Hello ! renxkyoko Iglesias musing again………..

So, yeah, it’s Monday, May 23, 2011.  And yep, I’m still here. I didn’t get taken. hah! Why would anyone believe  the Rupture would happen last Saturday. Apparently, many did.  I read there was this retiree who spent all his retirement funds to buy huge billboards announcing the coming of Rupture. Frankly, though, for a moment last Saturday, it got me a little bit anxious, wahahaha !!  I mean, I wore my nice  * cough * underthings * cough, just in case.  I understand if ever a person got taken, whatever one was wearing would be left behind.   (~.~)  Oooh, that reminds me….. I saw a movie titled ” Left Behind ” and yes, it was about The Rupture. Planes crashed because the pilots disappeared,  and there were so many clothes on the streets,  and vehicles sans drivers cluttered the roads. Anyways, I was thinking, what if it happened and I didn’t get taken?  Does it mean I’m a bad girl?  And if , for some reason, I was taken, that would s*ck, too coz I didn’t get to do the fun things I have not done before, * sweat*……. . ^o^  ! Enough of this cr*p………….. moving on…….

About these subscriptions…. I’m  surprised  I get at least 2 subscriptions a week since I started blogging here. Well, okay,  not that much, about 67 active  subscribers , to date.  But, considering  I post just my silly random thoughts, my  mundane  happenings and whatnot, it’s amazing readers still subscribe to my blog. A big, big Thank You.  * hearts and  hugs * ………. But, here’s the thing…… I notice subscribers don’t bother to come to my blogsite anymore. * tears * ,…. they just read my post on their email folders , and, directly  email their replies to me.  Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the subscriptions, I really do, but I wish you could still find the time to come and visit me here. And respond here, of course. I’m always happy to see the replies, right here on renxkyoko’s space. And , uhm, while I’m at it,  heck, I’ll say it….. a blogroll , too ? ^o^  ….. My link is https://megaworthit.wordpress.com

So, you might want to ask, why did I choose megaworthit ? Well, I thought I was mega worth it….. ….. .  (^__^);;

Meh. Apparently not. So much so that DPspaceman had to ask, ” hey, renxkyoko, what’s going on with your lovelife ? Go out there and meet new guys! ”  * sweat * Zero in that department, I’m afraid.

 But I’ll work very hard on it, promise.  Like so………..Oh, by the way, read this from right to left.  

I’ll definitely look for the Fated One…. my Destiny.

If I can’t find one soon, I’ll hit the panic button and confess to the  the entire male student populace at my uni.  LOL   or maybe, I’ll pray to St. Jude… and to all the saints in heaven… T.T ….. or say a novena ( Uhm, this is a catholic thing, ^o^ )

(       ………  ????    )


Now, I’m getting depressed.

LOL !  kidding !!!.  I’m just  having fun posting these manga comic strips.  Speaking of which…. I think I’ve posted here where   my sig Renxkyoko came from. In case you have not read that post, Ren and Kyoko are the main characters of a very popular romance Japanese manga Skip Beat….. This is a series that I’ve been reading for more than 3 years. Now about Iglesias……. do you know of the singer Enrique Iglesias ?  Enrique Iglesias is half-Filipino- half Spaniard.  Erm, * clears throat *, he’s a cousin by affinity…. I mean, we have common relatives on his Filipino side. Well, in fact, his Filipino side is not even pure Filipino or pure Asian…. his mother is half Spaniard too. One blogger asked me,( Quierosaber ),  if  I was pure Filipino . Normally, I’d say yes, pure Filipino, pure Asian, but I guess I’m not. My great grandfather came from Spain, Sta.Maria de la Nueva, Segovia, Spain, to be exact. So, anyways, Enrique Iglesias and I have common relatives, with the same great grandfather.  I guess that answers Quierosaber’s question.   Oh, and here’s a pic of Enrique Iglesias….

 Woof, woof… meow….

This is all for now. Have a good day, folks !

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  1. Ahahahahah! I knew that thing was not going to happy. It made me laugh that there were people who got so worked up over it. There were even people who gave up their life savings to some dude.

