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Hi, there!

It’s me, Renxkyoko Iglesias !

I’ve been busy. But it’s been 8 days since my last post, so I have to post something. Post-a-week is such a pain.  I really have nothing to say. I don’t want to talk about my new job, either. I guess scooping ice cream at Baskin and Robbins turns out to be more exciting. It’s summer, and  people like to buy ice cream more than new outfits. That’s all I’m saying.

So, what else…….

Since it’s summer, I’d like to seduce you with pictures of one of the loveliest beaches in the world….. Boracay Island in the Philippines. Well, first off, the Philippines is made up of 7,100 islands, right smack in the Pacific Ocean ( I think) , so you can just imagine the many wonderful beautiful beaches there. And of course, I’m featuring Boracay because we have a property there, and this year, after the rainy season, construction of a duplex will start, and we’re going to rent it out to tourists. So, yeah, this serves as a promotion too for our business, ahahaha ! And I know I have many Filipino readers, so guys, if  we can get it done before summer 2o12, and you rent it through WordPress I can give you discount. lol  I’m not kidding , though. By the way, our property is not beachfront, it’s about a 5 minute walk from the beach but it’s not a problem  coz the beachfront is owned by my grandma and is a private property.  So here are some pictures……..

That’s the private beach.

But you can find other great accomodations, of course, like these…..


Needless to say, it’s more expensive here. Ours will be so much cheaper.  There’s nothing much to say yet, but you bet I’m going to promote it to the hilt when it gets done, including the furnishings.

Ah ! I’ve rejoined the party scene. And it’s about time too.

 And I usually go with my pals Olga, Tanya and Ali. And I don’t feel like the third wheel anymore. I can get as much fun being the single one. Boyfriends do tend to cramp one’s style.

However, I’ve been a hermit far too long it’s become embarassing. I mean, people have been asking me , hey, how come you don’t have a boyfriend, yadiyadiya,…. meh, what can I say ? How do I respond to that ?


 I used  to shrug off such questions, but lately, I’ve become defensive and uncomfortable. *looks in the mirror*  Uhm, I don’t think I’m unattractive.

 Guys crush on me too. So, what’s wrong with me? I’m a zombie?  I don’t think so. I swoon too and go KYAAAA when I see a good-looking guy. And occassionally, I have perverted  thoughts too, ahaha !  j/k    …… By the way, in mangas, when a character gets excited, he/she gets a nosebleed…….like so….

Dang! LMAO ! …….. * ponders*  Do nesebleeds actually happen? I mean, capillaries exploding or something ? o.Oa

 …………… I think I’ve been reading too many romantic Japanese mangas for so long that I’ve actually formed an ” ideal” whatnot  on how the guy should look like, how romance should start, and now, I even have this crazy notion that I should be the one to look  for my partner, to pursue,  then confess my feelings.


Japanese girls do that in real time and I think that makes sense.  Do you know in Japanese culture, it’s the girl who gives a gift ( usually chocolates) on Valentine’s Day  to the guy she likes, then 30 days after, on the day they call White Day, the guy  gives   a gift to the girl he likes back?   I guess the waiting would be quite stressful to the girl. Eh, and humiliating too if she wasn’t liked back.  Just the same, I prefer this over the “waiting for some random guy to like me first.” What if  I had to wait til kingdom come? 

 Do you think  women should be honest with their feelings , as well?  * By the way, read from right to left…………..

I’m sure guys like to be flattered and pursued.  The probability that the guy will respond positively to a girl’s honest declaration of love is almost 100%  if  it meets the following conditions : 1. He doesn’t have a girlfriend    2. The girl is pleasant-looking enough  ( or with above average physical attributes ),  3. The girl is  not an airhead  ( well, to me, being dumb is a turn-off…. ) 4. good personality ( nice ) Good personality comes last coz, whether we like it or not, it’s not the  thing that gets noticed first.  Hah! I’m sure I’ll get a lot of comments here. 

