Philippine Christmas Feast

This afternoon, my mother, sister and I discussed the food we’re going to cook  for our Christmas feast. Except for the lasagna which my sister has requested , everything else is traditionally Filipino Christmas fare. This is the list of dishes we ” plan” to cook,  and we start cooking tomorrow, the 23rd of December.


2. Lumpia ( Filipino  pork egg roll )    

3. Ham

4. Embutido ( porkloaf)

5. Adobo ( stewed pork in vinegar and soy sauce, considered the Filipinos’ national dish )

6. Pancit Bijon ( Sauteed noodles)

7. Grilled Pork Belly

For desserts:

9. Fruit salad , Filipino style… it has canned fruit cocktail, palm fruit, nata de coco, pineapple, cherries, shredded fresh coconut , all mixed with heavy cream

10. Chicken-macaroni salad

11. Cassava cake

12. Turrones ( wrapped fried banana)

13. Leche Flan ( egg custard)

14. Fruit cake ( we know how it looks…. a ” must ” in Filipino Christmas feast)

15. Puto ( rice muffins )-

16. Assorted desserts already bought from Costco, like Petit Fours, Red velvet cake,  and delicious store bought hors d’oeuvres

On Christmas Eve, the whole family attend the Midnight Mass. In the Philippines, it’s at 12 midnight. Here in the US, it’s at 10 PM . After the Mass, we partake of  a simple meal of hot congee ( rice porridge )

and in the morning of Christmas, we have hot chocolate, pan de sal ( mini French bread ), queso de bola ( Edam Cheese ), and I guess, left -over rice porridge.

and hopefully , our favorite Filipino bakery doesn’t run out of churros and ensaimadas.

Ensaimada is airy, melt in your mouth bread, topped with butter and edam cheese.

Last Christmas, 2009, we had these on the table.

12 responses to this post.

  1. whooooahh.. too many to choose.. bad thing i am a vegan.. i’d take the puto pro’lly (made with non-fat milk).. 🙂


  2. Eh? Did you say vegan? You mean you don’t eat cakes that have eggs in it?
    Wow! That’s tough !


  3. Hey, so you guys got lumpia there as well? We have that food too here, with exactly the same name. But we usually put veggies inside, like carrots. It’s just delicious! And lasagna as well, sounds so awesome…

    Merry Christmas for you, Maggie! ^__^


    • Lumpia is everywhere !!!!! Awesome! LOL

      Yep, we put carrots too and jicama or water chestnuts .
      And MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours, Phio-chan !!!! You’re on my blogroll now!


  4. All of them make me hungry… hahaha
    Especially, Puto, I never saw it in Thailand ^^
    Does it makes from rice or sticky rice ?


    • From plain rice, I guess…. or not~ I have no idea….. but we don’t cook it from scratch… we buy the boxed ready mixed stuff, an we just add water…. and it tastes so good too, hahah.


  5. Yabai! This makes me miss Philippines a lot..


  6. Wonderful content. As being a emerging blogger I will be getting to know a lot through these types of posts maintain the nice performance.


  7. Yes, this is really a Pinoy menu… I love churros con chocolate, masarap yon! Hello, Renx! 🙂


  8. i’m hungry…


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