    And someday you will find that special someone! Don’t give up!!! Teeehee! When you expect it the less, that someone will pop up in your life and take you off your feet to lovelove land! Teehee~


    • Kyoki, I just read the most depressing mangas ever, The 2 series are not completed yet, but they are so depressing I am going to drop them. But you can check them out…. Bokura ga Ita and Tonari no Atashi. Great stories, but I can’t handle the plotlines. Ugh ! So, have you read the titles that I gave you? Like Strobe Edge ?


      • Hehe. I finished Strobe Edge. I read a few chapters of the other ones you gave me. I haven’t gotten to reading much manga these last few days. But I will try to read more of them soon. 😀


  2. Oow. Enrique 😀


  3. Oh I was a bit anxious too. I was already planning to shout out my deepest feelings to a special someone, and the “girls generation” k-pop group as well. 😀

    Luckily the EOW did not push through. The mayans got D- in math. 😀

    I really love the comic strip posted. “I wonder… Is it ok if I can think of you as a friend? *** Drool… Heheheh ***” Should I put it as my Facebook status?

    I can relate because, I was… like that… before… uhm, recently… Hahaha! * blush *

    I just don’t understand why a very pretty and cool girl like you has zero-lovelife? Hmmmm, I don’t quite believe you. Convince me more. 🙂



    • So, did you shout out your feelings ? o.Oa I wonder how many actually believed the Rupture…..

      The top honcho of this Rupture embarassment just said Ooops, sorry folks, wrong math, my bad, it’s gonna happen in October, 2011. What a moron !

      Aww, gee , thanks, I’m kinda flattered. Teehee. * sweat *

      Always have a great day , as well, kermit.


  4. As far as making sure people actually read your blog instead of just the email, try using the “more” function when uploading your posts. If you do that, your emails will only have a teaser for the blog rather than the whole thing.

    I actually clicked on the link to see your blog this time because I’m trying to help drive your numbers up. It’s the least I can do since you subscribe to mine, too. 🙂


    • Hah! There’s a feature like that? Okay, I’ll do that, if I can find it. I’m techie challenged, though.

      hey, we’re blog buddies, remember ? And you’re on my blogroll, too… =.=


  5. I come here to read your blog. I could read it from my email but that is part of the fun of blogging. Going to the sites and looking at what others are doing. I have read the story about your blog name and it is cute. I hope that you find your Ren someday… you never know????


    • I know , right ? There are tons of gems out here to read… so, so interesting.

      Gosh, yeah, I’ve been reading that for ages. At the rate the story is going, I will still be reading til I’m 64. Do you know it’s been ongoing since 2002 ? I don’t know what’s in the story that makes us fans keep on reading…. One story arc that went on for 3 months had Ren cooking dinner for Kyoko at his house, and for 3 months, I’m like,” waaaah, will he kiss her, at last? C’mon, Ren, kiss her already !” Nothing. So, I keep on reading. Ahahaha! I’m hopeless.


  6. Ahaha… lols.. get acquainted with your community. You’ll never find love if you won’t associate with other people (like I associate with people I don’t even know, I have very weird friends like: security guards, receptionists, worker in a boutique, flower shop owner, bar owner) just connect with the people around you. Your prince charming will eventually notice you 😉 (and he does not ride in a white horse, but hey he may have a car 🙂 )


    • AAhahah! Everyone here has a car, even that guy who flips burgers at nearby McDonald’s. So, I;m looking for that one guy on a white horse who’s gonna sweep me off my feet, and we’ll ride into the sunset…… tee hee


  7. Mrs. Iglesias XD


  8. Posted by Akshay Kumar on May 24, 2011 at 11:02 pm

    I really love the way you use these Manga strips in your posts… 🙂


    • I know, right ? The expressions are so right on target.


      • Posted by Akshay Kumar on May 27, 2011 at 3:34 pm

        exactly on target.. boom.. Bull’s eye it is 🙂
        I think I should also start using them, gives expressions to your blog..!!


        • Hahaha!
          I’m sure it would work very well with your style of writing…… tounge in cheek and subtle. I don’t know if the spelling is right, but I never seem to get the right spelling of tounge… tongue? Geez…


  9. I hear the Rapture has been moved to October XD
    Sigh. How can somebody calculate the EXACT date of the end of the world if nobody’s even sure when the world began? The best anybody can do is estimate, in my opinion. But at least it encourages people to make every second of their life count.