LOL !  That’s why I love reading comedy mangas, too. I didn’t know the Japanese have a great sense of humor.  I burst out laughing all the time, and my family think I’ve gone crazy.

( sigh ) 

Don’t think I’m such a frivolous airhead with nothing on my mind but fantasy.   I can  solve problems in differential equations, balance chemical reactions, discuss health care reform in detail, volunteered in some politician’s presidential campaign ( telephone brigade where I got yelled at and cursed, and assigned  to  post on political fora of rival candidate and …..got banned) I’m a card bearing  Democrat who give monetary contributions to political campaigns, have never watched Glee, watch only Military Channel, Science, National Geographic, Current, Crime, CNN and SyFy, prefer classic rock, went to a school for the gifted, blah, blah ………well, that’s me in a nutshell. ………….. Oh, I’ve got some serious issues too.

well, this is all for now, folks.  To fellow Americans, Happy 4th of July! !

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  1. Hi Ren! I’m excited about your Boracay property. Will surely visit it when it’s fully operational 🙂


  2. Yay! You’re # 1 ! !

    Hey, we also have a vacation house in Bagiu. We just don’t know the logistics of the business… i,e,, how trashing of the house by renters can be prevented.


  3. Wow….I mean….wow…..I mean…..WOW!
    These places are beautiful!
    I could just sit there and enjoy the view for like…for ever!


    • Oh whoa ! Billy! First time commenting !

      Ah, but you’ve got you’re own beautiful beach in Greece too, not to mention Greece is one of my top 10 places to visit in the future. The Parthenon ! ! Great piece of ancient history ! Oh, wait, is it in Greece or in Rome?

      It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Sand’s texture is like flour’s, sea as blue as the sky… truly tropical paradise……


  4. Hey, am thinking of making a trip to Philly – Boracay is alluring! Please keep us posted when your villa is fully operational and I will claim for discounts! 😀


    • Yep, yep, I will keep you all posted. Man, I hope this pushes through. I haven’t seen the design yet, Mom said the design is done( Her bro in law, an architect made it), but we’ll see it in August when my aunt from LA ( architect’s wife ) comes over to visit together with another aunt from the Philippines. ( They’re both going on Alaskan cruse.)We’ve been planning this idea of a duplex since our vacation in the Philippines summer of 2010.


  5. Haha yeah first time! XD
    Yes,a place to visit not to live! lol
    and yes Parthenon is in Greece
    Hmm…maybe,it’s a strange feeling to see a building which was constructed 2449 years ago @_@
    Seas near big cities are as dirty as the sky lol
    Except some places and the islands. 😛

    You said Philippines has 7,100 islands,can I just have one?a small one,no one will notice haha ^_^


    • There was one time in my life when I wanted to be an archaelogist, I’m fascinated with the ancients.

      Believe it or not, there’s a place there called Hundred Islands. If you Google Hunded islands Philippines, you’ll see pics of the place and i swear there’s an island there the size of a small room. If you stake a claim on that, no one will notice hahah.


      • Just GoogleD it……..



        I want to go there so bad @_@


        • Ahaha ! I love the enthusiasm ! And you can take great pics of the place, you’re such great photographer !

          Save up, then. And go ! Oh, bring along a friend. Anywhere in the world a tourist goes, it is not safe to be alone. I won’t recommend going solo. No way, even if you’re a man.


          • haha Oh come on,I just took some photos of buildings,easiest thing to do XD

            I’d rather go alone,more fun and more dangerous 8)


            • Ah, but there’s a professional look to those photos.

              You like danger…….. not in a strange country ,Billy . You might as well stick the word ” victim” in your shirt. No way. There’s safety in numbers. Besides, I’d feel so responsible if anything happens. Ah, uh.

  6. I’m curious, what were you supposed to post on those forums/fora? Were you criticising the other candidate or was it a false flag thing? ie, “We should bring back slavery! Vote Republican everyone!!” 🙂

    And your Grandmother owns a beach? Wow. The best thing my Grandmother owns is a foot spa.


