My School Woes, etc.


Renxkyoko Iglesias musing………

I’ve been staring at the monitor for more than an hour now.  My mind is blank. Well, I can talk about our Memorial Day barbecue, but it’s so boring.  So, okay, there was one guest, my sister’s friend, whose stomach seems to be bottomless.   He devoured 20 lbs of barbecued pork ribs and so many pounds of bbq chicken.  Dad told my sister never to invite that guy anymore.  So inconsiderate and shameless.  Yeah, I saw him. From 12 noon to 7 PM, I never saw him without food in his mouth. 

I posted that I’d take one Chemistry course this summer in another school. Not anymore. There was only one class being offered , and though I enrolled early, I was put on the waiting list on  a 3rd priority basis coz I was just a cross-enrollee. Chemistry was not offered this summer at  my uni.  This messed up my Fall schedule. You see, this Chemistry is a prerequisite of another course that I just enrolled in this fall.  Needless to say, I had to cancel and enroll in Chem. instead, but, all classes are closed now.  I curse California’s  big deficit. What used to be 6 Chemistry classes one semester  have been reduced to only 2.  Darn it. My future is being jeopardized through no fault of my own.  But I’d like to be positive and do something about this drawback. I’ll check out some courses in Forensic Science, and I;m thinking, maybe I’ll take Forensics as my Minor, with Molecular Microbiology as my Major.  I fancy myself working with CSI and helping catch the bad guys, eh?  Yeah. After all, I love to watch crime stories on TV. It’s definitely right up my alley.  The only drawback here is I’ll be touching dead people. Aaargh. I can’t even sleep with lights off. I’m a scaredy cat.  I’m afraid of the dark. I’m always afraid there might be a ghost or a shadow at the foot of my bed , looking down on me. Oddly enough, I love ghost stories and watching scary movies. The scarier, the better.

 But I digress. … back to my school woes……….  So, anyhow, I did manage to enroll. And guess what I added…. Music ! as in violin. I get to play violin again. I haven’t played for maybe 3 years, so I’m sure my fingers are quite rusty now.  But I’m sure the skill will come back.  I used to play it well, and I guess it’s one of my skills that I take pride in, if I do say so myself.  * ponders*  Come to think of it, it’s the only skill I have !    (*~*)  Well, I can do the mambo , and maybe the samba…………

Ah, here’s a topic as suggested  by WordPress that I’m interested in….. ”  If your house were on fire, what would you grab first ? ”  So, okay, I’d grab 1. my laptop  2. textbooks  3.  a few clothes and underthings/ shoes   4. picture albums ( this is very important…. these are an accumulation of our memories for decades, that would include really old pictures of my parents and relatives …. they are irreplaceable. …..I guess it’s time to go to Kinko’s and have everything copied onto discs. )    5. as per my parents’ request, we have to save a bunch of stock certificates….. these are   what we call ” Bearer’s Certificate”, that is, whoever bears it , owns it, and when it’s gone, it’s gone. We can’t go to the company and demand copies of the stockholder certificates.  Oh,  the company is San Miguel Corporation , the biggest company in the Philippines. They produce beer ( San Miguel beer, one of the best in the world ) ice cream, bottles, and other food products and yeah, Coca -Cola.  The company , is in fact , almost a monopoly.    6. property titles and deeds  . In other words, all the so important documents. …7. My PS3 and some video games, lol.   8. my purse, of course… it would be troublesome to get new ID’s, driver’s license and credit cards.   Hmmm, what else do I deem important ?  OH. MY. GOSH !!!! The paintings !!!!!!!!!! I’ll make that # 2 ! How can I forget that ! Geezuzzzz !  They are paintings by well known Filipino painters, two of which is by a painter whose painting sold for $65,000 at Sotheby’s.  !  Okay, I’ll engrave this in my brain…..

Oh, before I say bye for now, I have a sidenote…… I was reading  another blog and on her blog  I read something like ” There’s an exteremely interesting blogsite written by a Microbiology student living in China, and here’s the link. ” And I thought , Hmmm, this sounds familiar, but I don’t live in China…  Out of curiousity, I clicked the link, and , ta dah, lo and behold, out came my blogsite !!!! Oh, wow ! Thank you !!!! I really appreciate that.

