I’m Feeling Chatty Today

Hey, it’s me, renxkyoko iglesias !

It’s been a while , I know, but I have 2 jobs, and it’s been stressing me out. I mean , the second job at the clothing store has been stressing me out, that’s what.  It isn’t like Abercrombie or Forever 21 ( where I buy most of my clothes) where people can afford to  buy on impulse. We do get walk- in customers but they don’t really buy… they  just check out the stuff, look at the tags, and off they go. I don’t blame them. Ordinary t- shirts are over a hundred bucks each. WTH ! I wouldn’t buy, either. So, you ask, where do we get the sales from? From ” clients”, that’s where…. they come in with appointments… they either call to make an appointment, or we call , to inform regular rich customers about our new deals.  So, the phone calls that I make are actually the ones  that stress me out. I  have to make them come out of their mansions,  show them our stuff, and make the sale. Have I made a sale since the 2 weeks I’ve been working there ? Yes, I have, about $ 5,ooo worth. I should be ecstatic, but I’m not. Another month of this and I swear, all my hair will fall out, or I’ll  have a premature gray hair. Sheesh, this job is not for me. Seriously.  Good  thing I still have my day job at Baskin and Robbins.  Once school starts , I’m out of  BCBGMAXAZRIA.  Yep,that’s the name of the store. Quite a mouthful, isn’t it?

Oh, hey, in my previous post, I said we had a beach  property in Boracay Island in the Philippines. We just heard news that  a star-studded NBA teams ( like Kobe, etc. ) are in the Philippines , and  they are all now in Boracay ! !  We tell mom,”See ? You really need to do this , Mom !   ! !  We should be in business,  pronto! ” My aunt, who is   single, ( Mom’s sister ) is sharing with the  expenses ( property is from my mother’s side ) , and she’ll be here stateside  in August (  will go on Alaska cruise with relatives). I’m most interested in this coz my aunt promised to give  me her share of the property, so, yeah, it’s totally vested interest on my part. * grins sheepishly*  Good thing my siblings are not interested in Boracay… too far, they say. Although, I think my sister is interested in the property in Bagiu, a mountain resort in the Philippines. Meh. I’ve seen the place… not interested… place is too crowded with tourists. here’s a picture of our vacation house there, and we plan to rent it out too. So, my Filipino readers, check it out… Contact me next summer….. sorry, I’m talking business here, hehehe… Whatever it takes, you know, haha.. I’d holler for a dollar.. Kidding !

It’s a row of townhouses, at the mountain top, and there’s a million dollar view of the mountains from the verandah.


The townhouse is hanging for dear life at the side of the mountain, and the pictures above are the views from the verandah. The place is really nice.  Oh , and that ‘s me in Bagiu, at  BenCab museum.  Heh, I really look like a high school girl in person… Hmmm, and gained a lot of weight too. All we ever did there was eat.



So, aside fom my 2 jobs, what else have I been doing ?  Reading mangas, that’s what.  Well, just  two…. and , actually, they are not Japanese….they are Korean manhwas. I really love the two stories, but the English translations on Manga Fox ( free online ) are soo slow in coming, like every 3 months for just one freaking chapter,  that I have to search for raws of the mahnwas ( raws are those published in original language  ) and  satisfy  myself with just looking at the pictures. I found a Vietnamese site. It seems Vietnam is also publishing  mangas and manhwas, but in Vietnamese of course. … the title of the manhwa is ” The Boy Who Will Sell a Kiss for 5000 Won”. ( 5000 won + $5.00 ) .  The story is cute…and here’s the story so far,……….  during lunchtime, the handsome main guy hangs out at  the school rooftop and waits for any girl who wants to get kissed by him, something like a minute for 5000 won, and a little more if the girl wants to extend the kiss. Ha ha ha !  The main  girl is angry coz her BFF goes there to get kissed, and spends so much money for it. So main girll goes there too to take pics and show them to the principal , but instead gets kissed, too. The main guy asks for payment , yadiya. The main girl gets dazzled by the first kiss ( note to self: I wouldn’t mind paying $500 to get kissed by Andrew Garfield… whooo ! ), and later, falls in love with the guy. She pursues him , then  finally confesses, but gets rejected…. says he’s not interested at all. So , like the girls she despises, she goes to the rooftop and pays, too. She is of course depressed by the turn of events, but then , one day, she hears some guys talking about her… ” Isn’t that the girl who confessed to Soo Hyun… I heard she was so easy and willing  he almost did it with her, right there at the rooftop  ” Main girl gets angry, confronts the guy at the cafeteria, slaps him and hits him several times, and gets slapped back so hard she falls to the ground. Here are some scenes from the story… Oh, the drama!!!    By the way, this is Korean, not Japanese, so read from left to right.