    • Ah ! I was supposed to ” debate” , argue, and say anything to defend my candidate, lol! But they were so vicious and nasty, so in the end, it was tit for tat….

      Alright, I confess. It was Hillary Clinton vs Obama, and on these fora, we were all Democrats ! Ahahah ! But the Obama folks were nasty and vicious, and I was shocked coz they were so viciously criticizing Hillary who was their fellow Dem. The most vicious fora were Huffington Post and DailyKos.


  7. Wow! Bora! I live in the Philippines but I’ve never been to Bora!! 😀 hahahaa. Someday!! And when that time come, I’ll stay at your prop. 😉

    And MANGAs are very very very humorous.


    • GianCarlo, everywhere you go in the Philippines, the sea is always nearby ! Even our house there is almost walking distance to nearby Manila Bay. Almost…… maybe 10 miles? Not sure, heheh

      I know, right ? When they’re funny, they’re really, really funny. And the drawings make them even more so.


  8. That is a beuatiful place…
    While in the US Navy I visited Subic Bay. It was a very nice place… Not as wonderful as your pictures but very nice. That was way back in the 80s though


    • Awww ! You know, I’ve heard Subic Bay is not as nice anymore since the US turned over US Subic Naval Base to the Phil. government. Oh, wait, you’ve been there?


  9. Man I need a beautiful beach like that to inspire me. Also, amazing pics and info. Glad I don’t live in Japan ’cause I’d rather buy chocs for myself than a guy (unless he’s willing to share). I need to start reading Manga.


    • Read manga ? Ahahah ! be warned…. some of the plotlines are really ridiculous, so you have to choose well. There are different genres to choose from, but I read mostly romance coz they are so cute and sweet… at least the majority…. I don’t read romance between middleschoolers, hehe. I mean, c’mon, their love will not survive through high school. Choose Josei and mature….. that’s what I prefer.

      Ah, the chocos….. the guys prefer homemade… they think they are more special… there’s one story there where the guy is soooooooooo popular he rents a truck to bring home the chococolates he has received from the girls…. yeah, that’s how ridiculous it is… but the one he keeps for himself is the one given by the one he likes…. awwwww ! LOL


  10. I think this is the place where I have to be right now!


  11. Posted by vampyrefangs on July 6, 2011 at 1:52 am

    Renxkyoko Iglesias!! THERE you are! The beach photos look wonderful but sadly, I would burst into flames if I ever went there. I loathe sunlight but then again, you know that about me! I hope the building goes well and that you are able to rent it to people with tons of money to throw at you! 🙂


    • Hi there ! * waves*

      Ah, I hate the sunlight too, My skin gets extremely dry and ashy and this condition lasts for months, and no amount of make-up makes it look better, so I stay away , if I can.

      I do hope this pushes through . My mom and aunt planned this last year and I thought it would get done by this summer.I guess not.


  12. Hi!
    Oh yeah, Philippines has many wonderful island beaches! 🙂 Boracay is one of the famous. A lot of celebrities spend their vacations there. I’ve never been there because I simply cannot afford, from plane tickets to accommodations to anything that may fancy you there.heheh..So, that island will forever remain a dream..hehehhe…but it’s okay ‘coz we’ve wonderful islands in our place,too. not that developed like that of Boracay but it can surely compete with that island! kung natural beauty ang labanan.hahah.. 😉

    let’s switch the topic to that photos you’ve posted here. I find it funny! hahah! at the same time, I’m learning from it. hmmm…this japanese culture is interesting… 🙂 and yeah, i think there’s nothing wrong with being honest, expressing your feelings. I did that this year. I just told him but of course, without involving any scandalous move or whatever. Still a Filipina. 😉 He asked me “Who is your crush?” and I joked, “you!”.. (Jokes are half-meant).. 😉 It was a long story but to make it short, he never felt the same way.. 😦 so better luck next time for me!LOL!

