Craigslist again !

We have another house that we are renting out. Last night , the tenant came over to hand in his 30 – day notice that he will move out next month. @_______@  Nooo ! ! We can’t afford that. It’s a financial disaster !  So, okay, there are actually two of them staying , and he says he’s the only one to move out, and his roommate Brian will try to look for another co-renter.  We know Brian can’t afford to pay the rent solo. It’s $ 1,550.00 a month.  Cody and Brian are cousins, but we’ll ask Brian if he needs help to look for a roommate. I’m thinking of my Ecology lab partner. He’s living alone in an apartment , and his apartment is far from our school. Our house is near the university, about 20 minutes. We always had university students renting the house. Cody and Brian are the only non- students we have had, so far. We never had problems looking for renters. The house is nice, 4 bedrooms, with a nice swimming pool ( with waterfall and slide ) , and 3 car garage. But, times are hard ……… and so, we’re a little nervous. No, my parents are not earning from that freakin’ house. $ 1550 is exactly how much we’re paying the bank, and more. We’re the ones paying for the pool’s monthly maintenance, garbage collection, and until recently, for water, too.  Well, he needs to advertise for a roommate or roommates. Otherwise, we’ll have that house listed on Craigslist , pronto ! ! We normally don’t have any problem looking for tenants. We have it listed one day….. within 24 hours, we get so many enquiries, and new tenants in less than a week.  The problem here is the timing. School started over a month ago.  I’m sure no more students are looking for living accomodations.  Aaargh. I hope I can convince my classmate to be the new roommate.

This is the music when main character takes the test. Me, too. It was on my head everytime I took  a test. I couldn’t shake it off. LOL

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