Horror to romance, hard rock to Bach

Ehrm, Renxkyoko Iglesias musing here………

I just watched a movie, Case 39, starring Renee Zelwegger and Bradley Cooper.  The movie is about a 10 year old girl who is  allegedly  being abused by her parents. Renee Zellweger is a social worker who is assigned to this case ( Case 39). The parents attempt to kill the girl, and so she’s taken away , and temporarily gets to  live with Zellweger…. Strange things happen in the Zellweger household after that  and that’s where the horror starts . The movie was shot, butchered and murdered by critics but I seriously don’t know why because  I thought it was good. But then, there’s really no horror flick that I don’t like, hahaha………  it really does look like The Orphan copycat, though. My all time favorite movie in the  horror genre is The Exorcist.  At the other end of the spectrum of my favorite movies  is Sleepless in Seattle,  , a movie that is    pure romance, . As for my favorite TV channels, they swing  from  the Military/ SyFy/Science channels to Home and Garden /Travel/Food channels. I guess my preferences are kind of eclectic. I like hard rock but I feel as much pleasure listening to Bach.

  I watched this documentary about Field Marshall Rommel of the Nazi Army last night on Military Channel. It was good to know there was at least one honorable soldier in the German army during WW2.  He was later killed by Hitler’s minions, because he was suspected of being one of the group that plotted Hitler’s assassination.  He didn’t keep it a secret that he was terribly disturbed when he learned of the existence of concentrations camps. He was also the first general to recognize that when America declared war on Germany , it was the beginning of the end of Hitler’s manic ambitions.    Rommel was a professional soldier with a conscience.

It’s good to know that another Dictator, Pres. Ben Ali of Tunisia was overthrown a few days ago. The events in Tunisia are reminiscent of what happened to the Philippines’ former Dictator, Ferdinand Marcos in 1986. Just like Marcos, this Tunisian president has an extremely corrupt shopaholic wife ( Marcos had  his Imelda )  who has a Boieng 747 at her disposal when she wants to shop in all the shopping capitals of the world. Meanwhile, the people are wallowing in poverty, economy is in deep quagmire, nepotism is rampant, unemployment is high. I just hope that the next leader who has taken over the government holds an election in 45 days as provided for by their constitition. Otherwise, it’s like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Out with the old , in with the new. Remember the Shah of Iran? He was replaced by Ayatollah Komeini, and that’s all I can say about that. Power tends to corrupt ; absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely.

I received this email from a friend, and  it’s so funny.


                                                    T o hoom  it may cunsern,

I waunt to apply for a job what I saw in the paper. I can type realee quik wit one finggar and do sum a counting.  I think I am good on

the phone and I no I am a pepole person. Pepole realee seem to respond to me well.  Certain men and all the ladies.

I no my spelling is not to good but fi nd that I Offen can get a job thru my persinalety. My salerery is open so we can discus wat you 

want to pay me and wat you think I am werth,

I can start emeditely. Thank you in advanse for yore anser.

                                                                      Hopefuly yore  best aplicant so farr,



P.S . Becose my resimay is a bit short – beelow is a pickture of me.

                                    EMPLOYER’S RESPONSE:

                                 Dear Pepito,


                                                     It’s OK , Honey, we’ve got spell check.  See you on Monday.


8 responses to this post.

  1. I think it’s good to have more than only one interest in music/movies or let’s say art in general 🙂 E.g. I think it’s very hard to talk to people who have only one subject they love…I mean how would anybody who doesn’t like that particular subject be able to get through a five-minutes conversation? ^.^

    And the email is hilarious!!!


    • LOL Yes, you’re right!! I had a friend in high school who didn’t like any fantasy/thriller/horror movies… not even romance. That time I was so into Harry Potter, but I couldn’t discuss the books with her. ( her religion forbids her to watch any fantasy movies). But she could watch mobster movies, but I didn’t like mobster movies! And she wasn’t allowed to listen to any music either. It’s amazing how our friendhip lasted from elementary thru high school.


  2. If we focus on one single thing to hold interests in we end up missing out on everything else life has to give. Variety is a human necessity for happiness.


  3. Posted by jettjett on January 18, 2011 at 3:16 am

    First time I’ve heard of Field Marshall Rommel. Too bad we don’t have a Military channel.


    • I’ve heard of him, of course, but last night’s feature on Military Channel was all about him so I was surprised to know Rommel was so unlike the rest of Hitler’s murderous gang.


  4. that last anecdote had me DYING. hilarity. youve got such a dope blog!


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