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  1. Posted by Anthea on June 1, 2011 at 5:12 am

    LOL, you’re welcome! 😀 Your blog is really interesting so I felt it was my duty to guide more people to it! BTW, that picture is really cute! 🙂

    I can’t believe someone actually ate that much at your BBQ. Did your sister know he would eat that much, or was it a surprise?

    I’m sorry about your classes 😦 I know it suchs when you REALLY want to take a course but don’t have the pre-requisite for it. At least you’re making the best of a bad situation. You’ll be really successful in life with an attitude like that! 🙂

    I’m the exact opposite to you when it comes to the dark. I HAVE to sleep in complete darkness! I put a slipper over my clock and take my phone of the cradle so there is no light whatsoever. Sometimes I stick a towel by my door to block out light from the hallway. It’s funny because when I was younger I always wanted to leave the door open when I slept but my parents wouldn’t let me. Now that I’m older and can choose to leave the door open, I don’t! BTW, good luck with the touching dead people thing. 😛 You’re braver than me!

    When you get really good at the violin, you should post a sound bite! I’m sure you’ll be great! I play the piano and you’ve made me realise I should probably start practicing again…being able to play a musical instrument is a good skill to have.

    I like the question about the fire! If MY house was on fire, I would grab my family, my phone, my keyboard and my laptop. The most important possesion I own is my phone! Do you read Harry Potter at all? If you do, maybe you’ll get this reference: My phone is like my wand. I use it for protection, to contact people, to entertain myself, to learn, to work. I need my phone. If my house catches fire, which it won’t, I’m grabbing my phone first.

    Have a great day (evening?)!!!


    • Thanks a bunch, Anthea. I usually hit a blank wall, then my mind just takes off like an airplane. I hope I don’t reach the point where I have to write a blow by blow account of my doings the moment I get up from the bed, from lack of nothing to say. There’s one blogger who does that, but some reason, I’m fascinated, lol.

      Uhm, maybe I’m exaggerating. But, seriously… we cooked turrones ( banana wrapped in egg roll, then fried), and I swear, he ate half the stuff , and there were about 45 pcs of that… he didn’t spare the cassava cake… so much so that my sister had to save some for the boyfriend who came in much later, and cassava cake happens to be his favorite)and the ribs !!! How many times did we see him going to the kitchen to microwave the darn ribs? More than a dozen times ! And there was a big mound of spaghetti on his plate w/ 3 slices of garlic bread, to boot! hahaha Man, that’s a bottomless pit he has there . LOL Meh. Not that we’re counting. But seriously , the ribs were for a battalion, but he finished them off. We were hoping we’d have some leftover for dinner.
      Alas!! LOL

      Ah, the violin. I do have a cd of the competition where we won first prize. It was a countywide contest. I can’t find the cd at the moment.

      I’ve always been afraid of the dark…. it’s my wild imagination, i think.

      Do I read Harry Potter? Wahahaha! We always bought the books on first day of release, at 12 midnight ! And I listened to HP podcasts, read Mugglenet and all the HP websites I could find, looking for clues on whether he’d live or die, and I did all that for 10 years, LOL…. And crushed on Daniel Radcliff for a long time… I thought he was God’s gift to all womankind. lol ( I was 10, then ) ( I think I blogged about HP )

      Thank you again for the plug – in, Anthea!


    • I am happy to hear that you are about to start playing again. I play guitar. I don’t play it as well as others but then again, I play it to entertain myself most of the time. there is something about picking up and instrument and creating sounds (or mimicking them as the case may be) that is soothing to my soul.

      I chuckled about your sister;s friend and your BBQ. Dear, there’s got to be one in every bunch. I sponsor a summer cookout for the dojo. I supply all of the burgers, dogs, and fixings. Everyone else brings chips and side dishes. It never fails every single year we have one person, child or adult, that gets there and acts like they haven’t eaten in months. One year one of my teenage students brought her boyfriend and his cousin. The cousin ate three dogs and two burgers at arrival. I cook everything and was on the grill. I look over and this guy is standing there with mustard and ketchup smeared all over his mouth holding his plate and asking me to please put extra cheese on “those three burgers on the back of the grill there”. Like I said, there always has to be one.