    You’ve never watched Glee? Well…you should try watching it,even just one episode because when i checked out some of your gravatars days ago, i found out one of your photos has a resemblance to that girl in Glee. I just don’t know her screen name. i wanted to comment on that photo but, you know, gravatar has no comment-box.. 🙂

    quite long,huh..heheh


    • Ahaha! This is almost a blog ! I like it!

      Oh, hey, you can take the boat, instead of plane. I think it’s 1/4 the price of plane fare. And you can save on food coz the duplex will have a cooker and microwave. We don’t plan on installing an A/C coz we might get saddled with humungous electric bills that will cancel the rental fees, hahaha.

      Oh, I know! My brother says there’s a place there , Bohol, where the beaches are even more beautiful. Wow! That place must be something if it’s more beautiful than Boracay Is.

      Awww ! Really? He didn’t return your feelings? Oh, no ! !…. Maybe you can , erm, ask again? Why don’t you blog about it and tell the story. … I’m so nosy, hehe. Did it become awkward between you two after that? I have my own story about this too and I think I’m going to blog about that coz it is ridiculously stupid… of me. Like, I want to forget that episode. * slaps brow * …. so embarassing. Meh, who cares, his loss !

      Wow! I resemble somebody in Glee? Are you by any chance speaking of Charize, the Filipina singer who is on 3 episodes of Glee? ( my friends told me) Hmmm, I’ll google her.


      • Nah, I simply can’t afford Boracay either by plane or by boat..hehehhe..But I would love to go there someday,maybe..hahahha…and yeah, Bohol has a lot of surprises,too!hahah! But I’ve never been there…. 😦

        Anywayzzz, I’d already blogged that “ouch” one-sided love story of mine..hahahah! My friends told me the guy feels the same way..only that,it’s pretty much complicated.he’s got a kid and a “partner”. he said, they’re not married yet but they’re living together.we’re still friends but not like before..uhmmm..i always check him out via fb and i just found out recently that he was checking me out,too.. 🙂 he left our place to work abroad.. 😦

        yeah, you resemble that girl in cheering squad uniform but not the 2 blondes..she’s more of like a mexican perhaps or i don’t know…it’s not charice..heheehehehh..that girl is not pinay… 🙂 i don’t watch Glee too often..i’m not that into it… 🙂


        • And blog your love story,too… Who cares if it’s embarrassing…we’re here to express and if that “guy” happens to make fun of it or if he doesn’t like it, then he’ll have to make his own version..hahaha! I’ll wait for it..heheheh 🙂


          • Oh, my. I think I’ve been blogging about my love story ( or lack thereof ) so much I’m sure my readers are bored to tears already. Pffft !

            Oh, yeah, it’s not only embarassing, it’s bizarre…… thinking about it now, I feel like, what the !$%^&* ! ! What was I thinking? LMAO! !


        • There are a lot of places there as beautiful as Boracay, closer to Manila, and most probably cheaper. I hear it’s become quite ridiculously expensive in Boracay, so I understand. The transportation itself would cost us an arm and a leg. T.T

          Oh. my. gawd. … Stay away from that guy ! He’s committed to the bones! Well, he’s checking out your FB because guys are like that. They’re interested in women who like them even if they’re taken. Hah ! Typical !

          Ahaha! I googled the cast of Glee. I’m not sure if she’s the one, but the only Hispanic looking girl there is named Naya Rivera whose character name is Santana in Glee. Oh, wow ! Gee, thanks. But I don’t think she resembles me. She’s pretty.


  13. Don’t tell my wife you seduced me! Well done, though.


  14. The best things in life. You are so blessed.


    • Awww, thank you !

      Indeed. We are blessed with owning a piece of something beautiful on planet earth.

      And thanks for passing by, and liking my post !!!!!!


  15. the third picture is gorgeous!


