Friends, how people are

I had a friend ask me a question online, then just leave rather quickly. My friends question.

“y do i make friends with people who are either not on my side of the ocean or going to have a job that will make them completely unavailable for me or who want to leave my sisde of th ocean?”

My Answer.

Well, that is a big question to ask. The only thing that comes to mind is life. Life moves on, with what people do with that life is up to them. Like for myself, I am moving away from home. I’m not leaving many friends behind, cause they either moved or I am no longer friends with them for personal reasons. (Mine is me wanting to do something with my life, for my old friends would rather do drugs, be lazy and cause drama that isn’t needed on my part.) I will miss my family, that is a given, but we can see each other in 6-12 month or call/write/whatever to keep in contact. For me, letting my family go and my family letting me go, means I took a step in my own role in life. Like now I am writing my own story, be it in China I have to follow rules and guidelines so not to end up in a danger zone. I feel more happy then sad over it.

Now for online friends or friends who are over seas, I think its because we (People) reach out to find others who have the same likes, attitudes, views and to expand our own knowledge of the world, that isn’t in our range of living area. Like for one thing, I find people with higher intellect online then I do in my home town. (For real, college students here talk about how “Sexy Twilight Is”. I avoid this like a curse.) Also, I think its a safe guard too, to have friends online. Like, how many people have you seen from your online life? Like you have met in person? For me, only one, because I knew she wasn’t a crazy lunatic, we had something in common at first, that was it. Then after talking with one another, we got to know each other more then just the common likes. We started to know each other as people. Just meeting each other in person was really scary and really exciting at the same time. We still chat with one another, I am trying to get her to get Skype, but she is so old fashioned. LOL.

But for those whom you have never seen, wouldn’t dare give your real name/location/other info about yourself. Your only connected by the same likes. (At least, that is what I think.) If people are willing to talk to the other person more, and vice versa, do people online start becoming friends. Like for you and me. LOL, its started out really small. Its started out with CLAMP. Then after that, snowballed into friendship. LOL, after all, I haven’t written a letter to Germany, nor sent post cards for that matter, before till then. (Or any where else too!) Sending a letter/post card, I find more magical then online chat for one reason. (The internet is a major help though, it opens the world up)

For people who’s job makes them completely unavailable, it happens. Job’s a job, it has to be done to live, to do this “life” thing. Or you could be really lazy and live off the Government, saying you “have” a job to people only to avoid people, anti-socialism. (USA comes to mind with welfare, I have no idea for Germany. Same with people not wanting to hang out with others, which is becoming rather alarming how people would rather be alone then with others. In Japan, its called the Hikkamori Syndrome, Where one will not leave the room or house, depending only on those of the family members who allow it.)

For those leaving your side of the ocean, is either because of a job or that person just wants something new in their life. When moving to a new place, a new area or a new culture can make a person happier or indifferent to the situation. For others, maybe to find who they really are, to push their own abilities or to become a whole new person all together.

When it comes to friends, one should keep in mind that with every step a person takes, people change and grow. Friends become distant or become enemies, seemingly fade away in the background, but in a moment, a thought of them pop’s up. They are still there in your mind, of how you once saw them. The memories you share, they remember them too. The good times, bad times, sad times and happy times. Each teaching you how to be a good friend, a bad friend or over all a person. Even if you don’t see your old friends or talk to them, they are still with you. But I do find true friendship rare, more so in this age of the internet, of gaming, of people so immersed in technology, that they forget to smell the roses, or even know a true friend when its in front of them.

I will just leave this here for now. I guess writing a full page is a lot.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Haha I think there’s nothing wrong to have friends on the other side of the ocean. I actually find it awesome to know people around the world, cause you have eye-opening experiences by knowing about them and telling them about you. It’s probably just me, but I’d personally be glad to have lots of friends overseas. ^^;


    • Posted by dreamsending on December 4, 2010 at 4:26 am

      Its one of the greatest things, to know people from around the world. The best thing, the people you meet online, can become life long friends as well


      • That’s so true. For example, my friends from England…, I learned new words from them, and so many other stuff , and other people from all over… Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan…. All of them are not different from us. It’s awesome.


  2. Posted by Rob on December 4, 2010 at 4:27 pm

    I think that there is often more to share, or more to be learnt from people living in different countries to your own. I’d say that that can only be a good thing.


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