It is a scandalous situation, so girl goes home very late  at night, gets soaked  in the rain, runs a fever the next day… main guy learns about it fom a friend who’s the boy friend of the girl’s sister . Main guy feels guilty , skips class, and goes to visit the girl…… well, that’s it… that’s the last of the English version.  So, anyways, I looked at the Vienamese raws ( completed ) and yay, happy ending !  Anmd this is how I understood the story from the raws…..   the main girl  finally  gives up on the guy…. she gets introduced to the sister’s boyfriend’s pal, they get together…. meanwhile, this new guy happens to be the main guy’s childhood friend , or maybe a cousin, I don’t know,  and one day, they see him at a club and she gets introduced to the main guy. Awkward !  Main guy starts to get jealous, yadiya, so the story continues…. one day, new guy sees main guy and girl kissing. He is shocked but pretends not to have seen them… a sad situation for the new guy coz it seems he’s so in love with the girl and I reckon he already knows the two have a history.  A confrontation means a resolution, and that means, he’s going to lose out on the main guy. So, he avoids the issue.. ( just my opinion … if I were him, I would freakin’ kill them , lol ) And there’s this scene where the main guy sees the new guy waiting for him at his house, and they talk  and it looks like the new guy is crying. (  Oh, that is so sad ! ) Later on in the story, main guy and girl get together.  Now, here’s the thing…. there’s a scene at the rooftop where the main guy is kissing another girl and the main girl wittnesses  that, and it looks like they break up…… . and there;s this scene  where the main guy is showing the new girl what looks like birth control pills. And looking at that, I was like, ”  Noooooooooooo ! ! !  This can’t be happening ! I am so gonna drop this manhwa ! What the F!#$% is that ! ! ” And there’s this scene where the main girl and the main guy’s roommate ( the doctor at the school’s  infirmary ) get drunk together, and end up sleeping together. ( When I saw that, my jaw dropped to the ground, and I thought  , it’s over! !  but then, there’s the happy ending, so , what the heck is going on ! )   I was so desperate to know , so I used Google Translate, and folks, it sux Big time. I painstakingly translated word for word, but not a thing made sense, so I just tried stringing  the words together  especially  the key words , and this is what I figure really happened…. main guy and main girl do not see each other for 3 days , so main girl starts looking for him,,, they meet up, and main guy’s excuse is he ‘s in  the toilet during lunchtime  cause he’s suffering from constipation ! ( I read the word in the translation, lol ), so main girl buys the medicine, and the doctor friend tells her he always goes to the rooftop during lunchtime, and girl tells him that can’t be, he’s constipated and maybe he’s in the toilet again ( she ‘s worried coz she knows that’s where the main guy does  his kissing business ) , but goes along  with the doctor to look for him, anyway… then bam ! they see him with a girl kissing….. she drops the medicine, and main guy tries to run after her, but the other girl holds him  back and confesses too… There’s a side story about this other girl .( apparently she’s got kissing phobia  and friends of hers tell main guy to help her get over that … WTF ! ) This other girl falls for him, too, and confesses,  he rejects her, and goes to the main girl’s house, and waits for her to come home ( outside ) , but main girl goes out with the doctor and  both get drunk… she sleeps at doctor’s house ( both together in bed, but they didn’t do IT ) , so she goes home in the morning and finds the main guy at the gate…….main guy tries to explain but girl won’t listen…  they  break up, and even tells main guy she has slept with his friend as her parting words…… To make the story short, a lot of drama happens, but main guy does stuff so he can get back with main girl, ( he really loves her ) and they do get back together, and get married… the last scene is the couple picking up their kindergarten son, and the main guy is saying ” what have I done to deserve this kid “! And wife tells him ” KARMA!  ( The teacher at the son’s school is complaining their son is selling kisses for 10 won. End of story/

LOL pardon me for being so chatty today.  I didn’t get to sleep at all for 3 days or so. I’ve been translating, and it does  take me hours to  translate a few chapters.  In fact, a friend saw me online at 1 AM and messaged me, ” What are you doing at this hour”? and I messaged back ,” what are young doing at this hour . It’s 4 AM over there. ”  He says he likes the peace and quiet.. He’s in Canada.