      Surprisingly, I’m not too much into the Harry Potter books / movies. This comes as a shock to a lot of peple considering I am a Wiccan. I don’t dislike them, just never really got into them.


      • Hello, Sensei !

        So, what do you teach at the dojo? Martial arts, I’m sure.

        About the big eater… yes, there’s got to be one in every gathering. Not that we’re counting. My mother always cooks a lot!!!! We often eat left-overs for days! Same thing over and over. But this time, the bbq meats were kind of limited and we were hoping we’d have some left-over for dinner.

        Oh, you’re not into Harry Potter.? But have you actually read the books? I just think they are wonderful. It wasn’t so much the magic, but the story itself that captivated me.


        • Well perhaps I should try again. I’m actually at work and have a copy of The Chamber Of Secrets around here somewhere. I guess due to your suggestion, I’ll pick it up later and give it a try. I am interested in seeing the next movie. I hear Harry dies in it. Even though I’ve not read or watched the series I think it’s always sad when one ends especially when the hero dies.

          Yes. I teach Shito-Ryu Karate. It is one of the four major styles still taught in Japan today. I run a very traditional dojo. We also have a yoga class and a Zumba class going. I don’t teach those but do participate every now and again. There is a Buddhist meditation group here that is looking for a place to conduct early morning meditations. So I have offered use of the dojo to them..


          • Ah, Sensei…….. I suggest you start from the very first book, Philosopher’s Stone. One book does not stand by itself. A friend of mine had to read all the books from first to last just so he could understand the 6th movie, The Half-Blood Prince. You know, by the 4th movie, the director and writer had given up trying to put in scenes and dailogues that explain the events that happen in the movie. By this time, they assume those who watch the movies have also read the books.

            Of course, I will not give any spoiler here, hahah. For years, not knowing whether Harry would live or die was sheer torture, but this was precisely what made this series truly wonderful and amazing. The author, JKRowling is a genius keeping millions of readers in high suspense, and agony, waiting for the next release of the book.

            Karate!!! Wow! One word… Cool. i guess no one in his right mind would want to see you angry, huh.


  2. Don’t let the cadavers stop you taking a cool minor. Most people find it kind of weird at first, but if you can stick it out for the first week or so any sense of creepiness goes away very quickly.

    Just don’t stay in the lab after midnight, I hear that’s when the corpses rise from their slumber.


    • * shivers*

      You know , I have relatives who are doctors, and they told me, at first it was icky ( the smell and the cadaver they said was kind of oily)…. after a month, they’d just take off their gloves and eat peanuts and drink soda, right there beside the cadaver. So yeah, I think i know what you mean… it takes getting used to.

      But I don’t think I’d be confronted with cadavers as a Microbio0logy/forensics student…. last sem, we did DNA testing… a lot.


  3. Posted by orramoon on June 1, 2011 at 7:12 am

    hmm…forensic science can be a good option, know what I have also practiced Microbiology for 2 years during my Masters…hey u gave some food for my thoughts…what I will do when my house on fire…preparing list of things in my mind now! nice read


    • I also think being a forensics scientist is a cool profession. Every case is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re gonna get


  4. Posted by Akshay Kumar on June 1, 2011 at 7:15 am

    hehe… nice one, too informative 😛
    Well definitely Forensics sounds better than chemistry, Sonds like Medical Detectives from Discovery Channel… methanol, ethanol, bonds, polymorphism, alkene, alkane, amine, abide…aargghhh used to drive me crazy in High School… Gosh.. i still dread it..!!

    and why so less stuff to grab… i guess you forgot to add ur favourite cushions, few dishes, the bedside lamp et al.

    Microbiology student living in China… looks like it’s time you change your name.. 😀 😀


    • I love Chemistry ! * whisper* although Chemistry doesn’t like me.

      Chemistry is all around us. I mean, we’re all made up of molecules, you know. lol

      RenKyoko is Japanese. I have a co-author who’s in China now, but she’s a white girl from oregon, usa. lol. But she just posted about China, so i guess that’s where the confusion started.


