Renxkyoko Iglesias here, hello!

Just thinking….. you have been crushing on this guy for three years or so,  and one day, you see him with a girl, and it looks like they are in a relationship…. have you been in that situation? So, at that moment when you saw them, what did you feel?  I’ll tell you….

1. stunned, rooted to the spot

2. something cold slowly creeps from your head down to your toes

3. you feel light-headed, kind of dizzy

4. disoriented

5. and your voice…. it sounds hollow, that is, if you can even manage to speak…. do you know how your voice sounds like on the airplane? Exactly.

6. you can’t hear any sound, not even your own

So, yeah, that’s the first reaction. Don’t even think of driving when you’re in that condition.

So, you go home, dejected, feeling totally alone,  in despair…. then you lie down in your bed…  tears start to flow… it’s okay, let it all out until the tears dry up, then sleep it off………… a brand new day tomorrow…

Actually, you’ll be like this….

Or this,

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  1. I’d feel like in the second picture! Definitely


  2. do you do your own animation… if you do.. then WOW
    Thank you for your kind words on my blog.


    • Oh, no, my goodness. I can’t draw to save my soul. hahah ! I got that from Japanese comics that I’m reading. * sweat*

      Oh, and you’re welcome. You’re such a good writer.


  3. I would be the first with a lot if alcohol!


  4. Dizzy, check.
    Disoriented, check.
    Can’t hear my own self, check.
    And oh, I get demoralized. 😦


  5. Hey girl, I’ve been there! Many times… LOL (shouldn’t have too many crush ^_^)

    And just to let you know i’ve been tagging you in a reading game. Go see it here


  6. ups sorry.. can you replace the link on my previous comments with this one .. and deleted this comments.. Thanks ^_^


  7. ahh… maybe you should go talk to your sister? She might need a shoulder to cry on :'(!? Haha thanks for the comment on my page, I’ll reply to that… but just thought I’d check your page out too 🙂 So who’s this crush, hmm?? 🙂


    • When she came home from work yesterday, she went straight to bed and slept all through the night. I heard Mom trying to talk to her, but sis said she didn’t want to talk about it…. ah, but I’m sure she’s talking to her best friend. I guess that’s natural, isn’t it. Women would rather talk to their best friends.


  8. Most people will cheat at some point in their lives, it’s just human nature.. for some to stay faithfull is like trying to get a dog to stay away from a bone… best thing? dont trust anyone!


  9. In these times, all men are basically the same. Women should learn how to act cold-hearted when it comes to relating with the opposite sex. My young male students have told me they go crazy over their girlfriends who aren’t too available and who give them the cold shoulder once in a while. Easier said than done, I know, but believe me, it’s the only way to give them a dose of their own medicine. I hope this tip will be helpful to you someday.
    As for your crush, simply forget him. He isn’t worth your attention anymore.


  10. Hahaha I’ve forgotten about him ( geez, I’ve even forgotten his last name, hehehe)….but the memory of the pain lingers.

    You’re right. Women shouldn’t be too needy and clingy. We don’t want men to be too comfortable. Keep them guessing. Let them feel women are not always at their beck and call.


  11. hahahaha!! i dig this


  12. Posted by Akshay Kumar on May 15, 2011 at 7:51 am

    hehehe… you know I’ve a crush on this girl for almost 4 years, and yesterday she told me all about her ex-es, are current one…
    I was picture 3, followed by picture 2 and right now I’m the picture 1 🙂


  13. Your pictures are funny 🙂

    I know exactly what you’re talking about. It’s so achingly painful, stuff like that. Sometimes you feel so much you belong with someone, but you find they’ve chosen another. Ouch and ouch and ouch and ouch AND WHY?


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