Spring Break!!!!!! YES!

and ….

Time out from distressing news from Japan and Libya.

Here are some TV commercials from the Philippines, for your amusement.

McDonalds!   A few facts: PhP ( pesos ) 25 = $ 0.45  // $1.00 = PhP 45.00    It’s a girls’ night-out, but , they’re “broke”, they don’t have money, I think.

McDonald’s is undisputably the most popular thing in the world, from here to Timbuctoo, but in the Philippines, it isn’t. There’s a more popular hamburger joint over there….. JOLIBEE…… and , funnily enough, McDonald’s has acknowledged it, as shown in the picture. Ahahaha! Only in the Philippines !  And hurrah for Truth in Advertising !

 When I was in the Philippines last summer, we went to McDonald’s ( They say McDo over there ) and yeah, taste was the same, it was pure beef, no compromise there, and that’s a good thing, but Jolibee’s , they say, is much tastier because of the additives, such as chopped onions , garlic and , I swear, I could taste celery and mustard in the beef. And, Jolibee also sells combo meals like teriyaki chicken/rice, beef mushroom in gravy/rice, and they are so delicious and cheap, 39 pesos ( $ .90 ).  McDo has McChicken and McSpaghetti .

I wish I had taken a photo of the menu list . That combo of spaghetti and chicken  is $1.19. Cheap. A dollar goes a long way over there.

Here are some more TV commercials…. KFC , Coke , Tide Detergent

Tide commercial where a woman is handwashing clothes and listening to a daytime radio drama .

It’s spring, but what the heck ! I haven’t seen the sun for weeks , it’s raining hailstones,  my fingers are frozen,  and our heater is not working !! We’ve been waiting for the repair guy to fix the heater, and I hope he comes soon.  I’m freezing to death here.  Oh, and yesterday, I was at the grocery and saw a couple of guys scanning the veggie section with what looked like a Geiger counter?  The Geiger counter detects radiation, right? Now , why would they do that in California ? And, I heard the counter making that click click click sound as the veggies were being scanned.  I wonder what that sound means….. I bought a bunch of spinach and cabbage, anyways….

This is all for now. Have a good day.

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  1. Those commercials are awesome.

    That is kinda funny they were doing that. Even though everything in our daily life gives off a little radiation. It’s so low that it doesn’t hurt us at all. Maybe they saw the news thing I saw a while back and wanted to try it out. LOL!


  2. Ahahaha! I like that Tide commercial best. When we were there, all our clothes were handwashed by a laundrywoman. ( There’s a washing machine though, but mom wanted our clothes handwashed )She reminded me of Susana, the lady who washed our clothes. She was very chatty and lively.

    That Geiger counter sound made my mom a little worried. I can’t imagine how it’s like in Japan.


  3. YOU know what I think?? the girls in your first video were not broke. in fact, they were taking their sweet time. they must be crushing on the Mc Donald’s crew. HAHA!

    check out the other Mc Donald’s commercial. the Mc Saver moves starring ramon bautista! hilarious


  4. The radiation thing is a bit scarry. I would have ran far away from the veggies!


  5. Posted by anummunaf on March 27, 2011 at 2:40 pm

    that is such an awesome post infect i found quite interesting 🙂


  6. hey! thanks for dropping by.. will include you at my blogroll =D


  7. love it love it.. haha makes me want to go home for a week and go to those fast food chains… haha


  8. You should! You should! I had awesome fun there!! Life there was so refreshing !!!


  9. I love fast food. And for the price over there… I think I may die from a heart attack before I do here… NOM NOM NOM 😀

    Glad to see you are enjoying your vacation! I never made it to Cali unfortunately. But I do want to go soon. If I end up going, you know I’ll be reaching out to you! =]


    • Latte at Starbucks is cheaper there, too.^o^

      My spring break wasn’t that great… the weather was awful! (although I did get to watch a lot of Korean soaps, hahah, mostly horror… it seems Asian horror movies are scarier than American ones.. I enjoyed it very much, the scarier the better)


  10. Posted by John Ryan Recabar on April 1, 2011 at 10:17 am

    i still prefer wendy’s.

    hehehe. para maiba lang.


  11. Posted by chrischoi on April 2, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    Hi~visited your blog again!!!
    hahax…dmn nice your blog…..love it!^,<
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  12. love the beat box rap in KFC 😀


  13. Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes on June 23, 2013 at 1:15 am

    This was fully entertaining, thank you!! 🙂

    I wasn’t able to watch the 2nd video as it was removed or something but the others I loved! The beatbox one was hilarious. It’s funny how they don’t do the same here in Australia. Not sure if it would work!

    Perfect for my Sunday morning 🙂


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