  16. Posted by orramoon on July 7, 2011 at 5:59 am

    Oh! My Gosh! that’s a lovely beach….what u said next year ur duplex construction will be done….may be I can think for the discount…lolzz…its lovely!!!


  17. Why would you feel responsible?
    Have you planned something bad for me lol


  18. Ang ganda ng lugar.. wala akong masabi .. hehe.. picture pa lang solve na..


  19. That thing about Valentine’s Day and White Day is also a part of Korean culture. and I’ve always wondered why we don’t practise that here in the Philippines. It’s actually a good idea. I mean, just for fun.
    And yeah, I believe you’ve been watching too much romantic japanese mangas. Please remember, they’re meant for entertainment. Not applicable to real life. It’s true that guys get flattered when being asked out or pursued by ladies. But they don’t necessarily fall in love that way. They would always prefer to be the pursuers.
    Next time somebody asks you why you don’t have a boyfriend yet, tell them you’re taking your time because you are picky and choosy (oh girl, you’ve got to be). Now’s the best time to take advantage of all the things you can do to be the best woman that you can be. Love will fall on your lap by destiny, whether you like it or not. 🙂


  20. Hehe….. They’re pretty serious about Valentine’s Day over there, it’s a make or break thing for some. I honestly don’t think how this would be accepted anywhere except in Japan and Korea. Ir makes females look bold, aggressive and desperate, hahaha. I was just musing on my post.

    There are mangas I ‘ve been following for years. They are pretty addicting, lol… I don’t know when I’ll manage to stop… dont wanna. LOL


  21. Not a place I have ever been, but some where I will eventually go and see.
    As for scooping ice cream a job is a job and can be fun.
    You hit some good points in your quest for love, the problem that we face is we are never honest enough…we hide for fear of rejection and sadly guys lie, say the words the girls need to here to get them to there bed….sadly I must admit that I too have done this in the past….it kind of becomes a game……with so many odd stacked against us, its a wonder any one actually finds this thing they call “love”.
    Enjoying reading your blog, keep up the writing I look forwards to reading more of your thoughts and thank you for your thought print on my blog


    • Thanks for commenting Duma Key !

      Awwww! I hope the “game” ‘s all in the past now. Well, we really cannot define love. Sometimes it’s merelt lust and infatuation.These two have expiration dates.


      • Hmmm thats an interesting way to think has an expiration date, I am liking that thought much.

        I look forward to reading more of your posts


        • Awww, thank you. I hope you don’t get bored ( and exasperated at all this nonsense, lol )

          Expiration date…. well, there’s a story behind that, ahaha. Loving it too.


  22. hahahahha XD


  23. Posted by arvsk on July 10, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    My friends and I would be going to Boracay around August too. Hahaha. And we’re having a hard time looking for a good place to stay while we’re there. Too bad yours is yet to be built. hehe.


    • Aren’t there a lot of places there to stay in? My mother tells me most of the resort owners there are relatives, hahaha. Oh and don’t spend all that holiday money,,, leave some for 2012. lol

      Thanks for commenting.


      • The place is divided into three Stations. The best are in Station 1, better in Station 2, good in Station 3. And most of the accommodations in station 1 are already fully booked. 😐


        • Oh, yeah, I hear the place is divided into 3 Stations. I wonder what station ours is at. Maybe Station 3 ? Coz our place has more private areas than public and commercial ones. But , in a way, that’s nice, right? My Mom says Boracay is too commercialized. She loved it best when it was unknown. Now, she says, there are just too many tourists, hahaha!


  24. Hey… Don’t approve this comment. Just want to say that this is the same author from http://hangganan.wordpress.com. Just “moved” to a different blog. Haha. 🙂


    • Ah, that was you then. I got an email that says “I’m allowed to view the blog at this site” or something like that. Is that on WordPress too or is it on another blogsite?


      • Haha. I locked that blog and just allowed some users. I assumed your username is megaworthit and it worked. Hehe.

