Cell Phone Bills….

Ah, the wonders of the Cell Phone. I would rather leave it then take it with me, cause I have no real use for it. The only people I call on it are my family and two friends. That’s it. Why, the other friends like to Chain-mail me to death and I don’t use my cell phone for anything else but to talk. No internet, I do take pictures and movies, but that its. Well, my bill is low and I like it. The thing is, Mom and Dad do the same thing. My little sister on the other hand…..calls her friend in the UK….no joke. I am half temped to post his number all over to get him smashed in repeating phone calls from people from all over the world.

The call’s for one month From America to UK….$1,200. HOLY CRAP!

At a stand still what to do. Mom’s on edge, I think she may kick my sisters bumb. I’ll get to that later, but I want to know what will happen to this guy? In the UK I mean. Should I waste money and call him, tell him to pay the amount needed? Cause $1,200 for a bill, means less Christmas with the family.

Also, my sister, who is 18, still in High School, has no job, thought the cell phone was free and that she didn’t think the would be that much to call someone over seas. For real, are people in that age range that idiotic? I mean, when I was 17, I was out of high school, working at a job (a bar) and going to college. Like WTH.

So people, heads up when you have a joint cell phone bill. Look at who the other people who are calling, or else you will get burned by the bill.

ahahahahaha, other then that, my day is going well.

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  1. No. Seriously ? Ahahaha! Your li’l sister, doesn’t she know anything? So, how are you guys going to pay the bill? My sis, bro and I share the bill. My share is $ 47/month. Alex, tell her to pay up or make her your slave forever. (^___^). My heart goes out to you, pal.


  2. Wow… that is pretty insane. I think your sister should be the one to pay for it and then slowly pay your parents back. I think you guys should call that UK dude and tell him what is going on and if he would still like to talk to her, have him help her pay her phone bill to talk to him.

    Do the two of them like… talk all day? LOL!


    • Posted by dreamsending on November 14, 2010 at 9:24 am

      Uh, you have no idea.

      The guy isn’t going to pay. Man…..if I ever see him, he’s dead on sight…


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