My Holiday musing has just started

It’s Nov. 1. I can’t believe the year ‘s gonna end in exactly 2 month’s time. Wasn’t it only yesterday that I’d talked about Thanksgiving and my relatives ‘s visit during the holidays ?  Our relatives from the Philippines ( my aunt and her 2 sons, a lawyer and a teacher ) came here to the US to visit us , and stayed for one month, Dec. 15 – Jan.15.  We were quite busy entertaining so many people 24/7. We also had a grand  Christmas Day reunion . Relatives from Seattle and San Francisco came over, 6 of them , add 8 of us, and a dog, and that made one  rambunctious Christmas Day party. I wonder though how it’s gonna be this year. I don’t think there’s going to be another reunion. Our relatives from San Francisco moved to Washington, DC, and the ones from Seattle had already told us they couldn’t make it this year. So, I guess  it’s going to be just  family .  But isn’t Christmas supposed to be this way ?  Christmas is the time to be happy, not merry.  It’s not  Rockin’ Christmas, rather,  it’s Silent Night, Holy Night. Sadly, the whole of Christiandom has forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. It has become this boisterous and endless rounds of  parties and debauchery, of brazen and shameless commercialism, of senseless gift – giving. Amidst this holiday merry-go-round, don’t we sometimes feel the need to sit down and think , even for just a moment or two, of the poor and destitute, of children who go to bed hungry, of the homeless who sleep in the streets, shivering in the cold wintry night, of people in war-torn countries who do not even know if they are going to survive the day or  see the sun rising tomorrow. No, I’m not preaching. If you think I am, then I apologize. Please don’t think that I’m this goody – two -shoes, holier -than-thou person trying to impress upon all and sundry how unselfish I am, because, frankly, I am selfish, and more often than not, arrogant and self- centered.  (=.=)

Thank goodness, Holloween is over. Is it just me, or am I right in noticing that it seems  there are fewer kids trick or treating this year than last year? We are again stuck with tons of  chocolate left-overs. I should be happy, but I’m on diet, and mom who loves chocolates cannot eat anything sweet anymore, and the rest  of the family won’t touch them. I’ll bring them to school, then. \( ^_^)/  Some politicians are just a bunch of idiots. They actually passed a law banning 13 year-olds and over from trick or treating. What’s up with that? Well, apparently, some old ladies who live alone are afraid to open their doors to grown up trick or treaters and have voiced their concerns to authorities. Such party-poopers. I guess it can’t be helped. (~.^) I’d be afraid, too. Who knows , I might be opening my door to burglars and home invaders dressed in Holloween costumes, completely masked and suddenly shoving a real gun or knife to my face.

I don’t have a Math class at 10 AM today. But, it’s 10:03 already. I leave in 30 minutes. So, bye for now. Be nice and polite. Peace.


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  1. Posted by dreamsending on November 1, 2010 at 11:00 pm

    AH…..Family get-together….is a nightmare for my family.
    Dad’s side. “Native American, Loggers, Men are better then woman (aka, woman are nothing in this family but baby makers and cooks) Crazy family members, hates anything but Native American.”
    Mom’s side.”White/German/Russian/OMG, Miners, Woman are the boss, but treat men with equal rights.Not the smart people of the group, Hates Native Americans.”

    Mix beer/vodak/wine in the mix, sit back, watch the fun happen……for real, how the heck mom and dad got together is a mystery to me sometimes. LOL


  2. Hahaha ! That must have been some reunion, with both sides of the family not exactly liking each other. Awkward ! !


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