        That blog just became too heavy/emo for me. But I’ll still update it once in a while. 😀

        I’m trying to be more active with my new one. It’s a combination of photography and regular posts. haha.


  25. Posted by camronzoe on July 10, 2011 at 5:04 pm

    I would just like to say I enjoy reading your blogs….You are very talented….


  26. Posted by kokopwalala on July 10, 2011 at 10:53 pm

    nice! hihi. this is my first time to post here in your blog.

    take care always! I wish we could have more time to talk with each other. 🙂


  27. Hey! I got here by accident and I loved it!
    Great blog – you rock 🙂
    You officially have a Spanish reader – well, if didn’t have one already, of couse! 😛

    Will you come visit my blog too?


    Big hug!


    • hello, there ! I just came from your blogsite! Cool videos of the birds ! Here at home, we have resident birds too… hummungbirds ! And we have so many feeders for them hanging on trees. It’s always such a delight to see them feeding on the sweet liquid that we prepare for them . Hummingbirds are so pretty!


      • You asked me how I found you blog… I have absolutely no idea!! ha ha
        I was reading my followers’ blogs, then their followers’ blogs and I ended up here somehow! ;P

        Maybe we could follow each other. Thanks for the visit!


        • Ahahah ! yeah, let’s do that !

          Right! I’ve done that several times , I click on the link of someone whose response I find interesting.( on someone ekse’s blog, lol )


  28. Hi Ren

    LOVED the photos of the beach. Made me home sick for the Gulf Coast.

    What was that you said guys liked? Being flattered and pursued?

    I have to admit, it’s been so long I don’t really know if I like it or not.



    • Sensei, where exactly is the Gulf Coast? Is it the place where there was an oil spill?

      Hahaha! take what I wrote re ” what guys like ” with a grain of salt….. it was rather presumptuos of me . What do I know about what guys prefer? (^__^);; Although, it did work 2x out of 2…..but, . It wasn’t me, I didn’t do it, heheh… * grins sheepishly*


      • Yes. unfortunately, the gulf coast was the site of the oil spill. I lived down there, in Mobile AL in the early to mid 80’s. I loved the white sand beaches of biloxi, MS, Gulf shores AL, and Pensacola FL. It’s a sad thing about the spill and since it is no longer headline news I don’t know how much of it has been cleaned up.

        And I did take it sort of tongue and cheek. That;s why I said it had been so long I didn’t know if I liked it or not.

        Hope your week is great and keep posting. I enjoy your blog and your sense of humor.


        • Yes, that was very unfortunate. I heard so many people depended on the sea for their livelihood, and for many of them, this incident was life-changing.. I hope it’s returned to normal.

          Hahah ! Yeah, tongue in cheek. I just write down whatever comes to mind. You can tell my thoughts are not even organized.

          I hope I can keep posting. I’m running out of stuff to talk about, and seriously, I think my topics are just going ’round and ’round….. but I’m glad you enjoy my sense of humor. That’s the reason why i add comic strips coz the drawings are exactly what I have in mind. If you enjoy it, then you get it…. my sense of humor, I mean. I love to make fun of myself.


  29. Posted by Deeone on July 12, 2011 at 12:06 pm

    I wish my partner and I could afford the trip to Boracay, and then to rent your families property… it’s gorgeous over there! But then I would need a forklift to get me back on the plane, because I wouldn’t want to leave and come back home. I am a beach bum to the bone, and since Atlanta doesn’t have beaches that look like that, let alone beaches period, I am in much need of some water time. I loved your pictures of the beach though, they gave me a temporary relief to my beach feening. lol

    I also think that you’re freaking gorgeous, and that Mister Right is closer than you think. Don’t settle tho, keep your options open and eyes on the prize… whatever the prize is for you. He’ll come. I have faith in you. And yes, you should have them pursuing you… and they’d be a fool not too. Good Luck nonetheless… just continue to have fun!