    Anyway, I discovered something while designing a website for a company. It’s called the “More Tag” (http://en.support.wordpress.com/splitting-content/more-tag/). It cuts off the post preview and adds a link that usually says something like “Keep Reading” or “Read More”. I was so excited when I found out about it 😀
    I’m not sure if it will work on e-mails, but I’m fairly confident it will.

    And I don’t find it hard to believe that Ms. Iglesias doesn’t have a love life. With all her suitors (including Jason Derulo, I believe? haha), I’m sure it’s very difficult for her to choose. 🙂


    • There’s one blog that I’ve subscribed to, and when I click the ” Read more “, it sends me to his website, but the others? No. The post stays on my email, like that of Marina Sleeps’.

      Uhm, you DON’T find it hard to believe, that I don’t have a lovelife? Typo? hahaha! Ah, jason Derulo….. he wouldn’t remember me even if I slapped him with hundreds of pictures, LOL Ugh… I was just some random girl he picked out from the audience. ^o^….


  10. Posted by orramoon on May 25, 2011 at 5:13 am

    Hiiii Renxkyoko….I love your name…read the whole story of it too….its really interesting…So how r u?…thanx for liking my blog 🙂


  11. Purplecamouflage is right. The end of all things was moved to October. Fun! That’s another 5 months to live for all of us. :p

    Zero love life, eh? Don’t get so worked up about it. He’ll come when the time is right. (Hopefully before October so you can still spend some time together. Heehee!)


  12. Have you ever seen the Two and a Half Men with Enrique Iglesias? It was awesome! Good for you with 67 subscriptions. My Book of Terrible blog only has 59 subscriptions so far and You’ve Been Hooked! has 100 – and I’m grateful for each and every one.
    Talk to you soon.


    • No, but I’ll check it out. I assume it’s on You Tube? Ah, of course, it is. But I’ve seen the one with Jennifer Love Hewitt. I think the song is ” I’ll be a Hero, or something? ” I forget. But that’s awesome too, though he dies at the end.

      Well, it’s 70 now, I think. 3 more subscribed, hahaha. WTH ! I’m thrilled though.


  13. Posted by dreamsending on May 25, 2011 at 2:28 pm

    uh…the end has been moved. Can’t wait for it to fail once again, right their girl!

    In China, people thought American’s are crazy, with all this end world thing, but said it made great movies. lol.

    What is it, that makes people want for an end? I always wanted to debate that, maybe next time “we” can talk about it. Ahahahaha.

    So how is your story moving along? Going well? Same with mine. Talk to you later.


    • Alexxxxxxxxx!!!!

      Hey, I just read an article….. there are more men in China than women. Ahahahaha ! Lucky you !

      My story is moving at snail pace, sad to say. I want to make at least 4 volumes of the story. If it’s just one-shot, then it’s done, but I don’t want that. I need details, Alex….. suggstions, suggestions…. I need more suggestions…. maybe 4 pages of smut every chapter? Just drawings of perverted stuff that I’m sure readers will love. I know, believe me. lol…. I won’t need dialogue for that, ahahaha. * cough *


      • Posted by dreamsending on May 27, 2011 at 2:56 am

        uh….More men in China…..its true, but these men are not “men”, more like woman with a d**k. So no lucky me, men just don’t know how to treat woman here. Its rather bad. The only good men around here are boys, because they are a new generation, one where I hope they don’t turn out like the men here. If they are below the age of 25, they are good men, if they are over, they are bad men, and its the truth.

        So Suggestions huh, well send me an e-mail so I can give you some ideas. Like give me the out line and I can help you. Now for smut, unless your that kinds of girl, smut everyday, then go for it, if not, then make the smut build up to BAM, did that just happen.


        • Erm, these are rather controversial words, Alex, good thing WordPress is not really accessible from China. I guess it’s a cultural thing, and women there don’t know any better. Maybe you are talking about women from the rural areas ? I’ve seen pics of young women there. They are fashionable and I assume they have more freedom now, not politically , of course. There is a One child per family policy there. I don’t know if that’s relevant, though. More males being born, maybe?

