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Renxkyoko Iglesias here, Hi there !!!!!!!!!!!

It’s been awhile since I posted . I’ve been busy with exams, pulling an all nighter everyday last week, memorizing tons of stuff.  The tests were hard , but I think I did well. < crosses fingers>

I really have nothing particular to talk about. I’ll just go with the flow , so kindly indulge me.  ‘ k ?  (^o^) Something will come out, I’m sure, so let’s see where this goes.

I’ve said before that I read Japanese mangas ( comics), *laughs*, but since November of last year when my computer crashed, I haven’t read anything, at all . Well, that’s because I couldn’t log in. It was rather strange ‘coz everytime I’d type ” anime ” or ” manga”, I’d get this ——–> “ Internet Explorer cannot open the webpage. ” I suspected SBC Global was blocking it, or maybe , my Norton Anti Virus. After all, my favorite manga site , Manga Fox, is notorious for harboring all sorts of viruses. I don’t know if this site is doing something illegal. Readers can read translated mangas for free. The authors and publishers are definitely not compensated, but, hitherto unknown authors and manga novels are suddenly very popular around the world, thanks to these free mangas online, and for this, they should be thankful. And , it’s not as if we don’t buy the books. We do, especially the ones that we really, really like.

Anyways, last Friday, after my exams ( I only had one class, and was already home by 1 PM ), I tried logging in on Manga Fox, and , lo and behold, it came on ! Wow! My ‘puter doesn’t hate me anymore! * happy dance * So, yeah, like a mad dog,  with mouth drooling , eyes wild with anticipation and great excitement and switching to fangirl mode, I read up all the series that I had missed reading for 4 months.  First in line was Skip Beat, my all time fav.

Yeah, so I was like that. Slap me. (^o^)

About Skip Beat…… it’s a romance/ shojou. And it’s so cute and sweet, hilarious, and almost fairy-tale – like. I have to admit I’m obssessed and addicted. There are now 172 chapters, three chapters every 2 months , so do the math. That means it’s been ongoing for almost 9 years.  I started reading it 3 years ago. Real time it’s 9 years, but the story spans just one year, from the time Ren meets Kyoko. Amazing, isn’t it? And it doesn’t get old.   I ‘m the one who’s getting old.!!!! I swear, at the rate it’s going, I’ll be sitting in a rocking chair, drinking hot cocoa, clacking my dentures, and still reading  ( and swooning over ) Skip Beat. ( o.O)a   <* Ren, for Pete’s sakes, confess already. Kyoko loves you! * >

So, why are hundreds of thousands of girls addicted to mangas, you ask?

 Yep. These pics are the reasons why. \(^o^)/ Believe me, I know. (=_=)” * sweats*   I mean, who, among real time male homo sapiens, can compete with these guys?  o_O   *ponders*  So, okay, maybe Pepito can.

Here’s Pepito….

(6_6) ………………. (*~*)………..( =_=)…….

He lives right next door. Yeah, right. In my dreams. T.T

These Japanese mangakas  draw  hot guys to keep the girls totally in their radar. And they get sucked in, daydreaming that one fine , glorious day, a handsome knight in shining armor will sweep them off their feet and together, they will ride into the sunset… to live happily ever after.

* Daydreams* ….. * shakes head *  Erase , erase……

I swear, my IQ just went down a notch….. make that 3 notches.

Oh.   ( watching CNN )……. The US is contemplating on going to Libya . Uhm, Mr. President?  Don’t even think about it !

Well, this is all for now. Whew!  And I thought my mind was blank. Then, suddenly, it felt like a plane taking off.  PEACE!!!!!!!

(@__@) I need a life…   *runs off to check out the next door neighbor”  Muahahha! Kidding!

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  1. Oh wow.. I knew Skip Beat had been around for awhile, but I didn’t know for that long. :O Someday I will read that manga. I really will. 😀

    Ren and Kyoko sound awesome.

    ((Zargh! It took me so many tries to type Kyoko! I kept wanting to type Kyoki. >.<))

    Those drawings you did are super cute!!! 😀


    • Aha ! Kyoki! But you’ve got a real, breathing human male flesh by your side….. already. he he he

      But the story is cute… and hilarious ! Kyoko is not the typical whiny damsel in distress. She’s strong and funny. So, okay, read it…. ^o^


      • Hehe, she sounds pretty cool. After I get caught up on the Gintama manga I’ll try to have that be the next thing I read. 🙂


        • What! Can’t you read two at the same time? I’m reading more than a dozen series right now.


          • Hehe, I can. That is what I use to do. But lately I’ve been focusing on one manga at a time. I feel lessed rushed to read it that way. Plus I’m really hooked on Gintama right now. 😀


            • So, okay, here are the recipes, Kyoki.

              Chicken-macaroni soup:
              * wait, there’s just the two of you, right? You and honey bunch ?*

              2 cups macaroni, make that 3 cups
              2 chicken breasts…. cook the chicken first ( boil in water ) then discard the liquid, flake the chicken ( remove bones and skin)… set aside
              saute garlic ( 4 pcs., pounded, then minced), 1/2 regular sized onion ( chopped ), and ginger. ( sliced about an inch, peel,then julienned)in small amount of oil.
              Add the flaked chicken, then water( 6 cups ), boil, then add the macaroni. When macaroni is cooked, add 2 cups milk. Cook to boil again, then turn off heat. Ooops, salt to your taste, hahaha ! easy, huh!

              For Arroz caldo:
              Do the same thing w/ chicken, then saute ginger, garlic, then onion, then add one can of chicken stock +water, add about 2 cups of rice, then boil and cook. Ad more water if you want it more soupy.Salt to taste, and when it’s done, throw in some chopped green onion leaves.

              This is really yummy in winter. Hot soups!!!

              Your honey will love you more. Woot!

  2. I used to watch a lot of anime when I was younger.
    Looking at your manga there it reminded me of one anime I used to watch called “Love Hina”.. it was ridiculous.

    Among my favorites:
    Akira (duh)
    Princess Mononoke
    Ninja Scroll
    Ghost in a the Shell
    Vampire Hunter D
    Spirited Away (I think is bad ass) Hiyao Miyasaki is an OG.
    Cowboy Bebop


    • Love Hina? You watched that? LOL I don’t know about the anime, but it’s romance/SMUT/harem manga!! LOL

      I’ve watched Princess Mononoke, Berserk, Ghost in the Shell, Vampire Hunter, Spirited Away, and Cowboy Bebop. We have all the dvs of these at home. Berserk is incomplete. We have the mangas of Cowboy bebop and Berserk, too. Do you know Keanu reeves will star in the live action of Cowboy Bebop? I’ve seen a pic of him wearing the Afro.


      • it was pretty funny ;P it was not smut.

        I haven’t heard of keanu doing that, but sounds interesting. Oh, Afro Samurai is also awesome.


        • I haven’t seen the anime, nor read the manga. I know it’s pretty popular, but I’ve read the summary… didn’t think it was interesting, though.

          Afro-Samurai…. yeah, we have that at home. I’m not sure, but I think Samul Jackson will star in it.


  3. Yay! Thank you for the recipes. I can’t wait to make them. 😀


  4. well I’m not big fans to manga. Yet i read some. I like novel more, because it has no picture 🙂 and open up my imagination ^_^


  5. Pepito ^.^


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