy doesn’t even care. It’s utterly frustrating and aggravating  that the main girl  takes shit from everybody, including her fiance, like it’s constant abuse ! she doesn’t do anything about it,  and nobody seems to care.  Is she  really  Mother Teresa?  If I were the girl, I’d pick up a jackhammer and impale their heads .  Let all hell break loose.  Just kidding. Meh. Of course the story is exagerrated. Anyhow, the main girl is really not weak. The familes are steeped in tradition , and she has been told that the moment she enters Ja Euk Hyun ‘s household ( yep, that’s the bastard’s name ), she’ll be a Euk Hyun forever, even her ghost. No divorce allowed.  !#$%^%^&* ! ! !  Here’s a sample of  how she gets bullied.

And that is just the first of many.  Of course she knows how to fight… she’s trained in the martial arts, but she’s not supposed to fight. That’s one of the douchebag’s and  for some reason, her own’s family’s  conditions.  I wonder, how come nobody gets sued for assault in Korean manhwas?  Over here in the US, real time, there is zero tolerance on bullying. Well, at least , in elementary…………….  I have to confess something…* sweat drops *…. When I was in 5th grade, I was suspended for 2 days for bullying.  Hey, it wasn’t my fault !  I got indirectly involved  with my best friend’s shenanigans.  So what was it about ?  Well, there was this boy classmate… apparently, he was seen one time picking his nose. At recess ( about 10 AM ) , my classmate accidentally touched the booger boy, she screamed EEEk and touched me ( to pass on the germs to me ) and I touched another girl, and she touched another one. Booger boy saw all that , cried like a girl, and ran to the principal’s office to snitch. So, we four girls were called to the office  and scolded by the principal, who  had someone call the parents to pick us up, and told we were suspended for 2 days.

Ooops, I digress.. back to the manhwa. 

And this next pictures  portray  the attitude of the main guy…. Grrrrrr ! !  The main guy is even handing over his fiance to his best friend ! Oooh, I wanna see how that guy will fall off his high horse and go crawling  to the pitiful girl to ask for forgiveness ( and he will … there’s a scene there where the girl finally leaves him and he goes to her house  and stays there, outside , ( the family of the girl doesn’t open the gate)  kneels down, and  stays that way for goodness how long, it seems 2 days , until he passes out.  Oh, one more thing , the best friend falls deeply in love with the girl, and the bastard fiance starts to get jealous.  Ahahaha ! That’s shoujo for you. So typical and cliche but I’m lovin’ it! !

I try  translating this manhwa, but I thinknI’ll just give up.  I’ ve seen the happy ending anyway, so, that’s okay.. Yep, I love happy endings. I try to avoid  sad ones, or stories where the main guy hooks up with another girl, likes another girl,  does not like the girl ( the unrequited love ) or heaven forbid, cheats on the main girl. Aaargh ! there are numerous stories like that. There were   times when I unsuspectingly got to read something like that, and I was like, Shoot ! What is this! Noooo !  and I would just stop reading, and get really upset, and try to erase it from my memory. And I’d  look like this……

Avoiding stories like these is one of my hang-ups. I’ve got  a lot and  being in denial is just one of them.  I’m on Cloud 9. I don’t want to get off. Perhaps that’s the reason why I don’t go into relationships ?  I’m afraid to get hurt. …. * ponders*  ( Wow, that’s melodramatic !  Ahahaha ! So not me. I said I was shallow, right? Lol ) .  But that’s true, though! !  You know, there’s one blogger here , a young wife whose husband cheated on her while she was pregnant with their first child!  When I read her story (  in fact, it’s a series of stories ), it upset me for days. The OW ( Other Woman ) travelled 10 hours to meet up with her husband. Meanwhile, the husband reserved a hotel room. And, when they met up at a parking lot, they couldn’t even wait to go to the hotel, they  almost did it in the car. (what the #!$%^&*&^% ! !  The thought of that would devastate me. ) Now,  I don’t remember how the wife found out. Anyhow, they went into counselling session. The husband told her that if he lost her, it would kill him. ( Wahahaha!  Are you F#!%^&*& ing kidding me? That’s what I’d say…. ) The therapist, in fact, told her ( I;m sure without her husband  ) he’d do it again. Well! ! ! I’m sure the therapist knew what he was talking about and he was merely telling the wife to be prepared for that happening again. So, anyway, I commented on her blog…. told her not to let go of  her physical appearance, start saving up, have money of her own, so that just in case that darn prick did it again, just kick him out of her life.  Garnish his wages!   ( Says to self… Alright, calm down, Ren…. relax, take a deep breath )  …… I’m okay. ….

