Japan’s trifecta

Renxkyoko here, musing……..

It’s taken me a while to process what’s been going on in Japan and Libya.  An earthquake , 8.9 in the Richter scale , and tsunamis  are such utterly devastating natural catastrophes. What the heck is happening in the world ? There was earthquake in New Zealand, too. That’s one place no one expected an earthquake to happen.  On top of this natural catastrophic pile is a man-made one…. a possible meltdown of 2 nuclear reactors in Japan. I trust that Japan’s super technological prowess can solve this problem really quick before it turns into another Chernobyl. Fortunately, unlike Chernobyl, there’s a metal casing that houses the reactor itself, thus preventing  further radiation leak. Thank God for that. I didn’t know Japan has so many nuclear reactors ( 17 in all) that provide  30 % of  their electricity needs. For such a small country, that’s a lot, don’t you think so?  Well, they have vested a lot on nuclear power, I guess because Japanese technology needs so much  energy that  natural oil as the only source cannot provide.  Unfortunately, Japan is  within the so-called Ring of Fire . When some catastrophe occurs such as this, there’s really no place to run to.  In my class yesterday, my teacher’s first words were ” Be thankful you’re all here, and you go home to your family safe and sound “. I say Amen to that.

As of now, there are 9,500 people missing  in one area alone.  And four  trains just disappeared. I don’t know if there are people in it. I wonder why it’s not in the news. I hope that means there are no people.  I am also heartened that , despite Japan’s wealth, the government is asking for international aid. And I’m glad the US has started to deploy emergency aid. There are now 8 US warships heading for Japan with food and other stuff, and hundreds of American emergency workers  have already landed in Tokyo.

About Libya….. it’s disturbing what’s going on there. No comment. It’s highly political,  and I feel it would be in US’s best interest not to get involved. Let them sort out their own problems. Besides, I don’t think  US intervention would be welcomed there. I saw one protest rally there a few weeks ago on CNN, and there were big posters of  Qadafi’s face with dollar signs $$$$ and Star of  David ( Jewish symbol) plastered on his face.  Just let the Arab League, then,  decide on what steps to take to solve Libya’s problem.  If  I’m not mistaken, the Arab League is about to declare Libya a ” no fly zone.”  Does that mean no plane bombings would be allowed, or else?  And that,  ground bombings and urban warfare are the only means of  fighting allowed? Ah, thank  heaven  for small mercies !

*sigh* Anyway,

I feel it’s quite inappropriate to be frivolous on my blog today.  Well, okay.  just a little bit about my brother …… he’s moved out and is now living in San Francisco. The flat is a small one but expensive , $ 3,200.00 a month. He’s sharing it with a flatmate and erm, guess who’s he’s sharing it with ?  She was once a contestant  on Tyra Bank’s modeling contest show on TV.  She didn’t win, but was at least one of  the last 5 remaining models on this one modeling competition. Bro says she’s pretty, but a little odd. Well, her dog has a  Twitter account, that’s why. ( o_O )a

Oh, well. I ‘m craving for muffins and cornbread. I’m going to bake  now, so I say bye bye, and PEACE ! !

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  1. I was surprised to find that they had that many too. I was like O.o.

    Her… dog has a twitter? Erm… that is quite odd.


  2. That;s Japan we’re talking about here. That’s the first country I’ll go to when I have money for a trip.

    Haha, yeah, the doggie has a twitter. But bro says the girl is nice. No problem as a roommate. And no boyfriend, either. ^o^


    • Yeah, I also recommend Japan as a must-visit. The country’s just wonderful. The way they preserved their culture despite rapid development and industrialization.

      Not to mention it’s the birthplace of anime. Awesome!!:)


  3. Her dog has twitter? LOL… I have a friend who made facebook account for his cat. Is that mean my friend odd too 😀

    Japan is small but they have many high-tech industries, which requires alot power to run all those manufactures.


  4. Japan really is going through a terrible ordeal and I think it makes everyone realize how vulnerable we all can be. I’ve been most impressed and really shocked how the Japanese people don’t loot in the debris and I wondered, how could that be? They show civility in a situation it wouldn’t seem possible.


    • And not only that, they manage to “recycle”…. well, I watched Dianne Sawyer’s report from Japan, and beieve it or not, there’s a separate waste bin for water bottles , and that’s where they automatically throw their empty water bottles. And the japanese are unnervingly polite.


  5. You certainly know your news! Great with the stats 🙂


  6. My cousin created a facebook for their little old poodle… those that could log in under that name was ~4-5 of us. All of us would get on and just leave random messages for fun. Silly, yes. Fun? Most def.

    Hmmm, if I was living with a model… well… LOL.


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