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  1. Posted by dreamsending on November 27, 2010 at 9:39 pm

    So have I been talking with you or some Spammer on MSN then?

    Also, WTF. Why MSN being a little punk. I wonder who did this to you.

    I hope it works out


  2. Alex, my friend, I used some other email to contact you, but this address isn’t mine….. it’s my family’s so I hope by sending you an email, this address won’t be compromised, too. It sucks, big time. If you want to contact me, u can use that email temporarily before my problems with windows live get resolved. I have changed my password……… no result as yet, this time. I discovered this problem at 6AM today, Saturday, and I have been working on this since then…… apparently, I’m not the only one…. I went to the forums and yeah, there were several complaints. I noticed that weeks ago yet……. a friend, a very nice one, sent me an ad for Viagra. Why? It wasn’t like him to do that. And I’ve been getting a lot that are clearly spam…… I myself have blocked some in my list who do look legit because of so many stuff that come from them. I realize now my account has been doing the same thing to others. I am majorly appalled ! Did you get my email from the other address? Please respond ! !


    • I’m getting out of Messenger soon. Alex, I’ll be giving you my other email address with IM too. We can chat there… and that place is secure, knocks on wood. And we have this blogsite, right? After all, we managed to communicate before this Messenger thing.This hacking experience is a wake-up call. There are evil people out there. ( shivers)


  3. Wow… o.O
    That sucks 😦
    I’ve given up on msn/live a while ago, gmail is a lot more convenient and safer these days. -_-‘ But hope everything works out eventually!


  4. Oh wow… that really bites that it’s being stupid like that. I hope you are able to get control of it again.


  5. Posted by When In The City!! on February 3, 2013 at 1:18 am

    Ahhhh…another Harry Potter fan!! I have all the books and dvd’s! LoL…And yes, I could read and watch the movies at least 500 times!!


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