Musings at 12 Midnight

Oh. my. gosh. It’s October 4. Skip Beat Chapter 164 will be released tomorrow !  Oooooh , I hope nothing bad happens . Ren is shooting a car chase and he’s doing it himself, at 100 miles an hour , with twists and turns……

I just got off  from a very enlightening chat . Never mind what we talked about, but it always felt like a student – mentor thing to me, and I was the student. Well, he’s a youth counselor, so I’m not surprised.

I went to church with just my father. Mom wasn’t feeling well this morning. Then , I went shopping for socks and a few unmentionables.

I seriously don’t have anything  to say. But then I’m just musing, so I guess i can just say anything , right ?  For instance,  have you ever drank or tasted a vomit – flavored beverage ?   ( >~< ) There were other nasty flavors but this was the only one I dared taste.  I mean, tasted, not drank. There’s a big difference. Hmmm, this suddenly reminds me of Pres. Clinton’s ” I smoked marijuana, but I didn’t inhale. ”  Ah, Pres. Clinton………….. the only cheater I would ever like in my lifetime.  I hate cheaters.  I think all men are cheaters.  Raise your hand if you don’t agree. That’s why I prefer guys who look geeky and nerdy and wear eyeglasses, and hang in the library , studying Quantum Physics. ….( pause )….. Oh, well.

And speaking of marijuana…… do you approve of marijuana being legalized as medicinal herb ? My mom is a pharmacist, and she says marijuana has many medicinal uses, one of which is that it deadens pain. Wait, is there such a word, ” deaden ” ? lol  It can also be used as a clothing material, I kid you not. Medicinal marijuana is legal here in California, but, authorities continue to arrest people who are in possession , for the simple reason that federal law supersedes state laws, and federal law prohibits the use of marijuana. Case closed.

Yesterday, I learned something. The chinese write 88 instead of bye bye . The chinese term for byebye sounds like 88. Thanks, Mr. Zhao.

What else? I guess this is it. It’s 12:36 AM…. school tomorrow.

88 and Peace.

7 responses to this post.

  1. Vomit… flavored? Wow… I… am kinda shocked there is something like that.

    That is interesting that the Chinese do the 88 thing. That is pretty cool. 😛


    • That one was the least nasty. ^____^ My sister bought the 4 bottle pack for his boyfriend at WalMart, then decided not to give it to him. Oh, hey, kyoki-chan, about the new house……. it isn’t haunted, is it ? ^^;;


      • LOL! That is funny.

        And nope. It’s not haunted from what I can tell so far. Though it seems a lot of people move in and out of this place… so… who knows. 😛


  2. Posted by Zhao Zigeng on October 5, 2010 at 1:38 am

    hiiiiiiii,I am coming to see u ………….


  3. Posted by dreamsending on October 5, 2010 at 7:49 am

    ew,,,, vomit drinks, so sick, was it Jones Soda?

    Well talk to you later


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