4 AM thoughts

They;re gonna impose a tax on every song performed on the radio. and who’s gonna profit from this? Record companies…. PDiddy   gonna be happy…… more blings and additional RollsRoyce in his garage.  I guess we’ll hear more yakitiyak on the radio than songs being played.  @__@
The government gave NASA  $38 B to revive manned explorations of space.  It’s not relevant during these hard times. I’d rather these monies go to cancer research or music education for kids. I just found out that the middle school I went to had scrapped its orchestra. I feel very sad about this. I learned to play violin there for free, of course.  And I can play it well, if I may say so myself, . Now, kids will not be given this great opportunity anymore. It’s really sad.
@__@  Oh, it takes 120F to kill bedbugs ? What are bedbugs, anyway ? They sound gross.  I heard they’re thriving in New York slums . They say  they bite and suck blood . o_O"
Do you believe in this May 2012 "End of the World " prediction ?  @__@   If that’s true, I should then do things I haven’t done before or yet.  He he he ( blush )  
Ooooh, 5 more days to Chapter 164 of Skip Beat.  Ren, confess to Kyoko already !
I hope Meg Whitman doesn’t win as Governor, but I’m afraid she’s a shoo-in. Ah, another Republican. But I don’t care anymore. California is dominated by Democrats, and look what these idiots have done to our state.  Passing the budget is delayed , a staggerring 90 days late. California loses millions of dollars for everyday it’s delayed.  Ugh. I’m not in the mood to discuss politics at 4 o’clock in the morning.
Oh, my goodness. This " Space " will cease to exist by 2011. Apparently, Windows Live and WordPress.com are partners now, and , well, I’ve just received a reminder that this blogsite would be transferred to WordPress. Frankly, I hate changes. I prefer status quo. I mean, I’m comfortable here…….. I feel this place is more " private " , if you know what I mean. It’s silly to think that, of course. This humble blog of mine is " public", after all.  WordPress is a bigger enterprise, and, well, I happen not to  like that. I prefer to be in the company of a few people. I hate to be in a big crowd. …. Oh, well, I guess it can’t be helped. So, anyone who’s reading me ( Alex, phio-chan, kyoki-chan ), there will be changes here.
This is all for now. Uhm, see you at WordPress , then ? ( sad face ) Oh, I’m such a sentimental fool. Excuse me….. where’s the tissue ?………….
As ever, stay cool, and be good. Peace.Red roseRed heartRed lips

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  1. Posted by Alexis on September 30, 2010 at 8:15 pm

    May 2012 "End of the World …….I thought it was December. But no, I don’t believe it, but many people do.I think its just a major joke set up by people in the past wanting to F-around with the future. Still, people who believe itwill do something very stupid, like kill each other or/and take as many other people with them. I have no idea whypeople rush for the end so much.


  2. Posted by Alexis on September 30, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    Just be safe around this time. The family here don’t believe it, but we do plan on staying in doors at that time, not in fear of the end of the world, but the crazy people. And skip beat, bet you can’t wait. Have fun. Oh and it sucks about the music being taxed.


  3. Posted by renxkyoko on September 30, 2010 at 11:34 pm

    LOL I don’t believe it, either…. but you bet I’m going to put an X on the " aforementioned " date. Ha ha


  4. Posted by Alexis on October 1, 2010 at 4:07 am


    X….the end was to be 1999

    now its just 2012….

    lets party harty and have FUN


  5. ahaha, your 4am thoughts are funny… too many things going on in your mind. but they’re interesting, though. and thanks for sharing them with us. cheers!

    btw, what was your host site before WP? 🙂


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