Uhmm, yeah, I was quite emo on my previous blog.  So, okay, the killing rampage was a solo act by a deranged person, but he was sane enough to plan ahead,  and who knows what else he had done before he decided to go and kill people, like maybe gone to some Tea Party websites where Congresswoman Giffords is being targeted  with an M-16  ?  Now Sarah Palin is all over the Internet , trying to pass the blame on journalists whom she says are the ones spreading the vitriol.  Huh? Say that again? So, when Sarah Palin crosshairs Congresswoman Giffords, it is not a threat , but merely a figure of speech?

I’m just wondering, do hunters really use semi-automatic weapons to kill deer, or  that one lonely moose on Sarah Palin’s reality show ? ( Thank goodness that was cancelled.)

You know,  my image of a tea party is a group of gracious ladies  and delicate tea cups. Well, not anymore.

I wish we could go back to the time   when the worst that could ever happen to this country was a President getting a blowjob.

Rant mode over and out. * fans self*


YES! ! I bought a PS3!  My very own ! I can now play video games to my heart’s content, anytime I want to.. My brother has one but he locks his bedroom when he’s not home, so I can only play when he’s around, but only for 2 hours, max, then I get kicked out of his room.  So yeah, I’m not done with God of War 3 because of that. 

I was reading the newspaper yesterday (  yes, I do read the papers, hehe ) and saw this article on the Top 10 most common scams of 2010, one of which is the ” overpayment schemes “.   Aha ! So, that ‘s what it’s called !  My family experienced this a few years ago, and I talked about this here. So, this is what the article says about this scam: ” This typically targets landlords, small business owners, or individuals with room to rent or items to sell in classified ads or on Craigslist. The scammers overpay by check, then ask to have the extra wired back to them !!!!! ”  That’s exactly what happened to us ! We have another house we were renting out, but  when our tenants moved out , we  had  the house listed on Craigslist, then some guy from England  emailed to tell us he wanted to rent the house, and sent us a check that was waaaaaaay over the required first payment, like $ 2, 750 over, and then he emailed us again to tell us if we could kindly wire back the extra as that was his airfare to the US.  Of course, we didn’t send him any money, but the bank where Mom deposited the check froze our account.  It  is a stupid scam, really, but surprisingly , it seems it still works and even  made it to the top 10 list of scams for 2010.

Ah, another good news for me……………… I just got the results of the mammogram exam……. ALL CLEAR!!!  I’m advised to take another one in 5 years….  An that other check – up that I didn’t care to talk about on my blog ( yep, I had that procedure done on me , too ) , result was all clear!!!!  And my  twice a year dental check-up result was , yes, perfect teeth !  not a pinprick of cavity.  Now, for the bad news….. this is the last year that I’m on Dad’s list of dependents.  Next year, I  pay for my own health insurance. * tears*  I don’t think I’ll be able to afford it, not with my part-time salary.  Oh, well.

So…. this is all for now. Paalam. Be good, be courteous, be polite. Peace!!!! 




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  1. Posted by dreamsending on January 13, 2011 at 1:57 am

    Hey hey? I thought the age limit for health insuraces was moved to 23? It is here in Oregon, not to sure for Cali! Still, happy your 100% good health. Congrats on PS3, I hope it won’t die, like mind did. I had if for a week, then it died. So sad, so sad. Well play those games to your hearts glee. Sorry for your parents getting ripped off by some loser.

    Hey, don’t let that crazy Solo guy get to you either, Sarah Palin is rather a good person, just can’t say the words right. But either way, people need to stop playing the blame game. Its getting old, the nation need to be one again. Still, I want it to be good again. Just letting you know, killing in politics isn’t something new. It was bound to happen. It is even happening today, Philippines is a good example. I had friends killed because they wanted to do what was right. Their killers never caught. Still, with what one person did, shouldn’t mean that everyone’s rights should be taken away. I love my rights and with my history, my people in the past having their rights taken away. A Nation should not be taken acount for one man’s actions.


    • Ah, good for Oregon, but not here in California.

      The PS3 has a one year warranty.

      It happens anywhere, everywhere, but it shouldn’t happen here in the US, the bastion of democracy.

      Anyone who crosshairs political enemies is not a good person. What message is she trying to convey ? What rights will be taken away from her? The right to threaten and scare people with guns? I shudder at the thought that this woman has plans of becoming the President of the United States.


    • P.S.

      I don’t think the Queen of England will ever invite Gunslinger Sarah to a tea party. (^___^)


  2. PS3! You’re so lucky. So how does it feel? :3
    By the way, I played Persona now, finally. Currently playing P3, soon to try P4. ❤


    • OMG, you’re here! Finally! What took you so long, phio-chan? (~.~)

      What do I feel having my own PS3? Ecstatic , that’s what! I can play anytime I want to, and not be subjected to my brother’;s whims ! ” Later, I don’t want you in my room.”, Later, I’m going out “.

      No kidding! You’re playing Persona now? Wooh! Wait, is it Persona 3 or Persona 3 FES? So, how is it? o you now share my love for P3?


      • I wonder. XD Really? You make me feel like buying one. ^^” What games are you playing right now? I so wanna try FFversusXIII~ *sigh*
        I’m playing P3, not the FES one. So far it’s great. I’m stuck at Tartarus trying to fulfill Elizabeth’s first request, it’s so hard and I so want to get that 12,000 yen, muahahaha~ XD


        • Buy one !!!
          I’m playing God of War 3 ! Yeah, that one !! hahaha….
          Noooo, you didn’t get Persona 3 FES? Whyyyyy ? Persona 3 doesn’t have the the extra 30 hour game…. I forget what it’s called, but it’s as awesome as the main game… and I don’t know if P3 has a secret enemy, and you can only battle the enemy on Game +_, which means you have to play the game again. LOL


          • No, thank you. I won’t go to college if I have PS3. XD
            As for P3, well, it’s my cousin’s, so I can’t complain much, haha~ I hope I can try FES someday. 🙂


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