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Dad is buying a new mailbox with lock and key. The mailman has a universal key that can open mailboxes with locks. I guess that’s the best solution.  Open mailboxes are just not safe anymore.

I had a conversation once with a guy. He asked me if I liked Taylor Swift, the singer, and I said , yeah, I like 2 or 3 of her songs. Then , he said, females who like Taylor Swift are not women, they’re girls.  I was sipping coffee when he said that, and I almost spat out the coffee in my mouth.  The liquid could have damaged my laptop, lol. Wow. I didn’t know really know how I’d take that statement.  I asked him what he meant by that, but his explanation wasn’t clear, and I didn’t pursue the matter further. But it stayed with me the whole day . It was a bit disturbing.  I was like, I like Taylor Swift, ergo, I’m a girl ? But… but, what’s wrong with being  called a girl? I’m a girl ! But why did it bother me so ? So, okay, for one, female babies are not called women, they’re little girls. It’s allright to call female teenagers girls. But females who are out of teen age should be called women. ……………………….. ?………. I’m a bit confused. Maybe I don’t want to be categorized as a girl anymore. It kind of conjures up an image of silly, giggly teenagers. For one, I don’t giggle anymore. I smile like a lady, I grin, and most of  the time, I laugh like a hyena.    ……….. ……………. So, anyway, I get to talk to him again, and I ask him  what he means by that. He says, girls, like the ones depicted on Taylor Swift’s songs , are dreamy,  sort of emotional, need friends to get by in life, whereas, women, he says, can stand on their own. In other words, the complete opposite of girls.  @___@  ……………………….  Ahh, never mind. It’s 7 AM. I’m not in the mood for deep thinking right now. 

* coughs *   * clears throat *

Sisters, unite !  That’s why we  have to study, be focused, have a good career, and be self-supporting.  Wives tolerate abuse and cheating men because they have nowhere else to go, with no means of support.  So, okay, this is totally random. (^___^)  But, I just remembered my conversation with him…… he said men are instinctively polygamous.  Right.   That’s makes a lot of sense. That’s basic animal instinct.   Animals of male species prowl the grounds in search of  females of like species.  I get it.  ( ^_^)

But, when the tables are turned, do men get hurt too? Surprisingly, he said  yes, they do. How deep is the hurt, though, that’s the question. Do they bounce back in one day, two days?  Men have no idea about the pain and hurt they inflict on women when they reject or cheat on them.

Ahh, but don’t mind me. I’m just musing.  What do I know, anyways? At least I have something to talk about today. In fact, I’ve been staring at the monitor like a zombie for the past hour or so.  My thoughts are  so disorganized and too random at this moment to make any sense.

So, I say bye for now. Peace and goodwill to all MEN.  lol

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  1. Posted by dreamsending on November 6, 2010 at 9:56 pm

    Taylor Swift’s songs are great and for woman! (I am sure that guy likes her songs too, but to “man enough” to admit it.

    But yes, guys do hurt as much as girls do. Its why I think alot of people are afraid of love, because they have been hurt before and to save them from that hurt, they feel they should dump on that person so they don’t feel that same pain again.

    Then again, I’m not one for love…yet. I do know a lot of guys with broken hearts, they do cry. Be it in private (or some how, I get stuck with a cry baby guy and take him to a bar, bail him out of jail and lug his butt home for the night.)

    Yes, males are horny and so are woman, just woman tend to get away with it more.


    • Yea, I like 2 or 3 songs of Taylor Swift’s, for the lyrics and for the melody. More for the melody, I’m sure. I really don’t pay attention to the lyrics.

      I’m nuetral on guys, haha. After all, dad is a guy, and he’s the most faithful person in the world, so i wish I could find someone like him.

      Women are horny, too ? lol Hmmm, I guess so. We just can’t do anything about it, huh. lol Horny men that act on it are seen as machos, but women who do the same are called sluts. Not fair. lol


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