Inner Voice

Ahhh ! Inner voice. It sounds profound.But I’m not thinking anything profound at this moment. In fact , I’m not thinking at all. My mind is totally blank.  Does it mean my brain is getting fuzzy? Or is my sagging attention span  getting to be a bit of a problem now .  Nah. I’m just bored. I did my laundry this morning, and I think I find watching my clothes tumble dry more fascinating than the rest of my activities today. So sad. Oh, well….. story of my life. ^_^”

Ooooh, Harry Pottah ! The last movie in the series is going to be released in November.  Well, no, it’s second to the last, actually………. there’s a part 2. Of course, I assume everybody knows that.  Anyone who doesn’t is an alien……..  Ahhh, I’m feeling nostalgic……  Harry Potter ! !  Is he going to live or die ? I agonized over that for a long time.  I thought it would be so cruel… no, evil… of JKRowling to off our beloved Harry after making him suffer from the day he was born.  Oh, but good thing my whole family ( except my father ) were as obssessed as I was with the books.  We always had very lively and colorful discussions over dinners, exchanging theories, ad nauseum,  on whether Harry was going to live or die……  These discussions went on for years, until the last book was released and   we finally learned Harry lived.  ( collective sighs of relief ). Oh, that was such a momentous event.  We bought the book on the very first day , at 12 midnight. Well, we were at the bookstore as early as 10 PM, got in line, and got hold of the book at 3 AM. Yep, you heard it…. 3 freakin’ AM.  Hey, what’s 5 hours of waiting in line compared to years of anticipation? I was the first to read the book, with a promise I wouldn’t spoil it for them.  In fact, I placed my right hand over a stack of Bibles and swore  an oath not to tell, so help me God.  Ahhh, this episode in my life loving Harry Potter is absolutely priceless. …………… Now, about Daniel Radcliff, Mr. Harry Potter himself, in person…………….. First time I saw the movie, I thought he was God’s gift to little girls like me. ( giggles ) I was 11 and he was 11, and he was sooo cute. I had a humungous crush on him.  And he was so handsome in Goblet of Fire.  I guess it was his longish hair that made him so attractive in this movie……… Okay, that’s just my opinion.  ^^” ………………………  So, what was my reaction when JKRowling revealed a secret…. that Prof. Dumbledore was, in fact, gay ? Frankly, I was a bit disappointed…….. well, who wouldn’t be ? I wonder, did any of the characters ever know of his ” inclination” ? Oh, well,  I guess, anything new about Harry Potter is now moot and academic. Oh, one more thing, did I get disappointed that Harry and Hermione didn’t end up together ? So, okay , Hermione , played by Emma Watson,  was so pretty.  But, take note, Hermione in the book, wasn’t pretty. In fact, the author’s description of her wasn’t flaterring at all. And , apparently, Harry liked pretty girls. And yes, Ginny, the girl Harry ended up with,  was described as  pretty. ^^ …………

Germany just made its final payment to France and Belgium as restitution for the damages incurred by Germany during the First World War.  That’s well and good. But how about the ones they made during WW2? The Holocaust victims ? It’s so unbelievable that the whole German nation could place their trust and full support on a clearly murderous and psychotic man. They didn’t know ? Never knew his evil intentions and plans ? Utter nonsense ! There were the ghettos right under their noses, and Jews  being dragged out of their homes and sent to extermination camps.  I don’t think paying with their souls would be enough compensation.

And don’t get me started on what happened in Bosnia and Rwanda.  Ah, the inhumanity of it all.

Allright, ranting over. Did I just say my mind was blank ? ^___^

So, that’s it. This is all for now. It’s 12:38 AM. Good day to all. I’m off to lalaland and dream sweet dreams.   Oh, guess what, there are no emoticons ….. awww. Well, muaaaah, then.

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  1. Hiya! It’s me Kyoki! That is cool you have a wordpress now too. 😀

    That is cool the movie is coming out soon. I haven’t seen any of the movies since like the… third one… or fourth one… I can’t remember. Though I have read the books. Lol!


    • Yo, Kyoki-chan ! It’s so cool you’re finally here. I’m feeling mighty lonely on my new blogsite. Keep me company, okay ? Muaah ! Oh, by the way, how’s decorating of the new house coming along ? Send pics !


      • Teeehee, k. I’ll be able to post more to you stuff here since it sends me email alerts, which is really helpful to me. 😛

        And the house is going pretty good. There are still so many boxes since I don’t know where to put most of the stuff. ^.^;;;;

        Oh! I got a kitten the other day! She’s so cute! Here are some photos of her:


  2. Awww, a kitten ! Why not a dog , though ?

    Is that ur own house, or r u guys renting? It’s exciting to decorate a new house, isn’t it ? I can only decorate my own room…. well, there’s nothing to decorate. this is such a small room…. a bed, a study table. drawers, book shelf, side table and a cabinet. uhm, there’s a makeshift dresser……
    When did you guys move anyway?


    • I like cats more. Lol! 😛

      We’re renting. And it’s more like a apartment than a actual house. Where I live now used to be a house but then got converted into three apartments. 😀

      We moved here about… hmm… two weeks ago, I think. Lol!


  3. Posted by dreamsending on October 5, 2010 at 8:03 am

    Aw, not all German’s were bad during WWII. Many of them had to do it or else they would get killed too. Look at July 20th, and Claus Philipp Maria Justinian Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg. Also Germany was in a great depression at the time, Hitler shows up and gets the German people out of the rut. Japan and Italy had their major killings too, but because of mass Jew killing, it got more attention. (Really, I find it sad how they only look at Germany) Then at the end of the war, Russia took East Germany. How many Germans did they kill?

    Then we had the Cold War. (USA vs. Russia)

    Sorry, war history nut.


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