Unlucky in love

Renxkyoko Iglesias here.

It’s been a while since I last posted here, 11 days ago, I think.  I’ve been busy with exams and work and stuff  not worth writing about, although, frankly, there’s really nothing in my life    worth mentioning. (~_~)  Well, except this one,  at this very moment, 11:15 PM , I can hear my sister and her boyfriend having a big fight in her room.  I know they broke up this week. So, I don’t know why he’s here . He should just disappear.  Good thing my father is asleep, but Mom just came into my room and asked me  if  it was alright to knock on the door and tell the bf to leave.  I told mom not to intervene. Oh, my. The bf cheated….. I just  heard him say ” I never cheated on you, never ! ”  and sis is sobbing…….  JARED!!!! DIE  ! !!!  Oh, man…… 3 years of my sister’s life wasted on that guy.  Seriously, though, this is so sudden. He was with us at  my father’s birthday dinner  last March 30, and he told us he just got a passport and planned to go to the Philippines with sis this year. Ah, who cares if  we never see him again. Actually, we’ve never liked him coz he’s such a loser. That guy never had a stable job, sheesh.

*sigh* Nasty business… breaking up, I mean.  I wonder what would happen  if I were in her shoes…. I almost had a massive coronary when I saw my crush with a girl. He was just a crush, for Pete’s sakes.  * shakes head*  This is like a Mexican telenovela or a Korean drama. I pray this never happens to me. I don’t need this b*llsh*t in my life.  Ah, well, * cheer up, sis *!!  Tomorrow’s a brand new day !!  FTW!!!!

Seriously, my heart goes out to her. I cannot even imagine what’s she’s going through right now.  No, in fact, I can imagine it.  It – it’s  extremely painful, literally. Is it the same with men? Do men also feel the pain?  No, guys, you don’t. You have no idea.

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  1. Hey there are some good guys out there. In all the dirt there is always a diamond in the rough. Remember that!


    • Yep yep, that is a good thing to remember. There are lots of good guys out there. Like my boyfriend, he is a super good guy. 😀


      • You, lucky you ! ! take care of Dylan !!! And read Strobe Edge, girl! It’s completed now!
        Ugh! After this episode with sis, I’d rather be in my fantasy world of roses and chocolates. Bummer.


        • Teehee, I will. 😀

          I started reading it last night. I really like it so far. It’s rather cute. I’m gonna try to read it all as soon as possible. 🙂


          • I stopped reading Strobe Edge for a while coz releases were so slow in coming , and, it was kind of depressing coz the main guy has someone he likes. Oooops am I spoiling it? Hehehe But then , they released so many chapters last week and they were soo good. Check out Rockin’ Heaven, too and L.DK… By the way, I just bought more than $100 worth of books… several volumes of B.O.D.Y and 2 Skip Beat.


    • hahah I know they’re out there. *sigh* I guess the relationship went on too long. On the other hand, this is better than marrying and getting a divorce.


  2. Posted by Hellboy on April 14, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    renxkyoko… we do feel the pain… read this


    you will come to know how it feels when men cry.


    • (@__@)

      Uhm…. wow!!!!

      He’s going to be one great partner for life. There are millions of women who are searching for this kind of man with such capacity for devotion and sincerity. Tell him that. And count me in. (*~*)


  3. Posted by Hellboy on April 15, 2011 at 10:55 am

    Hahaha… I am glad to hear such golden words from you…
    I will surely tell him…


  4. Oh, yeah, Please do. That would make him feel good. That’s not an empty compliment. I do think he’s a gem.


  5. Men do feel the pain of a break up, but you’re right, women are much more in touch with their feelings so the pain is tripled.


  6. “Happiness comes more from loving than being loved; and often when our affection seems wounded it is only our vanity bleeding. To love, and to be hurt often, and to love again- this is the brave and happy life.” J.E. Buchrose


  7. I think guys feel the same pain…I actually think they are more sensitive to it. My fiance…not boyfriend…fiance…recently cheated on me. “What the heck!?” right. I can’t tell you what your sister feels, but I feel super insecure now…like…what was I missing? I hope your sister doesn’t take it personal, some guys just don’t know what they have, so they always think they are missing out on something better.
    Back to the guys…Guys are usually super sensitive, jealous and protective in my opinion (even if they don’t show it).


    • Your fiance did? So, uhm, what now? Erhm, don’t answer that if you don’t want to. I’m just being nosy. ^o^

      Anyways, these guys being supersensitive, I don’t know about that. Maybe the faithful ones are. I think girls should come into a relationship with LOW EXPECTATIONS, and always prepare themselves to bolt out PRONTO the moment we see signs that all is not well.


  8. Everything is just plain normal. The only important things in life is control – self control. We are all beasts in nature just that we are controlled by society, religion, right and the wrong ways from other people from our past, from other races, from media for example.. etc…. etc.. just think of this way.. example ….there are 3 fish (guppies) in a bowl:

    They all fight each other.. ate their tails or something.. what would you think?

    a.) plain fight
    b.) just hungry
    c.) got annoyed?
    d.) territorial in nature
    e.) 1 female and 2 male will cause trouble
    f.) 3 males (alpha male thing)
    g.) 3 females got bored
    h.) playing around
    i.) having sex
    j.) fish dance?

    Anything can happen or anything can possibly be depending on what your preference would be. Self control in many ways, not to think bad nor good just simply mind your own thing…. never judge what you hear or what you saw simply investigate just like science there are lots of processes before you can get your conclusion or even not. 🙂

    Ask yourself what’s your choice there?


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