Just musing at 2:25 PM

Uhm, just doing stuff here, trying to figure out how to make my new home nice and cozy. I like an aquamarine color backround.

Had an exam in Math. I wouldn’t get a perfect score. I left out one question blank.  I hope it’s not worth that many points. ( crosses fingers )

So, I’m much calmer now. Yesterday, on my first day here, I was really upset, angry, annoyed, and , in a way, felt cheated. See, I thought they would transfer everything from my old blogsite, lock, stock, and barrel.  So, when I saw THIS, I was like, WTH ! ! Nooooooo ! ! !

( sniff ) Pardon the drama. I know I threw a tantrum, like a 3 year kid. T_T … Well,   I was expecting to see  aquamarine color with  cute flowers, not this … this.. one.

It’s done. Can’t do anything about this anymore.  I’m sure it’ll be okay in time. Yeah.

Hmmm, I wonder if I can post a video …. lemme try……………Nope, I ain’t ready….. to pay $60 a year for an upgrade.  At my old blogsite, uploading videos from you Tube was free. See what I mean ? Oh, well. Next time, I guess.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by dreamsending on October 2, 2010 at 6:57 am

    Hey, it me Alexis!!!

    Love ya girl, now cheer up!! I’m a blogg buddy just like you. Joinging the blog wagon.
    I kinda find this thing to be really fun. Take care now and rant to your hearts content.


    • Ahahaha ! I ranted, didn’t I ? LOL More like a 3 year old’s temper tantrum ! Kicked my trash can, kicked the wall, banged my head on the table, rolled on and pounded the floor….. ahahaha……. what a brat ! Girl, that was so uncool.. ( embarassed )


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