Ahaha ! I guess this is enough ranting for one day.  Oh, wait, before I say bye bye, have you seen the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada ? ”  Unfortunately, my sister’s friend, my manager at my second job, has been transferred to another store nearby, and he has been replaced by someone  who came from San Francisco. The new one is like that woman in that movie, and I’m Anne Hathaway. She’s only 30 -ish, but is very demanding and stern -looking. We’re now supposed to dress up all in black.  * sighs* Let’s see what happens.

So, bye for now. Be cool and stay cool. PEACE.

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  1. Nice rant, young warrior!


  2. I think I am starting to get into love with animation, my ex-girl friend loves it. But she was mainly into Japanese anime 😛 😀

    Btw, I love how you put the story with your thoughts in between 😀 😀 😀 like this one:

    “Is she really Mother Teresa? If I were the girl, I’d pick up a jackhammer and impale their heads . Let all hell break loose. Just kidding. Meh”

    Wish you all the best the famous glamorous girl 😛

    P.S: I love that movie, I love the cunning role of that old lady, sorry forget the name 🙂


    • LOL So many into nerdy world, including your ex, hahaha!

      I know, right? I do a lot of side commenting. I can’t help it. lol

      I liked it too. Anne Hathaway’s boss is snobbish . Well, my new boss now is not really like that.. she’s just demanding and stern-looking. Ha ! I She can’t snob me. I dress better than her.. I think.. (^.^)”


  3. Posted by mademoisellejosephine on August 7, 2011 at 10:23 am

    I’m guessing your family has Spanish blood, your Filipino is somewhat influenced with Spanish. (But of course Filipino really is strongly influenced by Spanish language.) Like with “estupido” and “hora”. I didn’t even know what “hora” meant until I read this. :))


    • Hora is time right? Don’t Filipinos have that in their language? Anong horas na? What time is it? My grandmother was spanish-speaking and taught Spanish in college over there.She was a teacher. And I remember she’d speak Spanish to us ( which we couldn’t inderstand, haha, but she was desperate . ” Ren”, ven aqui. ” And I’d approach her, and she’d give me a hug and a kiss.


  4. Haha, I didn’t know what “ihabla” means..
    As if I am not a filipino, my english is better than my tagalog.. >.<
    haha.. and I was laughing aloud while reading the google translations..


  5. Hi! 🙂
    I’ve so much to say. It’s just that my head is so messed up today. I can’t think that straight which makes it difficult for me to publish my supposed-to-be post last week. Your case is acceptable. You’ve got 2 jobs. wow! That’s amazing! 🙂 Wish I could have a sideline. 🙂

    I love the story! –>that korean manhwa 🙂 Yeah, the beating is exaggerated and so does her “not fighting back attitude” and even that “i-don’t-care attitude” of the guy. It’s animation, so it’s expected. But it’s kilig. I’m pretty sure the most exciting part of the story is when the guy’s gonna eat his words, when he starts falling in love with the girl. Yey! kilig! 🙂

    I’d encountered problems, too, regarding the Google translation. One time, I tried translating the lyrics of “I Don’t Care” by 2ne1 and google gave me the same words. haha!

    Uhm, about that glee girl? It’s Santana. She’s named “Santana” in that show. I watched one of their replayed episodes last week. You’ve that photo that look almost the same like her 🙂

    I still have something to say but I’m in a hurry. So till next time. 🙂


    • I looked for this 2nd job cause I had so much time to kill this summer. I was supposed to take summer classes, but it didn’t happen.

      About Google translate… yes, it is horrible isn’t it. ( Except from filipino to English. wonder why. maybe Filipino is an easy language to learn? )

      Oh, yeah, when you mentioned it a while ago , I looked up the only Hispanic member of the cast, and yep, her name in Glee is Santana. But…. but… do I really look like her? I’m tickled pink coz she’s pretty, but… I don’t think I look like her at all. But thanks a bunch anyways. yay ! !


      • I’d never been into summer class way back college years.. hahah..i hate schooling. i mean, i like it but i don’t like exams, quizzes! hahah!