          Haha…. about the smut… just kidding…. seriously though, the story needs at least one Wham, Bam, thank you, Ma’m, and it’s going to be very important to the story. It’s not immaculate conception, girl.

          Okay, I’ll email it to you. Same address, right?


          • Posted by dreamsending on May 27, 2011 at 11:11 am

            No, the woman do know better, they know better not to get a bad man. Trust me, the woman are just fine here, but they do have bad taste in clothing. Like I went to school and this mother, who’s kids is like five, had some pants on, showing off her whoo hoo. I mean, she’s a mom, with pants like that. Another mother, her skirt was way to high and I could see the G-string….

            The One child per family isn’t an issue any more, many people now have two kids in the family. It was only during the 80’s. Yeah email still the same.

            Sorry about ranting on men, I was just had my body touched in places I don’t like old men going after. They are just perv’s here…but for those who are under 25 are ok.


            • Hmmmm…..

              I see women like that over here…. so tight shirt that their flabs are itching to burst out…. like, don’t they look in the mirror ? Hahaha…. so , the point is, China doesn’t have a monopoly of fashion disasters.

              Oh, my… you got touched by DOMs? Most probably, they thought
              western women were easy pickings, and would not mind stuff like that. they are so wrong. Over here stateside, they would be bitch-slapped, or be handcuffed. It’s zero -policy here for sexual harassment.

      • :O You’re writing a story? That is pretty awesome. 😀


        • It’s just a manga story that I’m going to submit to a mangaka, kyoki. Drama/romance/josei/ genre. I’ll make it a little dark, not your typical run of the mill romance.


  14. I can’t equal to those who previously commented. Bow down.


  15. Posted by whosjesus on May 27, 2011 at 6:01 pm

    The Left Behind stories are a bunch of crap meant to scare the hell outta people to try and get them to heaven.



    • That’s true…. I didn’t even finish the movie. lol I could tell it was made by “believers”….


      • Posted by whosjesus on May 30, 2011 at 1:09 pm

        Made by over the top ‘believers’….extreme belief leads to off balance stuff..



        • Hahah

          I thought at first it was a ” disaster ” movie, which I love ( I love disater movies), then after 30 minutes, I stopped. I checked the dvd cover, and read it was produced by this guy ( I forget the name ), a former “TV teenage idol” who’s now into religious stuff.


  16. So that explains your sultry and exotic looks.
    Someone as pretty and smart as you can have guys knocking themselves out just to get near you. The thing is, I do hope you get to choose well.
    Coz You are a prize catch.


  17. Hi renxkyoko. You stopped by my blog and commented so I thought I’d pop over and return the favor. This is great. I am new to this kind of art but love it. If I ever get my book or stories published anywhere except for internet magazines, I think I’ll have to give you a yell to bring them to life with your art.


    • J. White Sensei, those comic strips were copied and pasted from mangas…. they’re not mine. * sweat * I do know someone who can draw like this and one of these days, I’ll give her a call too. And thanks a bunch too for passing by. Oh, and thank you for subscribing !!! \(^_^)/


  18. Posted by dyan04 on May 31, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    anything that unloads your mind and is not boring is a good topic.
    need not to push the panic button.. i bet you’re still young right?
    i watched a short film about the rapture in my high school days… i don’t even want to think about it because it’s morbid 🙂


    • Sometimes , there’s really nothing to unload, so I just write what’s on my mind, at the moment, without even rereading. I close my eyes, cross my fingers, then publish. I’m surprised I get readers , lol


  19. I’m surprised you get so many readers and people that comment as well. My blog has barely any… ;( I don’t think it has bad content at all… maybe not as interesting as yours haha.


  20. i love this 🙂


  21. Enrique! ^^


  22. the same thing happened here. some people squandered their money on expensive restaurants (eat well before dying) and there’s another who went to withdraw his money from the bank and strewn it in public only to regret when nothing happened and he’s still alive the next day!


  23. I am glad to get to know you each time I visit your blog. I wish I knew you better. For now, I am happy to visit a place where beauty meets intelligence.


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