Hated what I just went through

What shall I talk about this time ? I have a boring routine, that’s my problem. 

 Oh, I know. How about some medical procedures  done on me last Thursday. Well, I had 3 shots for flu, pneumonia, and pertussis.  The doctor thought my cough  sounded nasty so she gave me something for whooping cough. And while we were at it, she suggested  a mammogram. Don’t worry, it won’t take 10 minutes, you won’t be late for class, the doctor said. I froze up when I heard mammogram. The big C ? Oh. my. gosh. I said, ” Dr. Renee, don’t you think I’m too young for that ? ” And she replied,  the big C does not recognize youth. I mulled   it over for a minute or two, then decided , what the heck, go ahead. I’ll take it. So what else do you want done on me ? How about some colon cancer check-up, the doc said. What the heck ! ! !  No way ! ! I poop fine, thank you very much. Geezzuzz.

Well, Kaiser Permanente is big on Prevention, so I guess that’s the reason why they’re so eager to check me up. 

Anyways, the mammogram….. it was quick, just as the doctor said. And  I giggled the whole time the LADY radiologist was doing her job.  ( Emphasis on the Lady ) . She was giggling too, and cracked jokes.  I can’t imagine a male radiologist doing that stuff on women, unless he’s gay.  I mean, geez, she casually scooped up my boobs and parked it on that thing. ( ^_^)’, front and sideways.  Okay, I stop here. It’s not exactly a pleasant topic.  But , ladies, I suggest you get yourself examined, the earlier, the better. It’;s scary, but that’s reality. Ignorance is bliss, that’s my motto, but I think I don’t want to be ignorant about my health.

( sighs)  Gosh, I hate hospitals. All those Christmas decors won’t make a patient feel better, that’s for sure.  Besides, it’s Christmas. How in the world  did I get persuaded  into having these medical procedures at this time of the year ? Mom and I went there just for the flu shots, for crying out loud !!!!! Imagine that>

I just had a chat with a fellow history buff. He even knows what the main language is in the Philippines. It’s Tagalog. Speaking of which, the Philippines is smaller than California, but it has at least 100 different dialects, and the dialects are totally different from one another. It’s crazy. We were at the airport and heard 2 Filipinos talking….. I asked my mother if they were Filipinos because I didn’t understand the language…. mom didn’t either, but she thought it was Pampanga dialect… the place is less than a hundred miles from Manila, the capital city, where  Tagalog is the lingua franca, and that’s what I speak. We have relatives here in the US who are from the north.  They speak their dialect among themselves, which is Ilocano, and it’s sure as heck like Greek to me.  I just think it’s rude to speak a language in another’s presence when that one doesn’t understand the language. This is the reason why ” regionalism ” is so pervasive in the Philippines. Those who speak the same language group together.  Over here in the US, there are Ilocano associations, Visayan associations, etc….. heck, there are even associations of  Filipinos who used to live on the same street in the Philippines.   My parents don’t want to join these associations.  Mom says it’s just a place where Filipinos show off their newly acquired possessions, their BMWs and Mercedez Benzes, their blings, their houses in ” gated ” subdivisions. This gated thingy is a secret joke in my family. It’s a long story.

Ah, I’ve reached over 500 words. Time to say goodbye then.  Happy Holidays to you ! !



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  1. Posted by dreamsending on December 12, 2010 at 9:14 am

    Oh, you poor girl….shots then some how into the big C testing….wow…I think we both got hit with the check up date, 9 shot, two blood drawns, TB shot, X-rays, EKG, etc. At least I didn’t have a breast check…..yet….

    Its rather cool about the Philippine group where you live. There is one here in Coos Bay, its also next to the Asian Fast Food, where a Filippina, a Vietnamiese Woman, Japanese woman, Chinese woman and a woman from Tawin cook up really good meals. Its so good, I use to eat there every Mon-Friday. $5 a meal too, with coconut milk


  2. Ah, you had all these tests too, huh…

    Those nationalities you mentioned, do they own just one restaurant, or are these different restaurants you’re talking about here?

    My parents do not like to join these associations. Filipinos just show off their material possessions. My parents tell me it’s typical Filipino habit, especially the ones who would never have these things had they stayed in the Philippines.