        Yeah, Maybe Filipino/tagalog is one of the easiest to translate. or maybe because we, filipinos, are more fluent than those of other nationalities (except those english-speaking countries na;)…? or maybe because there a lot of Filipinos who work as interpreters under Google…? LOL..maybe 😉

        while i’m typing this comment, i am looking at that photo i am referring to on the other window. you’re wearing something black and you’re that lady in “big curls”..basta ‘yon.. 🙂 if only i could upload it here just to show you… 😀 very much welcome, anyway. 🙂


  6. One thing, do you know the english term for “kilig”? Haven’t tried the google yet. heheh


  7. As usual your post is full of life.. It is a fun post to read.
    I will admit that I don’t know what a manhwa is… I will look it up later. For the time being I will assume it is some sort of story.


  8. i have yet to read my first manga. most of my friends read it though, maybe when i have the time i will get into reading this. i have also relied on google translate from time to time. i was trying to translate malay and chinese into english. i think it works decent enough. LOL.


    • The Chinese to English is okay? Is it in Chinese Characters, though? Coz, otherwise, I’ll look for Chinese versions, instead of Vietnamese. Mangas are fun to read, but a word of caution, though…… addiction. hahah ! Most are ongoing series, and they are so good and interesting you just can’t wait to know what happens next. That’s how it got me started. My first manga was CLAYMORE. Then while waiting for the next chap-ter to come out, I read another one, then another…… There are at least over 8,000 graphic novels being scanlated for free on manga Fox alone.


  9. Hi Ren. I just popped on to say thank you very much for your kind words to the loss of my friend, Mark. I very much appreciated it.


  10. You’re very much welcome, sensei. Your loss was 50x worse than when I said goodbye to my high school and I turned to look back for the last time. So, of course your loss cannot compare with that. But I think I know the feeling… the feeling of saying goodbye to a great friend , never to see him again.


  11. busy is the name of the game! join the club!


  12. I love your humour always but this time the illustrations really cracked me up.

    I come from a background of arranged marriages so totally get the story. Feel sorry for her. 😦


    • Oh, right. India? Even my employer at Baskin has an arriaged marriage. Her husband was here stateside, and he went to India to marry my employer. And she isn’t the only one we know. My parents’ Indian friends all had arranged marriages.

      Oh, I love it when my blog cracks my readers up.

      Hey, thanks for passing by. Cheers!


  13. Nice Article, but it’s bad to hear such incidents, which you have mentioned in second last paragraph, and it’s even bad to know that by few cheap guys we all have to face such blame. Anyways, it hardly matters if you know you are true :).


    • Oh, I’ve been harsh, I realize that, and I’m truly sorry that some guy readers are offended. I know it takes two to tango, but commited guys must not be tempted… problem is, they are easily tempted. I’m trying not to generalize, but statstics show otherwise. Out of every 10 break-ups of marriages, ( and relationships) 7 are caused by man’s infidelity. seven families are broken. So many children suffer because the guy cannot stay faithful, easily swayed by a fresher face. I know relationships get old, and sometimes, women just let go of themselves, not minding anymore how they look… aaargh, i don’t know how to say it without being shallow myself, like it’s all about the physical appearance, but that’s reality. It sux !


  14. I dont know that 70% marriage breakups happens due to guys, as far as I know its both ways… i have seen girls cheating on guys too but the best part of guys is they will never show that… we hide everything… our pain, our emotions, our broken heart, etc… we dont cry because we know we have to be strong… anyways I like the way you published… do you remember I published “Love Never Dies” on my blog??? well I removed because I felt if i read that often I will never be able to forget her… so its better to remove that… best way to forget is “Do Not Remember”!!! Well, I am sorry to hear the fact of 7/10 but I am sure it is not 3.5/10 (guys) and 3.5/10 (girls)… I can only say one thing… No two Guys or No to Girls are the same… 🙂 One might hate you but I am sure other will love you for what you have and for what you are!!!


    • Yes, I remember. That was so heart-wrenching, and to think, it was from a guy ! ! So, uhm, have you forgotten yet? Pardon me for being nosy, * grins sheepishly*. That was recent, wasn’t it ?


      • yeah indeed I have forgotten her… but I am keeping all promises made like blogging and keeping “Life Says All” alive…, etc etc… if you are on Facebook then you can even see “Life Says All” and “Love Never Dies” pages… and I do post updates now and then rather then blogging each and every thing…


  15. hehe = ) you’re so funny, ren = ) how could a pretty young lady like you have that kind of sense of humor at the same time = )


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