Renxkyoko Iglesias musing here.

It’s been 12 days since my last post. I’m slacking,  I  know, but May is the last month of school and that means , exams time.   That would be next week. I still have 3 essays ( Intensive Writing ) to finish, so I guess I’ll be busy from hereon. I hate writing essays. Know why? Coz I’m shallow.  LOL

So, anyway, there’s really nothing much going on in my life these days, except  school and work. No social life. * sweat *  And it’s not going improve this summer because I’m taking one summer class… another Chemistry. I need to take this now as this is a prerequisite of another course that is offered only in Fall, and this course is another prerequisite of another course, and so on down the line. Oh, well, college life.

Okay, I hope you’re not bored reading about my sister’s lovelife, and you know, I don’t really want to talk about that anymore, but it kind of took a bizzare turn a few days ago. It was like, whoa, what is that all about…. DRAMA !! LOL   You see, the ex-BF  talked to my parents, on 2 separate occassions.  First with my father….. and he said  something like this…. ” Dad, I love your daughter very much, but I screwed up. It has something to do with my  Facebook  account” .  ( which Dad didn’t understand , he didn’t even know they broke up, hehe… but anywho, Facebook ? WTH !!! ). So, he said even though he was a Philosophy graduate, there were really no good jobs for Philo graduates, so he has been struggling all this time, and he feels demoralized that sister has a better job  but then a business partnership came along . His business partner though has a daughter who has been hitting on him from day one, and , he said, he made the greatest mistake of his life… he dated her several times.  ( Oh, really now ….. ) So, the daughter logged on to his facebook account and posted about their dates together, getting all lovey dovey in the most intimate manner, and, unfortunately, my sister got to read her posts.  Dad told  him he didn’t know they broke up, and anyway, ” that’s between you and * insert name here * to solve. ”   So…. that was the night before…. next morning, when my sister was at work, the ex BF came over  and talked to my mother. He apologized and said he really felt bad about the rut he’s in…. then he told Mom “it’s my birthday today, but ( insert name of sis ) doesn’t even want to celebrate it with me.”  Mom  greeted him but said she couldn’t do anything about  his situation.   Then he left and came back in the afternoon, and , well, suddenly, in a loud voice, he told my sister” You’re the only girl I ever loved, so please forgive me.”  He intentionally let everyone hear that. And I was like, WTH, Eeewww * goosebumps*….. does he read romantic mangas ? The scene looked ridiculously familiar. (*~*)

I mean, seriously, who’s he kidding?  He was found out, busted!  And he’s just feeling bad because my sister is dating another guy now.  Ooooh, that hurts, huh. Well, sorry.  He  got his swift comeuppance and he totally deserved it.  I say, go  for the jugular, if you can..  Am I harsh?  A resounding  NOT!!!! Do you have any idea how much it hurts to be cheated on ? I’d rather be dumped by a guy because he has fallen out love … with cheating,  there’s also a   sense of betrayal, and , I think that hurts more than the act of cheating itself, IMO.

Uhm, don’t think I’ve experienced this cheating thing…..no, I haven’t, thank my lucky stars, but  as I said before, it hurt real bad  when I saw the guy I was crushing on ,  with a girl.  If that hurt so much, I can already imagine how it would feel like if I was cheated on.  Aaaargh.

Add the fact that you’ll always remember.

And feel bad, and demoralized….. tormented, rejected, depressed…


Not good.

Well, I do hope life turns out better  for my sister….. oh, and for me, too. He he….  I mean, I hope I don’t experience this cr*p.

So, fight-o !

This is all for now. Have a good day, everyone.

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  1. wow! you write looooongggg blogs 😀 I admire people who can write long posts about something 😀 I’m not really good at telling long stories 😆 btw, nice page 😉 have a great day 😉


    • (^____^)

      Believe it or not, I stared for hours at the monitor before I managed to type down one sentence…. and it just took off.


  2. I have been cheated on twice in my life. It hurts sooo bad… Tell your sister that she can never trust his dirt bag again and I am glad she is moving on with her life. Now the trick is to stop him from coming over to your house. He is a player that got caught. End the madness


    • Oh. Twice? (*~*)


      Alas. She keeps mum about the whole thing. So, we don’t really know what’s going on between those two. But, really, the ex is acting desperate, and trying to get my parents’ sympathy. We are polite enough not to interfere. When he comes to the house, we won’t slam the door on him. I think my sister should be the one to tell him to back off and not come to the house anymore. We can only look and be polite. I don’t know. He was considered part of the family far too long . My parents are very civil.


      • parents are like that… He is desperate because he knows that he screwed up a good thing. Your sister should throw him to the curb. There is never an excuse for cheating.. Never, Never, Never… I don’t care what anyone says – to violate that trust is, in my opinion, a sin…


        • yes, it’s true. And not only that, he betrayed my parents’ trust…. they treated him like a son already. Meh. My parents were presumptous, methinks.


  3. tell your sister she’s better off without her ex. once a cheater always a cheater. Well, the guy seem to have made some research because getting the sympathy of the parents is quite a common practice for Filipinos because parents (or even the whole family) here are always meddling in their children’s relationships. I do hope your sister will move on fast. She deserves someone better.