  5. Learn to overcome your fear with the dark. You enjoy horror movies and stories so I bet you are brave to leave the lights off at nights… Drop the you fear darlin


    • Oh, I wish ! But leaving the lights on at night has its advantages. mainly, it keeps the burglars off the property. they’d think someone is still awake. lol


  6. I am envious of people that play a musical instrument. Please post a video when you are ready… I love the violin.
    Those are some interesting things that you would grab. You are right that you need to digitize your memories. I am doing that right now, except I bought my own scanner and a terebyte drive and am putting them on that. It is way cool and easy to do.
    Good luck on your classes… I am lucky that my school is small enough to not have a waiting list yet big enough to have all the cool classes. GO DIXIE STATE… wooo hooo


    • I have a scanner too but it fell , and now, it doesn’t give clear copies. We’ve actually started digitizing the old pics…. but there are tons of them, and they’re not exactly cheap.

      Ugh, What’s happening to you, california!!! Still a beautiful place, tho. Hollywood, yay !


  7. Darn!!! That means I will never be invited to any of your bbq’s!!!


  8. Nothing worse than a case of the dreaded Writer’s Block, right?
    Hang in there, this post still rocked!


    • Thanks, Hook!

      Brace yourself for this kind of post:

      6 AM I woke up, went to the toilet to do my morning routine
      6:30 Got me a cup of coffee, toasted 2 slices of bread, sat down , checked out the headline of this morning’s paper………..

      At the rate I’m going , it’s gonna come to that. ^o^


  9. hahaha! 20 lbs of ribs? wow, the guy sure has a big appetite and lots of guts to stay for 7 hours. 😀

    i would love to see you play the violin. please post videos please. 🙂


    • All the guests stayed longer than that. They did karaoke. ^o^ Hmmm, maybe less than 20 lbs, hahah. Although, the ribs were 25 lbs raw. I was with my mother when we went shopping for stuff. The ribs were sliced bacon style, and I tell you, there were a lot. And we barbecued the chicken too, so, it wasn’t as if , the pork was the only food there. Hah! Sis’ bf ( yeah, him) came in later… and sis actually had to save several bbqs for him , coz she saw that guy wouldn’t stop until the foods were all gone. I’m not kidding.


  10. Oh wow! 20 lbs of bbq. he must be one huge guy. Is he a friend of your sister? He sounds like a bear who’s off for hibernation, stocking up you know.

    I love Forensic Science too! I should have taken that up as my major then maybe I would still be in the chemistry field until now 😦 I am a Chemistry major btw

    And I’d also love to see videos of you playing a violin. I’ve always envied people who can play an instrument. We do not have any musical genes going around our family.


  11. hahaha I think I’m exaggerating ! he he he believe it or not, he’s slim. and he’s a new friend. He was here at our Christmas party … that was the first time I saw him… he’s actually the friend of my sister’s best friend, now my sister’s friend too. And he loves karaoke. Of cfourse you know the dish leche flan ? We had that for Christmas and you know what, he ate 1/2 of that… the size of a 2 lb. loaf pan. I mean, that’s egg custard… one is supposed to eat just a small slice of that….. Check out my post after Christmas 2010, you’ll see the pic of our Christmas spread… we didn’t mind then him eating like it was his last meal, but we were shocked when he ate 1/2 of the leche flan. Eeewww !


  12. Posted by Deeone on June 3, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    Great Blog! I’m still laughing at the goat of a guest who decided to munch merciless on all of the holiday goodies. He’s too return no more, indeed. Check!

    I’m also with you on the scary stuff! I can’t get enough of it either. I’ve mastered turning the lights out thingy, but I won’t lie and say that the hairs on the back of my neck don’t stand up, anytime I hear an odd bump in the night. I guess there’s just somethings that we humanely have in our make up that weren’t actually meant to be broken. Oh, well. Bring on the horror!

    My list of things to save would be much shorter… Laptop. That’s probably all I’d try and save. It has all of my work up here, and me, being Mr. Procrastinator hasn’t saved anything, anywhere else. Smh. Sad. Yeah, I know. I’m getting to it though. lol 🙂

    All in all, I loved your blog! I look forward to reading some more of your work. Thanks for stopping by mine, as well. 🙂


    • Ahaha ! Now I’m starting to feel bad about the guest. If, by some miracle, he got to read this post, I’m sure he’d kill me. j/k

      You’re welcome and thank you for subscribing. Whoooooo !!!!


  13. enjiyed read the post…… 🙂


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