I guess I should cut back on manga reading. Well, actually I have cut back , what with my 2 jobs and all. And we’ve been busy too preparing for my aunt’s arrival.  By the way, I read mangas free online, but I do support the authors and publishers by buying the books. I’m not a freebie.  Except, Korean manhwas are not published in English. Too bad. Here’s a pic of our manga books.

 So, I say bye for now… Be cool and stay  cool. PEACE !

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  1. hey your place in boracay looks really amazing…never been to boracay because of my effin job but haha, apparently its hard to get a long vacation but I’m kinda interested in your place , im sure my friends will feel the same way…so just in case we thought of going to boracay we can visit your place, yeah?

    i was never interested in reading manga or anything similar to it…but I’ve read the story and its nice, I never thought that manga stories can be dramatic and cool 🙂


    • It is amazing and we’re so lucky to have that piece of property. I do hope construction of the duplex pushes through soon, We’ll have serious discussions when my aunt comes here in August.

      There are a lot of drama going on in mangas that I find sweet and refreshing. I have cut back drastically, but I’m still following up on so many ongoing series.


  2. WHOA! Is that really your shelf? Awesome collection! 😀


  3. I wonder if I’ll ever go back to the Philippines… I’ve only been once – summer of ’96 – I really should make an effort to go again. Of course, it IS always easier when you know people/have family there! 🙂 Good luck with construction!


    • 96 ? That was when we left the Philippines ! Then , we went there for vacation in 2004, then 2010 !

      All our relatives are still in the Philippines, and we stll have the house there, so yeah, it’s easier.

      Manila is a lot different now … I had no idea what it looked like then, but my mother said it looked heckc of a different now … she couldn’t even find familiar landmarks.


  4. Wow, you stayed up all night translating manga, that’s dedication. Was it worth it?

    I thought about google-translating my comment into Vietnamese, but that just seemed cruel…


    • Hahaha ! Of course it was worth it!

      Oh, hey , you know that remark of yours, If that was Vienamese and i had to translate it to English? …. the only English words that would appear in the translation would be thought, and but…. that’s how crappy Google translate is. T.T


  5. Amazing pics. I think you look cute in the pic and you are a busy girl.


    • It’s actually more beautiful than the pics. I don’t know how to take pictures, … I just click and hope for the best , hahaha

      Oh, thanks. I look different in pictures, depending on the angle, hahaha. I mean, no two pictures are alike… someone told me that.


  6. Hang in there, young lady! I worked 2 jobs for years, and it sucks at times!


  7. Posted by Hailey on July 27, 2011 at 12:08 am

    HOLY CARP THAT’S A LOT OF MANGA! And that Manhwah sounds… interesting. Bahaha. Yay for google translating!


    • Ahaha ! At $10 a piece, I’d be a few thousand $$$ richer if I sold all of that at Amazon.

      Oh, yes, it is, and if you’re a romance genre reader, I assure you, it’s cute. But the waiting is killing me. The The latest chapter that was released was in May ! And that’s like Vol. 2… The manhwa has 7 volumes completed. I can’t wait that long. I need Google Translate…..


  8. Shelf full of mangas are so epic! so cool. 😉


  9. When I saw “BCBGMAXAZRIA” I thought you censored something out with gibberish haha
    How do you pronounce that??


  10. Posted by Deeone on July 27, 2011 at 5:59 pm

    Great post.. Ren. I think you looked like a school girl in the pic, myself. You really have me wishing I had a lot of money though, I would so totally rent one of your families properties. With the quickness. It’s beautiful over there. That’s also quite a collection, young lady. OMG! Have you read all of those?


  11. Save up, Deeone ! ! $ 5,000 and you’re good to go!

    Uhm, kind of…. read all of those…* Sweat* One page is a one second flip, so, iit doesn’t really look that intimidating. Just look at those 2 pages I posted here… just 5 sentences, Hahahah !


    • Posted by Deeone on July 28, 2011 at 1:30 pm

      Ouch! OK… let me start now. (Drops a penny in the jar)

      There. I’m well on my way. 😉


      • Ugh ! I know !! $$$$$$$$$ ! Plane fare from San Francisco – Manila- San Francisco ( Philippines ) is about $2,000 . The The remaing $3 K is for whatever. $1.00 = PhP 45.00 , more or less. So, do the math. So, make that 2 pennies a day.


  12. Wow, beautiful place I must say, really really serene and nostalgic I must say, I am surprised why you moved, for me it’s hard to move from such a wonderful place.