    • After 3 years of practically a part of our family, I guess the family find it difficult to remove his presence. And you know how Filipino parents are… they are civil, and more often than not, always sympathetic to the plight of someone who’s asking for forgiveness.But I’m with you. I know the drill. I believe in once a cheater, always a cheater. It can’t be helped.


      • people change you know… T.T
        I think it was just lack of communication.. A relationship requires a lot of talking..


        • meh. they’ve been talking for more than 3 years. People do change… everybody does. But he should change and be true with his next girlfriend, not with my sister anymore.


          • I understand your feelings but it’s for your sister to decide. Ü
            I wish them the best. I don’t want to butt in into love stuff right now, enjoying the singleton life üü.


            • I know. o.Oa

              It’s ironic that we learned the reason for the break-up from my father, lol. And yes, it’s for her to decide, although my attitude has changed a lot and I look at him differently now, with so much distrust, and that’s not good if he’s going to be a brother-in-law, if ever.

  4. Wow, i think you could make a novel about your siblings lovestory 🙂 I’d like to hear yours someday. I see you are very ‘logic’ on seeing you sisters relationship. you know sometimes love has ‘drug effect’ on people.. losing their sanity kind of things. No wonder her-ex start act like manga character 🙂 maybe he is still in love with her.. but they’ll get over it..


  5. Ahahaha…. My sis’ love story? LOL I don’t think so. They look like an old married couple…. they look boring , actually. Oh, wait, maybe that’s the reason? LOL Oh, my. If ever , just in case, they get together, again, they should add some spice to their relationship. * shivers*


  6. But i’m all for castration of cheats! 😛


  7. Good luck for your exams 🙂


  8. Hi Renxy! I really enjoyed reading this. Just tell your sis’ ex-bf that scenes from Koreanovelas doesn’t always work. Hahaha!

    Good luck on your exams. 🙂


  9. I love all of life’s drama being portrayed through the comic strips – hope things get better. 🙂


  10. I’d hardly call you a slacker. Great post!


  11. Everyone makes mistakes and I’M just thinking that perhaps he knows he has made a mistake and should be forgiven… it takes a lot to apologise to someones parents so i cant help wondering that there is somewhere some sincerity in this guy who deeply regrets what he has done.


    • Erm, I see him again here at home… We have an old TV , well, not so old, it was new when we retired it coz we bought a nicer, bigger TV… and we changed all our dvd players to bluray….. and this morning, he was here to get our old stuff for his room. * shakes head* … and he was having a nice converstaion w/ dad at the backyard garden just a few moments ago……. I guess, back to happy days. T.T


  12. Your poor sis! But then, love is a gamble. It’s risky. But when you take the risks, you have to live with the consequences. I hope she would forgive him – if he appeared to be sincere. On the other hand, am sure your sis deserves better!

    hello from Kuala Lumpur! Thank you for stopping by my blog!


    • that’s true. Love is indeed a gamble. It’s also like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get…..

      Thanks also for stopping by my blog !!!!!!


  13. In my book, cheating is a zero-tolerance policy. I don’t even waste my time. Nothing to talk about. CUT, SLING, LOAD. That guy should go hook up with the other girl now without a sweat in the world.

    Your sister is dating a new guy, good for her. What’s going on in your love life though renxkyoko? Get out there, meet some new guys!

    I’ve been dating my girlfriend now for 3 months or so. It didn’t come without it’s trials and tribulations though. Now, we are doing long distance for about 3 months which will be difficult. I am optimistic though.


    • ” What’s going on in your love life though renxkyoko? Get out there, meet some new guys!”

      * sweat * , * whispers * I’ll work hard on it.

      Ooooh, our eyes met ! That’s him, my fated One !!! o.Oa


  14. Posted by HangingDice on May 24, 2011 at 4:58 am

    Hey 🙂

    This is the first post of yours that I’ve read but I’m subscribing! You sound really interesting. It’s great that you care so much about your sister. I want my sister to find a nice guy; the people that she currently hangs out with are nice, but I don’t think they’re good enough for her. It’s good to know that your sister is with someone else and not going back with the other guy.

    Keep blogging because you have one more subscriber! 😀


  15. Oh, Hi, thanks a bunch !!!! Woohoo! Another subscriber! Yay ! But, , you’ll still come here and visit, won’t you ?

    Oh, I really don’t know what’s going on with those two. he still comes here and sis still entertains him. I don’t understand.


    • Posted by HangingDice on May 24, 2011 at 5:53 am

      Definitely! 🙂 I love commenting. 😀

      I don’t know her but your sister sounds like a nice person. Is she the kind of person who is nice to everyone even if they don’t deserve it? If she is, maybe that’s why she still talks to her ex.


      • yes, she is a nice person, but I know she only has a small circle of friends, and these friends have been friends for a million years, and they’re already considered part of the family. I really don’t know how she is with acquiantances. She;s normally a quiet person with strangers but quite loud with close friends. LOL


  16. Why not leave it to them tosort it out?


    • Uhm, yes. In fact, Sis and I have not talked about the break -up, not once. We learned the real reason from the guy himself when he talked to my father. And dad told us. My sister doesn’t even know her bf has spoken to dad about it. And from what I’ve seen recently, I think they have sorted it out.


  17. Some men have their badness down to a science. And these guys are able to get away with all that badness because most girls (if not all) allow them to. Sad, but a general truth.


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