A little bit of political musing, and some random ones

Veterans’  Day today. No school. \^^/

Nov. 2 was election  day here in the US and yep, I voted, and I have a sticker to prove I did.  Nationwide, the Republicans won , took the Lower House, and they’re now the majority, but California, being a true Blue state ( meaning, Californians always vote Democrat ), stayed Democrat, and put up a brick wall to stem the tide, ha ha . Well, actually, the whole Pacific Northwest put up the wall…. California, Oregon and Washington. I voted straight  Democrat, and most of the Propositions I voted for also won, except one. I voted for legalization of marijuana, LOL !  Last ime, I voted for legalization of marijuana for medicinal purpose, and it passed, but this time, it’s for pleasure, so it went down the drain. Everybody expected that. I voted Yes for the heck of it. I knew it was gonna lose anyways. California also said Yes to gay marriage.  Ah, good  thing Jerry Brown won as Governor. His opponent, Meg Whitman, former CEO of ebay spent $ 142 M of her own money, but she is one scary lady, and Californians shivered, and so she lost, depite the avalanche of  political ads depicting her as the savior of California. I hope Jerry Brown reverses Arnold Schawzenneger’s forlough policy . It’s been going much too long already, more than a year now, wreaking havoc on my family’s finances. This policy imposes a 3 day a month no pay vacation. That slashes about  700 dollars off my father’s paycheck every month.

I  just watched this movie about Darfur. What the @#!$%^&* !  Did that really happen? I’ve heard of  Darfur in Sudan, but never paid attention to it. I was more aware of the wars in Afhganistan and Iraq, and Palestine, so Darfur got off my radar. Geez. That was ethnic cleansing at its worst. Well, ethnic cleansing is the worst because they are all countrymen, and they kill each other. The Hutus and Tutsis in Rwanda, for example. Geez. How could they even differentiate one from the other?  The accent? I know this is a horrible thought but I’d much prefer the good, old fashioned foreign invasion…… (e_e) * sweats *…. Okay, erase that. That statement is in bad taste.

I didn’t have Physics Lab yesterday so I was home early, at 12:30 PM. Oh and I went to a friend’s birthday party last night. She’s been a friend since elementary. Uhm, yeah, it was fun, but, I don’t know, high school parties were more fun, I think, because we were all a bunch of  crazy idiots then, and we did stupid things, like a food fight. And now that we’re all grown-ups, we’ve suddenly gone just a bit formal and serious, talking about money and university life. A few years from now, I reckon we’ll be talking about our marriages and our children, and a few more years, about arthritis and muscle pains…..then, a few more years, it’s who’s still alive and who has passed on….. what a sobering thought.  < shakes head >

Oh, by the way, this one here is a video of a rock band from the Philippines. My brother has a cd of this group. Uhm, I guess they’re okay. They’re singing in Filipino language , and yeah, that’s how the language sounds like. I think I speak the language fluently, but I can’t  understand half  of the lyrics. (^__^)””



Although, there’s no school today, I’m not going to laze around and do nothing… I have long exam in Math tomorrow.

Mom and I went grocery shopping at Walmart yesterday. A friend just called it a NaziMart. haha   !  He was right. I mean, WalMart is huge, but, sadly, it has killed off all the stores near its vicinity. Target nearby is struggling to survive. WalMart can afford to keep their prices really low , but we try to shop at other places too even if the prices are a few cents higher just to level the playing field. Not that it’s gonna help them…… I think the government should find a way to stop WalMart’s massive expansion. It leads to monopoly, and  we don’t need  to be a genius to know that monopoly is evil. 

I’m cooking today…. it’s mom’s own concoction we call potato surprise. It’s 10 AM, time to cook, so I need to get off  the computer,  go to the kitchen and cook something delish for  the family. So I say, bye for now, be good, be nice, paalam. Peace.




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