    Sorry to hear about your stressful life, I guess we all are in vicious cycle of printing money these days, gone are days of living a content life with a handful of money and pocket full of happiness, cheers to you and your wonderful place 🙂


    • During the first 2 years after immigrating here, I remember my mom was a bit distressed and had been asking Dad why we even moved here. Mom left a successful catering business, we had a nice house ( even bigger and nicer than the one we have here ) , there were no household help, and in the first 2 years, we were living in a cramped 2 bedroom apartment. So, yeah, even as a young kid, I could understand why it was kind of depressing. Ah, maybe this a good topic for my blog. I’ll ask my father why exactly we are here.


  13. Girl, i have so much fun here reading your blog..
    1. You’re second job seems really fine, i don’t understand why you plan to end it.
    2. Boracay island seems nice… Is that you in pink tshirt infront of Honda CRV car?
    3. That last picture of manga collection… OMG!!! What will you do with all that stuff?


    • Hi, Farah ! I;m glad you had so much fun reading my blog. I like that!

      Well, the schedule is fixed, and at the moment , I still don’t know my final schedule at school, whereas my employer at Baskin gives me work hours that do not conflict with school. She’s fair.

      Ha ha Yeah, that’s yours truly!

      Well, I can sell them at Amazon. I’ll get $$$$ for that, evn if I sell it “used”.


  14. Hi Ren. I just wanted to pop in and say “hi”. Happy Monday and all of that. Hope your jobs are going well.


    • Hi, Sensei! !

      I hope I can find time to read up on my favorite blogsites, but I’m just too busy ! Thank you for coming in to visit me here.


  15. Posted by dyan04 on August 3, 2011 at 1:31 pm

    bora is better! thanks for taking time to read my blog. 🙂


    • You’re welcome,dyan04. I hope you can also find time to read my blog.

      By the way, is that how Filipinos call Boracay? “Bora” ? Well, then, I’ll call it Bora from now on. lol


  16. Hey Kyoko! I’ve answered your question on the debt ceiling, I hope this helps you understand things a little better. http://www.dpspaceman.com


  17. just found the blog and i really like it!


    • Why, thank you, tinkerbelle ! I hope you visit again ! Oh, by the way, I’m just curious… how did you find my blog? I checked your link and you’re on Twitter, not WordPress.


  18. Hey! I haven’t had a lot of time to digest your posts. You really have a lot on your plate. Same case here. I’m hardly ever doing anything worthwhile online.

    Good luck on the family Boracay project. 🙂


  19. Posted by mademoisellejosephine on August 7, 2011 at 10:18 am

    I got hooked with your post because it’s on Boracay and Baguio. In what Station of Boracay is your property? Is it like a hotel/resort? Can I get a discount? Hihihi. :”>

    For Baguio, hmmm, I don’t want to go back there except for the good ol’ Ube they make up there. I tell you, Baguio has changed a lot and it’s not for the better. Good thing you have no interest in your property there. 😉

    And if you’re fed up with Google Translate, you might wanna check out babblefish.com. Not sure if they offer Viet translations, but they must be. :))


    • Hmmm, Station? No idea. Maybe Station 3? The place is private property. Oh, no, no… not resort.hotel. ! ! ha ha ha ! We wish ! We’re just planning to construct a duplex and when it’s done, we;ll rent it out to tourists. Of course we;ll furnish it, but other than that, the renters are on their own. We’d need to have a family discussion , I guess., like hiring caretakers and all that stuff.

      About Bagui… Mom said the same thing. The city itself is not pretty .


    • Hi!

      Babelfish doesn’t have Vietnamese.


  20. I’m waiting for my cheese. 😛


  21. lol, 2 jobs. i’m amazed you can still blog! but i LOVE the pictures! 🙂


    • Hi, Melanie ! Welcome back! I thought you had abandoned your blog. I missed reading your adventures.

      The 2 jobs isn’t an everyday thing. When I’m home, I don’t waste time. I turn on my computer and check out what’s up on my blog.

      Anyways, I’m glad to see you here again. Cheers ! !


  22. That’s a lot of mangas. I read Marvel and DC comics a lot too, but I am guilty of downloading them… Comic books here in the Phil cost an arm and a leg.