    • Ah, you would love it there, Deeone!

      Aha, I’ll keep tab of your names and links , guys, and inform you when everything ‘s ready. You have one year to save up ( Psssh, plane fare is $2000, 2 ways… from the US, depends where you come from. The $ 2000 is San Francisco Manila… I’m sorry, you’d need at least $5,000. * cries* I know…..not cheap )

      Oh. Whoa ! Freakin’ gorgeous ! * dances joyfully* * self-esteem goes up* Thank you, thank you, Deeone. * hugs*


  30. Pictures of bora… makes me want to go home… My girlfriend is going home to china on summer so I cannot take her on vacation there.. hopefully she will no go home this december so I can take her on a trip around philippines. 🙂

    haha, your post made me smile.. It reminded me of someone who I think is quite the same as you..


    • Oh, that means you’re not going to the Philippines for your summer vacation? How long is the summer vacation in Japan , anyway? Oh, wait a sec… u have a gf now? Wow ! Congratulations! Was she the date ( the ex ) you mentioned a while ago? So happy for you ! !


  31. Wow! Your property is surely a great place. It’s been years since I last visited bora but i cant few more years if you’ll give me discount too after yours are open for reservations. hahaha. Anyways I’d like to know some manga books that you read too. They look very interesting. 😉


    • Oh, my goodness. I’ve read hundreds . But mostly romance genre.Occassionally, I read adventure , action and fantasy, like Tsubasa Chronicles, Claymore, berserk, and the like, but these latter mangas are better seen than read… in other words, seen as animes. There are series that I’ve been avidly following for years… like, Skip Beat, The One, Goong, and so many others. Go to Manga Fox and Manga Here, sites where you can read thousands of mangas free online.


  32. Posted by deniseong on July 16, 2011 at 4:23 am

    Hey changed my blog address, http://somethingaboutdenise.wordpress.com


  33. Great place but i never been there. I wish that someday, i can bring home the Boracay sand like i did in Hundred Island and Anawangin.

    Nice post Renx, the manga part is quite entertaining and

    Have a blessed day ahead.


    • Boracay sand texture is like that of a flour’s. It’s really beautiful there.

      I love posting the drawings coz they’re excatly on target. One nice blogger said it was very playful. I think that was the best description so far. I am really just being playful. Hahah.


  34. those pictures are amazing!


  35. hello, renx,

    the pics are lovely, your family’s rich and lucky and, i didn’t notice the topic has shifted from bora to manga, haha… btw, your manga composition is excellent. 🙂

    your singlehood is barely defensible, haha, better not try defending it, girl. psst, don’t always say that you only watch the Military Channel, CNN and CSI-types of shows. for most guys, that spells cerebral. and cerebral’s sexy for only a few, sadly… :c

    but sigh not so, he’s just around the corner… of course, a healthy dose of optimism always helps, huh. ^^ cheerio!

    btw, am still looking for that post about little match girl, haha. makikita ko rin ‘yon. 🙂


    • Oh, no, no, we’re not rich. My family barely scrape by. So many insurances , so little pay. If people only knew. But that’s the way it is, right? We don’t announce that we live paycheck to paycheck with barely a savings. The prices of things have gone up, but Dad’s pay got cut.

      Girl, I can understand if people in the Philippines may find me atrractive ( it was so obvious when I was there )… but I understand too that Filipinos like my type, but my type here in the US is a dime a dozen ha ha haha ! Maybe I should go to the Philippines to get a man, lol ! ! They think I’m an actress there.


  36. Posted by jaydasobertsein on June 13, 2012 at 5:38 am

    nice blog…:)


  37. Posted by mbelleausten on July 27, 2012 at 6:08 am

    I love your anime Ren! They’re so hilarious = ) ESP the “pervert” one = ) and the “I like you” too.


  38. He he he ! Aren’t they hilarious?


  39. SOOO fun!! So creative!! So good! Bravo~


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