Ah, this night, to bad its raining for the kids outside. Still the children are out there, in their nice and cute clothing saying trick or treat. Wow, I miss those long lost days of childhood. Everyone have a safe night! Don’t forever the child you once was and the children out there having fun!

So, since its all ghost, vampires, monster oh my! I have something even more scary then all those….an Exam tomorrow…boo! See, it did scare ya.

3 responses to this post.

  1. O.o… it’s not raining where I am. LOL!

    Zomgz… exams suck. Good luck!

    I… actually went Trick or Treating until I was twenty… is that bad? I look younger than I am so…does that counted.


  2. Ah, kyoki-chan, you’re here !

    hey, Alex, it seems there are fewer kids this year, trick or treating. Maybe there are less kids in the neighborhood. And I always say this every year. We’re gonna get stuck again with bags of chocos. Normally, that would be great, but I’m dieting ! Bummer !


  3. Ohhhh, scary post!


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