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Renxkyoko Iglesias musing here………

…….. Second week of school. So far so good. Epidiomology looks like an an interesting study that I can share here.  We’re now studying about STDs, syphyllis, and gonorrheas.  Cool. (^__^)

…… My mom is like me. We’re both techie challenged, but she’s worse.  Dad gave her a nice cell phone, but she has never used the text feature. She doesn’t know how.  I think mom would be comfortable with this kind of cell phone.

………… Ah, Dreamsending….. it’s okay to be turned down. Haven’t we been talking about “No guts, no glory?” Ahahaha !  Dreamsending and I are both manga ( Japanese comics ) readers, and,  from our manga reading, we’ve learned so much about Japanese culture.  My name  Renxkyoko comes from my favorite romance ( shojo) manga  Skip Beat where the main characters are Ren and Kyoko. (^_^)”  Anyways,  correct me if I’m wrong,  but it seems it’s okay for a Japanese girl to confess  her  love for a guy. In fact, on Valentine’s Day,  the girls are the ones who give chocolates to guys they like . And, 30 days after,  they call it White Day, well, that’;s the day of reckoning……the girls find out if they are liked back.  Read from right to left.

 Oh, yeah, it definitely would be a blow to a girl’s ego and pride to be rejected.  ( tears )  Still,  no guts, no glory, yes?  On to the next one, until we girls hit the jackpot. LOL  Well, at least we get to choose . Now, question…… have I ever confessed to a guy ?   (@___@)  * sweat *  Ehrm,   didn’t  know the guy had a GF, waaaaahahaha.  


 Oh, well, ( flicks hair), better luck next time. \(^_^)/

Oh, finally. Finally ! I’m done with God of War 3. Whew! Awesome game !  I’m supposed to be play it on Hard Mode now ( I played it on Normal ), but I decided to play another one, Unchartered 2.  Aaaargh.  It’s stealth and aiming and shooting and I ‘m really bad at aiming, but I swear I’m gonna finish this even if it takes me months and months.

Here’s where I ‘m at  at the moment….. I love the game.

This is all for now. Be good, be happy. Peace !!!!




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  1. Before anything else, I have to say: this is probably the first time I’ve encountered a statement about STD’s followed immediately by the word ‘cool’. You really are a hardcore microbio stude. 😀

    Whew! Now that that’s out of the way:

    —That hybrid LG phone cracked me up. I was expecting to see one of those huge mobile phones, you know, like this one. Huge!

    —I finally understand where your username came from! 🙂

    —I still can’t believe how much of a gamer you are. Perhaps because I’m not that used to a girl talking about games. And the games you play (GoW, PoP, Persona) are games I initially thought only guys played, and that’s exactly why I think your being a girl and a gamer is so cool! 😀


    • Alas. Microbes will be my livelihood .

      Hahaha When I saw that pic, it cracked me up, too.

      Re my username…. yep, it’s from a romantic Japanese manga that I’ve been following for years. It’s one chapter a month, and to date, there are already 168 chapters, so do the math. I don’t even know why I bother. Ren, the main guy, hasn’t even declared his love for Kyoko. It’s so frustrating, but addicting.

      I’m just a casual gamer. I’m not even a good player. It takes me a long time to finish a game.


      • Haha. During college I knew a lot of mircobio studes and teachers, and at first they’re kind of difficult to be around with, because they keep on telling me “Don’t touch that, that’s dirty!” and “Don’t eat that, that’s dirty!” But you guys sure know a ton about microorganisms and the like that I think you’re so cool. 🙂

        I see. Well, just like Neutral Universe said, we really should think of a shorter name to call you, at least while we’re here in WordPress.

        Doesn’t matter if you’re good at it or not, so long as you play and you enjoy what you play. I don’t consider myself a good gamer, and it takes me a while to finish games too, well, because I enjoy playing them and get attached to the main characters too much!

        And, a female gamer who plays casually is a cool gamer nonetheless! 😀


        • Haha In a way, it’s better not to know. Knowing makes me see microbes all over to the point I won’t be able to touch anything.

          hey, call me Ren…. although that ‘s actually a man’s name.

          I do love to play video games. It brings out my agressive nature in a harmless way, taking it out on the poor evil guys, shooting and hacking them to my heart’s content, LOL. In real time, I am meek and lame. (^_^)


          • I know what you mean. I have this close friend and former dormmate who teaches microbiology and she’s practically OC. I try to help her out as much as I can whenever we’re out n’ about because she can be a handful whenever she leaves the comfort of her own room. Freaky.

            Alright, Ren it is. 🙂

            I think that’s one of the actual purposes of video games, as a release of our violent energies. Glad to know you’re not agressive and shooting and hacking bad guys to death in real life. 😀


  2. i agree that it’s okay for a girl to confess your love for a guy. i did it also and we became closer friends than before. sadly, he and my friends became lovers. but that’s fine. at least they’re happy. 🙂

    i want to read manga also but i don’t know what story to read first. any suggestions??? hahaha. 😀


    • Oh, my, gosh, I don’t know wht type you like, but if you like romance, there are tons of it on Manga Fox. One thing though, you have to choose. And you have to get used to the style of writing. And , since the comics basically target young students, most romance stories have high school students as the main characters…. rarely college students, or over 20 years old. Manga Fox has different categories… romance, fantasy, horror, supernatural, thriller, action, etc.


      • Posted by dreamsending on February 2, 2011 at 5:40 am

        Hey RenxKyoko, you should look up bride of the water god too. That one is nice!

        For Annerifficweak, Fruit Baskets. Its a good manga and anime. If you can’t get into that, try Cardcaptor Sakura or Sailor Moon.


  3. LOL love your input about guts. Goodness. IDK i wish I could just meander into Best Buy and not automatically look for him and just walk in like every regular customer! LOL


    • Ahahaha! Hey, you can still do that. Just act as if nothing happened. If you see him, give him your cutest smile. Make him feel that it’s okay if there seems to be no response from him.

      Japanese girls just walk up to the guy, then, they either give the guy a letter or they say, ” I like you”, then they bow, the Japanese way. Isn’t that cool? LOL


  4. Posted by WordsFallFromMyEyes on February 17, 2013 at 3:27 am

    I never knew you were a gaming freak! Are you still??

    Daniel used to film his Xbox achievements. I used enjoy hearing him play Duke Nukem in the background.

    I watched your clip. You’re goooood!! 🙂


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