    • Posted by dreamsending on December 12, 2010 at 7:40 pm

      They all work in the same shop. Every week they change out. Also, I didn’t see any material possessions in the shop, just little knick knacks for sale.


  3. Posted by farahh on December 12, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    Interesting post! I’m from indonesia.
    Seems many philipines live in USA… no wonder charice can be so famous in USA ^_^


    • Hi! And I’m from the USA, born in the Philippines. There are tons of us here, lol, and who is Charice?


      • Posted by farahh on December 15, 2010 at 4:43 pm

        Well i guess the reply from the girl down there has explain so much. Last month Charice has a concert in Jakarta, Indonesia along with David Foster (I assume you know him, his a musician ^_^).

        And speaking of Glee, there’s another philiphines actor whose now become trending among glee fans, named Darren criss. here’s the video link of him in case you want to know 🙂

        I’m so jealous with you philiphines people spreading all over the world ^_^ oh USA in this case.

        I’m also big fans to Lea Salonga (i hope you know her), since she sung disney song…

        The only things i can proud about my country is Obama spend his childhood three years in Jakarta, Indonesia 🙂

        Sorry for blogging here! ^_^


        • Oh, no,no. It’s okay to write long posts here ! It’s nice to see a lot of interactions, and comments.

          Is Glee popular too in Indonesia ?


          • Posted by farahh on December 16, 2010 at 2:25 am

            I think Glee popular all over the world now.. my niece on australia said she loved Glee. And the Glee cast will have concert in UK next year.

            Last year Indonesian can only watched glee from cable network, but this year, regular tv network has aired season 1.

            So, yes i guess the show become more popular now.

            And i’m kinda shame to say this, one production house in indonesia even start to make Glee epigon (musical comedy things), with indonesian cast offcourse.

            Okay i think i should stop blogging on others, and neglecting mine 🙂

            Good luck catching up glee episodes! 🙂 better start from season 1, it’s the best!


        • Wait a minute…. I’ve seen him…. he’s filipino….?… I mean, half, I guess, but, but, but, he’s white!!!!!


          • Posted by farahh on December 16, 2010 at 10:40 am

            Have you google him? they said he’s half philipines and half irish. He’s white but his hair is black 😀

            I recall he confirmed that he is pinoy on his twitter 🙂


  4. Posted by ks paminter on December 14, 2010 at 12:25 am

    Haha. Hi there. Charice is the famous young singer discovered in Youtube and loved by Oprah. She’s Sunshine Corazon on Glee. Haha. She’s famous in every country in the world except here in the Phil., lol just kidding. She’s also a Philippine asset like Manny Pacquiao. Lol.

    I hope you’re fine now. I hate hospitals too. Hihi. Anyway, may I know your name? I want to call you by your first name, if it’s ok. 😀


  5. Oh, wow ! Really ! I’m so out of touch ! ! I have not watched Glee, but I’ve heard a lot about it. I don’t have time to watch TV anymore. and when I do get to watch, I only watch History Channel or Travel Channel or any of these documentary channels.


    • Posted by ks paminter on December 14, 2010 at 3:50 pm

      Well, good for you, at least you’re gaining something on those documentaries you’re watching rather than just watch those sweety-bitchy t.v series. Hihi. Sorry for the term. Anyway, you can also give it a try, for entertainments sake, maybe. 😀


  6. Wow, I study Linguistics so that was such an interested read for me


    • Having 100 dialects is amazing, isn’t it? I swear Pampanga is less than 100 miles from Manila. We passed by that place going to a summer resort where another language is spoken. In fact we passed by several places where 3 distinctive dialects are spoken. My mother said she had a relative who had a PhD on Anthropology. His thesis for his PhD studies was not cultural differences, but linguistic differences. Someone should research how that came about.


      • Oh wow, linguistic anthropology is know as ‘ethnorgraphy’ over here in the UK and yes, it would be interesting to see how it came about, maybe I can find something on it and report back to you 🙂


        • Wow, thanks! I’ll do some researching myself. It’s quite amazing, isn’it? I mean, how that came about…. people speaking different languages when they are actually just a spitting distance from each other.


  7. Whoops, *Interesting, not ‘interested’ lol


  8. We have a hundred dialects just in our family and we Americans. LOL


    • thank you for reading this. It’s a 5 year ago post, lol ! ! ! But it’s interesting. I think I’l reblog this one of these days. Cheers !


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