    • Oh, right. Before we went there for vacation last year, my friend ( she’s my co-author here, Dreamsending)she asked for 2 volumes of a Filipino manga “Murder at Balete Drive”. She has the 1st vol. . She bought it when she was there. Dreamsending is white, hahaha. Good thing Filipino mangas are in English. The manga was Php 250, if i recall, so something like $5… still cheap comapred to mangas here in the US which is $9,95


  23. Boracay? I really wanted to go there but I have never been there. I once visited a white sand beach resort once comparable to Boracay here at the south of the archipelago. The veranda looks like somewhere in Baguio, Tagaytay, or Rizal. Aside from Boracay, I want to visit the Underground River at Palawan. It is included in the finalist among the new 7 wonders of nature. Please vote for it here. Sorry for the plug. XD

    About your effort to translate, I personally prefer to wait for the polished batch of manga volumes from scantilators that’s why I admire your effort. 😀

    And wow! The manga collection you have there reminds me of the Japanese Embassy in Makati. I wanna read FMA again. Haha!

    Lastly, the manga screenshots you included reminds me of Hana Yori Dango and His and Her Circumstances/Kare Kano. Sorry for the long comment. Cheers! 🙂


    • Oh, right. I heard about the Underground River in Palawan being a candidate. I hope it wins. I saw it on Travel Channel’s Bizzare Foods by Andrew Zimmern. Yep, it really looks awesome.

      I have stopped translating coz it’s the most useless thing in the world,…. well, at least for Vietnamese to english.

      Uhm, what’s FMA?

      I read Boys Over Flowers ( Hana Yori dango,) and Kare kano, and I loved these two.


      • FMA = Full metal Alchemist. Hehe! 🙂

        I just finished watching the anime version of Hana Yori Dango and Kare Kano’s version but never read a single chapter of the manga version.

        How about Hana Kimi? Have you read it already?


        • It’s 2:05 AM, and I’m still so much awake, reading the comments here, hahaha.

          Okay, about Hana Kimi… I have not read it, though i know readers are so lovin’ it. I have read the summary, and noted the genre… it’s Gender Bender ! I really have a problem with gender benders. Like, how can they not notice that the main girl, who is pretending to be a boy , is a gril? How about the voice, the girly body, the boobs? Even though mangas are such fantasies, there’s a limit to what I can or want to accept, hahaha ! But I do want to read it. maybe one of these days when I’m not roo busy. It’s quite long, isn’t it?


          • Haven’t read yet the manga. I just heard about it when the Taiwanese live action adaptation was aired here. It was good though.


            • Oh, there’s a live action? I want to watch that ! I’ve seen the live action of Goong or Princess Hours. It was good too. I watched them on the Internet. Of course I like the manga better.

  24. Wow! Is that really your manga collection? It puts mine to shame. Completely awesome to find another passionate manga fan and a fellow Filipino to boot! I’m actually born and raised in NYC, but I do go back to the Philippines from time to time to visit my family. And Boracay rules! Miss it so much.

    Great entry! 🙂


    • Hi, there, welcome to the club!

      How often do you go to the Philippines?

      I’ve only been there 2x since we left in 96/

      Cheers !


      • My family and I used to go almost every other summer, but we had to cut back due to finances. The last time I went was back in 2010. No plans to go back for now though. The thing I always miss about the Philippines is the food! We have the best food ever.


        • I was in the Philippines too in 2010… from July 2 to Aug 21 !

          Ah, the food ! Right ! The food was good, wasn’t it… have you eaten at Mang Inasal’s? yummy! And they serve the food in banana leaves ! !


          • Yes I have! They have really yummy chicken there and the buko pandan is good too. It’s one of my Mom’s must-eat there places whenever we are in the Philippines. There’s that place and Max’s Chicken. My Mom and I never leave the Philippines without eating there too.


            • Oh, yeah, Max’s Chicken. For some reason, My mother didn’t like to order fried chicken at Max’s Chicken ! Ahahaha. She would order some other dishes. I loved their pancit and kare-kare. Our favorite also was Gerry’s Grill and bacolod Inasal.

  25. ooh.. so many manga.. I wanna read The Boy Who Will Sell a Kiss for 5000 Won! I’m currently reading Minhouri to Swan. It’s also a Manhwa. You should try it but for now, it only has 5 volumes with 14 chapters. I think. But in Korea, it now has 13 volumes. T____T They translate so slow… 😦


    • Hi, there !

      The Boy Who Will Sell a Kiss for 5000 won is cute, but right now, on its latest chapter, I’m feeling a little depressed. I know what’s gonna happen, I’ve seen the raws, and though I have not really understood what was going on with the raws, I think I have a pretty good idea what it is,and I’m starting to feel bad now that I;m reading the chapters in English. * cries* Don’t let it spoil you. It has a happy ending.


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